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Thursday T H E K E N T U C K Y Kournikova, Williams sisters
September 16. 2004 bnnq game to RUDD
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firstlssuelreeSubsequentissueszscents. c e I e b r a t i n q 3 3 y e a r s 0 f i n d e p e n d e n C e tells a" abPOatheRSSEDUd Bar

Athletics board
OKs $34 million

for renovations

$27.5 million practice facility
on athletics' list of projects

B_y Adam Sichlto and Derek Poor_e

THE «mummifi—



UK football players run on uneven ground
during practice and play in a stadium with a
locker room that separates the team.

The men‘s basketball. women’s basketball.
volleyball and gymnastics teams all compete
for time in one facility

And the scoreboards for three facilities
are outdated.

The UK Athletics Association Board of Di-
rectors cited those reasons yesterday for
unanimously approving five facility renova-
tion or construction projects costing more
than $34 million.

"There are people who think. ‘Let‘s wait
until the state budget picture gets better.’ but
my thing is. ‘Let‘s go for it.” said UK Presi-
dent l.ee Todd. "When i look at (Athletics Di-

Joilmmn | snrr rector) Mitch Barnhart and (Executive Asso
(Left to right) Captain Colin Hoss, Josh McConnell and Alex Poulos look to lead the Cool Cats to their first winning season in three years. Among other things. ciate Athletics Director) Rob Mullens. they
the team has recruited several players from out of state to play this season. aren‘t going to ask to do anything that is un-

Three of the measures centered on UK
football; the first of which involves an at-

200‘.20'5 . tempt to unite the team in its Commonwealth
Stadium locker room.
The stuns here ”I "on." “noun“ A pedestrian ramp that leads to lower-lev-
el seating splits the UK locker room in half.
Sept 17 Middle Tenn State The offense is in one room and the defense

000' Cats 88! goal 0' Illfllillfl team around Seams Middle tenn. State F.333éi.“§.§‘1’$.}” ”‘9 ““9“ With a hallway t"

. Oct.lat Louisville “That means if vou want to give a ‘win
BYEhE'flEt'I‘EEE program. . . Oct. 2 Louisville one for the Gipper‘ speech. you either have to
mmmucoxmn We pitch them on traveling all over . ‘ . ‘ y , . .

the country playing Division I and 11 0ct.8at Big Muddy Tournament ciam everyone into one room or give the

The second straight losing season for teams." SOShOWSki said. “AISQ at Bowling . OCt- 9 at Big Muddy Tournament sanitinti‘Ch {“1991 hllullens 5813... t d‘ .
the Cool Cats gem UK head coach Mike Green. Ohio State. programs like these. Oct. to at Big Muddy Tournament W n ;:t1(‘i:i:dn::, g: :13?ch Millsleansuglid
Sosnowski out the door , to recruit. only 50 People are m the stands. Here. Oct. 15 at Ohio State t‘tirt‘rct: gJahh , is recommended once every

Sosnowski‘s UK hockey team will every game is sold out and the crowd Is on' 5 i ‘ . ‘ i .‘ - . . .

. . . . Oct. 16 at I0 ta 9 to years. butthe stadium hasntseenasealing






have a decidedly new look this year, as re- always 300d" Oct. 22 Georgia Tech since 1989.

turnini layers fill only 11 of the team‘s Games at the LGXththh Ice Center . . .. . . , . . . - _
26 rostgrppositions. Sosnowski loaded the Will have the same start times 35 years ' Oct.23 Georgia “Ch I dont 1”“ doing concrtte sealing be

rest of the roster with local players. play. past , midnight on Fridays and Satur- Oct. 29 DePaul ”Us" ““1 “mt immediately 5"" the areas or

. . , . .. . . ‘ it." Todd said. "We should be proud of our
ers who impressed hlm at the Club S open days. Sosnovy 51“ and the players agree . 0d' 30 DePau' stadium. but we need to maintain it,"

tryout and players he recruited out of that each game 15 meaningful. either be- Nov. Sat Tennessee But the football team's problems aren't
high school and junior all-star teams cats-iv?tigmiigttlimclifiiucig 21:37:: that i Nov.6Tennessee relegated to its stadium. L
frmitet‘ctxiiistitig twill?1ftilr1emost on Sosnows- everyone isn‘t exactly sure Who they are,“ NOV-12 BOWlino Green to :Zlfiiiivif tinting (iiiilltitiiittittiliiahlifiicflstiig
ki‘s mind after closing out UK's second Sosnowski .Sa‘d‘ “Pretty much every NOV'B Bowling Green footlgiil iai‘tictiufields The fan intends to
consecutive season with a losing record home game ‘5 “”191” 3‘ b‘g “V31 0“ tough “ "°"' '9 ""hma" 5““ t‘til‘i‘t‘t‘t «ipptoitiom'itit“ a to iii-toot elevation
and finishing l8$t in IhElt‘ diVlSlOIl 0f the competition." NOV' 20 Michigan State change and replactfa drainage system. both of
American (3011939 HOCKEY Association. “We start next weekend (Sept. 17 and " Dec. 3 lllinois which have caused iniuries Barnhart said.
“Our ultimate goal is 10 Wild 3 win- It?) against Middle l‘ennessee State. They ' Dec. 4 Illinois "We had some groin pulls last year. when
ning me-me." SUSHOWSkl Sdld- "Regard- were a good team la“ year and It ll give . Jan_ 14 at Louisville people were tripping on turf that was not

less of winning and losing. we'll continue us some ice time to get a feel for all our . . . - .. , .. - .. . , - _ . é . ,
to recruit every year just as hard." players. In November. though. we play the i Jan. 15 Loursvrlle firm. ht said. Those fit lds ire not great

Sosnowski made a lot of long car trips best team we saw all of last year. Bowling ; Jan. 21 at Purdue 333%? thigh}: It“ very. very (“mum to get
north to find the players for this year‘s Green. then Michigan State and Illinois 1 Jan_ 22 Purdue p ‘ ~ ‘ '

‘ . ,. . . “We did some work last year. but it was
squad. ’ those series “In either put us over the Jan. 28 Toledo sort of a ltandAid. and that's why we‘re look-

. {Starting [in fall timidjk last ye?“ my“ $103.” define the season pretty early for E Jan. 29 Toledo llll.’ for a more permanent solution." Barn-
51s ants an went 0 incmna i qui e a -~ . . j Feb. 4 at Duke hart said.
bit." Sosnow'ski said. “We also went to St. The returning players agreed. 5 i - ‘ i - -n w t) i- . .- a
Louis. Illinois. Michigan. Cleveland. and . "BOWlmg (”9?“- MlChlga“ 333‘": and Fer" 5 at Du" so:.T—ihnpiiiiiiid)itiilittihiiii (lii‘rzii‘tlilcg thtliliiii'nge-
to Grand Rapids. Michigan. and Chicago IllinOis are all solid. solidteams. said se- - Feb. if at Dayton hind Memorial (.01me ~
for ShOWCRS“ tournaments." nior forward Matt York. :Any conference ‘ Feb.12 Dayton But the facility is old news for the board.
From all of the high school games game is gomg to be huge. . Feb. 18 at Cincinnati Last October the l'K Board of ’l‘rustees gave
they saw. the coaches whittled out a list of Senior forward Alex P011195 ‘5 ready 3 Feb. 19 Cincinnati V See Athletics on a e 2
several players they wanted to come play {2; one conference opponent m particu~ ; Feb 26 at Indiana . » ~ pg ~~
for Bi: however. competes in Division II “Dayton is always a big rivalry." Pou- i Feb. 27 Indiana . o 0
of the ACHA. The (‘ool Cats cannot ac- 105 $51“! “We d0" t hke Dayton on or 0ft 3 e ICS Irec or.
cept massive trophies on ESPN for win- the 1C9 . " A” home games. Wthh appear in b0ld.
ning the NCAA‘s Frozen Four. the hockey Some players have different reasons ‘ are at the Lexington lce Center at mid-

. ‘ C O . ‘ . '
equivalent to basketball's Final Four. for getting UP to? the same opponents. . ‘ night. crltICISm not faIr
They are. in effect and name. a club team. "LOUlSVlhE‘ 15 3 pride thing. They V9 .

So some recruits have to be sold on the See Hockey on page 6


By Derek Poore



l'h' football realizes it‘s on the brink if it
o o o o ‘ ' o o believes evemhing in the press.
0 [it Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and
a l n l n I I n a WI m 0V I head football coach Rich Brooks said the back-
. lash against the team is upsetting.
After the l'K athletics board meeting yester-
By Dariush Shafa Memorial Coliseum. ' , , day. ltarnhart voiced his con
*"' “‘5'" wff‘mt‘é“ Lise ““Jii‘liliiiglfiiflhbm ““5“" Daddy 2' “"1135 “”335 i.’3‘1i§§“1§.b‘}‘3n“‘i}.md
securi y ms 0 o c , , .. go g t; g z ‘.
Potential rain from Hurricane lvan Will NashaStudent Uogerngent'ECéini- What: A pep rally celebrating the UK foot- tirithlia t‘riticlisiii: (ioncernlilt‘ig
might have doused Hoosier Daddy 2‘s out- $h?lf\éi‘ttli(:iitqieslrl§fih(i‘h :hhmhghs will we}; ‘ ball home game Saturday against the t 1‘ 1h": tilti'ii'tnzul li‘till'ih\\'lises
doorplans. but it won t drown out the party. yellow Shirts twith “Security" ‘printed on .1 lndiana University Hoosiers. ”w team {W {0 focus on 05”.]
h Nothing‘sir‘eitlly cganisedgdust the fa” them and will help with crowd control. } When: 8330 tonight game asa doomsday scenario.
I. at It 5 .mW‘fi 5"“ on. a along with officers from UK l’o- i Where; Memorial Coliseum “liven game. people try to
Strouse. dll‘oetnr of student activ. “F f d lice . . , make it out to be the biggest
ities. ree 00 ' :‘The police department is in i Entertainment: Prov'dEd by the band g'iiiie on our schedule and it
1‘he Event. Originally planned free music, credibly easy to work with"‘ he i M'dtown. ‘ puts incredible pressure on
as a field party. will now be held at said. “All you have to do is call 1‘ Admission: Free. our kids." he said. “It‘s not fair. .
Memorial (“ll“‘um at 313“ SUpport the them and tell them what (you) 5 “Quit listening to everybody that tries'to
tonight. Though the change Th t. need and they‘re there." i on Page 4 1 -‘ make it the ‘be all. end all' game today." he said.
means the party wont have the team- a S Maj. .ioe Monroe with UK Po- - , . ; “We've had 190 of those in the history of Ken-
outdoor atmosphere.Strousesaid the S I “t 0f lice said that a number 0f both i A candid chat With Heath Saraceno, ‘ tucky football. Stop it. Play it for today. Quit wor-
efforts by th“ “Vt‘ht S organizers p uniformed and plainclothes off i- l uitarist and vocalist for Midtown. .1 ‘ rying about trying to make it the whole season
. _ 9 . . .
are kept) tht‘ party “VOLV- the event " cers will be in the coliseum. , i , 7 7 . >>>>>> . today it‘s not. It‘s not that important. It's im-
and Ezgygdggtabslewarnyd tiltihlithll: concgzgdPRdto:ra(;9Q:£1Y“$2331: way." She said. “We would aSk everyone wniiagtfrihaggtt goeifid to UK‘s NCAA probation
' Rhonda " U ' ' ‘ coming to come sober." ; . , .‘ . larsh'
everyone wanhs the partykto be a Strouse always have a contingency of em Overall she said the party m” main- inmla‘ which (lied Iii): neducttctmof schol Tihps
success. so t ey're wor ing as , cers." . . - ' ~ - ‘ ‘. 3 or p yers an a n on pos season pay. e
hard as they can." she said. “m" “Sm No bags. backpacks cans or tam“ imttrerall an‘m’ '0 smdems 100““ L measure stemmed from recruiting violations
h Because rlainkmight ddarmpen tmtltléslwill be gltlowled [Sig Memo- "r a [Eree {33: free music support the ‘ tfrohtimtlllie latt;1 m. )s when Hal Mumme was the
t e turnout. ar mg an rans- ma 0 iseum. ro se. . " _- .. ‘ ~ _ _ . 00 coac .
portation Services will run a shuttle to Anyone bringing alcoholic beverages team." She said Thats the Spirit Of the g “l think you can. look at the numbers. and
south campus from 8 to 11:30 pm. The shot could be arrested and face consequences 9V9?“- 1 the numbers don't he." he said, adding that in
tle will stop at the intersection of llniversi» from the Dean of Students‘ office. . / f the last four classes. UK has had 63 student-3th.
ty Drive and Huguelet Avenue and at “Hopefully they won‘t show up that E-maildshqfatakykernelmm ‘ See W on M! 2

I O Q 0


 PAGEZ | nmayswt. 16. 2004



the athletics department the
goahead to grant a contract
to design the facility

The design stage is now
complete and the athletics de
partment is ready to transi-
tion into the construction
phase. Mullens said.

Board member Bill
Sturgill said the need to stay
competitive in the Southeast-
ern Conference prompted the
facility projects.

“If you’re in the SEC. you
have to be competitive. and to
be competitive, you have to
grow,” Sturgill said. “Every-
thing we're doing is advance
ment and growth to be com-


He was also quick to point
out that the athletics depart-
ment is fully funding all the
projects without using any
university money

“This is a big ticket item.“
he said. “I want to make sure
that John Q. Public under-
stands that these funds are
athletics department-generat-
ed funds. That should be per-
fectly clear."

None of these projects
will begin immediately The
Board of Trustees must also
approve the five facility reno
vation and construction pro
jects. Mullens said. That ac-
tion could take place in the
trustees‘ meeting Tuesday

asichkoqb’kykernelwm or



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letes that were on initial schol-
arship “That's not much
greater than a Division l-AA
football program. and right
now we’re competing against
teams that have 85."

He said the staff is work.
ing hard to get young people in
there. “You’re going to see
more young faces in the lineup
this weekend." he said.

“This is one game into an
ll-game journey We'll be very
patient because this program
did not get this way overnight.
and it will not get out of it

Barnhart repeatedly
talked about consistency for
the program.

“I don't care who is sitting
in the headcoaching chair.
they were going to be faced
with this kind of scenario.“ he
said. ”It's a very very difficult

“Dr. 'Ibdd put it very very
clearly: ‘Probation is not
meant to enhance your pro
gram. It is meant to hurt.”

He was the assistant execu~
tive athletics director at South-
ern Methodist University from
15133 and 1986. while that team
was on probation.

“I've been a part of one
other program with probation
for football. and it destroyed
it.“ Barnhart said. “I had an

opportunity to see people and
friends that had nothing to do
with it absolutely destroyed."

When asked about back-
lash against UK for perfor-
mance on the field so far,
Barnhart looked at reporters
and asked rhetorically “Where
does that start?“

Brooks said he appreciated
Barnhart's support.

"He‘s my boss." Brooks
said. “I think he understands
what direction the program is
going even though some peo
ple don't want to look at that
direction very hard.

However. Brooks said.
some of the criticisms might
be appropriate.

“Yes. it‘s concerning."
Brooks said, “Nobody likes to
be criticized. but sometimes
you deserve some of it. When
you go out and play offense
like that against Louisville. we
deserve some criticism."

Brooks said media and fan
comments are often based on
their own motives.

“Now whether [the criti-
cism] is mean-spirited or
meant to be constructive.
that‘s for the people who are
doing it (to decide).

“I'm paid to coach a team
to win. to play competitive and
good football." he said. “The
players are here to get an edu-
cation and to be good football


E-mail dpoore a ki'kernelmm


Pro-anorexia Web site’s authors
claim condition is ‘lifestyle choice’



WASHINGTON ~ For three years,
when Alison Devenny wanted weight
loss tips. she turned to the lntemet. But
she didn't look for typical dieting Web
sites. The George Washington Universi-
ty sophomore visited Web sites that en-
courage visitors to embrace anorexia
and bulimia as
“lifestyle choices" and provide instruc-
tion on how to do so.

The sites provide “thinspirational”
pictures of extremely underweight
women, menu suggestions. discussion
boards and tips on topics including
ways to overcome hunger pangs. such
as doing household chores and drinking
lemon water.

Despite attempts to encourage In-
ternet service providers to close down
such sites. many continue to exist. A re
cent Google search using the term “pro
anorexia“ yielded 30.000plus results.
Many were links to pages by health au-
thorities warning about the proanorex-
ia movement. while others were links to
sites no longer in operation. But many
linked to live sites. A Google directory
called “ProAnorexia” links to more
than 50 sites.

Carol Day director of health educa-
tion services at Georgetown University
and a member of the school’s eating dis-
order treatment team. called the sites
“dangerous and disturbing." Experts
say the sites can reinforce unhealthy be
haviors. slow the recovery process and
discourage people from seeking help.

“I think anyone who is working in
the field of eating disorders realizes
how unhealthy" the sites are, Day said.

“I always kind of knew that what I
was doing was stupid." said Devenny
now 19. who has since begun treatment
for multiple eating disorders. She used
to visit the sites about twice a week. she
said. picking up tips on how to avoid
eating and how to keep her illness a se
cret from her family.

The terms “Ana" and “Mia“ ._ short
for anorexia (a condition characterized
by eating so little that one‘s health and

life are at risk) and bulimia (overeating
and then purging by vomiting or taking
laxatives) —— are oflen used by those
with eating disorders who don't want

Frequent visitors to these sites refer
to themselves as "‘Anas' and “Mias” and
say the sites offer a safe haven where
they can talk, share advice and commis
erate away from the harsh criticism of
family friends and other “outsiders."

The sites’ creators are typically teen-
agers and young adults who have eating
disorders. Many are directed at women.
who experience eating disorders more
often than men.

About 0.5 to 3.7 percent of women
suffer from anorexia in their lifetimes.
according to the National Institute of
Mental Health. About 1 to 4 percent are
bulimic. NIMH estimates that about 2 to
5 percent of Americans experience
binge eating disorder (characterized by
excessive eating that occurs. on average.
at least two days a week in a six-month

Those with eating disorders exhibit
serious disturbances in eating behavior
and feelings of extreme concern about
body shape or weight, the NIMH says.
Researchers are investigating how vol-
untary behaviors. such as eating differ-
ent sizes of food portions, at some point
develop into an eating disorder. Experts
agree that eating disorders are not due
to a failure of will but are treatable
medical illnesses.

Eating disorders are often accompa-
nied by depression, substance abuse
and anxiety disorders. Common person-
ality characteristics include excessive
anxiety perfectionism and low selfes-
teem. Treatments include hospitaliza.
tion or outpatient treatment. as well as
psychotherapy nutritional counseling.
cognitive therapy behavioral therapy
and antidepressant medication, accord-
ing to the Harvard Eating Disorders

About half of people with anorexia
or bulimia recover completely through
treatment. according to the Harvard
center. About 30 percent make a partial
recovery and 20 percent have no sub-

stantial improvement. The mortality
rate for anorexia is about 5.6 percent
per decade. according to N lMH. Cardiac
arrest and suicide are common causes
of death for anorexics.

But “Anas” and “Mias” say they are
not sick. don't need to be “fixed" and
don‘t want sympathy They develop
creeds and post poetry and online di-
aries reciting their beliefs. They ap-
plaud one other for reaching 10w
weights. Their message board conversa—
tions ofien turn to statistics: height.
weight. measurements.

A site called Blue Dragon Fly sells
red bracelets to encourage “solidarity"
among proanas. “So you can go out into
the world and not have to wonder. ‘Is
she. or isn’t she?‘ . . . You see the red
bracelet, and you know." the site ex-

But it's the proeating disorder ad-
vice that many women say they seek on
these sites. There are tips for the best
foods to eat and vomit up later (“remem-
ber if it is hard to swallow it will be
hard to ‘unswallow,”' one site says) and
how to cover up your eating disorder
(tell friends and family you’re sick or
have already eaten, tips another site). A
college sophomore from Alexandria.
Va.. diagnosed with bulimia and
anorexia said tips from pro-eating disor-
der sites helped her go from 161 pounds
to her current 74 pounds.

“At times I did gain back the weight.
but I would always make a plea for help
on the proana" Web sites. she wrote in
an email responding to a reporter‘s
question. She asked not to be identified
by name. adding that although her fami-
ly knows she has an eating disorder.
they don't know w and wouldn't ap-
prove of 7 her visiting these sites.

Some Internet service providers
shut the sites down in 2001 after the
nonprofit National Eating Disorders As-
sociation and other groups complained
that the sites contained content that
could harm minors. Many sites disap-
peared briefly only to re-emerge later
under different names and on different
Internet domains.




An article in yesterday's Kernel incorrectly stated the date for Hoosier Daddy 2. The party at Memorial Coliseum

will be today at 8:30 pm.

To report an error. call the Kernel at 257-1915.






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Friday - I :30




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’0 THE 2004-05








Jotumwt um I sun
The statue of James Patterson outside the Patterson Office Tower wore a traffic cone atop its head last night. In the
past, students have built a snowman on the statue and posed for pictures with UK's first president.



Stewart asks to begin jail time immediately

By Brooke A. Masters
in: msumcron Posr

she wants to put her long»
running legal trouhles he
hind her. Martha Stewart
asked a federal judge
Wednesday to send her to
prison to begin servtng her
five-month sentence inime
diately instead of waiting
until a higher court rules
on her appeal.

Standing on a podium
in the Manhattan ot‘t‘iees oi
the multimedia empire she
founded, Stewart spoke

sometimes tearfully ot‘

her decision as both a per
sonal choice. and a business
decision designed to protert
Martha Stewart Living ()in-
nimedia Inc.

“I suppose the best word
to use for this very harsh
and difficult decision is it

nality and tnv intense di-
sire and need to put this
nightmare behind me hoth
personally and profession
ally.‘ said Stewart. tit'l. u ho
built a hugely successful
liusiness around the image
tit" an idealized iiotiiestit'
lite “I must reclaim my
good life. I nuist return to
my good Works.”

Stewart's la\\ yers deliv
ereil the illL'iliV unusual re
inn-st in a letter to [78, liis
triit .ludge Miriam (iolil
inan (‘etlarhauin who
presided over Stewart‘s tri
al on (‘l'iarges of ohstrtu‘
tion and lying and ruled in
June that she rould stay
ii ee on appeal. liven as she
Itlllll‘llllt't'ti she is ready to
go to prison. Stewart eon
tinned to say she expects to
Wlll her appeal.

"I cannot hear any
longer thr prolonged suffer

ine uhile l and my lepal
teain .nyaii yinilirnitioii "
she said 'h is time to get it
all hertind us. lieliind me. so
he ran all move ll)l‘\\'t’tl"i "

liyen it Stewart were to
“in ii ri-yeisal. the l'h‘ at
torney-~ ol‘t‘u'e on Manhat
tan might opt to retry her. a
[)l‘tlt't'\‘.\ that roulii take an
additional sis months or
more. The to attorney's
Uiiit‘t‘ derlined t't'mlt‘lt‘lli on
ill‘t’ iie-‘lsltii‘,

"This is a \ei'y strong
appeal lliiiti any Vir'iii‘y
that mini-s more than it

Near alter the ront'lusion ot'

her trial doesn't \iork tor
her. her t‘amtly and her
eoinpiinj..‘ said Stewart‘s
appeals Jilltlt‘flt‘t Walter
l)ellinuer ol‘ OHM-theta é;
Myers l.l.l‘

'I‘tto liti;t“ii members of
Steuar‘ s ionip ll\' .lllli
Sh-iroii l’ati‘nk who toolx

over as chief executive af-
ter Stewart was indicted. at‘
tended the emotional press
l'tlllit'l't‘llCtJ and expressed
support for Stewart‘s deci
sion. "'l'liank you. Martha.
We are all very proud of
you :is you take this diffi-
cult step." said (‘hairman
'l‘hi itnas Siekman.

Stewart is the compa~
nys l-iruest shareholder.
and Siektnan and the other
ol‘lirials emphasized that
the (it‘t'lsltll to go right to
prison was i ers alone.

The eompany's maga-
ilines have suffered major
aihert ising deelines. and its
inam television show is on
hiatus herause of Stewart's
tioulilrs. l'atrick has been
lilant i'l recent months. say-
llltI that a full recovery was
unlikely until Stewart‘s lei
pal situation was fully re

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IVA/l park In A UN”
I’dh’k lvt‘himt Mi I‘mnrm \
llrnti’l In M Iriurtrmmm'rit
Secure Parking in
mm mm to
I'irrAimr :1 Vi urity
5pm t’\ ”A” ’l 1‘

At t t'l’flllq App/it utiom


Thldhdflllhin I! l“



Om M8600“ WITH WIT l9!

:MOllllOOtl-W ham——

“tiger n-m m “"'
sum-cloth ,=. t

nun-mun ,1- i

Him-ileum mam—'7
Manhattwm *—



9 *‘I‘hinking about 0

3 changing your major7¢ fi
% You can change it 3
% now through Sept. 30 G
%For details: see your Academic Advisor*

9 *Studentl are prohibited from changing tit-Jon:
Oct. b- Nov. 2h





a quick-paced audience response trivia game show

thursday, september 23

7pm, student center small ballroom


form a team and


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Sept. l6, 2004




m on THE WALL: nosrauo
Meet a bud at the ’bud

By Anthony Bauman
nit ltENiUCKY mm






niglvtvtllif‘: itl'gstottiglletotdeckild: where to go > ‘ ‘3 ‘NEEXITJ Tflfsmy
firsBo we want to tap our feet away at the . - ' E ‘ . L ‘ 9 9/21/04
dance floors. mingle with the hip and sExy at '9 717-) 7:00 W
{gilgggfiégfggiggswp ‘0 “methi'lg 8 IN THE STUDENT CENTER CATS DEN

With school just beginning and the bars

only now starting to find their foothold


again. it's snecessary to find a local hangout

that s why i cltose 'l he Rosebud Bar for
my first review.

Tucked away on Mill Street. Rosebud is
situated close to the heart of downtown.

Rosebud can be classified as a smaller
bar given the regular graduates and young
professionals who frequent its comfortable
atmosphere. Early in the week. there are dol»
lar Pabst Blue Ribbons. as well as Budweiser
and Bud Light fora biick and a quarter. This




mm- nun | Starr
Former UK students Joel Metzler, right, and Keith
Moll enjoy a drink on the sidewalk at The Rosebud

deal can be found Monday through Thurs-
day pretty decent after spending only $5
for four Buds.

Thursday nights are the busiest week
night. as everyone saves on the cheap beer.
leaving enough money to party for another
two days.

I decided to visit Rosebud on a Saturday.
It was rainy that evening. drawing us out
side patrons tight under the canopy the own
er recently added for the distinct purpose of
fighting the elements.

Thankfully the large covered area leaves
plenty of tables and chairs available 'lhis is
exceptionally good news for you bar hoppers
who enjoy sitting outside not to mention
the smokers who desperately need a 01:1th
rette to go along with their drinks,

I think Rosebud has one of the better pa-
tios downtown. From the sidewalk seating.
it's easy to see cars that are pulling up. other
bar hoppers navigating the streets. and the
Lexington skyline.

Inside. you‘ll find distinctly different
moods in the two rooms that make up the
bar: In one. the typical full'length bar with
stools and a few tables with the jukebox sup
plying music. In the other. a low-key lounge
with rose-colored lights and cushy couches.

Drink quality gets relatively higher
marks than most bars, With others l'tn dis»
appointed to find expensively priced. liixie-
sized plastic cups that would serve better as
shot glasses thaii for mixed drinks

Rosebud instead serves up moderately
priced mixed drinks dressed in slightly larg
er plastic glasses. made with just the right
amount of booze and. if you're lucky. a
little extra.

Don‘t expect to wait very long to place or‘
ders. as the bartenders are qutck to notice as
new faces appear.

With a server taking care of my needs
outside and quick service at the bar. i never

Bar on North Mill.

found myself waiting more than a couple
itiiiiutes for another drink.

Rosebud does. however. have an Achilles
heel: the bathrooms. The lack of sanitation
was immediately apparent on this visit. as
soap and hand towels seemed to have left for

See Fly on page 5


Fly Ratings box ion a scale of five):
(can sometimes blare)

Cleanliness: fl
ib;.ithrooms tight

Atmosphere: fl”,
Service: WW
Drink prices: ”0/
Drink quality: W”
Proximity to UK: M



Guitarist chats about Christina Ricci, Kool Moe Dee and more

By Hillary Canada

THE krittuoo mutt slaughter'

They're not downtown.
they‘re not uptown they‘re
Midtown. If you're curious
about what kind of music
they play or their influences.
this article won‘t tell you so
stop reading

But if you want to ktiow
why it isn't “gross or weird"
for Heath Saraceno. guitarist

10 different there
times in your band bio.
What changed?

\ The ve low poster was
done befoi e we lost our inno
cencc. Yellow used to be cool
and now black is cool. That
was front the
shoot wedid asa band. and it A For ycai‘s it was
was cool. and now
done all different colors and

back singing along because
were people hitting
each other and stuff and it
was cool because i had never
seen anything like it before.
it was a great show i love
Bad Religion

Q: Who is your celebri-
first photo ty crush?
(‘hristina Ricci She's from
Jersey. hit from Jersey Even



25".}fo _. £175 SEfiQU/J U {15/ [El/[J

“II" II” "II" M M M Milli” "u“"mttt

JJL/J'JJ _/_/ r‘. jf/Z/J-



A rebatte
designed to help
make credit work
for you,

not aoatnat you.


and vocalist for Midtown. to
love a prepubescent t‘liristt
na Ricci in (‘aspei‘ by all
means. read on

As a tiny side note. this
week's (‘anada Report had to
be prefaced with a very spe~
cial question. given the na
ture of 30m Midtown vs 200]

Q: So, my friend has a
poster of Midtown with a
happy yellow background
from 2001. Now your Web
site is all black and has
the words “die/dying/


‘ladli‘t 510 All
you um drmk "

r: .0

live Hum by
Kyle Knapp t: D) led


$1 Frown Horooritot.
Frozen Duquim.
ti Fimon Pine (olodm


$1 bntllat st. wvllt
livo fitmittit Hutu

we've never done black. it is
n't really about worshiping
Satan. But it‘s good because
you can't see the pentagram
tattoo on my fort-head.

Q: What was your first
concert experience?

A: I think it might have
been Bad Religion and West
on at Stone Pom in Asburv
Park. New Jersey I think I
was like 1.3 or lh because i re-
member ] didn‘t drive yet,
and l was really looking for
ward to it. i had never been
to a show before When i got
there and ljust stood in the


”a“ \0


31 bnttltn
SI. wellt

live Hum

indict Five
botmo ll pm
$3 otter ll pm