:ia_ Admission to the University does not necessarily qualify a student for
,015 admission to a particular college. In every case the student must meet the
the admission requirements of the college in which he is to enroll.
)r°' Admission to Advanced Standing
5s°' Kentucky Students. A resident of Kentucky who applies for admission
{ °f with advanced standing is expected to present evidence that he is in good
Mm standing in every respect in the institution last attended. He should have
maintained a standing of 1.0 or an average of C in all previous college work.
The student whose standing is below 1.0, however, may be admitted on pro-
bation if after taking the University classification tests such an admission
seems warranted. In no case shall a student be admitted whose record is
i, as such that he would have been dropped at the University of Kentucky.
stu- The University does not disregard at any time or under any conditions
egcs college or university records in order to admit applicants solely on the basis
of their high school records.
the A transfer student ls allowed only as many advanced credits as he can
.5 of present quality points. Otherwise, work done at a fully accredited college or .
1 be university is recognized credit for credit.
,.iOd_ In order to be classified as fully accredited, a college must be a member
mod of a regional accrediting association or it must be on the approved list of
ding the state university of the state in which it is located. Advanced standing
Lssed from an unaccredited college may be obtained at the University only by
hom; special subject examinations.
rsity Out-of-State Students. A non-resident who applies for admission with
mm, advanced standing must in all cases have maintained a standing of 1.0 in
tests all previous college work. In other respects, the requirements and conditions
fred of transfer are the same as for Kentucky students.
Written applications for admission with advanced standing should be
submitted to the Reglstrar’s Office on forms furnished by that office.
_ Admission as a Special Student
lttcd A graduate of another university or college may enter the University
isfof as a special student. Any other person may be admitted as a special student
' Or provided he is fully prepared to do the work desired and provided he is as
ids ix least twenty-one years of age."
A-60 ' Before a special student can become a candidate for a degree he must
Other have his status changed to that of a regular student. This may be done
mn? in one of two ways:
mn'- l. Satisfying the entrance requirements for admission to the freshman
_ freshman class.
imlS' 2. Completing in residence sixty-seven credits with a standing of at least
from 1.5 in all work attempted.
i the A special student is eligible to take any course for which he has satisfied
B; gg the prerequisites except one numbered 200 or above.
:1; Of Admission as an Auditor
.I.€dit_ By payment of the required fees any person may be admitted to a class
or classes as an auditor. A student regularly enrolled in any college must
S and apply to the Dean of the College in which he is registered in order to be
if. in ‘ An exception to the age requirement may be made in the case of a veteran oi
, pass World War II who has demonstrated, through tests and personal interviews, his ability
to do the work desired.