_ _ The University of Kentucky maintains four large residence halls for T]
‘ °- women which house approximately 640 students. Three small residence emerg
units are maintained for 60 women and the University of Kentucky has bum,
three barracks for women which house 42 students. The residence halls tablisl
are under the supervision of the Dean of Women and the Director of Resi- and S
dence Halls, assisted by a head resident in each unit. mmm
All freshman women are required to live in the residence halls unless famjli
residing with relatives in town. After the freshman year, students may A.
reside in sorority houses, and upperclassmen may secure permission from live if
the Office of the Dean of Women to live in town. Unmarried women are `
not permitted to live in apartments. T'
Application blanks for reservations in the residence halls must be se- 302);;
cured from and should be returned to the Office of the Dean of Women
as soon as possible. No reservation will be made until the application is as DOE
returned with a deposit of $10. While students are assigned to residence glen`]
‘ units according to classification, preference in placement is determined ust
by the dates of application and deposit. This deposit is refunded at the {gage
end of the year less any charges for damage to the room or loss of room
key. A room reservation may be canceled with the deposit refunded if noti- R‘
fication of the cancellation is received by the Dean of Women one calendar $6900-
menth previous to the first day of the opening of the freshman residence r°°mS
hall; after that date the deposit is forfeited. Admission to the University T]
by the Registrars Office does not constitute an application for admission 1'€Sid€i
to the residence halls, and does not reserve a room. Likewise, an application
for a room does not constitute an application for admission to the University.
Meals for all the women in the residence halls are served in the joint
dining rooms of Jewell and Boyd Halls and in Sayre, and are under the 5*
direction of trained dieticians. Versftl
A trained nurse lives in residence and is available at all times for emer- WWE
gency calls. An infirmary is maintained on the campus on a twenty-four asses
hour basis. DOSIUC
The cost of room and board in all residences for women is $400 a year, that U
half of which is payable at the beginning of each semester. The University t° °°”
reserves the right to change these rates at any time. Checks should be made Thgst
payable to the University of Kentucky. Refunds on room and board will justmi
not be made after the twelfth week of a semester. A student withdrawing from '
during the first twelve weeks will have withheld 8% of the total fee for Lt
each week or fraction thereof. Refunds on room and board will not be made possib'
for temporary absence from the residence halls. A student must withdraw funds
officially in the Office of the Dean of Women to be eligible for a refund ships
on room and board. _ needy
The University maintains one cooperative house accomodating approxi- (b) Ax
mately 20 women students. Application for a reservation in the cooperative and (¤
house should be made to the Office of the Dean of Women. Applicants are last av
selected by the Cooperative House Committee on the basis of scholastic vary f
records and recommendations. A high scholastic average must be main- appro:
tained to continue residence in a cooperative house. In
Ten national sororities accomodating approximately 250 students in to stui
residonce have chapter houses on the campus of the University of Kentucky. it is a