g Dimock, William Wallace, D.V.M., Professor of Veterinary Science; Elseyl
Veterinarian Emmf
Doll, Elvis Roger, M.A., D.V.M., Veterinarian H
Donovan, Herman Lee, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Engla
Douthit, Darrel Duane, B.S., Part-time Instructor in Chemistry Enghs
Downing, Harold Hardesty, B.C.E., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Eriksc
and Astronomy; Head of the Department of Mathematics and D,
Astronomy Essem
Dozier, Emmitt, Jr., M.S., Superintendent of Creamery; Instructor in
Dairymg Estes,
Drennen, Charles, Technical Sergeant, U.S, Air Force, Instructor in Military EStES·
Science and Tactics ‘E5till
Duff, Mike; B.S. in Agr., Assistant Field Agent in Poultry Improvement ’Evan=
Duncan, May Kenney, M.A., Professor of Elementary Education; Head oi Di
the Department of Elementary Education El/U15,
Duncan, Robert Carlisle, Jr., B.S. in Met.E., Supervisor of Metallurgical Fallis,
Engineering Laboratories Farqul
*Dunn, Keller Johnson, A.B., Part-time Instructor in English EU
Durham, Margaret Wilson, A.B., Secretary, Young Women’s Christian F`¤TFl$.
Association OD
*Durr, J. C., Master Sergeant, Signal Corps, U.S. Army, Instructor in Farris,
Military Science ¤€<
Dutt, Ray H., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant in Animal Husbandry F¤1‘1`iS,
Dyer, Theodore K., B.Ch.E., M.S., Instructor in Mathematics Un
"‘Eades, Mary, B.S., B.S. in L.S., Consultant for Workshop, Department of Faust
Library Science FTE
Eaton, William Clement, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History F€rgjus·
Echols, Livingston M., B.S., Part-time Instructor in Chemistry Fielgnri
*Edelmann, Alexander T., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Fmnie
Science nee
Edney, James Marion, M.S., Instructor in Zoology tpische
Edwards, Ernest P., M.A., Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology Fish, E1
Edwards, Ogden Frazelle, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Bacteriology Fisher,
Eilertsen, Betty J., M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance Languas€$ Fitz, Dc
Elliott, Norris Raymond, B.S. in Hort., Professor of Landscape Architecture ’Fitzge1
and Floriculture; Field Agent in H01`l3l0Ull?UI`€ ` pgtzgera
Elliott, Ralph F., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry; AsSlSt8Ili _Fl€m_
in Dairy Husbandry Lg;}
Elliott, William J'., M.A., Part-time Instructor in Chemistry, Northern K€¤· Floyd J
tucky Extension Center ‘ ·
Ellis, Herman A., M.A., Assistant Professor of Economics F°rb€s’
E1liston,· Pauline, Assistant in Service Office, Agricultural EXD€i`lm€m F0r;?;1(
Station · · ~
Ford, R;
V ‘ See appended list of changes of status, p. 380. Q