Kinney, Gordon J., M.M., Assistant Professor of Applied Music (Cello and . A
String Bass) MS2
Kinsley, Mary T., B.S., Part-time Instructor in Chemistry ‘
Kirwan, Albert Dennis, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D., Part-time Associate Professor Lind
of History; Dean of Men Unk
"Kiser, Edgar L., A.B., Major, U.S. Air Force, Assistant Professor of Military Link
Science and Tactics for Air Forces ROTC Linv
Kiviniemi, Aimo Justus, B.S. in Mus. Ed., Instructor in Applied Music *Liv·
(Voice) Lock
Klinker, John Edward, Ph.D., Assistant Horticulturist Log;
Knight, Grant Cochran, M.A., Distinguished Professor of English .
Knight, Richard Bennett, M.S. in E.E., Associate Professor of Heating and "Lor
Ventilating Long
Koppius, Otto Townsend, Ph.D., Professor of Physics Louf
Kraehe, Enno Edward, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History I
Kuhn, Kenneth, A.B. in Journ., Sports Editor, Department of Public Love
Relations LOW,
Kuiper, John, M.A., Professor of Philosophy, Head of the Department of i
Philosophy Lum
Lacy, Edith, M.S., Field Agent in 4-H Club Work im,
*Lafferty, Frances M., M.A., Assistant State Leader of Home Demonstration Lyki
Agents I
Lafferty, Jean Payne, M.A., Part-time Instructor in English MCA
*Lampert, Carl Albert, B.M., Professor of Music, Special Assignment _ g
Lancaster, Harry Current, M.A., Part—time Instructor in Physical Educa- MCC
tion; Assistant Basketball Coach ·
Lange, Karl Otto, D.Eng., Assistant Professor of Physics MCC
Latzke, Verna, M.S., Field Agent in Home Economics · McC
Lawrence, Chester, Assistant Inspector, Creamery License Section McC
Lawson, Austin H., B.S., Instructor in Animal Husbandry McC
Leader, Gordon R., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry ·
"Leggett, James Llewellyn, Jr., M.S. in C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil MCC
Engineering i
Leonard, Lyle B., B.S. in Agr., Field Agent in Soil Conservation MCC
Leser, Tadeusz, M.E., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics ]
Lesshafft, Charles Thomas Jr., B.S., R.Ph., Instructor in Pharmacy MCD
Lewis, Chester Arthur, B.J., Editor, Agricultural Extension Division MCE
Lewis, Homer C., M.B.A., LL.B., Associate Professor of Commerce MCE
*Lewis, James O., B.S., Part—time Instructor in Geology MCF
Lewis, Lovaine Carol, M.A., Part-time Instructor in Physical Education MCF?
Lewis, Mildred Sinclair, B.S. in Mus., M.A., Associate Professor of Music _Mc‘
*Lickert, Raymond Henry, B.S. in Agr., Assistant State Agent, County Agent · :
_ ‘ Sec appended list of changes of status, p. 380. Mkt