by the faculty of the department in which his major work was done and
_ Q by the dean of his college. Students majoring in those departments that
‘ require the final comprehensive examination are automatically candidates.
for department honors.
A Second Bachel0r’s or Master’s Degree
A student may be eligible for a second bache1or’s or a second master’s. °
degree when he has completed the requirements of the second curriculum.
The total work for both degrees shall consist of not less than two semesters.
of residence and two semesters of credit beyond that of the first degree. ‘
With the approval of his dean, the student may pursue the work in the i
two curricula simultaneously, but two degrees will not be granted at the g
same commencement. t
The University emphasizes the development of the whole individual, K
Toward this end it provides a diversified program of extra-class activities- V
These activities are briefly reviewed in the following paragraphs,
Special Cultural Opportunities »
Musicales. These musical programs are arranged for the enjoyment.
of the students, faculty, and friends of the University. There is no admis— i ·
sion charge. The program for 1949-1950 follows: ‘
October 16—James Robert Floyd, Pianist, University of Kentucky ¥
October 30—Arnold Blackburn, Organist, University of Kentucky
November 13-Kenneth Wright, Violinist, University of Kentucky
November 20-Nell Stuart Foster, Soprano
December 11-(4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.) Christmas Carol Program by L
the University Choristers, Mildred S. Lewis, Director _`
January 8—Helen Houden, Soprano, University of Kentucky ?` >
January 15——Nathaniel Patch, Pianist, University of Kentucky
February 10-25-—A week of music, art, and drama dedicating the new
Fine Arts building ‘
February 19—University Chorus and Orchestra, Edwin E. Stein, Director '
(afternoon and evening) .
lFebruary 22-University Choristers, Mildred S. Lewis, Director. V
Chamber Music, University of Kentucky faculty artists.
(morning, Fine Arts building) _
February 25—Louisville Philharmonic, Robert Whitney, Director F
(afternoon) 4
March 12-Joint recital-Ford Montgomery, Pianist, University of Ken- '~
tucky; University Women’s Glee Club, Mildred S. Lewis, Director r
March 19—Joint recital-Aimo Kiviniemi, Tenor; Ann English, Con— .
tralto; University of Kentucky