- Chemistry 130a 5 Chemistry 130b 5 ag
' ' Bacteriology 111 4 Physics 120 2 gh
Bacteriology 150a 1 Bacteriology 150b 1
Bacteriology 120a 4 Bacteriology 120b 6 of
Elective (Social Sc.) 3 Elective (Social Sc.) 3
17 17
Total credits 135 exclusive of Military Science.
Boramz $$3
The elementary courses of the Department of Botany are designed to  
give the general student a knowledge of the basic principles of plant life, to cm
Show him the relation of plants to man, and to give him a better under- '  
standing of his environment. These courses are fundamental to students
of agriculture, forestry, and pharmacy and will satisfy part of the pre- _
medical requirements of most medical schools. The advanced courses lead
to an undergraduate major in botany with emphasis upon morphology,
classification, physiology, and cytogenetics and should be of interest to r
students of applied botanical sciences.  
cnmvirsrar — ESQ
The Department of Chemistry provides an opportunity for a student GH
to obtain a bachelor’s degree with chemistry as a major or the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry. The curriculum in industrial
chemistry is a prescribed course, designed to train persons who desire to
follow chemistry as a profession in the industries or to pursue advanced C 
, training in graduate schools. Under the Topical Field offered by the Col- Che
lege of Arts and Sciences, opportunity is provided for the development of  
programs of those persons who wish to combine training in chemistry with ECO,
fa) library techniques to fill positions in scientific libraries, (b) commercial Pélléé
subjects to become salesmen or secretaries for scientific or industrial lab-
oratories, (c) home economics subjects to obtain preparation for work in the
field of foods, textiles, etc., or (d) other combinations.
The degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry is awarded  
upon completion of a prescribed curriculum. The curriculum is designed to Che.
prepare the student to continue the study of chemistry in a graduate mg
school, or to engage in technical work with a substantial background of Che;
training. Although it is constructed on the basis of four academic years, {CE;
students are advised to plan to spend an additional semester or two sum- fBio
mer terms, so that the load may be lighter during the regular years. _  
German 21b must be completed and one year’s work in French is recom-
mended, so that a fair reading knowledge of both languages may be ac- 5
quired. Students planning to take this course are advised to include one i
year of physics and one-half year of solid geometry in their high school mq-
studies. Deficiencies in these subjects may require enrollment in pre- MF}
liminary courses at the University. Solid geometry is a prerequisite for i a mi
Mathematics 20a.  
Registration in chemistry courses of juniors or seniors majoring in ._ witll
industrial chemistry is restricted to students having a grade-point aver- E;