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Gays Take to the Countryside CALENDAR

On Sunday, September 21, approxi— NOVEMBER 3: Regular G80 monthly bus-
mately Sixty—five 'gay people from in iness meeting. 8:00 p.m.
and around Lexington gathered for a G50 now meets at the
day in the country near Frankfort. The Southland braOCh 9f the
gathering was an outgrowth of the sum- Le¥lngt°n PUbllc Library
mer meeting of gays at Shakertown at (Slde door next to main
which time it was decided that perio- door). Nonmembers ”91‘
dic get-togethers might be of -esmm come. _
benefit in establishing a much-needed NOVEMBER 12‘ Wallflower Order W111
sense of community among gay people in give an advance perfor-
the Lexington area. (Many people are mance at the UK recital
involved in the Lexington Gay Services hall 1n. the new Fine
Organization, women's groups and the Arts Building. 8:00 p.m.
like, but seldom get a chance to meet ' Tickets on sale at the
one another and discuss mutual con- d9°r or from Amber Moon.
cerns.) DEGEMBER 7: First G80 Winter Forum.

The day's activities consisted of Presentation on Health
games, conversation, and eating. There SerVices and Gays. 40”
were some brief announcements on the Dudley Read. Preceeded
progress of a committee which has been by P0t lUCk at 1 p.m.
formed to lay the groundwork for a ’_"'"_"._T_-—__—-_'—m‘"*——‘*—_._——~_—T
possible gay community center in Lex- The meetings for gay parents and their '
ington. In addition, the Lexington lovers have proven to be a welcome ex—
Gay Services Organization has an ap- perience for those. attending. Thls
plication pending with the rInternal group plans to continue meeting on the
Revenue Service to gain tax exempt fourth Tuesday of each month at 278
status for GSO; such status could aid Lowry Lane at 6‘30 p.m. All are wel-
in fund-raising and provide for a firm- come, including children. For more
er financial footing for projects of . information, call Carol at 272—9120 or
benefit to gays. Pam- at 269’8702.

In addition, a group has been form- ""—_”_f—————‘____-_—.—-—__—fi_~—-—-.
occasional basis for games, activities T0 G30 .
and the like. There were also oppor- Ernest Mcafee, a representative Of
tunities for persons to sign up in or- the Libertarian Party, spoke afdar the
der to share skills and interests. It regular GSO buSiness meeting on-October
is possible that several support 6. He described the Libertarians as
groups - for men, for women, and mixed 'belonging to an eight year-old party
groups - may result. while representing a 300 yearTOld move—

ment stemming from the "claSSical lib-

eralism" of John Locke and John Stuart

Mill. The Libertarian candidate for

President, Ed Clark, is on the ballot
(continued on back)

 .. . _ ceived three American academy award
gLibertarians, continued) nominations. Benny Luke, the maid,
1n KentU.CI.{y as well as 1n all the other Steals nearly every Scene he is in by
states this year. ., _ simply walking into it.

McAfee and the Libertarians_ would "La Cage Aux Folles" is a St. Tro—
relinquish the use of state/political paze nightclub owned by middle—aged
power as a t901 for any grOFP " liberal lovers Renato and Albert. Renalto's
or conservative — to force its ideas or son announces his engagement to the
power on others. On the domestic front daughter of the Deputy of a group cal—
Libertarians advocate free—market eco— led the ”Pillars of Morality", whose
nomics as well as unfettered civil lib- President dies in the arms of a pro—
erties. In terms 0f foreign affairs, stitute. The fiancee's parents want
the party calls for American non—inter— to meet the boy's parents. Plans are

, vehtlon 1n the affairs of other coun- made and in the last half of the film,
tries. . _ . scene after funny scene is devoted to

When it comes to gay issues, Liber— the meeting, with a final guffaw_pro_
tarlans advocate the lf'lght Of any per- ducing scene prov‘ided by a priest.
son to pursue any activ1ty which ad— "La Cage" is gay. It's hilarious.
vances his .or her own happiness while It's touching. It seemed to garner
not infringing on the rights 0f any a good audience during its recent run
other person. At the same time, Lib: in Lexington, If you missed it or
ertarians believe that people have the if you saw it and want to see it a-
right to refuse to associate with ot— gain, pass the word _ especially to
hers, even if on the basis of race, the folks down at the Kentucky.
creed or sexual preference. While de- S.M.
ploring such attitudes , Libertarians Middle~class Morality -
would not condone the use of govern— A Poem by Joe Lincoln
ment to advance gay rights. Instead, . . ,
they would encourage voluntary self- Shocking, Simply shocking. .
help actions on the part of those dis— An affrontery t0 middle-class morality.
criminated against, such as boycotts. SenSibility, . . ..

Representatives of the Carter, Rea— Note the spelling—the 'HYPOCRISY' 13
gan and Anderson campaigns were also silent. ,
invited to speak to GSO, but none came. Ear—rings are good for an aver81on-

. reaction-~-
MQXi§_E§K£§fl_mlls Gold loop, simple stud, flashy diamond; '
LA CAGE AUX FOLLES no matter——--

I saw the movie “La Cage Aux Folles ¥OUthS dtip openhis you gegsf tingues
(Birds of A Feather)" in Washington, emporiri y caug 1 1n m} rive i )
D.C. the summer of 1979. I saw it a- Litera ly (as wel as figurative y
gain October 2, 1980 at the Kentucky 0 dum?5tr90k- h'
Theater in Lexington. nce you re beyond them! nervous w is-l

Among the differences in the two per1ngs---stage whispers, natuggl y
viewings is that the Lexington print _'—Oh’ my Ged, dld you $9? E¥§~‘
was dubbed and the D.C. print subtitled. "‘“Welt’ 1? S a faCt Of’llfe'

I missed some dialog when the audience you ll JuSt have to get used
laughter drowned the dubbing. The to lt°"

theatre manager told me he tried to AQ,Q§E§§EE _ ,

get the subtitled version but had to It S always worse when they ve got Off-
settle for the dubbed; so did the . Spring in tow"

Lexington audiences Children are yanked out of your reach—-—

As Gilda would say, "never mind" it could be communicable, goutknow-i-
the dubbing. The missed dialog was never-ending aTifeur pic uc ign 0
put across by the body humor used lib— :%§ §Q§§9 §i——X:g%é_§t%£EE‘ i?
erally and effectively by nearly every A‘d W 1C we a ways p ayb e -ro S“
cast member. Joyously expressive In yet, fun as it mighto e, . k
faces also abound.. Thgeigngizgcgf the stares, the smir s,

"La " is well acted b the ' . .
cast. ggfieTognazzi (Renato)yand Mi— You see, that's the beauty of middle-
chel Serrault (Albert) are an elegant .ilass morality: k' _
and uproarious tandem, with Serrault It on Y worgi 1f 1t S ma ing someone
winning the "Cesar“, the French aca— misera e.
demy award, for his,Eerformance in
this 1979 movie. " a Cage" also re—