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Morning Vie w Kentucky
‘ 16 April 1957
I have been thinking, Mr. McCarthy,
about your pictures of Ireland. They were such a pleasant surprise.
As a rule, I brace myself to endure with grim patience when subjected
to peoples' trip pictures. hatever there might be of interest or
beauty is lost in wrong light, wrong angle, jiggled camera, not to
mention the this—is-me—in-front-ofs.
Your pictures were so nice that I have been wondering if we might not
see more of them. Couldn't you arrange, say on the Swiss national
holiday, to show us some of their pictures, likewise the Low Countries
and Germany.
Not so much London & Paris. Perhaps it is because they are the
capitols of the two most important countries whose bills we pay,
but goodness knows, we see more pictures of the Eiffel tower than
either the Empire State Building or washington Monument, and more
of Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street than of the White House.
But I do wish we could see more of the many fine pictures you
must have taken.
If you would help the birds build their nests and at the same
time derive considerable enjoyment therefrom, it is high time to
put out burlap strips. The burlap used by nurserymen to wrap
young tree trunks is excellent provided the edges are raw, having
neither hem nor salvage. I simply out long strips about 2 inches
wide from coarse burlap bags. Spiral the strip very loosely around
a fence post or tree limb or trunk. Sometimes the birds find it
very quickly, occasionally not for several days. Almost all the
birds will take advantage of the burlap, including the summer ones
such as brown thrashers and catbirds. Chickadees abristle with
burlap whiskers are one of the better Spring sights.
I shudder to think what might have happened to me had I met the
lady who dotes so on North Dakota and its climate. I spent
considerable time in that area and, heaven help me, I liked Montana
better than I did North Dakota.
Do hope we can see more of your trip pictures. How about some
from your Western trip the summer before? .
Thoroughly enjoyed your wild week of aerial acts, lion's dens, and
copter flights. You must have given your insurance people a
terrific case of good old fashioned nervous prostration.
-‘Q)/ Lem?