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Morning View Kentucky

. » 13 September 1957
Sorry, Mr. McCarthy,
nothing dramatic or even mildly exciting about my temporary inability
to use one hand. ‘
Deepite all ministrations of the ducks, the pond,of a sudden, was
dotted with floating blobs of a bright, iridescent, blue-green hue --

,‘ sort of a peacock color -— and most evil to look upon. Though the
pond had never been so afflicted before, I had heard all about the
repulsive stuff. It indicates, according to the bulletins, a dangerously
poisonous condition resulting from a particular combination of
algae and temperatures and water chemical content. The vicious looking
blobs are a danger signal that the Water can be deadly to anything
utiliZing it. I had visions of the ducks coming to an untimely end,
and, more disturbing, the sudden demise of all my nice fish.

t Those Tunnel-Mouths (large-mouth bass) and the Blue Gill who serve
as the staple food for their ravenous cousins, represent many hours
of relaxation. I carefully put back all bass weighing less than
two pounds, aiming for the grandpappy Tunnel—Mouth I cannot catch.

I Immediate action was necessary, so I put powdered copper sulphate
in a 55 gallon drum at the side of the pond, pumped it full of water
with the tractor pump, then, When the copper had dissolved, sprayed
the solution over the surface of the pond. The tractor stood beside
the drum with me between them. Starting or stopping the pump
necessitated working the clutch and the little power take-off shift.
Rather than move away from the drum and the hose snaking into it,
I worked the clutch With one hand and the shift with the other,
instead of scrambling up on the tractor and doing it properly with
my feet.
Somehow, it aggravated an ancient shoulder injury. thereby immobilizing
'my arm for several weeks, which Was infuriatingly inconvenient. Tay
brushing your teeth with the wrong hand some time.
That is all there is to it. The pond returned speedily to a healthy
condition, the ducks and fish are thriving, and the big fellow still ,
eludes me.
as I write, I envy you bitterly. While the tree patch is having the
faintest of misty drizzles, your rain sounds like a busy day at
Niagara Falls. There has been no hard rain here -— in fact, there
has been almost no rain since that of which I wrote you.

I have long maintained that this ridge area ( I call it the
Sahara Section) receives considerably less rainfall than the
surrounding territory, particularly does it receive less than the
Cincinnati area. In cold weather, the divergence is not so great;
but in summer, the storms and showers veer away from us. I keep
notbooks bulging with such entries as ;-
" Thunderstorm with heavy rain curtain passing ten miles to the
South. Light Sprinkle here. "
Or --
" Hard rain angling across the Northwest into Cincinnati. Cool
breeze but no rain here."
Yesterday afternoon there Was rain visible someWhese on the
horizon all of the time, but we received none.
Where does one get a rain gauge, Mr. McCarthy? My note-book
records are interesting and informative as far as they go, but
I would like very much to be able to actually measure the
rainfall for a more accurate comparison.
Of all the words written about rain and water, I like best

- to relieve the dismal dreariness of a drought by thinking of the
green pastures and still waters of the Twenty-third Psalm. -


Speaking of trombones, superb tail-gate variety is played by
Abe Lincoln in recordings by that Rampart Street Marching outfit.