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Morning View Kentucky
. 24 October 1957

Hello Mr. McCarthy,
Your discussion of fantastic falls reminded me of some incredible
modern ones -— though I cannot recall places or dates.
One paratrooper whose chute failed to open, plumped to safety in
a large, yielding hay stack. Angther, on maneuvers up North, was
similarly Saved by deep snow drifts.
During the war in Europe, the complete tail assembly broke away
from a B 17 which had suffered a direct hit; and, with the gunner
still therein, descended several thousand feet in a series of
stalls into the tops of some dense trees. I believe the gunner
suffered an ankle injury while getting from the tree tops to the
ground. One of the service publications celebrated the event with
a cartoon depicting a B 17 tail high above an airport while the
gunner reported by radio, ”Tail gunner So-andSo coming in for a
landing." 1

' ‘ However I think the most fantastic modern fall Was the one which
occurred several years ago on a construction Job somewhere up East.
It happened during the construction of a tall building. The usual
temporary elevator was in operation, and it Was many stordes above
the street, carrying a man with a big wheelbarrow of concrete,
when it broke entirely free. Either by conscious thought process or
instinct, the man did the one thing in all the world that could
help him -— he curled himself up on top of the soft concrete in
the wheelbarrow. The Squushy stuff absorbed Just enough of the
impact to save his life.

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