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Co. G. 7th
Kentucky Cav Perpetual Diary
A. Liebenroth & Von Auw,
25 Beekman Street,
New York Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1862, by
A. Liebenroth & Von AUW,
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States,
for the Southern District of New York
Calendar for 1863 January 1
at home this morning
I reached home this
morning and was glad of it
January 2
still at home to
day  Went to see home of the relations
January 3
nohting of interest
a heavy snow is 
now on the ground January 4
I stayed at home two weeks.
January 5
Memoranda of my travels since the 28 day July 1862 giving the names of some of the towns and villages
in my travels while a soldier enlisted in the town of Millersburg, KY in the above month
in the company of Capt. Robert Scott of that town. . . and I stayed
there one week and then went to camp Rogers near Paris, KY and was then and mustered in the United States
services in the month of August.  We then stayed there ten days and then we took the cars for Lexington, KY.
When we arrived safely and we then stayed there 5 days and in the meantime we drill and horsed and we went then ordered to richmond, KY in (Madison) Co. and from there we went 
on through (Rogersville) in the same county and also (Kingston in the same CO) and from there
we went on to (Big Hill) and over the same to (B---- astill River) We there found the Rebels in force and we had to fall back to the foot of [Big Hill].
We then camped for four days when the rebs came upon us

and we then fought them for some time
When we had to fall 
back to Richmond they followed us up and on the next day they attacked us and 
we drove them back and our regt. followed them and came upon them at Kingston
When they getting the better of us we had to retreat to Richmond.  They then attacked us
at Richmond at an early hour and we fought them
 until a very late hour in the day when they having surrounded us
we had to fight our way hout the contest was long and severe but
we at last got out and we then began the retreat to Lexington which place
we reached on Sunday about 10 o'clock
We then stayed until Monday evening we then took up the line of march and we then came

through Versialies in (Woodford County) and we then came on to 
Frankfort in Franklin Co. and then we came throught Bridgeport in 
the same co. and also Clay Village in the same co. and also Midway.
and then to Shelbyville in Shelby Co.  and then we came to Louisvlle. I then
went to Bardstown and back to Louisville and I then came to Sheperdsville and then back to Louisville and then to Portland and then to Louisville
and I then went to Farnkfort . . .and while there I went on a scout
down on the Elkhorn River and then back to Frankfort and our camp were
--rovo guards there.  I was there for three weeks.  We then started for
Bowling Green.  We passed through Lawrenceburg and (Lensomville) and (ne---en), Rough and Ready. Handsville

and then through Bardstown & Chaplin & Bloomfield & Bawltown & New haven & Hodgsville & Bacon creek.  & Munfordsville.
Thence across green river and to cave city & Beees tavern thence across [Barren] River to 
Bowlengreen [Bowling Green] and on to the Lost River cave Which cave I went om there over a mile
We stayed there [6] Days
We then went to the Sulphur Springs and on to Scottsville in Allen Co I was then put on Courier Line Where I stayed five weeks and fell in Love with Sally
I was then ordered to Salation Tennesee I stayed there one week and went to the 
castillion springs. I stayed there [ ] Days and Left for odl Kentuck.
Which place I reached the next Day I then came to the rock house and camped all nite and then we went on to 
Scottsville and camped on nite. We then went on and crossed
the Big Barren River

and we then went on the Glasco [Glasgow] and stayed two Days and we then came on to Bear Wallow We was then
ordered after John Morgan
We then went in through Greenburg and Campbelsville and Columbia
and Burksville We
then returned to columbia and then we came on to green river and we then came
on to Neatville and camped one night 
I then started homeward.  I staid with an old reb, and [resigned]
the journey.  and came on to Kentuck [Kentucky] river
and staid all night with an old widow woman
I then came on to [Middleburg] and staid all night with an old
Union man
I then resumed the joury and cam on to Danville and passed through
it it is indeed a nice place I then came on throught Versails [Versailles]
and midway and Harodsburg [Harrodsburg] and through Georgetown and that nite
I staid in four miles of 

of Georgetown with a man named Mr. Wilson a good Union man I then resumed
the march and reached my native town WIlliamstown
I then staid at my Brother-in-laws and that night we had a big snow
and the next morning I went home and I then staid there two weeks and
had some nice times the snow was too Deep to have much fun 
I had one party at Wills and it
was a very nice
thing to.  I then helped
pap to Husk some 
corn and at the end of my two weeks
I went to my Regiment
it was then at 
Frankfort KY
I found my Brother
Well and also the 
rest of my friends 
and the old Capt.
who I had not seen for a long time
the regiment was then in camped [encamped]
West of the town

on the Louisville and Lexington Pike.
I staid 10 Days there and We were
then ordered to Louisville Ky we passed through
Bridgeport and Midway
We then camped for the nite and as the wagons did not get
up we had today out
I laid Down to sleep and that night it 
snowed about 
4 or 5 inches on me and I waked up and 
Looked out and the snow fell in on me and I hardly new [knew] What to think Well you may
be sure I slept nomor [no more] that night.
it snowed all the next Day and that night We slept in an old Barn
and the next morning was the coldest I ever seen we then
resumed the journey and reached Louisville.  We then staid there on week
and we then and there drew our wages I Drew [185] Dollars and
sent it ($60) home

and the next Day we
started for Nashville
Tennesse which place we reached on the second Day after 
starting from Louisville we Laid out on the streets
that night and the next Day we went in to camp on the Harding pike 
three miles south east of Nashville on a beautiful [eminence]
Nashville is a tolerable [Leauge] and at the present time there
are   some 50 or 40 thousand troops here But I expect that we will
have to go front soon  We [have] first 
February 20
got up our tents
this the 20 Day of February. there was a Drill of commishioned
February 21
Rain and snow and heavy thunder in the West I recieved a Letter
from Samuel Adams

February 22
cold and raw winds
from the North W.
Wrote a letter to Mary & menifee With my picture
in it

February 23
I Laid around in camp and Done nothing but cut wood and
make fires in the stove

February 24
our regt [regiment] and the 6th KY were on Drill review
reviewed by Gen. [General] G.C. Smith commanding our Brigade
 February 25
A.M. I was on Drill
P.M. it has now commenced raining I recieved a letter
from J. [G.] Menefee

February 26
Recieved a Letter from J. R. Jones. . We were 
ordered to take four days rations and be in [lines]
ready to move it is still raining

February 27
orders counter[countermandeer]
and we are still in camp yet I had my hair
singled this is a beautiful Day.

February 28
A.M. We were all mustered for pay
P.M. it is now raining again and thundering Lightning March 1
this is a very nice Day 
considering Last night
rain I was taken Ill Last night and
fell very bad indeed

March 2
I am now some better and I went on Drill today
it is now Dark and I am going to read my 
Testament We have just rec [recieved] marching orders

March 3
Packed up and are now ready to move
A.M. We are now on the road camped for the night at Brent Wood 
sent on picket

March 4
have just come off of Duty 
Tony and Jim got to camp 
Last night rec [recieved] three letters
one from 8.8.83 and on from 1.1.7. and one from home

March 5
We are still in camp at Brent Wood and not far from the Rebels

March 6
strike tents We are now on the move to [Franklin] 
We have more arrivied at Franklin and it has begun to rain
and our wagons did not come up and we [???] have to lay in the rain March 7
Our wagons have now
come up and we have 
got our tents up and we
are now in three miles
of the Rebels

[March] 8
A.M. ordered to hold
ourselves in readiness
to move P.M. We are now
on the move towards the
Rebels camp

[March 9]
I have been acting [as our]
master sargent today
this has Been a Beautiful
Day not attacked yet
there is no news from the 

March 10
it has Been raining 
all night and all
Day no news from
the front

[March] 11
Bright and Beutiful
morning the rebs
have retreated across
Duck River

[March] 12
I am going to do
a big days washing
I am now Done
Washing March 13
I have now been Detailed
to go out with the 
Forage train nothing
worth remark have now
come in again nothing of interest

[March] 14
The sun has rose clear
and Beautiful recivd
a Letter from 
Lucy F Menefee

[March] 15
Still in camp church
at 11 oclock.  today 
wrote two letters 
one to Lucy F Menefee
and one to Sam Adams

March 16
preparing to Drill
this is a most Beautiful
Day no news of 
any interest

[March 17]
went out with the 
Forage train this morning
seen nothing of interest
the regiment is on Drill

[March] 18
We took one Days
rations and went on a 
scout to Spring Hill
We had a skirmish with
the Rebs we then fell back

 March 19
and camped for the night
We have now been reinforced
and are on the move after
them We have now drove
them from Spring Hill
and across Duck River

[March] 20
We have now returned 
to camp thank god
and I can get something
to eat

[March] 21
in camp this is my 
Birthday this day 
makes mw 20 years of

March 22
still in camp at Franklin
it is reported that 
the rebs have captured a forage train

[March] 23
We have been skirmishing 
With the rebs all 
day they are now in 
6[??] miles of this place

[March] 24
it has been raining
all Day and a prospect 
of its continuing it
is now very muddy March 25
We went out on a 
scout on the Murfrees B [Murfeesboro]
road We came upon the 
rebs and scattered them
in every Direction

[March] 26
We went on a Big
scout skirmished
with the rebs and
came back to camp

[March] 27
I went on picket Last
night and it rained
and thundered and lightninged
and it was the 
awfullest night I ever seen

March 28
8 o'clock A.M. still on 
picket 10 o'clock A.M.
have now been relieved
returned to camp

[March] 29
in camp all Day nothing
worth notis [notice] only mud
and we have plenty 
of that

[March] 30
still in camp at
Franklin the weather
is more Beautiful
the rebs are still in
our front March 31
in the same old
camp at or near
Franklin, Tennessee
our camp is situated
in a beautiful grove
of Beech and poplar
trees one mile East
of the town of Franklin
it is situated 
in large Bottom running
Back from 
Harpeth River
We have a splended
spring of fresh water
in a couple of hundred 
yards of the camp
Signed Levi C Worster

April 1
I am very unwell 
this morning We
have no news of remark

[April] 2
Still unwell there
is a Big Scout on 
hands I am not 
able to go this time

[April] 3
I am somewhat
better than I was 
yesterday this is a
Beautiful Day April 4
I went out on a scout
this morning We
found the rebels in 
force and we had to
fall back We [captured]
some few and had to retreat-
still in the same old 

[April] 6
nothing worthy
of note this morning
only this is delightful

April 7
I went out with
a patrolling party
three miles East of 
camp we had a false
alarm that night

[April] 8
had a review today
in camp By General
Green Clay Smith
Brigade commander

[April] 9
in camp wrote
a letter home we was 
called out in Line of 
Battle at three {3} o clock 

 April 10
called out again [???]
{3} oclock A.M. 6[???] rebs
attacked us at 8 A.M.
We drove them off with
heavy loss and captured some

[April] 11
We went on a scout
on the Columbia Pike
We skirmished awhile
and returned to camp
heavy rain Last night

[April] 12
Beautiful morning
considering the heavy rain
Last night recd [recieved] one letter
from home and one from 
F Baker and wrote one to
F G Menefee

April 13
still camped in Beech
Grove I wrote one letter
to Father and Mother
I have now just done
cleaning our streets

[April] 14
on picket and it
rained all Day and 
this has been one of 
the Darkest nights I
ever seen in my Life

[April] 15
10 oclock A.M. we
are now on the road to camp
our camp has been moved one mile
north of Franklin April 16
now in camp we
have just pitched our
tents and are now
ditching them

[April] 17
We have now got 
our tents up and 
in regular working
order nothing of remark

[April 18]
Orders to Saddle
up .. We went on
a scout this A.M.
found the rebs in 
force and returned

April 19
heavy rain and
wind Last night
and it is still raining
nothing worth note

[April] 20
still in camp very
unwell having
caught a very bad
cold no remarks

[April] 21
Beautiful Day Went
on a scout done
nothing of note
returned to camp
all right April 22
Beautiful Day
Wrote a Letter
to L. F. Menefee not
well of my cold

[April] 23
still in camp Beautiful
Day read a Letter from
S. C. [Tarver??]
nothing more of note

[April] 24
Drew our monthly
Wages. I drew $26 [?]
and I recieved a Letter
from .8.8 Baker

[April] 25
sent (20) dollars home
by [caleb] Wholly and
a letter to my Father 
went on Picket last night
the countersign was [parinoid]

[April] 26
Relieved from picket read
two letters on from George
and one from Fm Baker
answered both of them and 
wrote one to S [?] Samer

[April] 27
We was ordered on a scout at 
one oclock A.M. we Dashed
in to a camp of rebs and
captured (137) With their guns
wagons bagage and tents

 May 4
in the same old camp
ground this has been
a most beautiful Day

[May] 5
still very plesant
nothing hardly worth

[May] 6
in the old camp yet
at the foot of Bobys
nob [knob] one mile south
of Franklin

May 7
on Picket again very
plesant weather out
we have a nice time of 
it the countersign was

[May] 8
all is quiet in and 
arround camp nothing
worth penning tonight

[May] 9
still pleasant weather
the sun shone
very hot this P.M. May 10
The weather is still
very warm and
the prospects are that
it will continue for
some time

[May] 11
I and Will Stephens
and three more of
my company went
in Splunging in the
Harpeth River.

[May] 12
I went and viewed
the front at Franklin
this A.M. Read a from
M. M. Baker and answered it

May 13
on picket again we 
had a very wet time
of it nothing of interest
occured the countersign 
was Corinth

[May] 14
Have just returned
to camp it is now
10 o'clock A.M. have
read a letter from FF Franks
and answered it.

[May] 15
in camp nothing of 
remark the weather
is now very mild
all right on the good May 16
Read two letters one
from F. J. Menefee and 
one from George T. Worster
answered both of them 
and wrote one home

[May] 17
in picket again this
has been an [slightly]
warm day the countersign was Falmouth

[May] 18
9 o clock A.M.
have now been relieved
in camp have had 
a splended nap
nothing of remark

May 19
in camp had a sword
Presentation this P.M.
it was presented to
our colonel and he made
a very nice speech.

[May] 20
still in camp at the 
foot of Robys nob [knob]
nothing worthy of note
to the scribbler of this

[May] 21
I am now on picket
again we have had 
a very nice time of 
it the countersign is
Fayettsville May 22
I have now been releaved
and am in camp read
4 letters one from S W A and 
one from M E M and F.J.M.L.T.M ans [answered] them all

[May] 23
still in camp nothing
worth remark only 
it is a beautiful day

[May] 24 
still in camp no 
news of interest
still delightful weather

May 25
On picket I had a 
nice time I Drank
two containers of Buttermilk
and the countersign was Charleston

[May] 26
Relieved from Picket
it is now 2 o'clock P.M.
the weather is clear and 

[May] 27
Read a letter from 
T.R. Jones and answered 
it the weather is
indeed beautiful May 26
on picket weather is
most beautiful weather
a nice grove of Beech trees
to stand under the countersign
is Jackson.

[May] 29
it has now began to rain with a fair
prospect of continuing

[May] 30
it has now cleared off 
agian I read a letter from my brother and
answered it.

May 31
in camp right end
up all quiet our
camp is situated one
mile West of 
the town of Franklin
and at the foot of What
is called Robys nob [knob]
a very high hill
or mountian overlooking
the country for miles
round we have a 
couple of splended springs
in a short distance
of our camp that hill
is very strongly fortified
with cannon
signed L.C. Worster June 1
on picket this 8 A.M.
I seen 15 or 20 Rebels
they ran in one of the
Picket posts the countersign
was Middleton

[June] 2
Have now been relieved
from picket the rest
drew their wages today
I did not draw 
mine was not released soon enough

[June] 3
in the same old camp
read a letter from 
M.M. Baker and answered 
it and wrote one to 
Louisa Chiles

June 10
We have now got our
tents up and we were
Just in time for it 
has now began to rain
and is now very muddy

[June] 11
the Fairground is one
mile and a half south
of Nashville me and 
Sam Adams went to see F J Menefee

[June] 12
in camp at the fair
ground Read a letter 
from M.E. Menefee
and answered it June 13
still in camp at
the fairground at 
Nashville Tenn

[June] 14
we went on a scout
up the Cumberland
we captured 5 or 6
prisoners crossed the
Cumberland and camped

[June] 15
We scouted around
all day and returned
to camp at Nashville
no news of interest
in camp

June 16
in camp very unwell
this morning nothing
unusual going on
in camp. Beautiful

[June] 17
I went to the Hospital
to see [Jones?] he is
going home tommorrow
we are having nice weather now

[June] 18
Went to the Hospital
to see [Jones?] But he 
had gone before I got there nothing of 
remark today. June 19
Wrote a Letter to Mr.
James M Adams
and me and some more
of the Boys went in a 
Washing in the Cumberland

[June] 20
Went on a scout we
captured 2 or three
Rebels and returned to camp at the 

[June] 21
All quiet in camp
nothing of remark
very plesant day

June 22
in camp this morning
Read a Letter from 
Louisa Chiles and it
was a good Letter to

[June] 23
Wrote a letter to Mahald M Baker
and one to Louisa
Chiles a plesent Day

[June] 24
[?]camp sleepy as
all [quiet out] and it
is now raining
considerably no remarks
this morning June 25
on camp guard it
is still raining and
we have more mud
than we know what
to do with

[June] 26
in camp under my
Little Dog tent I am
now asleep so you need
not bother me

[June] 27
It is raining again
and as for mud there is no end to it
Read a letter from S.M. Adams

June 28
still raining and
a prospect of having
another flood especially
of mud nothing
worth notice only rain

[June] 29
nothing worth remark
only we had a 
terrific storm accomp
with rain it deluged us 

[June] 30
in camp read a 
Letter from Mary E. Menefee Went
on picket nothing of remark July 1
in the same old 
camp wrote a letter
to Mary E Menefee
it is now raining
this 6 P.M.

[July] 2
still raining this
morning it is now
9 o'clock A.M. the
ground is very muddy

[July] 3
nothing worth 
remark our camp
is situated on a small
stream that empties in 
the Cumberland River

July 4
the ground is drying 
off considerably our 
camp is one mile south
of the city on the 
murfesborough pike

[July] 5
nothing worth remarking
today the ground 
is now dry and our camp looks beautiful

[July] 6
in camp not very 
well this morning
had a very high fever
all night July 7
It has begun raining
again I am some
better but not well yet

[July] 8
I feel now about 
well again the ground
is still muddy no 
remarks today

[July] 9
The weather has been
very warm went
in a splunging this
morning had a 
nice time of it.

July 10
in camp this morning
and I have about a 
dozen bites on me 
and they make me feel very bad

[July] 11
in camp now and it has began to rain
this 8 a.m. nothing of interest only mud

[July] 12
on Picket and we 
had a very wet time
of it the rain poured
down in torrents and the 
branch has nearly overflowed our camp July 13
in quarters recd [recieved] a 
Letter from home and 
answered it nothing more
of importance this morning

[July] 14
nothing special from
the mary of the 
Cumberland. and all
is quiet on the 

[July] 15
this is the most beautiful
day we have had for
a long time nothing
worth penning

July 16
still in camp at 
the Fairground Jims
wound is improving
a great deal

[July] 17
it has began to rain
again this A.M.
and a fair prospect 
of its continuing

[July] 18
I am now half a
sleep having been on
picket all night we
got some roasten ears
and we has a nice mess July 19
A very beautiful day
the trees and fields
look beautiful dressed
in their suit of green

[July] 20
Something of interest it
has began to rain again
this 9 A.M. it is still
raining this 8 P.M.

[July] 21
Still in the old fair
ground & Jim is still 
improving no news 
this 7 P.M.

July 22
Good news from the 
Army of the Cumberland
Rosencras is on the move

[July] 23
Read a Letter from 
Muhada Mildred Baker
and is was a good
one to

[July] 24
We had Dress parade
at 5 P.M. accompanied 
with a speech from Luet.
Grewell it was a good
speech we gave him three cheers July 25
We had a very hard
rain last night and 
we got compleatly soaked
in our Little Dog tent

[July] 26
in camp I dont feel
very well I have got 
several bites on me. the 
boys went on a scout

[July] 27
I am still in camp
it has began to rain 
the boys are still
on the scout

July 28
One year in the service
of our old Uncle Samuel
or Mr. Lincoln is more
proper the Boys have not 
returned yet.

[July] 29
Wrote a Letter to
my old Father and 
Mother this is a 
Beautiful Day

[July] 30
in camp nice Day
nothing worth speaking
of the Boys are still 
out on the scout July 31
nothing of remark our
camp is situated on the 
banks of a small stream
and it is on a piece of
low flat ground extendeing
a mile in length and 
about a quarter in 
width we have a 
spended spring of fresh
water in about 20
steps of the camp
it is the Best spring
I have seen in this 
state.  Jim is 
improving very 
fast so good morning 
signed Levi C Worster

August 1
the weather is exceeding 
warm and it is thundering in the

[August] 2
Still very warm
me and some 
more of the boys
went in the Cumberland
a washing

[August] 3
Recd a letter from 
home and answered 
it and wrote one 
to Mary A [Suffer?]    August 4
Beautiful morning
all quiet in the 
fairground nothing
of remark today

[August] 5
still very warm
no news of interest
Laid round in camp 
all day and done nothing

[August] 6
Done a Big Days 
Washing no news
Worth penning

August 7
all right end 
up with care
Went in a swimming
and we Boys had
quite a time

[August] 8
very warm
yet I have no 
news that would 
benifit the reader
of this

[August 9]
Still most awful
warm nothing
worth mentioning 
today August 10
Recd our monthly
wages this morning 
nothing more of 
interest all is well 
that ends well

[August] 11
nothing of remark
no news of interest
from the army of 
the Cumberland

[August] 12
nothing hardly
worth writing
I have been in 
camp all day

August 13
Wrote a letter to
Mary E. Menefee and 
We had a mess 
of Tomatoes this 

[August] 14
recd a letter 
from my brother 
and answered it
went on picket
last night

[August] 15
it is exceedingly
warm I am 
running around
in my shirt tail
 August 16
in camp this
8 A.M. I am 
Detailed for Picket

[August] 17
in camp this morning
I wrote a letter to 
Mary E. Wade and
one to James M. Adams

[August] 18
still in camp at
the fairground
nothing of interest
this 6 P.M.

August 19
I hardly know
what to say
I have been reading 
all Day anyhow

[August] 20
Wrote a letter to 
Mollie E. Menefee
nothin more of remark all
is well

[August] 21
recd a letter
from Louisa Chiles
she is all well 
or was when she wrote

 August 22
I answered Louises
Letter and I wrote
her a Long Letter

[August] 23
All quiet on the 
River this morning
for I was in it 
me and Bob Jones

[August] 24
in camp this is a very warm
day and I am in my
Dog tent

August 25
Still nothing of interest this morning
very warm day

[August] 26
in Camp Jim 
is still improving
I have no news this morning

[August] 27
Warm and sultry
prospects of rain
nothing more 
of note August 28
strike tents this 7 A.M.
We have now moved
our camp to the north
west of Nashville

[August] 29
Went to Murfreesboro
With cattle I passed 
over the Battle field 
of Stone river

[August] 30
Murfreesborough is 
a hard looking place
we have now started
back to Nashville

August 31
We have now arrived
at Nashville we
have had a most awful Dusty trip
our camp is situated
on a high piece of
ground overlooking
[Eagefield] and the 
Northern part of 
Nashville we
have a splended
spring but it 
is about a 
half mile off
so nothing more
tonight signed
Levi C Worster September 1
in Camp this
morning me and
some more of the 
Boys went in a 

[September] 2
Read a Letter from
Mary E. Menefee
and one from Louie
Chiles and gave
sam a chugging

[September] 3
A very cold Day
for the time of
year no thing of

September 4
Drew two shirts today
8 AM. We went on 
a scout this evening
and I never was in
as much Dust in my Life

[September] 5
in camp a Little
Tired and sleepy
nothing of remark
I am going to church

[September] 6
nothing worth
penning or else
I would penn
it September 7
All is right and
up with care so
now to Bed says
sleepy head

[September] 8
nothing essential
today so hears [here's]
a good night to you 

[September] 9
There was a capt [captian]
of the 4th Tenn
[wounded?] today in
The cumberland

September 10
nothing of any 
remark so you 
need not expect 
anything from the scribbler

[September] 11
still in camp
me and Jim Woods
Went out a foraging

[September] 12
It is very warm 
today I having 
nothing special 
to tell you September 13
very nice weather
this I have been
lying around
in camp all day

[September] 14
Me and our 
mess had a nice
mess of fish this
evening for 

[September] 15
We are now
having some rain
and our Little
Dog Tent does not
do much good

September 16
the ground is now
very muddy
and nasty nothing
worthy of note

[September] 17
all is still in 
camp at this 
hour 9 PM

[September] 18
I have been 
Doing nothin
But read all 
Day September 19
The pay master is
expected tommorow
nothing of [???]

[September] 20
The paymaster came
as we expected
and was thankfully

[September] 21
I have plenty of 
money now
and no poor kin
as the fellow said

September 22
there is nothing 
going on only

[September] 23
no remark today
I had a 
quart of Buttermilk
for breakfast

[September] 24
Me and Tim and
Perry Ascraft
expressed our money
home I sent 30
Dollars to pap September 25
I have been lying
round in camp all
Day and reading some
of Beadles novels

[September] 26
I have got a pain
across my misrey
tonight I am now
gone to bed

[September] 27
I have no news of 
any interest to 
this P.M.

[September] 28
14 months in the 
service of old uncle
Samuel I am all 
right But my leg

[September] 29
I went on picket
Last and we 
had quite a time
with the market

[September] 30
I feel very sleepy
I have just took
a nap and now
I am going to eat
my Dinner LCW

  October 1
nothing of any
interest today
I have been doing
nothing only lazying

[October] 2
nothing of interest
I went down 
in town this morning
seen nothing of 

[October] 3
I went on picket
Last night we
had a good [deal] of 

October 4
I am sleepy as
all git out I am
Just crawling into

[October] 5
I had a splended 
nights rest Last
night nothing 
of remark today

[October] 6
I went in a washing
in the Cumberland
I swam across is 
and back again October 7
I am now sitting
up in Bed reading
and it is pouring
down rain

[October] 8
the ground is still very
nothing to do today
only eat and sleep

[October] 9
I wrote a letter
to Wm. J Baker
me and Tim
Tim has now got

October 10
We had a drill
this evening and 
we were drilling skirmish
drill and one of 
the boys fell end over end
and I never laughed as

[October] 11
I am cook today
the regt [regiment] is Drilling
and they are now
making a sham 

[October] 12
I recd a letter from
Mary E Menefee and
answered it on picket
the countersign was 
chicamaugah October 13
It is raining a little
this morning and 
the ground is as muddy
as the Duce

[October] 14
still in camp
spears nothing
worth penning
only we had an officer

[October] 15
in camp this evening I recd a
Letter from Milly Baker
and answered it

October 16
I was on picket 
Last night me and 
some more of the 
Boys stole some sweet potatoes

[October] 17
I am in Bed
I have got the toothache
very bad now and I 
feel out of sorts
every way

[October] 18
in camp this morning
I went up and got 
John Dunbar to pull
my tooth and it hurt
Like the Duce October 19
the weather is clear
and cold I feel
very well this morning
so nothing of interest

[October] 20
I went to town and
Loafed around all 
Day and had my 
hair shingled I am
on Camp guard

[October] 21
all quiet today
so there is nothing
of remark -- it is 
now night and we
are having a stag Dance

October 22
I and Timmy Gregg
are cooking we are
going to have a mess of
parsnips and goos
for Dinner

[October] 23
I am on camp
guard today the 
weather is very 
cold for the time of

[October] 24
I am now relieved
from camp guard
tins 8 A.M. Last night
was the coldest
We have had October 25
cold and raw
winds there 
is no news of any

[October] 26
I am on picket
tonight nothing
of remark

[October] 27
All is quiet in
camp Spears this
evening I have 
been lying around
all day

October 28
15 months in Uncle's service
on camp guard had to tie 
one man up