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MIMIITES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 7,1881 - page 11-12

    At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, in the City
of Lexington, on the 7th day of June 1881.

     Present -          Wm. B. Kinkead, Chrm. of the Executive
                                         Commit tee
                        James F. Robinson
                        L. J. Bradford
                        B. F. Buckner
                        A. R. Boone
                        P. P. Johnston
                        B. J. Peters
                        Robert S. Bullock

     On motion of B. F. Buckner it was ordered that the Chair-
man appoint a Committee to examine the records of the action
of the Executive Committee since the last meeting of the Board
and to report thereon, and also to examine the accounts of the
Treasurer and report any violation thereto.

     Thereupon the Chairman appointed B. J. Peters and A. R.
Boone said committee.

     The treasurer made a report in writing which was filed
with the secretary and ordered to be referred to the Committee
appointed to examine the treasury accounts.

     H. P. McDonald one of the architects made a communication
in writing to the Board, which was read and ordered to be
filed with the secretary.

     It was ordered that henceforth the services of the adjunct
Prof. of Chemistry, Prof. Peter be dispensed with.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD CF TRUSTEES, June 7,1881 - page 12 .13

     It was ordered that the following schedule of salaries
for the ensuing year be adopted, Viz:

Je K. Patterson
Robert Peter
Jnoe H. Neville
Jno. Shackleford
Maurice Kirby
J. G. White
A. R. Crandall
F. M. Helveti
T. C. H. Vance
W. K. Patterson
D. H. King
W. C. McFarland

Pres. of Faculty
Cheri strv
Latin and Greek 
Normal Dept.
Natural Sciences
Modern Languages
Commercial Dept.
Preparatory Dept.
Agriculture & Horticulture
Tactics & Math.

For an assistant in Preparatory Dept.
   Contingent expenses


1500 o 00

  400 * 00
7, Z0-0-.0

     Ordered that Pres. J. K. Patterson be allowed to
employ a secretary at a salary of $100 per year.

     President J. K. Patterson presented his annual report,
which was adopted and ordered to be included in the general
report to the Legislature and printed in their catalogue.

     President Patterson presented the report, of the
various professors, which were referred to a Committee composed
of Messrs. Ao R. Boone, L. J. Bradford and P. P. Johnston.

     And the board then adjourned until tomorrow morning
at 9 O'Clock.

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