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October 7,1910.

The faculty met in the president's room in the gymna»
, sium building at 3:50 P.M., those present being President
) Emeritus Patterson, Acting President White, Professor W.K.
Patterson, Anderson, Mathews, Pence, Zembrod, Fowe, Frankel,
Lafferty, Maxson, Hooper, Stout, Jones, Terrell, Snow,
Mustaine, Kelly, Dean Hamilton, Peter, German, Allen, LaBach,
Good, Brown, HealV.

The minutes of the meeting of May 87th were read and
adopted. The reports of the various standing committees
were then called for. Committees 1, 2, 3 and 4 had no
reports to make.

Professor Anderson, chairman of the Committee on
Diplomas and Degrees, reported as follows:

September 8,1910.

" Chairman Anderson called a meeting of the Committee

in his office, at which all members except Terrell were
, present.

Mr.H.C.Wilson of West Liberty, an alumnus of 1898,
appeared before the Committee to show why his assignments
in History and Latin, as made by Professor J.H.Neville
in 1905, should remain as requirements for the Master of
Arts degree. After hearing Mr.Wilscn's explanations, and

' further consideration of the matter, it was voted to
accept Mr.Wilson's thesis, which was presented in 1906,
and to refer to the heads of the Departments of History
and Latin the question of fulfilling the necessary re—
quirements for the M.A. degree.

The Secretary read a letter from Supt.D.W.Bridges
of Lancaster, Ky., requesting that arrangements be made
by which the writer could pursue studies leading to the
Master's degree in Education, with History and Science
as minors. Voted that the Secretary inform Mr.Bridges
of the fees and other requirements, and request the Dean
of the Department of Education to correspond with the
applicant and arrange the program of studies agreeably
to all departments concerned.

In order to avoid the hasty settlement of difficult
questions at the close of the year, the Committee voted
to ask each Dean to send to the Committee on Degrees,
prior to the October meeting of the General Faculty, a
duplicate list of the probable candidates for degrees in
June 1911, the same to be entered on the Committee's records
for reference.


September 28,1910.
'g " At a called meeting of the Committee on Diplomas
% and Degrees in the Chairman's office, all members were
After considering the application of Mr.H.G.Cannon,
A.B. '09, it was agreed to accept Nr.Cannon as a candidate
for the A.M. degree, with Latin as major and Greek and
Spanish as mtnons, and to notify Professor Jones of the





 «Wm-«mm...mmmw ‘ -- ' " ” ’ ' ‘ ' ‘ ’ ‘ ' ‘ , .1 " _____,_._


Minutes of Faculty. October 7,1910.

"revised arrangement.

The Secretary reported progress in securing duplicate
lists of the provisional candidates for graduation in the
various colleges of the University for June 1911.

The question of fees for graduate work was again
discussed, and the Committee voted to recommend to the
Faculty the following schedule:

For non—residents . ..... . $5.00 per annum.
For residents ........... 15.00 per annum, the same

to include library, laboratory, and class~rcom charges, but
not the diploma fee.

Professor W.K.Patterson, seconded by Professor Rowe,
moved the adoption of the report. After a discussion by
Professor Lafferty, President Patterson and Professor
Anderson, the motion was carried.

No other committees had reports to offer at this time
and the names of candidates for degrees were then called

Professor Anderson reported for the degree of
Mechanical Engineer the names of:

H.L.Prather, Class of 1905.
Philip Riefkin, Class of 1906.
J.R.Johnson, Class of 1893.
H.P.Ingels, Class of 1905.
H.M.West, Class of 1905.
C.B.Lyle, Class of 1903.
E.A.Cline, Class of 1905.
H.F.Read, Class of 1906.
J.M.Sprague, Class of 1907.
J.J.Yager, Class of 1907.
P.S.Ward, Class of 1898.

For the degree Electrical Engineer:
F.R.Sellman, Class of 1906.

For the degree Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering:
James Alfred Boyd William Augustus Lurtey
John Campbell Frank Thrope Miles
Perry Logan Cassidy Grover Cleveland Mills
Minor Armenus Cleveland Harvery Lee Moore
Charles Elwood Daniel John Alfred Needy
Oscar Lee Day Albert Brown Phister

Virgil Leonard Downing
Ernest Thompson Douglas
Wallace Clifton Duncan
Sprigg Case Ebbert

John James Fitzpatrick
John Milton Foster
Arthur Board Haswell

Joseph Bishop Sanders
George Bryan Shanklin
Theodore Slade

Ben McAtee Smarr

Wilbur Wesley Stevenson
Richard Spurr Webb

On motion of President Patterson, seconded by C.W.Mathews,
it was ordered that the list submitted by Dean Anderson be


Dean Rowe presented for the degree of Civil Engineer:

Emery Wells? .
W.D»Hoop , twitg ‘




Minutes of the Faculty, October 7,1910. 3.

For the degree Bachelor of Civil Engineering:
Auliok, A.O.g
Becker, F.S.
Collings, B.H.
Penny, W.S.
Sloan, J.N.

’ Adams, L.L.

Dunlap, G.G.
Ham, W.A.
Taylor, O.H.
Lyttle, H.G.
Moynohan, B.S.
Merchant, 0.8.
Rogers, John
Naylor, F.P.

Dr.Maxson called attention to the fact that Mr.E.S.
Becker had not completed his work in chemistry, and Presi—
dent Patterson moved that Mr.Becker's case be referred to
the proper committee with instructions to investigate and
report. After some discussion, Professor Anderson moved
as a substitute, Dr.Terrell seconding, that Mr.Becker be
allowed to make up his chemistry this year in view of the
fact that he had desired to make up his work during the
summer vacation but found this course was not offered at
the University. The substitute motion was carried.

Dean Snow submitted the following names from his
department. For the B.S. degree:
, H.A.Babb
Lillian T.Ferguson
Frances C.Hughes

For the A.B. degree:
Jessie F.Hibler
Mary B.Smith

On motion of President Patterson, seconded by Dr.
Terrell, Dr.Snow's list was accepted.

Judge Lafferty submitted the following names from
his department:

For the two year course:
Otto C.Martin
Virgil Y.Moore

For the three year course:
Thos. H.Burrus

' J.D.Rees


On motion the above list was accepted.



Minutes of the Faculty, October 7,1910. 4.

The following names were submitted by Dean Norwood,
through the Secretary, for the degree of Bachelor of
Mining Engineering:
Rain, Charles Kremer
Francis, Paul
Hendrickson, George Matt
Holloway, Phil Rarick
; Paynter, Walker Burton
‘ Smith, David Walter
Wardle, Charles William
White, Kessack Duke
Williams, Byron Demetrius

For the degree of Mining Engineer (E.M.):

On motion of Dr.Terrell, seconded by Dr.Snow, it was
ordered that the above list be accepted, subject to the
conditions relating to Senior conditions in the engineering

Professor Miller submitted the following names of
students in the College of Arts and Science eligible for
graduation in 1911:

~ Cary, Mattie Virginia

Johnson, Marion Gilbert
Cruikshank, Olline Pierce
Shultz, William Claude
Simrall, Annie Dowd
Smith,Lucius Ernest
Weller, Leslie Neal

* _ Williams, Alice Cary

On motion of Dr.Terrell, seconded by Professor Jones,
it was ordered that this list be accepted.

Professor Miller then presented a list of students
conditioned in mineralogy as follows:

Conditioned in Economic Geology:
W.B.Johnson . ; §~\
K.D.White “

It was noticed that some of these conditions affected
students of the engineering courses who have been proposed
D as candidates for degrees in June 1911. On motion of
Professor Anderson, seconded by Dr.Maxson, it was ordered
that the men conditioned by Professor Miller be denied
Senior privileges until the conditions are removed.




Minutes of the Faculty, October 7,1910. 5.

Acting President White called attention to certain
questions that have arisen during the fall term as to the
amount of work in military science and physical training
that should be required of students. Certain questions
had also arisen in regard to the requirements of these subm
jects in the Academy, and he suggested that the matter be
given proper consideration by the faculty. The subject was
discussed at considerable length and after several motions
and substitutes had been presented, discussed and withdrawn,
it was finnally ordered upon motioncf Licut. Kelly, seconded
by W.K.Patte son, that the whole question he
referred to a committee composed of the deans with Professor
Anderson as chairman, the finding of this committee to be
submitted to President White, he being authorized to take
such action as might be necessary.

Commandant Kelly called attention to a system of
keeping track of delinquents in military drill, based upon
the action of the faculty of some time since, requiring all
students who are absent from drill to make up their dew
ficiency before continuing other college duties. Remarks
were offered by President Patterson and Acting President
White, who urged that the entire faculty cooperate with
Commandant Kelly in carrying out his wishes.

The following resolution presented by Professor Ander~
son was read by the Secretary, and upon motion was unanimously
adopted: ,

"Resolved that the compliments and best wishes of
this faculty be extended to our colleague, Dr.F.E.Tuttle,
who has unfortunately been prevented by illness from
taking up his University duties, and that this faculty
wish for him a speedy recovery to health and strength."

On motion the meeting adjourned.

4% M76:

W7Q/President of the University.


Secretary of the Faculty.