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The University Faculty met in special session Wednesday, August 22. at
1:30 p. m. In the absence of President Donovan, Deon Chamberlain presided.

The minutes of July 16 were read and approved. »

The following candidates for degrees, having campleted all their re»
quirements, were racemmended to the Board of Trustees for the degrees indicated:







Candidateg for the Degree 2:.Ba°h§“2".,£ Artg
June Baker Ada Vaughn Newland
Gabriel Gabrelian Elizabeth Noble
Addie Mae Helm Sarah Ogilvie Rogers
Frank Selby Hurst Mildred Ernestine Sallee
Margery Burdette McCabe Mary Dale Sproul
Willimn Kahle Morris, Jr.
Candidates for the Degree 2: Bachelog 23 Science fl
Jesse Earl Adams, Jr. Elizabeth Shirley Maxwell
Zelma Strauss Goldberg Juanita Phillips

Theodore Edward Logan
Candidate§ for the Degree 2i Bachelor g£_Science in InduStrial Chemistgz

Thomas Evans Earle David Joseph Stenonis
Richard Henry Hunt

Candidates for the Degree _£ Bechel3£_g£ Arts in Journalism
Bettye McClanohen Hunt

Candidatgfi for the Degree 2: Bachelor 2i Science 33_Music


Anne Louise Cowgill Mary Lucille Haney w
Candidate for the Degree 2: Bachelor 2i Science in Medical Technology
Anna Mary Wagner

Candidates for the Degree f thhelor gg Science in Library Science



Martha Louis Corbin Mamr Elizabeth Cropper


Candidates for the Degree 2: Bachelor 3: Science in Home Economicg



Betty Jane Barnes Mary Louis Mitts

Rosalie Creech Helen Marie Monier '\
Rena Dewitt Harmon Esther Jane Price ’
Marian Viola Harris Judith Jackson Rowland

Margaret Ann Hollyfield Mary Singer Sanderson

Ruth Ellen Link Nancy Gene Smith

Martha Shirley Maser Marshall Peggy Ann Ward

Betty Bow Miller




mu": 3-1 >6 2-:

Minutes of the University Faculty August 22. 1945 - cont.

Candidate for the Degree 33 Bachelor g£ Science in Mechanical Engineering




Merl Baker
Candidates for the Degrgg 3: Bache10£_g§ Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Chester C00per Jenkins John Russell Jenkins

Candidate for the Degree 22 Bachelor of ngs

Rosanna Alexander Blake


Candidates for the Degree 2;,Bachelor 2; Arts ;3 Education

Irene Blair Adams
Mary Porch Adams
Beecher Ross Bowling
George Ann Carpenter
Helen Lucile Coughlin
Mary Ella Davis
Lillian Irene Dickens
Patricia Lee Sable
Madalyn Glasscock
Sara Murphy Gumm
Mildred Marie Hay
Marylou Hayes

Thaddeus Vincent Jaracz
Sylvia Irene Morgan
Inez Jones Mullaney
James Richard Parks
Doris Bottom Shewmaker
Marjorie Smith
Virginia Merriam Smith
Hazel Julia Taylor
Louise Welch Teeter
Vivian Irene Vickery
Mary Edythe Watson


Candidates for the Degree 2; Bachelor 2; Science in Commerce

Leslie C. Barnes
Elizabeth Crutcher Carroll
Eloise Burl DeJarnette,
Virginia Margaret Eubanks
Mary Margaret Kash

William Emil Knaebel

Julian William Knippenberg
Edne Florence Lykins

Mary George Martin

Mason T. Nooe

Mary Rhoda Tackett






 Minutes of the University Faculty August 22, 1945 _ cont.
Candidates for the Degree oi Mester 3; Arts

Alpharetta Butcher Archer Tunis Romein
Virginia Frances Cevannugh Lucille Zellma Thampson


Candidates for the Degree 2£_Master 2; Scicngg

William Thomas Gormley, Jr. Mabel Jean Thacher
Alice Barbara Moran

Candidate for the Degree 2: Master 3; Science in Home Economics
Sammye Robinson Smith

Candidates for the Degree g£_M§ster f Arts in Education




Anna Bernice Barker Mary Henrietta Myers

Mary Lou Barr Marguerite Elizabeth Eicklies
Ruth Maude Beckett Leslie Evadine Parker

Irene Odell Campbell Mary Oral Parkinson

Louise Swinford Clerk Mary Cornelia Reagan

Maurine Jane Collins irginia Wesley Rentz

LaVerne Doolin Clayton Rowland

One Netherton Gritton Charles Robert Steele

Lillian Mae Kelley James Irvine Tichenor

Mary Rees Land Arnold Henry Webb

Candidate for the Degree 21 Master gfl Science
Daniel Joseph Hays
Candidate for the Degree 2: Doctor ggvPhiloscphz
Mary Lucile Chapman

The attention of the Faculty was called to the commencement exercises,
Friday evening, August 24, at 7:30 p. m. The Chairman 3150 announced the
commencement tea, given by the Office of the Dean of Women and the staff
of the Residence Halls, on Friday, from four to six in the parlors of Jewell

Professor Horiacher asked permission to present a request from the
College of Agriculture and Home Economics for a slight course change which
had not previously been sent to the Faculty. Permission was granted and the
change was approved, as follows:

Change Agronomy 115, Soil Management, 4 hours, to Agronomy 115, Soil
Conservation, 3 hours. This course is to be taught by Professor Ligon.


hLA}-‘)*’\JL .4." M...
M 18 Moores
Acting Secretary