CHAPTER XIII.
              MrssrssIPPI DISTRICT-1807-8.
Joyfully received-Randall Gibson--Learner Blackman- The band of
  preachers-James Axley-Character of Blackman-His great influence-
  Fording and traveling-Pickeringville-Natchez-Tooley-" Under the
  hill "-Unexpected meeting- Mr. Wilson-Uncouth landlord-Capt.
  Bowie-Lawyer Hughes-Panthers-Loses the way-Return-Axley-
  Encampment-Prospects of the mission-Dr. Floyd-William Foster-
  Lorenzo Dow-His controversy with Sneethen and Cooper-Lorenzo
  and the Calvanists--                             --PAGE 216

                  CHAPTER XIV.
Axley much discouraged-Meets with opposition-His great self-denial
  and energy-Dr. Green-Dow's family trials-Camp meeting-Lorenzo
  Dow and the rowdies -Canteen of whisky-The "notable robber
  The chain of five links-A great speech-Bilious fever-A little swear-
  ing Yankee-Madam Turnbull-Esq. Turnbull-Dow again-Another
  remarkable speech-Effect-Author leaves the territory-Reckons his
  leaving as one of the mistakes of his life.- -          233

                    CHAPTER XV.
                    CONF ERE NCE-      8s08.
Difficulties with the Choctaws-Start for Nashville-Apprehensions-
  Fears relieved-Indians-Sickness of Traverse-Reach conference-
  M'Kendree now bishop-Author reproved by Asbury for leaving the
  territory-Conference business-Burke-Slavery-l'leasan t conference--
  Cup of trembling-Kindness of M1'Kerndree-Appointed to Nashville
  circuit-Appointment changed to West Wheeling-. -- - - - - -- 246

                  CHAPTER XVI.
             WEST WHEELING CIRCUIT-1808.
Michael Ellis-Archibald MI'Elroy-Doubtful reception-Interview with
R. R. Roberts-Asbury's letter-Unpleasant situation-Lorenzo Dow-
John Spahr-HIis fainily-Ruth-Peggy Dow -Barnabas Lucas-Jacob
Neisless- Thornton Fleming-James Quinn-Transfer of the circuit-
Obadiah JC nrings-.JarMes Watts-Thomas Church-His resolution-
His attempts at reform-Failure-Author's courtship-Marriage-Note
from Asbury .......  - -- 9253