CHAPTER XXII.
           REAPPOINTED TO OlllO DISTRICT-1816.
 Conference-Burke's suspension-Injudicious management-Ilis expul-
 sion-Burke a man of God-Arrival of M'Kendree-Conference takes a
 new aspect-Reappointed-David Young-Abel Robinson-Fever-
 Cured-Improvement in district-Conference at Lebanon-Asbury very
 feeble-Election of delegates-Attends General conference.- . PAGE 313

                 CHAPTER XXIII.
             GENER AL CONF ERENCE-I 81 6.
  mcen-Boundaries-R. R. Roberts-Death of Asbury-11M'Kcndree
  alone-His appearance-Funeral of Asbury-Sernmon by Dr. Black-
  Order of procession-Presiding elder question--Leaders in the debate-
  No change-George and Roberts elected bishops-Adjournment-Jour-
  ney homeward-Apprehensions of robbers--Arrival home  - -  320

                 CHAPTER XXIV.
            MUSKINGUM DIlSTRICT-1 816.
An extensive district-Meditations-Good health-Marietta-3Marcus
  Lindsey-Thomas A. Morris-Abigail-William Cherrington-Samuel
  Hamilton-One round finished-Second round-A camp meeting-David
  Young-William    Swayze-Death's doings-Conference-Reappoint-

                 CHAPTER XXV.
Business operations-Unsuccessful-Book Concern-Somewhat discour-
aged-Conference at Zanesville, 1817-Returned to Muskingum dis-
  trict-Preachers of the district-M'Mahon-Encounter with a Univer-
  salist-Waterman-His preaching-Cornelius Springer-Hamilton- His
  superior talents-Encounter with an infidel-Amusing anecdote of a
  crazy man-Lemuel Lane-Conference at Steubenville, 1818-Burke's
  case-Joshua Soule-Reappointed-Embarrassments .339

                CHAPTER XXVI.
            GENERA L CON FERENCE-I 820.
Conference at Cincinnati-Wyandott mission-Delegates-Appointed tQ
West Wheeling circuit-William Swayze-His preaching in the woods-