xt7jsx647h0f_20 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/2009ms132.0285.dao.xml Segerstrom, David, 1897-1980 3.15 Cubic Feet 7 boxes archival material 2009ms132.0285 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Segerstrom family letters Correspondence. Immigrants -- Illinois. Immigrants -- Massachusetts. Love-letters Marriage Missionaries Religion Swedish Americans. Women in church work. Young women -- United States -- Social life and customs -- 20th century Letters to Mabel Segerstrom from her parents text Letters to Mabel Segerstrom from her parents 2020 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/2009ms132.0285/Box_7/Folder_1_2/SFL_B7_Folder_1_0001.pdf 1928 1928 1928 section false xt7jsx647h0f_20 xt7jsx647h0f ”bx/3747'
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the color scheme and border of the card that goes with
it, for instance: plain red or red and gold tissue-lined
envelopes are sent with Valentine cards No. 1535-1540
inclusive. A variety of patterns in orange and gold
or blue and gold line envelopes for Congratulation
cards and folders No. 1415 to 1420 inclusive. New
shades of pale green and gold; also deep purple and

ing. Another pattern has gold circles, with light green,
blue and deep purple scroll against a dark green back-
ground. Birthday folders 1409, 1410, 1411 have en-
velopes with gold linings of different patterns.

Wherever tissue-lined envelopes are furnished, it is
stated. In all other cases, plain envelopes are fur-

Seasonal Catalogs

Special catalogs illustrating high grade cards and folders for Christmas, Easter, Graduation and

Mother’s Day will be mailed to all members in due time for each season.

are grouped as follows—

The cards and folders

Christmas Catalog—illustrating 48 Christmas Cards and folders Nos. 1448-1495 inclusive and

6 imported etching folders.

Spring Catalog—Greeting Cards illustrating 18 Easter Cards, Nos. 1496-1513 inclusive; 6 Grad-
uation Cards, Nos. 1421-1426 inclusive and 18 Mother’s Day Cards, Nos. 1514 to 1531 inclusive.

Scatter Sunshine with Greeting Cards.


 In white vellum with gold
border. 4%”xz7flg”. Sold to
members in box of 24 with
plain envelopes. Shipping
weight, 2 lbs. List price when
tinted, each 10c.

Inside this folder is a de-
sign of a very small ga
soldier with a colored bal.
White vellum with gold bor-
der. Size 4”x3". Sold in
box of 24 with plain envel-
opes. Shipping weight. 2 lbs.
List price when tinted, each


Proud parents never know ‘how much or how little to say about the

important little stranger who rules their hearts and heads.

Close friends

of the parents will come to the rescue by offering a gift box of Announce—

ment Cards. Because these events

occur all during the year, busy gift

shops keep an ample supply of Baby Cards in stock.

Dainty bows of harmonizing colors may be added to the folders.


Toyou Ami Tho New Baby




No. 1446

01' course you’re happy to possess

That bunch of baby happiness

But just to make a little more

Ada} these Good Wishes to your

This verse is printed inside the
above folder, which comes in plain
Size 4%”
Sold to members in box of

white, ready for tinting.
x 3”.
24. Shipping weight, 2 lbs.
price when tinted, each 10c.

”Hand-tinted cards are

I know you’re just as happy

As you can be this day
For a little bit of heaven

Has come right down your way
A baby is a blessing

And one that grows and grows
In sweetness every hour

And beauty like a rose

Another folder that will please!
Comes in plain white vellum ready
for hand tinting. Size 4%”x3". A
pretty bow may be added to the
folder. Sold to members in box
of 24. Shipping weight 2 lbs. List

List price when tinted, each 10c.

in demand everywhere."

Plain white with border of
gold. Size 4%”)!27/5”. Sold
to members in box of 4
Shipping weight, 2 lbs. List
price when tinted. each 10c.

No. 1445

Another folder with printed
announcement and tiny soldier
design inside. White vellum
with gold border. Size 4"x3".
Sold to members in box of 24
with plain envelopes. Ship-
ping weight, 2 lbs. List price

'when tinted, each 10 c.


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,/? . A I, ,4 , a , » V; f“ \
W “ll/1% V i’i/T/K‘Lfl / DEM/x , L/x/VL, r ’« u . 4.

3-5.»: qua‘wymW

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M- L/W (Jig/1% ‘L/VLV;


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. Gustava $111111—

. 9:1 , 01d, Ll” Fourth
1111311110, Wido“ of Lam .T 'Swan-
":1 10511111111; of- I10 1; a 40

' , died 8111111111 111131111111: at 1‘
(11101 1 qt her 11
01‘ two . f1 111111911111011

She \\ 14. born in SW {1011,
11.1.,111111 (111110 to
”1211's (11111111'111111' of
the is“ 9111511 311 511111 tuberm 10.

1161' hush 1111 (111.111 111 11110. S1111
is 5111 11.1 by t\\0 sons, 11110 t C
1%“ .11101'911, at 11011111, and 0' 11' N.
b“ .1111'1011, » 708 861111111511) ' street,
'11111 11 (11111: {1111313 Mrs. ’ {1'}. P111111—
quist, 11110 of the ' 15. P111111-
quist, St Paul Minn

T 11 _:11 so es .1 11 he held
\Ionddv afterhoon at 1:30 0 ‘cl 1;
at the, 1101110 and at" - r1 1:1011; at the;
Swedish M1 '011 tabernacle. ‘he;
Rev. A. ’1‘. ' 15‘1'v'k1111111 will 1. ‘fi ,
and 111111211 \1111 be in the Scnhdin
vi 5111 cemetery



._ [r OUIEG ES“) 3 WA (FjRLY ,_; .7 ,. ,
F \v ,, -' .h ,

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(L lgz flf { . I}..- WRESTMAS : 47__:,L:_\-low, .






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flwawrlflmwww jMZ—r
WM Wm vaZZ/aw max;
0/ 3e awe/«Ma ,
’ v ' M mafia éwmagé:
M44; Ww/Hsl/g 7694413297
,5: dye/(Mm mm %fi2¢4 /MM VA r 7%,,
m ($490.79 /(w0 1/ //< M M96 g4“

JD. 9/ ‘a’w‘a YI/m;/:



.erviee—Trade Mzn'li Registered U. S. Patent Office.)





To Wed Alfred Sjcstrom on
Wednesday Afternoon.

In :1. ceremony at 5 o'clock \Yeil-
nesduy afternoon at the home. of her
parents, I\lr. and )lrs. Joseph A.
Johnson, 23” Broadway, the mur-
riuge of Miss Edith Alurie Johnson
to Alfred Sjostrom 0t Linm. Ul;la..,
will be solemnized. The, Rev. J. A.
Benztnder of Salem Lutheran church
will read the service before 21. group
of immediate relatives and
Evergreen will he used ‘tu
the. house.

1"reoedin;: the ceremony Evelyn
Larson and Curl .lohnson will sin};
I. Love You Truly, Miss Janet. finder»
son will play the .lmhengrin wetl-
(ling: march for the entrance of the
bridal party.

decorate '

groom, and Carl Johnson, brother of
the lJl‘lth, will attend the couple.
The. liride's gown will he of white.
satin-lurch crepe. ller tulle veil will
lie euugjht in {L lurndenu of rhine-
stones. and she will carry (L shower
bouquet. Miss Sjostrom will wear
]l(‘:it"ll~L‘Ult'll'ml crepe and curry :1
bouquet of roses.

A reception and wedding dinner
will follow the. ceremony, and while
Kdeeornt'mns will be used at the bride's
The leave. for Lima.
will make their
is an engineer.
graduated from the
1 hospital training
nurs s.

couple will
lOliln., where they
home. The groom
The bride, was
‘ Swedish—Amer
«school for


Keystone e.
t‘hureh has e1.

‘s of First lgluptist‘
.zted the following of-
i‘it rs for 102‘: President, 111 . Ed-
wrurd M. Schalek; vice president.
‘\lrs. Earl Furze; secretary, Carlene
\‘\'nrning‘: treasurer, Grace '\\’illse)'.
Committee. eliuirmen are: Sorinl,
Mrs. L‘. J. Thomas; dinner. Mrs. \‘Cil-
,lium Abbott; membership, Helen

Miss Alma Sjostrom, sister of the,







Found Dead




James Gallivan,-61, South Bos-
' ton Democrat congressman and
outstanding 'Aoppone'nt' of prohib-t
ition, was found dead ill' bed-today
at? a. heart attack iii an" Arlingtdn
Heights, Mass” 'smiatorium where
he had been an patient only a few
hours” The. housé of representa-
‘tivbs adjourned out olurespéct on
being informed _r.0f‘ ‘Bepi' Gallivan’s
death. " ' ‘ . ' ‘


 innocent Man Comes Back?
' As 2 Boys Confess Murder

Rockford, 111., March 5 (AP)—-—A man
under sentence of life imprisonment
for murder sat in a plainly furnished

thild- floor room of a New Orleans,

rooming house hiding from the law.
In the same building on another

floor was his young wife, cooking his
supper to take to him.-

The man was Henry Olson, Rock-
ford automobile mechanic, convicted
of slaying Floyd Stotler in an oil

station holdup last September At
liberty pending appeal for a new trial,
he had fled with his wife, forfeiting
his bond

Mrs Olson went out and bought a
‘newspaper placed it on the tray with
the food and cairied it to her hus—
band’s room. Glancing at the news-

papei. Olson saw these wmds which
leaped out at him from under a Rock:
ford, 11]., date line:

‘Henry Olson, wherever you are;

, read this!”

He read that George Bliss and
Morris Mahan,1’7-year—old boys, had
been arrested and had confessed to
the crime for which Olson had been

The Olsons were back in Rockford
today. The sentence of life impris-
onment remained over the: 26-year-
old mechanic, but its fangs had been‘
removed. After the a raignment ‘of
Bliss and Mahan to ay, provided
there was no hitch, Olson’s attorney,‘
wlas iéeady to move quickly to free his
c Ien .


 Curl Birgei' I lin, Civil Engineer
.mul Member of Phi Epsilon N21-
liouul Hnnm rv Civil Engineering
1*‘1‘11ternit-y, Dues.

Birgcr Ledin, 33 years old,

'toonth aven, died 3 unday aft-

ock 11c 11' home,

1 11101 11 long illness of complir tions.

'Jln. \\ 11s 11 civil engineer 11nd befo ‘9

01111110 ed by the hac-

itv and co'untv r

a member ofl

national 110110111 !

j huteinitv, having

1gineo11ng at the Univer-

Mr. Lcdin wan horn 1'11 Rockford
Oct. 8, 189.3, and \1 15 graduated from
Rockford high school. He. Wa. :1.
11101111391: of the Star in the East

1101 11:15, A. 1?. & A. M. .
the Widow, N1 Goldie
adin, he 1 '05 11 111.111g‘hter,

‘ Do '5 Mac, his Daren , Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Lodin, 817 Fifteenth ave.,
' ' er, Miss chlen Ledin, of Rock-
~rl, and two brothers, 11111111
111 and Harry Ledin, Do 1 of this


]I‘uno1111 s'. \‘ivcs will be held:
'L‘l1ur;d11y altornoon at 2 o'clock at!
the ”1101110 of his parents, 817

Wit 1fteenth ave The Lev A. ’1
. man Will oftiruate and burial will i
in the ficandinavian cemetery.




Friends Formlv
All- Rockford

O rganization

Iwckfords mayorulty Sphinx, 1].!
Hellman Hallstlom, 1efuses to tie-
clzue himself one way or another‘r
negarding the possibilities of his 1113- "
'ing :1 candidate again for election
as 1111. city’s (.hief e. cutive, but
Vuut of the speculation which sur-
rounds his silence twoiacts emerg:
ed tedu ’.

The first is the assertion that an.”
ail-city organization is in the 111.31%!
.1112: to get former Mayor Hallstromf
into the race and after that is ac-i

[complished to push his campaign 115‘

a. 11011.111191tisnn p10position “on the;
Hallshom 10601.11 "

The second significant fact is thei ‘
intimations made by persons ve1y

se to the mayor that he e“ ill 11121110
the race next April.

. To Announce In Few “769115.

Despite the fact that the forego-

mayoralty observations are

111e1e speculation, stories persisted
today that Former Max or Hallstiom
would make an announcement of his
candidacy shortly afte1 the firs t of
the year, it‘his friends have 11113" "

' thing to say about it. With ‘the ei

culation of the conjectures regar _.
ing I—Iztllstro-m, the mayoralty situa-
tion the past 1? v (lass has been (1
veloping a White heat in political

i111 nearly a,dozen‘p1ospective
undid-ates already mentioned ob? 1
serveis of things political in the city
p1edict that the ~ hing ce1ainty

.(Continued on xt Page.)




(Continued From- Page One.)

of Hallstrom‘s entrance into the

maydralty race is the most important
piece of political news which has oc-
curred since the presidential elec-
tion ' ,

\ ith former Ald. Alex McLaren
practically the on] pros active 0
didate for the mayor's chair “ho-has
indicated positively that he intends
to run, the Hallstrom news has
caused a. quick scurry of various
political elements toward each other
.in attempts to affect strength coin-
binations and eliminate czu‘ldidates
so that support may be centered be-
hind a, single man to oppose Halt

ll’liether the intimations that the
Hallstrom candidacy will be an in-

v dependent one meant that the Labor
legion ‘will have a mayorulty candi-
date of its own, who ‘21 em. ' the
1i 5 against Hctllstrom ii a three or
more play race, .could not be deter-
mined today. _ .

’ ~ 4-Year Term?

Another specmation which is add-
ing fireto the. mayoralty tuution
the movement nm on foot in Rock-
ford, but more ' tically in Peoria,
to introduce a bill in the legislature,
when that body convenes after' the
first of 'the year, providing four ' 1
terms for mayors in cities the. ..
of Rockford, Peoria, East . LouiH
Springfield and other larger cities
in the state” Early passage of this
bill by the legislaturewould make
the law eTfe'ctive before the spring
mayoralty election here. V '

A Smart Gift it} Me

Like a pretty rl's blush. a man’r
muffler is the fi st thing to attrac
he eye. Our mufflers were so e~




 - /
= A,“ 4.9/- ‘w 97
cm ¢_ L/gu LN ”29/14::

. .M‘":ffi7;§7 £11.
65" ("'1 ”k 6 Wm
ma“ 5%? _ (7 1“)"
N “)5 ovafiiM-‘F
m xazfi’cfifi (WALL a

// , ‘0 Kama Egg/7
/ . V a _ (7m , V V


/ ,, . nr' ,
.. onA/aci
v. ‘




 m/cééd/ (/2397
45.,» [r1932
fl % V/f’ //::;I -454; '
1 I?- v , ,
“7/23; % v42 fl‘f/m‘ : ’ 7 arm 53/2; ._

/L if


:/;: U {j/z///) /—//‘.”"// Q’W;

. , a
“@6‘ Wry/Zy Wéé’ ‘

fiZJ WK; r/{fO/[i/fl/fl f///?/
”L //’§/& //,/d2/////w§ Eff; /’,;/. V,

‘ i
;/ ,/ . . /;. ,, ./, V Kl/L
"K ' / . I :‘J/ VH2;
: 1/ J,

70/33- "8/4) V//":/¢ ///>V/ / 3+"


 Harry- larlmsou, Paynmsier
National Lock (‘0., Dies
Brief Illness Of Influenza.

lvl’zu‘ry Markuson, 27 T .5 old.
died this mornh W at '<'Ir. k at.
the home of his moth , M1 . Em-
ma. Markus-1011. 4‘38 S. Fourth St. llo
had heeu in Tull‘u F h 1111] for some
time but death w (In, to influeny"
from which he had suffered Lwo
weeks. ‘ ‘

He was horn in Chimgo H ghts
S.)t. :3 190]. and moved 10 Rack-
:ford .with 1115 parent.

1910. ( 1 Sept, :4, 1:)

Miss ‘ lice Blonw‘ron.

omplq 2d as p:

of National Lock Co. for {We _

Besides his wife, he louvoq u .0)
Thomas 110' M

mbnths old, l' :.
Mrs. Harold l’etm on and fluth
Markusou, and t“ hroLhors dolph
and Aaron Markuson, all 01: Rock-
fo '

. Funeral services will he held Sub
urday afternoon at 1: o'clock
the family at the. home nS S.
F0urth st, and at 1:45 U’L at the
Swedish M .1011 Tabernacle Church,

which he \ a, member. The‘

Rev. A. '1‘. {man and the Rev
.Tmeph {1131119 .5011 will 0111 .110 and
burial will be in the Scandinavian
cemetery. 'K



Funeral services for Miss Hannah

Gronberg, 89 years old, resident of:
Rockford nearly 65 years before mak- .
ing- her home in 1922 at Salem Luth-
eran home for the aged at Joliet,
who died Thursday morning at 10
o‘clock at the home in Joliet, were.
held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at
the chapel in the Scandinavian ceme-
tery The Rev. J. A. Benander 'of—
1 Miss Gronberg was boin in Swe-
den, AprilS 1849, and came to Rock-
'ford when 20 years of age. She re‘
sided here continuously until going
to Joliet in 1922.

Surviving her are a. sister, Miss
Sarah ‘ronberg, of Chicago, and a;
,brother John Gronbeig, of Rock-



 1,: M, .1/ KM (V K
774.111] . 1 13;” :15me
mm MW 0’)wa W 4/247 117 J4 -
y‘éL‘flfl 629/ M yaw/5W2? M”
dag 41/1,” * {<59


%0KMW w%% flag??? ‘
: af: jag/(gym fl"«'~i- 0/4‘1'0/ 06,7424”; .1%o»w Mm-

;m7kw-/fi4:flmam 444a 75m fMW1/M


Mfioflwf’é aw
§Jmamfln’fafl%\ Zia/)2
1W» 7/1111 .1, W441 .114.

7 \

fiIM .Wch—ug lax-M"

”1‘. . “1 ,. uggKfih'W?’ maul.—

W. *3 “VJ-.9. iwr- AL. 11


1’ .
TN. mm:-


1’ {3/
J W) qu/Vg/

M 3 MM W' fi’rf’i'f/v =23 ' -—
gm 0 L f \
film)! 55% fl Maia/a M”






Announcement Made ‘Wednes-
day at Treasure Hunt.

. and 311's. Everett 11'. Tripp, (321

1‘ Fremont , ’eli'idei . announce the

engagement 1nd approaching mar-

riage of th daughter, Dorothy

Ruth. to Reed M. Andr 11 of
Mr. and Mrs. .lol 1 1-3. lndre
L1. The “1

1 event 0; next uunner.

thul \1‘.‘ made known

veniir" ill; treasure


\\'cdnost air
hunt pni ' i‘
fftccn couples. At the end of the
word] a 111iniuturc Santa Claus was
found. with a poem announcing the

.cluded: Mi. '
11. R. Leunnui, M
\ten, all 11 ' Rockfo.
ll‘cllows, Minnenpo ‘:'
her, Mr. and

e)“ and “‘11
1\.1r 11nd Mrs
11d H. B. M

of K the

1111) “as a numbt'

, 1.“ her broth
and Miss Mylre-a.
' :"111u..t9d from (3011011
1': . \1t.\ rnon, 1-.1..in 1933 and
leg. Mt. ernon, 1a., in 1') G and and
she is n_>w instructor in 1111): al edu-
n in the schools of the. Tonnesv
LOLll Iron :1 R. R. Co, near

S 11 e w

itute, 13::111s0n Park,
He is. purchd i1


Bride of Emil Baden at an
Afternoon Service.


-The marriage of Mi * Ruby Lind-
slrom, daughter of M . Emma Lind-

rom, 16311 Thirteenth a.ve., to Emil
W". Boden, son of Mr. and Mrs. A
T. Boden, 412 Eleventh st ‘was $01-
cmnized at three 0 ’clocl; this 21
noon at the parsonage 913 First Swe-
d .11 Baptist church 13‘ the Rev. .121.-
cob Peterson


The ongageineiltlof hiss Dor-
othy Tripp 01' Beividere to Reed
Andress, ‘1'. Main st, Rockto d,
has been announced.

111/ fANUARY

Daniel Gerber Comes Here forl
i Meeting Jan.7 . '

Daniel ( irber, well known 1 nd~
. igure pointer and etcl 1',
Will be rd’s guest in January,
when he w1ll come here from his.
home in I’hiladelphiq to attend the
meeting of Rockford Art association
that will mark the formal opening
of a Garber exhibit in the . och—
tion’s gallery on Park ave. at the
river. .

M . Gerber is sending
,of interesting cam ises, which will
‘be hung on \Vednesday, Jun. 2, and
will remain here through most of

Although a‘native of Indiana,
Daniel Gerber has spent most of his
life‘in Pennsylvania. He studied at
the Pennsylvania A 321519111X of me
Arts, in Philadelphia, where he. now
teaches: and his. summer home is in


a. 11 umber


' ' rs01 studio' of Mrs. and of Mrs. Boden,
Lumberville, in Bucks count}, :1 1 I '

picturesque community where -he
finds much inspiration for his

Lundahl. by Burehett studio;
Ervin Von Driska

were attendants. The bride wore a
gown of pansy Colored chiffon with
matching acce cries and a corsage
bouquet of rosebuds, vlole and

_1\Ir. and Mis. Mc‘Clyrnonds studio.)

Thre’zi Rockford brides have chosen today for their marriage ceremonies. Bliss Eern e Peterson
(left) Will I mar ied at 8 o'clock tonight to Edwin K. Johnson, in a home \\ ldin . llien‘inzuu'nige or
Miss Ella, . mith (center) to Arthur Lundahl took 1113. no this afternoon at the briue’ 1; home, 4.) o Ys.{.ent111
ave. Miss’liubv Lindstrom (right) and Emil Baden “ere married this afternoon at First Swedi. 11 Baptist

sweet peas. Mrs. Von Driska, sister
of the groom,‘ wore a frock of Alice
blue georgctte with a similar bou-
,.ollowing the ceremony Mr. and
. Bodcn left for a trip in the cast.
will be at home after Jan. 15,
t 1118 'f‘wclt'th av ’l‘he bride as
been set etary tr ’1. 11' r of the L 1111'—
strom 14111111t11re C0,, Inc. M oden
is “1th the Ekstrom- Carlson Co.

'Mr. 11nd Mrs. uton Atltotch. 1'25
S. Milin .. zlnniunce the enouge-
nicnt of their daughter, to
\l’illium 13.1‘dwurd , son
Mrs E. 1". Edw 3107

hoe st. The groom 1
the Illuchunts Plumbing and Heat—
liOtuh is with the


V1 ihnot- Alsiusse
Etta. '



Cutler 11 L11 nitui


were 111: 1
do} lit the l11idc's
lohn Gordon.

30 pm. "l’odnos-
home by the Rex
tiendm were M 1
‘ 19.411111

\\ 11 to 'tone, the couple left £01
.1111 1101' to the 1,—1.21,waii.111 islands.

. \‘l‘od 011 Dec. 1.
11111101111 nont 1111s been made of
1112111111 0 of 1\[' Hazel Peter-
'Lighter of Mr. and Mrs.
. etorson, 111 S. F 11 .
, 111 0C Mr.':1nd
. A. Rosen' 13:6 Seventh st.,
\\l1i1'l1 tool; lllill Dec. 1 at Bolvi-
The wcddii \ 1s 111:1ch known
dn 11‘ ovcinng' :it a party (it
the home 01' the groom‘s parents.


L‘bxi 1;

emploved 21t-

WED romenr»

Bride of Edwin Johnson ini-

Attractive ceremony.

Christmas trees and holiday green-V
r_v will be used as background this
evening for t1 wedding service of
Miss Bernit. .terson, (laughter of
Mr. and Mr Theodor P ‘erson. 1011
Twent t1: and Edwin K. John—
zu , which is being
solemnized at eight o’clock at the
Peterson home by the Rev. E. C.
Blooniqui t. li‘ollowing the cere-
inionv the Rev. Mr -‘loomquist will
011101qu at the baptism of Joan Alice
niece of the bride, who
. flower girl at the \x‘edding
Martin Johnson will be 'best man
and Miss Doris Peterson will attend
110.1,- 111 id 0 honor.“ M
'stcr of thc


‘13 3 5,
11131 11 for the entrance of the bridal
Miss Norma Olson, pianist,
n, violinist, and Arthur Ol-
arinetlst, all cousins of the
bride, will play the Mendelssohn
march for the reces ssionnl.

The bride’ s goon is of \\ iite crepe
and old lace, worn with a tulle \‘eil
caught With orange. blossoms. Her
colonial bouquet will be of roses.
The n . d oi honor's frock. willibe of-
georget worn with a colonial bou-
quet of 10:1 roses, and the flower
girl. in pink crepe, will Carry a. bus
liet of roses.

A wedding . 1pper will be served
at the home 0 the bride‘s brother
and sistei 1141111.", Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Peterson, 7 Twcn ietli who
the llowor girl will be baptised. T ie
111 .il couple will leave immediately
for :1 trip to Chcingo. ‘

Out—oftown guests. at? the cere-
mony include: Mr. and Mrs. Emil
Schullou and Emil "Young‘quist,l\1:1y~
wood; Mr. and Mrs. Gust Nelson,
Molrose P211 and His.
Youngquist and M1. and M15. Fred
R1111. Forest Park.

The bride, who \ graduated
from Rockford high school, forniu'ly

nductcd the LnMode dressmal in;
shop. A Johnson is with ,Lun‘deen
und‘Gr , 111‘ 1 contractms. '

111:1. Olt
son. L

.1, . .





ll‘o' th many vedish friencs
who have 0 he to the United States
during; the ' 1151: two or three years,
members ofltho brotherhood of Swe-
dish Missm tabernacle, their 11 ves
and familie ' u have an all-Swedish
lhristmus 11m Saturday even-
ing in the thumb annex.

After ant» iterimnment of yule-
tide songs " quartets. readings
and talks. C113. mien will be serv-
ed in the 451111111 dining; room.

The pro'r'mm will include:

and prayer, Gustaf
10111110, 11 rank Swanstroni.
11 the nodish di ion of
urch Sunda) schoo, Gust
Song. cordion


't.‘11risllll.1.~1 null Memories of Home, Carl

,m‘éuodish Sunday school quar-

_ 11mm Gustaf
The treat aid Jo 'ous (‘lir
sage the
Song and Midas.
’1‘. Frykman.


or 1111'. Joseph Imnielso

Nels :-















‘ . . . IWLV . "2", Am.

The Rev. Leslie Ostberg, for:
1y assistant pastor of Swedish
M ion tabernacle; will give an
English sermonet at the Ml. ion
church Sunday 1110 ningu The Rev.
M Ostberg 3 now pastor of a
M ion church in Pennsylvania.
He is in Rockford attending the
forty-first anniversary of the
young People’s soc'ety of Swedish
Mn )1 church. which began with
a banquet Friday evening. The
Rev. Harold Erickson of Cloquet,
Minn, was guest “speaker at the
opening session.





A? Tabernaclel

Erickson \ ll
rs ry meetings
on tabernacle
ty on Friday,
Feb. 3,\and Sunday, Feb. 5.


, The Rm

011 Sunday, Feb. 5, the Young
People’s society of the Swedilsh
MisSion tabermele will observe its
forty-'tirst anniversary. The annual
banquet .Will he held Friday eve-
ning 'Feb. 3, at 6:30 o'clock in the
ehuicih dining hall, and on Feb. 5,
at 3 ,pm., an 'anniversary service
will be conducted, with a. Dl‘OCeS«
'sional of all men .ers of the society,
and an address on The \Vonders of
Tomorrow, by the Rev. Harold

The R Erickson, who "9
pastor of an Mission church,
Cloquet, 3111111., will also speak at
the evening service at ‘the taber-
nacle, and at a. series of meetings



lduring the following week and on'

‘Sunday, Feb. 12.

The guest speaker began preach-
ing at the age of 1”. He is 3. gr d—
uate of Minnehaha. academy, Min-
neapolis, and North Park college,
Chicago, and is active 1 young
people’s wo ' He is chairman of
‘the Lake Sup. ior district of the
N thwestcrn~ Xoung People‘s
Covenant conference. .

He and other speakers will take
part in the banquet program on
Friday n'ght.

'iie tabernaéle Young People’s
society was organized Feb. 5. 1887,
with seven ’members. 11; ha‘ a:
present; a. membership of 237, and
nois Misswn 19 'angelicul Covenant


. 1 conference.


of the Northern Illi—I




 Solomonson Dies
Sunday 2 2213‘ am.
at Chicago.

ameral' services for 11.91192.
(Sari 0. Solomonson, D. 11,;
pastor of Zion L11111631121111Ii
church, who died Sunday
morning at 2:20 o’clock at the]
Augustana hospital, Chicago,

will He held Wednesday after-
noon at 2 o’clock at Zion Luth-
eran church, Fifth ave. andl
Sixth st. ‘

The body will lie in state ail .

the church Wednesday from
10 am.‘ to 2 pm at which time

,clos‘ed for the last rites, to be
conducted by the Rev. .3. A.

Benander, pastor. of Salem
Lutheran church, and theR ev.

_ E. W. Magnusson, of DeKalb,

piesident of the Rockford dis-

"trict of Augustana Lutheran
churches. - 1

“He fell asleep.” The manner of
the passing of the Rev. Solomonson
. was thth of falling asleep, so peace-
ful and quiet it was. On Saturday
morning he felt. better than he *had
at any time for the last four weeks
and his family was with him most
of the d ‘ leaving him as usual in
the evening1 81101 tly firm 2
Sunday 11101111110 he awoke and ask-
ed for :1 glass of water. The family
“as called at 2:15 o’clock but the
Rev. Solomonson had passed away
quietly before their arrival.

Rallied After )eration.

The D.ev. 801011101, on submitted
10‘ an operation at Augustaim 1105191—
‘tal last Oct. 18 for gallstones. He

, .(Continued on next page).

0 ’glock .


“Piecious in the sight Of. the Lord
is the death of his Saints,” (Psalm
116 1.5.) .

Testimonials of the w01th aid
chaiacter of the Rev. Dr. Carl Solo-
mons'on and the place he held in the
Angus time synod and as a preacher
of the ogspel were received by The
Republic today from fellow- pastors
of the Augustana. synod in Rock

'to the kingdomi‘h V ‘

ford,f10m pastors in the city

other denominations with Whom he
had come into contact, and. from
the leaders of the A‘u‘gustazias synod.

All testified to the Rex. Solomon-
son as a. leader,. scholai _p1eacher,
and :1 hard and faithful worker.

Scholar Ant] ”Clear- Thinker.

D1“. G. A. Brandelle,’ president.ot
the syno‘d,’ stated- '1.a'te1_eg1am.re
ceived» today: “ .Rev. D1, Solo
monson was a. wairn', hearty, and
faithful pastor, a. scholar, , clear
thinkei, and Imc’eful speaker. ‘All
his efforts were honeSt and sinee
I is work was well done and in the
church at large he was a tower of

Faithful, Courageous.

In '1. teleg 1am from D1.
Pete1s n, of Chieago,p1esident of

1101s co 'erence, comes the
1’ tll‘B’t‘W {>12
‘ail Solomonson the ohmic.

one of its 'most fziithful,‘”courageous
and talented Servants whose services
blessed. ”' 1 "

(Continued on age).




 r .’ r ‘
- 13¢ "”:'/_/,,.«_~_9Hy’»;w.n 7;»

[mix «/,.




 ——Pl1oto by Pearson

Alf 0 Ahlst 111111, 54011 of Mr. 111,111
Mirid Ahlslruud, 1507 Sixih
street, 11115 opened {1 119119111 law
ioll’ice at 30.) Secmiiv National bank
~. 1‘01- se\e1:1l .eurs Ml.
Ahlstrmd has been {1550(1ated with
the Register-Gazette as :1 reporter.
He graduated from the I 11ve1S1tv of
Illinois 111w school in 1'1’6, and was
'admitted to the stale b211' October
111‘ the ‘ume year. Hamming in the
newspaper staff, he. 11:15 been e11-
ged in ,iuui'nnli 111 until this
month, when he 1' igned to start
his practice.

Files Will To ,1
Open P 'actice

Alf O Alilsh'and who began the
V e practi e of law yesterday,
malked the da bv filing the will of
James Tureson. he leaves his en-
tire estate to his \1 £0,1Ce1 Tureson.
‘ The will was drawn Dec. 31, 1012


 tor of Fit t Lutheran church who
retiitd lust Nov. 1, 111 not fill the
DU» tion of term orary pastor of Zion
Lutheran church during the a] .nce
of the Rev. Carl Solomonson, .ill at
1:1 hospital, Chicago; new.
'9: to an announcement of the
Zion c urch council after a meeting
' Sunday follown j lL .s The Z‘tev.
Mr. Scecloff had been invited by the
church to take charge of t 19 Sunday
serva s and the. confirmation c1;
' Evald La“ on will preach at Zion
church Sunday. Jan. 29, aft 1' which
he will be unable to s 7V6 here any
longer. It \ 5 let t' Mr.
by the homd to secure a professor
in the. eminnry or college or or
ed p etor einplo (1'1) the Augus-
iana Book Concern to c ie here. Sul-
urcln) V and Sundays until the Rev.
Mr. So‘omon" 1 retur or until
othe ' urrul 0 . nuts, in n he made.

A musical program will be broad-
cast by Zion Lutheran churcx Sun-
day ev 1mg, Jan. 29. from st-tion
KFLV. N arl); one hundred six hers