xt7jsx647h0f_7 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/2009ms132.0285.dao.xml Segerstrom, David, 1897-1980 3.15 Cubic Feet 7 boxes archival material 2009ms132.0285 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Segerstrom family letters Correspondence. Immigrants -- Illinois. Immigrants -- Massachusetts. Love-letters Marriage Missionaries Religion Swedish Americans. Women in church work. Young women -- United States -- Social life and customs -- 20th century Letters to David and Mabel Segerstrom text Letters to David and Mabel Segerstrom 2020 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7jsx647h0f/data/2009ms132.0285/Box_4/Folder_5/SFL_B4_Folder_5_0031.pdf 1927-1944, undated 1944 1927-1944, undated section false xt7jsx647h0f_7 xt7jsx647h0f N‘r. dlflj fixrs. August H,Car§mm

requesi die Lonour ofvour Presence

.311 [lift marriage ofiLt-ir dduthPr
Rail}: Lillian

N‘r. [Weavial (Car! Lofquisfl

on Wedncssxfiav Pvmninggejmnc {310011431
nineteen aunmgremfl and 1w9m1wscvcm

a1 Ciglli o‘clovii

Sweéisfin Evangelicafi A‘Mhssfion (lama-ca:
Corner Been]: am] ”reliant! Sheets

(lamina-i489, l“m§5acim§cti§


 A! Ha 0mm
afflcr Auguzsfi first

2 5 5 La La yciflc Avcn MN"















 0 our’ @Histmos Do be he
Li L1 Rom den to setflng sun?PLJ
W1 stops mfjog anA giadness
qn qoup 3ij when (Jaq is done,
(And in the old qear’s sunset

And its afterg‘owfike light
{In a New YEQP ever bPight.


“fly/Ar'e ¢" gmvwn’ gm My .



0" I; =1" . . V. 5-—
c/sz @174 e/W gig/w a: wfiewd’mm


 - 7-.VN, unrafiv' -_/ ‘V—w“r <,\.;—~¥..;‘/wJN\/'«v h~ «NJ




W15 gour G@stm

Be a 38330qu

Gladmess aqgl (Elgar

aml Goochdl.





appreciate your hinfl Hohaflay Greetings

”For the joy of human hwe9
Brother, sister? parent? ehihfl,
Friendls on earth andl trienqfls ahovey

pfleasures pure andl nndletflefilu

Lorin at am9 to Thee we raise

This our hymn 0t grateful praise,”




: '6ng (mas

> .
\ ! resin: 5/


' — }


Sauna and Frederic E. ‘Pamp
and the Children



---especi3113 from Eois Joan

0, go, little boat,
All newly afloat,
With your white sail spread to the breeze;
Ride, ride with the tide,
Till the river grows wide
And the waters tum back to the seas.

Flow, flow, little stream
From the land of my dream,
Little stream all agleam as you run,
For the rose and the blue
Of my skies are in you,
And in you are my stats and my sun.

Blow, blow, little breeze
Set the chimes of the trees
All aring with the music you bring.
From heartland and highland
From harpland and skyland,
The land where the angels sing.

Grow, grow, little flower,
Blend of sunshine and shower,
Thou wild little child of the field;
What wealth could I hold
Like this lapful of gold,
What gift like the breath thou dost yield?

Glow, glow, little star!
We who wander afar
Need a candle of love on the road.
Burn, burn till we learn
That our footsteps must turn
To the manger—then lead us to God!

—Robert F teeman.











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///4r/ (/1/ %M7J
:\/fé/:€M% W’JélW¢


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flW/é (ML/A 2/ 1/ ”J/Zg/fl/A/é ’/ q

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M/fl 7% 13/ L 11 _ 72 2: {aw/W711,


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C/l/kg/ g/fiaa/fl 7/ L/je/ / /: 4,://rf:ld ,47A
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,&Z 244/0 M/éw/
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2%4 {2 2%4’42/ fl [4(,//L/M Ca //W/(Z//"

O/KQ a /7,€% (7 4/2/ 1/2222 MZA/ Mflflmz 72%
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m’flfiAJQfl #42 // ‘ffl’ Mg/V, ’C/«l/K (( < / Q;7¢ 43:177.

7/ // 2 V’ A )// 1/7 ‘
y/xk/lxé 4 (2 /2,(;€a / fl /6 6 2/ 20 2 (’3 4/“ ’ ‘/222 2

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,{fl/V/L/X (8-24% 77/? €25]; £2”? «7» 717% ,4"? 12 “L ' ~01 7’ *
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m0?! (2%,?) \1'1— 22 2126122 4/: «2126/;


“CA/«aja/z, 27%, , 2


 After..m‘5_:days), ret n to






 ‘J 01/4}! ”fr {dds-1w


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Liz/éthj/fi? fliq"? ‘Z’U

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/€’/ ”2' WW,» ’fibp/

w/fi/«WL I" 7,:‘V L/flj


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45 (fliebelanh fitted

flrlingtun 74, @1155.

\ (j
”(5/ 7KAx/(/1/\





on g
Nor 2ndy ~

vrry often ”om hifi,

"WI i t6 " "

Chi-”1.“? or“;

,_.‘ Unlij .

do V .11. LA -

5‘; {A

, r-

'1 ' ,_ . , .
“-‘v'J (J; Wham-um

.A;.L;n‘,ton' Ln,

591.15 yll’fle


f1) .1: 1"," :.LJ.v LI. } d
o hava your vi
:5?» ‘91 a: ‘
to Rr"Vpl”-‘P T '.: ' '- int:
9“ I t;;»“ , ". ion

“no" ,7“ . ’ (


._ 1 ~
1 $610

aqrze, w
hay C?n, ;
2t Wcédh
Inchg but
tire: f«ll hifi
1‘3 "kc k
(yap 1.". t) munch
"ix/'3; him some
z‘bux‘f‘tzrgf meet Gf

“'nned *‘ aL . ' u 7- g and he

mlw-y n
.1 ~A,‘..Su

11 out " the’;

' l I,
7.71; cu

\‘g'I’ 1 121'. 11;;
Irving L,
aw Wkun1 they w ~ ta‘


 raw—711 "fl-1521‘ gic tar"? 1.30 i1 V c
29,11: 2,;Lanj” She seems to be a nee sort from what we hear,
and she has writen me a few letters, and now plan: to come to visit
us over thor Day weekend — when she comes east with some girls who
want to visit New York before they go back to senool. She has one
more year at college, and has been work1ng at some dancerous defense
work if =: -1-~ V m‘fl V 1' » 1, h v "1 u 1. w 1., _ :ae
11ui1m of I " ' . ' V " ~ ‘
‘7”{F v1; * ”w . W V ” 1.1'3‘1U 1' n 92*“ "” W / Xurmek,Vag
-: ?“mc avrk-h.1u
2; 31:30
i) t. RIM;



5‘: C
(3 ‘g H


1,". 7‘, '.,. .
g0 “1:11.18
1m; 36 the

Q C 25m (i C HR Y: 3.1

' lib c+


wnnM rful lGCt1002 see Mt,fi street fr’“ 17¢ iig1hb
in (cff P9 Avos) i“: glEhtj 01

am)» it is near the bus 1

lnClUdiflé flrfile firfins} and gleuty of roam >
did ECU? It h:m 2 lcnw sunrofim, livinq '~, ~21tn firapA 4aC$
.1: . . .L
"z“el room (WLic ’ thfiy use 93 p bedrpgl ‘ 5“ ‘ . b N
an in hacx is a good dining 1% *:' ; '~aeh m gnu
1"1" f? v- " and UI'K: 1‘ com, hulk-mi)"-
"3—. L“; " “ ‘ "‘ 15; .11“! fl}: L113
:1) ‘1’1 the}; L 0118 01’ two SVCV‘UNL-
“g0“1d carry the house

C1. 1261b «. .. J”
(29.5560 _ 10$}th011- “h no u


 L, , 1
A.) m v.

.A W1“. _
V , v.1“

figu‘wholn W34?


;, Y‘T‘TW r.

-(‘:- - ‘ ' 1r

.. v,“ if

murh *7 = i. m r‘ , .~ ~. , . can had
'~ ' ‘ “_I “ hSVG 9



, they hove
witn a were I”

are home ta;

"“ u" ' ‘r ' C'
33' u us. ( “.1,“

But I

3.1 7 ti '1;

ironing find Pa

Virtcne doerm
ovmv our Old
down Maine.

C V: i :‘L l

:F‘V‘ - >
crave; 1n,

ur cold

his w4il be

.t timer. »: much.clot“



 in" a boy H
15""?‘3 night 1
in the; Co;
the Cfiitz“2
rnd hooe tn:

231 Civic: Uiifihil
price e out I think
d I don’t fool I Con
31111095 for it, ,.
in all the you /. 1' u'ly

a mouth,g~ilm h ~vory month XX XXX m ca -2- n L~v towari Our
DWI"; home, e:v:::11 ’ ’ ,3“ ‘ L9117 ")"I’t of tru- ‘ ‘ . -. :1 ;-. ' oUlreILk/b,
tear, “no I':371"~'i ' ‘ 1 ' ”
AriflCiLQJ if we w121'2' 'oL I . o1 oxyougw ivc a
I h ’e in mind a Ii} 2 2 1F1_; h’cw I hope it may Came
tIuL so me flay. “ 3a” spoaking of acres, :to. if you ever
an L to coma 2°?* to “udl [QUIcclf tho selliggof your plzce,
'thlt you to 1 'u that you ,. 2 - to some to ‘
yo war he: adquar _. for 'v: ’1er lonty - inn, 9nd
have you , I ‘> ~ 13- “LN, JV n ‘ ‘
I have, but -‘;a‘u Lé’wr ‘* hinge , ,
the latter is .r' . I 1?- ~.= 3' coo Lack =nL. le1
yourselves o“'c ‘1 F. 3, “.2 L ' 1: wonoérful it Devid
.9 place neqr .." -' .1 " . " ' z . -. .LC‘Vcd
theirs, and ‘ sf .. . .1 . 7 w z». in '

‘flfBC‘f’ my- ’7



be easier to L14 a; H ,'now tlo t our family is maller,

and I do misc 1: ‘rwl a = av ~; to take such comfort in it.

I also fool TuaLi *1 ; ~“ 1 31308 to Caro for, I mrfht get out
and earn some 033 --a ‘ 37 .“a rually b4 -\ ‘ save it,. Ihat‘ll
be the day...,.,.,,

‘Vell, how r.“ W . g .* 3et some work done today; so
thilk I” .H “ 1 ", 7‘31, and got busy“ I thihk of you folks
‘ ' ‘ so ggjood to how: your long, nowsy let tors Your
of our Country and the stetos you haVL pasred t“.rough
2 similar chance to travel, “lthoU3h I ‘120311 hov
3. on tha b all day trip to P191; fish-1.1111; 11.1.. to B1 arm“;
Home looks pretty 300d when we got 3104
:y that you sad D vid Can be toganornorlng and you
he place whore you live sounds quite Cozy, and
I do huge I can find your firstletter so
over and over, for I fomfid it so interesting the first
and there is so much to o .5 st, ’ I didn't read your letter



Dorothy so those t 0 letters vr: e the first real news I had hau
from you since the two postcm rds you unfit, for which I thank you,
but which could give no address for me to write to That‘s why
it took mo so long to writeo ”ell daar friends ~ Limo to close.
If you 3ot a qo‘d Licturn of youz'self won' t you pl@“$c Bord it,
Mabel? I am so pleased to have Davio' s pleasant f;Ce lookin; out
at me every day - we are tickled t nave it, And qunr;c*nLL His
sending it along. We love David Loo} I thought o1 his birthday
July 26,but didn't hive your add.ress to send him a card.
Do wri o soon aqaln.
AS always, IOVL t3 you both,

0:1:u1 I24L11>é 1. :;qfl N

c» Mum







 /7fla [2‘7 ‘fi'

m yum,


 «5 a 7?“, v. 3w- ' ’ 4
L X44 «\grfim‘fl' r: 2 742,222 éfifiéé

f“ g

97%?! [\fl - i "”*‘.‘N Ki;




 (P,S. to Mabel — Rosalie

card to you was returned
now come?‘

says her birthday
to her unclaimed - from regular

addrcss -
45 Cleveland Street
Arlington, Moss.
Saturday, June 24, 1944

Dear David (and Mabel) —

SinCe I wrote Mabel a work or two sgo;~and I owe you a letter,
David;»I am addressing this first to you - but am mailing it
first to Mabel m assuming that she will send it on to you in
Wastington state, wherever you may be. I realize that by today
you sxpectcd to be leaving Oregon, and I had intended answaring
your nico lottcr oarlisr, so that you would receive it at Bond,
before todayfi But so it goos¢.99,alifs spins on so quickly that
tomorrow is here beforo we realize,

I Was certainly delighted a as was also Irv and his a to receive
your nice picture, David, and we shall surely cherish it, It was
so good to soc your smiling door face, and vs are so grateful that
you includodus in those who should have a Copy° It sure does look
good, and n are so glad you are happy in the task you have set out
to dofi Since we must has this miserable wsr, I am at least glad
that some of the boys are fortunate to have a shepherd like you to
help them over some of the rough places, and point the way upwarde

I Can't remember just where I left off in my last chronicles of
events here with us” I think I may have writtcn habol one or two
shorter notes by hand, of which I haven't a carbon copy, and the

last cepy I have was the long letter written in March, in which I
chlosod on notorine E‘t 19m ours I‘ve writion éincc than c although
not half ofton enough; I am siraide You both know, however, h.w ‘ime
can flyg I was so glad to hear that babel will probably be oble to
be with you in Washinoton state, provided you expect to stay there
any length of time, and I do hope you can, and that you will like it.
She must have boon quits a help and comfort to her folks these past
months, but it surely must have been hard for both of you to bo
separated by such a distance, I don‘t thing I could "take it" to

be so for sway from my Irv, But woncvcr know wtmt we can do until

we have to - and one of those days we shall probably hove to be
separated for awhile anyway until we meet ”on the other side”;-
However, let's hope it is a long way off - and until then, why worry:
I am really feeling very goad and am afraid I‘ll live to be 108.

Irv has some trouble with his old colitis whiclxis of long standing,
and whenever he gets a bit ovortirod, it troubles him a and he goes
‘on a "bland diet" until it clears ups As I probably wrote you, in
’Fobruary he started to work at Harvard in the Rodiation Lab.(War Work}
doing drafting, and for the past month or so he as boon elevated to
work in the Patent Dept, using his drafting experience, plus some of
iis law training (fiou know he graduated from N.E.Law SchOol in 3.9.20r
the year he was married the first time, but because he had a good

job then with Stone& Webster, he never took his bar exams — nor did
be over use his training in low¢_,..,tho arrival of his family kept
him busy making money enuf to support them, so he never dared to
”start at the bottom of the ladder" in the law game which would have
been neco.ssry. He realizes now that if he had some so, he might
have boon a good patent lawyer by now, with a good income....but

that is the pricc one pays 33% and who knows, perhaps it was all
meant to be, anyway...,¢.,My what a parenthesis, and how I ramble,a..)
To get back to his Harvard job in the Patent Dept, he has not yet

decided that he likes it as well as his other work. It means sitting


 at his desk all day long, composing the ”briefs” Covering the
dosmiptions,why's and wherefor's, of any new "discoveriss" that
owns along in the course of the day‘s work n in order that the
dovsrnmont may patent them, if it seems desirable, I hope he is
going to like it better as he goes along, He has an office of hks
won, and two girls (secretsriosj shom) working for him, and with
him, He eXpsCts in tims it may mean more money too, but narvsrd is
known to be poor pay, and he had to start working for loss than he
had received even at the Polaroid Co. Dsspito coiling pri :s on
some things, some say that the Costing of living has incres.‘
nearly 50% - and from the way a $10 bill goes, when I go to

grOCsry store - with not much to show for it, I can well believe it.
Except for a redingote coat (o7.95) to cover up my old dresses -

and a pair of Ground Gripper shoes, I haven't bought a stitch of
clothing, nor has Irv e we don‘t do any entertaining, nor do we go
anywhere - Our hobby seams to be dsvcl0ping and printing some of
the few snaps we have taken - when we can get films - and we enjoy
doing that. I wonder if I ever sent you any of the rocsnt ones,
Perhaps I can sncloss one with this letter. to show you how fat I stil
am (I am still 158 lbs. ”stripped" - so I haven’t rained any back
since I lost 15 sfter my operation),


Brownie wired us this week (colloctfi; no had been assigned

"near Dick" and that he will first vi " " umbus (to seenis girl
friend a the same one he had at colls are hopeful that he

may be staying in tho Mass. or Conn, , ,. ‘ awhile at least. But
we haven't the details yet - which he - eventually, He is

busy winding up affairs in Plattsburg a i assume he will bemmhnsign

on Tuesday, the 27th. So perhaps he'll be home for a few days end

of next neck, It will be good to see him. I think I must have written
you that Irv and I visited him bcfors May 30th «‘13 took 4 days for it
spending one dsy'lgning and one day returning - and 2 days with the in
and it was so good to be with him and sss him, We were afraid he
might be sent off to some distant point without a chance to get home,
Wuich was the likely possibility at the time, he having volunteered
and been acoeptsd (physically) for submarine sorvica. However, we
don't know if ho has passed all the other requirements for that type
of service, Frankly, I don't like it = gives me clsustrophobia sVen
to think of it - but he has often mentioned wanting it, and it is his
life to choose with and for s so I only hope that he will not regret
it, They say that before they accept them for this type of work, they
must prove, through many tssts, that they can take it - as they have '
to be good, to begin with, Goodness knows what wrecks it makes of
them a but let Us hope this mess will be over soon, ‘BinCc DiCk is
down at Wend's Hole, and likes it, — it may be that he and Brownie
will have some opoortunitios to see each other, if Brownie is to be
stationed near him. We are wondering SUst whoro that Will be.

Leave it to Brownie to keep us guessing and hanging in mid-air: the
rascal, Vertene will be a Senior next yssr, and we are look-
ing into the possibility of her attending Mass, School of Art sftsr
she graduates, ‘ She has now taken a job for the summer near home —

in ligqstt‘s drug store at the corner of Lake St. and Mass, Ave.,

and likes it very much, She has to work every other Sunday - 48
hoursper week - but she hopes to earn enough to buy a bike, and have
some spending money - and she can Come home for meals, and has no
carfsre or long earrides in town, which is nice, It is good exper-
ience, meeting the public a and learning details, which she needs,

We are at present much concerned with the welfare of our nephew,
David, Jr, _ who went over to England in February, and who is now
perhaps in the French invasion, or about to go, for he was in

the §outh of“England tbs last we heard, but no word since June 6th.


 - a -

Mabel, I think I must hove written you since I started to go in to
Dr.”cCorison's office one or two afternoons a week, to help them

out a little ?? If not, I might say that I began doing that - in
April, I think - some weeks I work a total of 2 or 3 whole days -
lasx week I only felt like going in there one afternoon - I seldom
give them a whole day at at time - for I am taking things quite easy
and not rushing, It gives me a few dollars spending money which is
nice to have, Of course, getting #3 for an afternoon means I leave
the house at 12 and get home at 6 - but out of the no I pay 60¢ tax,
20¢ Cerfsre, and 20¢ for an egg and milk a leaving o2 net for six
hours of my time - which isn‘t much, but better than nothing, And
I don‘t have much responsibility — I know the work that needs to be
done, and don't nxxn go in if I don't feel up to it, which is not

a bed arrangement, I am for the most part setting up a osrd record
file - for use again in the fall when things begin to get busy. I
know he wants me then full time - but I am not sure what I shall do.
I sets days cfhankering for a reel honesteto«goodness interesting job
to which.I can give more strength and attention - but I know that I
haven‘t the pep for it, so must he Content with less.

Well, by now, poor David (if he has waded through thus for) will be
pretty tired out with my wordy letter which.doesn't say much~° - but
that's me all over,habel, That is what Comes of living such an
unevent‘el existencee However, I have reed- some good books
recently. The other day I went out to Hyde Park to hove luncheon
with old friends - the men is Asst. to the Headmaster of the Hyde
Park High School (Martin Olson - he used to no to Cambridge church
many years ago) and his wife (3 Crane -6f the Crane paper family}
is also an old friend, 'We talked so fast and furiously, to make
up for the long time he hadn‘t seen esch other - I was all tired out
for days afterwards! but it was fun. One day I spent with my
sister, helping her make over some of Ruth-Marie‘s dresses SinCP

has lost some weight which improves her appearane immensely =

was quite tubby. Next week I must go there again, and have sen
more dental work done. So you see how I spend my time,

not most of my spring cleaning done, and now it could stand doing
over.,,,..‘I must wash and stretch my summer curtains and get them
up — and take down draperies and make the place look cooler. This
,mesns washing the darned old windows again — wtnch is no cinch on
the second floor - for I can't "sit out the window".....

I guess by now, David, you'll realize this letter is full of things
mostly of interest to "us girls" - and you won'tthink I am very nice
writing you this knld of a letter = but my mind simply refuses to
get to work on important events of discussion that would be of more
interest to you..a,.,.,l think I am only a moron anyway....£ Guess
with that « I'd better ring off for this time,

Oh, I think Irv will get a week's Vacation early'in August, and he
may no down to spend that week with Dick, as Dick has an extra bed

in his room, and it is a lovely spot for a rest and Change, If things
work out right, Rosalie and I may take our daughters*down to ht.
Vernon for a week or two, end of August, before they go back to
school. However, I don't want Axel with us} Nuff sed. no is

all right, of course, and quite a Character e but I don‘t want to

live in the same house with him a not even for s week,.‘,.,a..v '

I think he wants to Come though, and I'm a bit worried, for I don t

want to have to Ufll him he csn‘t.,.,,..(cowerd1)


~ . ‘ u 1 a
Do write and let us know how, what and wnere you are botfl OI

Greetings to your family, Mabel. Lots of love from all,


MAM)’ ‘
2 “puma:
I 4.5.3

and 311‘s.


 Iii:c:s,1r*-:i:zg lylfir-uwn
45 ClaVeland SH .é’fiPQo;
.Arlinfrmzt, 1’1“ ‘JULQG’a‘.
930m A
i944 i














i .
l4 ,

. A lump in the breast or other part of the body.
80% of cancers of the breast may be cured
when diagnosed and treated early.

. Any chronic skin trouble, especially any sore
that does not heal. All skin cancers can be
recognized early and 90% are curable by known

. Any chronic discharge, or irregular bleeding.
These disorders often constitute the first indi-
cation of cancer of the bowels, stomach, bladder
and uterus.

. Persistent indigestion, Ins-ss of appetite or
irregular bowel movements.

. Loss of Weight—progressive general weakness
without obvious cause. ‘


, l
0 NC.“ 7‘ f ‘ t ‘ V 7? . ‘, ‘
‘ "1 LI“

, . ‘3 " ( l ‘ "
Have you helped in the eduéational efforts by ‘
forwarding your annual enlistment of
$1.00 to the State {il‘reasurer‘l


_ K

Ask About Our
Other Literature;


i l
For additional information address:
Women's Field Army, State Headquarters, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin






 PAGE "l."\X«"EN”l“Y-FOUR


“Be Friendly,” Says
Speaker In Talk
At Boston U.

.*_..W Larson ,


Boston.—(INS)—“Be a. snob” was?
the advice given not long ago to.


college students.

Notv they are advised to 1
en “unsnohbish attitude."

"()ne of the worst starting point
a. young college man can make in'
to come on". of college with a firm
volia'iction of his superiority. Busi-l
no": suecess depends upon somew-
ilnnf: more than more tcciinicnlf
ltnon'ledg'c or ability" ‘

Such was the advice to Boston , ..
university students of ~William But-
tcrn'urth. of '\\'ashington, .1). (1..
president of the United States chum~ ,
her of commerce. .

"l‘he personal side of the man in‘
lnminess is ull-inmoriunt. .loeently
1ch country was stirred by the state- ‘ “W0“
inent of EL well known educator (l’ro- Kimmy]
I’cssor Robert ’1‘. Rogers of Mnssn- Bet-kn“;
chusetts institute of, Technology) lilmnl‘lu‘;
who encouraged all young men to be
snobbish. I am going to urge you to
cultivate an unsnobbish attitude to-



.. i . . - - ' >~ " v ‘ ‘
“did 30m fellon beings. he stud. I‘rmr.

Better Facilities. (Hump

"Nowhere else in the world are t‘n'mrct'
SUL'll favorable facilities for R busi- ”“3“"
new education as are offered in our Total:
own United States," he continued. ‘

“Success is not a matter of soeinl [mm-km
prestige of drag. It is L}. matter of I kiwi?"
‘know how.‘ Above all one has to lWLLtllun
know how to get along with people: Grenku
to respect others’ thoughts and (lu-

"Business today is not it mere mnt- L
tor of. routine. It requires creative fin”..-
thought. The men who have succeed- Notice
(rd in business are there who have State
this creative thought, and are the
ones who are so necessary to a. com-
munity. The time will come to all
young men, some day in their lives,
when their local community Will lay
claim upon their ability. They must
anticipate this part of their careers.
il‘hcrc are two kinds of men I have
discovered in the years of my ex-
perience, and for Whom I have no
use. One type does nothing for his cage
ronn‘nunity, but reaps benefit from puny,
what others have done. The other zttion,
continues to ask, "What return can
1 get [or doing these things?”

Offers Rules.

“Feeling that you may benefit by
my own experience in the business
ll offer young men the following ad- poration
vice: the abo

“1. Keep your eyes off the clock. mg been

"J. Do not think of salary or What 1 the Circ
you are getting from the company. 'tice is
but how well you are serving your the sa
firm. dence

‘3. Be tolerant. pluinan

"4. Do not run down competitors said r
or their goods.

“5. Be careful before you make
a. contract, but having entered into
one, even though it be verbal, live up
to every word of your bargain.

"6. Never misrepresent.

“7. Never try to get ahead by
climbing over others, get ahead by

"8. Remember to have respect for
the men~about you.

“9. Make and sell goods on their









419 MN 20
5 pm






,, ,/” f”

/ ‘
/%m. (g 69 @[thn