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ll Pickering, a freshman 1n the _.,. " ‘ — sg; _ ;      ,"‘ ‘,__ ry` y ' ’
nl College OfArtS and Sciences   l   tin- is _s 1 it ,   r ge l     namedrthe UK College ofArts
gg and akappa Alpha pledge, is T,. ,___ i  or lr   lg — .q.t_   igidrs¤1¤¤¤=·d¤h¢€f1<·=¤d¢t---Eight   `     1 `§` Edifiiiriii zoilseoilgeliiiegnda
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ofthe Kentucky Library A550- l§r !%tllln.l· ’  ‘   ._    .  _   QOIHIHI QC O bacu y rneml er;
ciation at the public library in  ·2J@>*"` ,  rg? tif " *- J" ir fg is pmpesmge ell eemmmee ee
G€¤fg€t¤W¤~S¤S¤¤G¤=y ‘/( ,.2         tf ot» i   lEZZli}iclEZiLi?£iiZoiirillfiw
Akers, a 1909 UK grad, delivers _ __ ew:. fg  _,     if    ‘   i i . .
an address to the mu W The ocat1ons.The current club IS the
l am1ualtug—of—wargat Cilifton Painting f0l' POSt€l'ity fermerbheme ef Uiirpresieeiii.
1i Pond between the freshmen In 1974 Owensboro artist C. G. Morehead ex- {gifs eiieisen en Wes ui i in
and sophomores is delayed by plained his preliminary work on a UK Administra— ‘
l the UK administration because tion Building painting to students Bob Alberstadt  
someone has put algae in the of Louisville and Lee Anne Summay of Millersburg. About 280 UK Bend rnernbers
pond. The Kernel reports some They stopped to watch Morehead at work painting travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to ber_
skepticism as to where the al- the then 92-year-old structure in the background. form in et nre_gnrne show for the
gae originated because for the After a fire in May 2001, construction is nearly National Baseball League nlev_
last two years the administra— comple on UK’s new Main Building, slated for offs between the Reds and the
tion has kept students away opening this fall. Pittsburgh Pirates _ _ ·”I"h€ Ken_
from the pond for this event . . . , tu Council of Hi her Eduen_
A bill that provides for the ex- tireneiebbroves the fueiding of a
pulsion of any law student caught playing with a yo-yo is in- new bharrnaev building for UK as well as giving UK the go_
llecllleell l°Y Sellalel Duval at llle llleellllg Ol llle Henry Clay ahead to continue with construction plans for the Medical
Law Seelely ln llle College Ol Law Smolilllg leelll · · ·W· D· Center’s primary care teaching and research building . . .A
Fllllkllellsel makes el Pléa Ovel llle lllllvelslly elllellSlOll_la` forum on marijuana use is the topic of the third Student Cen-
dio stat1on,WHAS—Lou1sville, for the preservation of wild, ter Boards Brown Bag Series with questions being nosed to
lllplleallllg illlllllllls lll le€lllll°kY· Q¤lY il few Ol llle mel e UK Student Health Services, UK Police, and an attorney rep-
eellllllell llll`l)e*lllllg llllllllals lelllalll» alle llle Skllllk alle resenting the National Organization for the Reform of Mari-
llllllk Elle rapidly belllg kllled ell, he Says juana Law . . . UK dedicates the $7.2 million College of
  Nursing/Health Sciences Learning Center . . .The UK Board
l Senior women, selected last spring for Mortar Board, sell ietigiiiii§§'di;Le;ieZgiggigwpellgzigi;ieliglE§ez;ii)Ve;iI§§;?I]i;;ereg in
i mums with the Blg Blue K fer ei dimeg eil UK heme honor of the second black scholarship athlete recruited by
football games . . Jacqueline Averill, a junior from Brooklyn, UK in the mid 1960s who later died from inimcs Sustained
1 N'Y’ end `ieen Fieeee e Seeieii iiem Lexingiem ere . durin a football ractice "The Seductimi 0f Joe Tynan "
l appointed editors—in—chief of Stylus, the UK campus literary Stamg Aran Aldl; is ia   at the Turnand Man cinema;
magazine ' ' ' iiTiie Fesiiviii efii/ieiieiii Aiiiieiieiiii ieee ii e The firet erformancepat iihegnew UK Center for the Arts isi i
feature ef the Cemmimiiy Ceiieeii eee Leeiuie eeiieS’ Verdi’s Wee uiem " conducted b Robert Shaw leader of the
features Stan Kenton’s orchestra, Shorty Rogers and his Ana ta S lg hon and Chorus y ’
Giants, and the Charlie Ventura Quintette in Memorial  
Coliseum . . . Sylvia Jett, a Tri Delt, is judged to have the most (jgmpugd by Linda Pgrry