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/4%* fo?
/9 c
G r=
‘ Leaders —1lm0st Tie KEEN “°M"'°""“"°N Gl Cl b ' R d  
’ • 1 mn PARTS IN ···1·m·: 6’6’ H U 60 )’
° F F' P ‘ ° “°‘*'L*’ ‘""°W" For Comin C r
...4 or zrst osztzon — g ancer
Trlal Cut for Part of Flor; Wlgglnn _1_____
l , ";"*' .*• Wl *¤ ¤¤¤¤¤ and WM NM ¤• Only Twelve Da s Until The Strike the L r ‘
‘ ' Mnss Ruby Jane Tucker Leads by Less Than One New ¤,,,,,,,, ,°, ,,,,,,, ,,,,_ y in Choius y ° and Sm
M — Suscrlptlon. Substantml Gams by Those _ '
  Lower in the List. . F '”
l · cbr r l -— ,
. .._.....;.. CHANCE FOR ARTISTS. ua y 7 In Opera House
» REMEMBER NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS COUNT 200. The r¤h<»¤r¤¤¤¤ rm ··*n·e College Twv,. dm Wm like 8 mmmy ____ 
._....;.... Wldow" are progressing ln a manner long time gy you huyg tf, “-an that long    
Following lg the ottlclal standing of   that forecasts the best production ever rm- money {mm h(,m,.’ 0,- mm- gm to BY MR·  
contestants gt 6 p, m. Tuesday:     offered by the Strollers. The keen get back' But in me Ordinary course      
Mig; Ruby Jane Tucker ........, . ............ 8,790     competition for parts has resulted ln of evpntsv you hardly nome the mw  
....................,...............,.. 8,600 . ,
• Min Jeanette Bell     the formation of an admirably bal sam, of Such a Short lmerml of uma commuuon and Byluwl of the Km-
Mlgg Paulina Hgnk ...................,................... 2,960 ._t anced cast, eery member ot which ls It is just twelve day" umu me mee ' k l
` ’ uc y ntcncholaatlc A••o 'atl
Miss Frances Gelsel ......... . ...,..................... 2,580 VIN", catch".- Y. M. H. Alu Audb enthusiastic over me Success or the Club (.0m,€rt’ and it behmves an 8 t H °' °"
Mtns Lila Eaten ,.........................,....,,............... 2.200 umum snurday Evening In a play. young gentlemen who {mend to take •¤ *0 Wh 8<=h¤¤|• Over
Miss Elisabeth Rodes ..,........................... 1,520 The closest contest Iles around the. , I i, . , the State.
55 to 15 _ExhIbm°n I youxg ud es, as well as all young
Miss Rebecca Smith ....,.... . ...,..................... 1,320 ' part of "Flora. Wiggins, u promlnentlmdgcs who intend to ask young genuel ——;
Mins Sue Matthews ....,.......,......,...........,....... 1.220 waitress? This is a, comedy role thatlmen to take them, to get busy BMISPMNG CONTESTS SCHEDULED
Mins Floronce’Hughes ..l..................... . .... 1,010 EVERY.°°Y STARS- requires clever handling, and at pres- make Home ,,l,0€d_ The Same Suggetp -— 
Mina Ruby Barnett ........, . ........................... 830   ent lt is impossible to decide between tion holds good for mom of both the` MMG ¢h¤¤ A year uso there was dis-
, With only three weeks loft until The V*“"“Y Me "mmped the *1****** Miss Omar Wllls and Miss Naumne masculine and feminine gender who <’¤¤¤¢d by various high school prlncl·
  the close of me contest and me pm. tot from the Loulsvllle Y. M. H. A., wO0d_ Both have the Hugs pergecqy. {mend to como unucqmmnkd by pglq4snd.c1•.y school superintendents
· "numm of me ncouoge widowy by Saturday evening, on the `Audltorluxni ,,,4   mmmrm-·th° opposite mx--- The ct Kentucky gn orggntugnm to hg
V tho Bu·0ll•r•,A •xcttem•¤t In runnin: .°°’· ss *° in- TN mw md wm° isms lutc the part. This has resulted young married folks wm get all the ¤6d of the Public Secondary
_   muon! the contestants ·¤d their team Outclalled the villtors   BVBrylin two interpretations, each Bttractiye best seats   you donvt beat ven) to   Schools of the St.$'.€,   WO\]‘d
B · friends who are working hard to cc, department, and piled up the more in ,_ dmemm way_ It win take muchl And, believe me, this is going to be have for its purpose the promotion
cupy one entire box that night at the “lm°“t at will thought to decide upon the final cast.- no 0,- ,. e · and ¤'€K¤l¤€i0¤ of inter-scholastic ac-
, dlna y gl e club concert. Its
, expense of The   The game WIG scheduled to rOpl$CG ing_ Guy   is unusually gggd going to be A concert that   make tivitles, DKYUCUIBHY BUIIGUC, music
{ Last week was by fu. the most suc the cancelled Heidelberg game. as Jack Lambee, the football coach, folks set up and take Home and Suck and public speaking. On June 10th
censtul week of the contest. With In th° mu hm! th° Vamty r°g' ¤·¤d will |`¤¤ J- C· C¤|h¤¤¤. male IGN up their ears from the sides of their last' u meeting wu held at the Sum
I new subscriptions counting two hum istercd 29 polnts, with 14 tleld goals (Billy Bolton) ,_ close race for honom hea S no C0 University, attended by all or the high
_ d a ncert has done here be-
· dred votem many who have been WML and one foul. Scott was the heaviest The comedy screamiof the show is fore, It didnw who more than two School principals and school superin-
ing The IDEA without having signed Wim wmn°r• swung fm"' mud sh°tB· HOD- EIBH1 Hicks, and hm ¤0¤ Bub- of minutes to convince the reporter of tendems wh° were present at me High
up responded mad", to me added The Varsity five passed over sndlgqmmmmvnle; ··gm·· C,-oss and 0_ g_ this {ML when he happened to drop Sclwol Conference held at the Univer-
,nc9nm,€_ Another supply of cards under the slower Loulsvllle team, andlwmett have proven to be the best in on A rehearsal of the Ongact skit sity. At that time a constitution and
had to be printed and rrom me way Bh°“’°d °· 8***** *mP"°V°m°¤t Bmw Iposslble selection for these two "rub¢" that is to be one ot me features ofthe byhws was di°°““"d· It was nm
they are being taken it ls safe to pre- thm °“t°m mp- In ¤¤¤1¤¤¢h§¤f¤he parts. pr0g,.am_ It is Simply u Screum_ You €0¤Sid€r€d to be complete and cover
_. dict that every Student in the UM Kentucky tive continued their fast The management of me Strollers dom have to Hcome prepared to all the points the men had in mind,
versity will have punlclpamu in uns g°‘"g· ““d 8““gg°d 26 '“°"°· “'*“‘ 12 will give two crvlwstru seats for the 1¤ugn.·* Y¤u·11 laugh yuurselr most “"d it “'“S "°""’ at “ ’*“b**°‘l“°“* **'“•‘
contest. md g°“'“· “"d “ °°“p"" "f f°“*”· C- best desi:-an for the nrosrum cover. and mw sick unylmw. "’ ""'i“* "“d °“"*’g° me $3***9-
Zerfoss was high man with fourr shots, No Scum fm. me bpst design for the The posters um Out, and have ab On Anvenlber 27th another meeting
+4+ + + + + + I. _, * _• _·_ + _, * * rum "iS“°"¤ ¤l¤¤w¤¤ 1*0*** *0¤`¤¤¤ in poster to no used in the adverlislng mu·t4·4l much attention. Several of was Mm ut H"` Ph°€"i" H"'*`l· 1***
* A number of cards have been +I nusslng uml shooting and it was only t-mmmtgn_ All artists in the Univer- the t;n»t— Club members have said that mgt°“' Ky" and u r°vi“‘°° "°"“m"‘
+ turned in not properly Signed + ln the lust half that they were able my um mmm to can at rglleursms Hwy didnt n_ulm_ how handsome and tion was adopted by representnt|v•·
* These cannot be counted H it to get any fleld goals. Capt. She to gm dum yo, me design, and to Sul, mumylookmg they were umu they high school men from different sec-
+ you are in doubt as to whether * plnsky displayed class ln tout tossing, mit plates to Leo _y_ Sandmam or E_ Saw their pictures on the pouet Oh, tions, ol the State. h
+ you have signed up, See Mr. + and scored all the points by this route T_ Danforth within the next mn dayS_ u wonderful things is primers. mk! lt as the purpose or me organization,
* Schwartz, Subscription Mana- * in the first period. It wm take wem mst work, so get The prices of Seats me vm,). low, us stated ln the opening section, to
+ ger +| The Summary Shows that every busy- R€h€‘¤¥'S¢ilS M0¤d¤Y. Tuesday considering the expense- of u produc- promote and regulate an annual State
• _, _, +`_• + + + + • * * + + + * *,W“d°¤* had his we ¤‘im¤¤€d· T- Z¤°=¤‘· and Wednesday evenings at Patter·lt10n at the Opera House. This house wide i'"°r`S°]‘°laS°i“` track """’t-
Ifoss was out of me game with a. bud Son Ha", 7 Ouock Sharp- was wlecwd because of its very Sw music and forenzic contest to be new
• * * 0 + + + * * 0 + 0 * * + 0.             .. i—..._,i;j_ periur uL_0uSticS' u factor   is   at     lvniverslty   K9lltucky_
, V place Cleaned up “m1 a wml of Seven INSTRUCTIONS IN \,EG,|$|,A. the greatest importance ln musical “m\ this m mmd various central
'·’ bor the benefit Of some “h0 + baskets. TNE ASSEMBLY AND AD- productions points have been named as places
"’ M6 ““d°*” *1*9 ¤¤¤vr<=~¤¤¤<>¤ that '•’ "The features ofthe game were the MINISTRATION OF GOV_ Next wwk we hope to pubmh u where preliminary contests win be
O th lr no ub rl tl u tltl + % ` . .· .
8 0 S gc D 0 an es {me plunging of Tum°' and me pm" ERNMENT AND POLITICS copy of the entire progran1—·a pm mm {0 d°"‘d“ “h° Shan "““"` nw
·I· them to any number of votes. ·|· mc; btocmng of Scotty gram so replete with every kind of rlnul contest an me State University.
: the contest editor desires to ·|· The summary; Under the Direction of Judge chalk"}, musk and fun that it wm make the These points and the vice-president
Btaw “° Such "°t°S are being ‘·’ Kentucky. umm of l,€bmm_\_ the Um RL new of each district are as follows;
•Dc0untd.Atl·tl·kib-O g. ~ ` A v *· · ·.
* ing kim on Zulxllsilgtd uid; + lilorgan, Helxriedir and Zerfoss ......   l· Judge l.humt,y_ of me Law Uwm.t_ ,mmttm-tt or (nu- Club productions ut {Ulm"' M"   (‘ (h°`k‘
+ Il U ‘ vm vreston and ur s         ....   L, mem, has begun n Class in legmumc slum ivurllnaron, hy., |>. l·.. Dudley.
"° ‘ "‘“"“’m“c°“ “ 0**** Sub' + bcolt und Tuttle (c) , A .   ,, .... (1 _ __ _ llzmlinsbnrg, Ky., 'l`. Sanford \\'ll·
· + smpmm be wuuwd twice. + Y M H A ·¤>·¤   W _ n:>\~¥:1lguilre:n. Ky., T. C. sherry,
""";"""__‘ ur n .     Y .‘ ·· _   _·
D b ku Sl lspss y ` ` fulrs. Along with the above mentioned Friday, February 6th. _ W _)\ er ) _him Fl0u`w“'
Few days left to get An- *;"°“ 2 l‘“:’ ““ {\“"“ “:‘°;"“"; “' class he nu also organmu tl nm 1.. .... “"“"°"'· *"·· “· ‘· “‘“""·
‘ core —-' t- *‘9,L.'—-
lllllll pl€t\ll‘€S mhdé. __ Y M yH "QVZB9 F:} u° ° ° the udmlnlstrutlon of government uml |·l-tmlises or plenty or run and nlce| (Continued on page Six)
——————-—1——— =»¤»; .... , —— o,
mam goals Mor 2 P t r l’°mk`s· cats ure hereby nnnounced to tempt -·r -~~-——— ---- ~———·——+e-—~—-—————·—
— ' n . r n . ..
MUTUAL'TY· parks 3 Sum 4 Cuz { fs; tt: llw Judge was aware uf the urgent nn Freslnnen from under cover to ul- cups und their girl classmates.
, - . ‘ , . er s ,
Cabbage °“ uw “°*°“d "°°"· F _ _ 0 B u 8 need of able men to uid in administer- mnt] the tlrut unnnnl cluss reception. The occasion will be tendered to
Liver on me mst, .», (/olemun Z, Sheplnski 1. i I _ _ V _ _ _' _ _ _ __ , _
Fond bums pr t 3 bl I k b HS U6 80V6!'nnwnl¤.l uffuirs Q] our pmt;. noclul, nuxen, or frolll (how- the class of llll. by the \onng Meng
. . ' — es on , ` ‘. ,
Wlltll IB btillg cooked HEX! door? Referee and ul ir lwpns y d lunnmonwoulth. lu order to govern ever you wish to ternl lll. ut tllv Gylll and Young \\'ulll¢·ll's (`llristlun ASSO-
. , . n» ·
Must be welncrw urst. Tmen ulwmumly I 8- mms tm well one must have the knowledge of building tonnorruw evening nl 8 ciulions.
` government und polltlcs. lt ls believed o'clock. No printed or written invitations
'I . ~ -t— --r—.....-.... ...._
O“i°"“· Y0U ‘“" bet t“° bl"- that through this kind of work men The entire second tlnur will be have been issued, but all members of
Whit ¤ wok D¥‘9l>¤·\'€¤. Few. days   to get An- will be trained who will work out thrown open lntu n dazzling and hun- the class ure hereby given the cordlnl
AI\.Y\Vh6l'€ &|°0Ulld Our Hu!. nual plctufes made, nmny troubles which confronts the py rotrent froln ull cures und \\‘ol‘l‘ies request to be on hand und get bellcr
• bV°ryb°dy ”ha"°“· —-·—;-—-· Stale of Kentucky. \of the weurers of the orzulge bultoned ucquulnted with euch other.
l l

 I O
2 T H E ID E A {
` • • Q
‘“"<‘“ I HE ORPHEUM I HEAI RE """"““‘"" "" T
ML AT (`hildrcn 5c T
____,._.___ H __ _ · ;f7•*,;‘t·:.t::;·;;: ;·_-— ·—·—r   · ·
lk L r A A A
  Kwith \:uu|•-\iII•- Ims lwvmm- an Hx       ,
RDAY tur•· in ilu- mnuwma-m mlvmmr nr lcxlngtons New v]\|d¢Vm¢
THUR$D&:`:‘::|g$cxy_€ap;TU Boyd Couniy Hugh School Girl; Land |,•·\hn;4<»n mul th•· muIi•·m·¤·s ut tho The Bm Pmmnu Swdcm Fan. Thcltft I
K ,th V d ," A ViC‘Ory in the pint Half Ikon .-\li ure- in<·r<·:w|m: •·i·•·ry wvvk, Scme Tauy Gam · and Gyn ·—-—— I
and Fmal CWM is 2249. slumnu; that elw puhlI<· uppr¢·¤·mu·e< Ball Toner. GMM mcemivc _ ‘
CI all BVI 2 · · ‘ ° ‘ '
The Bm This Week presents _ t:1•· •·t1;»i·n: utltlw IlH\IHl|L!‘;Il|‘III tu 3;I\‘•· to Loolcn Up, nz     3
nvm um ·· ass ¢·nt··rm nmont ut an
1.As·r HALF sTATE·s. _ - · 2:30 7:30 981 5
muns¤Av.. rmmv-sA·run¤Av T T """""""` """"`· urs A wmwsn.
Matinee Every Dav _ |·`nr vlnis \‘»‘•·¤·k n high stamelaral xxill _———
'|`|l·· |\<·llYl1<·k) rnwls lust {ho roturu 'l`I1•· Imsv lmll se·h•·¢IuIa· for Kon- V · C
Y ' 1 I 1 I ‘ 1. I .‘ 5 ' ‘ 5 _ ) ` ` `
The Bm This Week Presents ;::¤m•· with l‘¤ntI.·r1>lmrg lust !·‘rm;•y H mimi nix; Hr" T: to mum) md i\l<·k>'S WH Svawrwn is ns ye-! lnvmu- I  
{ \. ‘ ‘} I _‘
      ····*··   ···· · ·t··   ·····   ··<»·» r   · ¤t·· 11?I.I.'L"L;.. ....   .... ';11Y.,(TZZlI.T *·‘*‘*·‘· ‘ ···*   ·‘·· · ···‘ i         ‘ °· 2°• 3°· 5°¤
_ _ _ _ sm;-·· Un 3;; qu 11•_ *r|H· lwmw- {pm; hwst prnurmn owr trmnmml mr n Itlnv 1..
Singing and Piano Artusts. _ ` puny. in thv luuxzlmblv farm ommwlv, ,
BILLY MORSE |¤1l•·<| uv hy thv Ihvyd vmmtv girls was rl “ M ‘ uml \\hit<— mm-. , {
Black Face comedian ton h··:u5 mr mv {mw mm \\‘|m.· nu- _ it UHF) W; i ( 'iml " H HH Ur"` N|a1n:n::<·r J. R. 1Sp<·•»¢ly1 \\';nIl has          
. 1 1 ‘1‘I' • nn ¤ ; ’ ‘ g , , , · v · { 1
FRANCIS M GNN G. CO H, (,\,.,·(.,.m,. ;,,.,·,,,~,. mm. MW (.aH,.d_ ml ll N {N Nu In th it sulnnittvd tlw fnllmving sohvdulo. I S" R*“‘]'“|Z 1\°U<‘<‘· 4 T
C ., L ‘ Z 1 i ‘ { { · ,  
In "The Copw '|`Il4' ;;un:<~ mus plglyml my u flour my T unit {Tl lmm‘r;d Ln th"! lint dur { l\i\‘•*rMity of Mi(·l|\;.;;m_ at Lvxlng- l
- mu 1 s um: Tllll Il . Ow 'of . -
\\}li<·|1 tlw u·r1t<·r (·ir(·l•· und the {wu Um- AIWH L       ·
LILLIAN ASHLEY, ,` ‘; .· ·· · <·; ···~· ' ‘
_ foul <·ir•·l<·s n1in;.:l<·d to make an hcauti- hmm Ashlu not ml'} WL .wN> “*’¥h¤\¥U' (`<*H<‘i·¤*‘» H! |·*‘\¥Hli0¤. Ami! °
Singing Comednenne. I I mood looks but is n shngor of nwrit Q Ender! Keen Cutter,
lu gv nm ·t ·' ·; I' · » »_~ · ; ..
MUSICAL ELUSONQL ( I; 1;; Q; IIN l1‘.I‘Mm·;"ipr;`P“um; l and Wm dmlmlpss wow th') smug l'nixe>r~¤itx of Tennu ee nt I.4 xin and Ever Ready
·+·‘ an · an v nvcrsn y s mpress on , ' · .' ‘ ‘-`* "- ¤   %!·
ED wvmu 3, (30,, y r I - ; . , . . ,. JUST WHAT YOU NEED.
_ of thu full mmm the 11i<*l1t after he- HL fumito here mn MN hh bun W"- Avril l"·H· ·
4 1 vv l'· l . . .
‘The Kmgs Jester. in the- other miie-s of tho (‘H`('\lII
THREE JUGGLING MILLERS L¤>ui#\‘ill<· g:um~ lust full, A pprmin rl W d ( ` I'lli\`¢‘I`5iU' of Illinois, ut Lvxingtmm,   &  
Comedy Juggling ;mmum of >p;u·¤· is m·¢-vssury to play u (I ,` Isn ljm l,mm:m“, ufl iimr April H·   ‘ 1 •
. 14*0 i t‘ lll(‘ · ; · , _
_____ _ , buskvl hull ;:zm1¢·; if thc Hour do;-sul I , I W mz rm_ umirw" M'“i*°*\I’I*i A- and N-· at ¥~f‘NiM‘ii0¤· {
--W-»_- 'm,m_d HW Wquirm iwnump Y m mu at MII zappvar in a bright luttlv skvtoh on- April Nm: MMN STREET AND BROADWAY
Price;-Nighf and M;(ingg_ Lgwgr ‘ ` l ` `( 5 {'(| xl *"]`] 1 K] ·‘_· _] ._-{ . " ·| ' | _· _ · O  
Floor, 50 cents: Balcony, 25 cents; WHY Nw Mills. It rmguniroal mano I4 _(l(t I TV MT" U H? A“_H`cl if HIS}! Svhvuls ul Louisville. April • ,
Second Balconyl 10 ccnts_ murtiuh U t" W W I mu 0 Je ()ll(‘ 0i tho lwst skits mm 2A           {
Q 1 I ||.x_ h.1.k·uu!h<·rn Irershytvrnan lnmvrsnty, Incorpomtgd ·
" . . _ , S **1*** . . .- Manufactures of ¤
r\.·mm-ky qmm··¤ munx mu m mp =·¤<1¤¤rk>~~11<·.A1»ri1J·. 4
' 'l`l · J ··`li · M'   a ~ a a · . . . . • i
        vith vmnelitimns, mw Imlf mm Um- H {Ni u;T;_`l_ HL t ;H(r` ITU   utl lrnvvrsnty oi the South, at Sewaunvo,     I
na s e 1 r — _
Yuurlh of tho game was over, and {hg vu Hu dc; 6:1 imm {tw bm. uari'Apr1l 28. 136 WEST MAIN STREET ' R
· . s s
BEST IN THE WORLD 5,0,,. $,,,0d 2: U, 7_ in ,-mo, of the ilggf gt ‘*f‘ I   °T|" °“" f’ Fniversity of Anunmm, at 'I`us<·u-
      Mgr. homo mlb no ea ures 0 tw > . nere wxll loose April 2930.  
- l be three other ucts ouch of whiclx will       and  
303 Grosvenor Ave. Phone 1680 \\'itl1 eight minutes to plav the Blue ` U¤“'€‘¥`Si*Y of T€*¤¤PSS9<‘ at K¥10X··
and White tivo suddenly became sus- be 8 feature- "m9· May 1·2·   and    
T°'°Ph°"° 638 vicious of Z, yawn; ability to may me -—-—-—-—-———— Sotuhern Presbyterian Frrivérsity. STATIONERY
V . nw, was and oven cgumg of the “ _‘S “"“" “’g"" "‘“‘T “'° '°“"“ °f at L<¤i·¤S*¤¤· May 11- Si|||p|().|:|||Q|' F()[||||a||] Pg"; * •
c   0, F00¤¤- Basket bull broke out on every the mness of a number Of Our St"` V¥1i\‘€l‘Sity Of Cincinnati, at Lexing- A
one of the team, and in a moment the dQmS' among them Messrs Chapman t0“· May 16· •
TOBACCOS, PIPES, ETC. mxeumnea. 'l`l1el!lueand\\’l1ite five ““" *“‘°°“°'· “""° “’° °°“““°" ‘° M==¤**<¢¤¤ °¤¤€g¤» M ¥·€>¤*¤¤¤¤¤- May     Gnu
Pipes Rcpaired alone handled tho ball, and began pil- HSJTS   the GOO? Samaritan HOB` 21- wM_ E_ STAGG’ succ“·°,._
° U18 UD lloillts. 'l`l1e· team played the D a' Wy are loweven receiving (`hi“*‘S€ UmV€¥`SiU'» ut Lexington-      
Laxmc.·roN, . . KENTUCKY bm 1,;.%..; bull of {hgir uwS_ and “"’ bm °f "“'° at the “““dS °* “°"" Mw 25.   I
km ,m,.(.,,m_ That (`mmsburg ¤><*¤¢¤¢ ¤<>¤¤>rS ¤¤<1¤¤rS€S- M¤= < ¤·¤v- n will be mm: um the sc1»e·1u1e ;
  '· , , , , 7
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND quirxtot did not shoot any more goal; man lh wo H1 to we dm (8u€rS’ at includes the annual °l’°m`€ with Mi°h`| ' •   ’
cater, exclusively to student. mainly b(‘(‘2\l1t~(' tlwy somehow couldn`t least the dosmrs instructions are to ig““· and u Second headline" with lm‘ (|.,m,,,,,,m._,) {
and Faculty of State University gp; to mt. bun Hu, the heavy lead admit “°“°·· M" F**I°0“‘“" was SPM nois. The southern trip includesl DORQTHY     7
A_     xm mu mu-1. rm- the sm.? gms U, :° “"’ ;‘f’“"‘“" ‘{“‘ _’i‘°S“"d“"· “ ‘S seven gow gums, und is we <>f We FOR WOMEN
COR S_ LIMESTONE AND COLFAX ~~··r<·¤>¤¤»··. uml tho ¤·(·:·.·m··S “-1.55;;..   ’ in """' *"‘?{‘“# that “"" www d··Si¤¤b1~> <·v<·r <>i`f®r<~¤1 w the din- $3,5Q to $5_Q() U •
`*··l·l·<·<| tl1•· pr·¢»4·•·»i.,H with Sum, 3 “‘ ***0** ¥`*i¤¥‘11 tw ilwu xxork .11141 be mom! artists of tho l,“iWI_Sm_.
  in wm MMM .l____m I HEALTH SHOES
|··»im» |>¤·I¤iml. Another miuutv of ` `N ` " its l’“`S€“t State Um **"h"d"l*` N ~
  , _ _ lu this <·¤mm·<·Liuu wv would lik•· to . ,. . . ,, .·   . . ., F()R  
y Im) \\{,,,].i lm`,. ,.h_m;,.,l HH, stm,). r.uh+¤ uuh.¤l.uu¤d mth 1>¤ r \\(L[.,ll\. In hm, nts
AND DRY CLEANING WORKS l' lh (ld.} (hb would i‘S[\‘(‘llI it u privilvgc to l`t'l\L]\‘¥` · - ·
159 south Limestone phone 621_y 1vl:¤>‘<·¤l by rlw now m·x·uu;;•·uwm dur- I Y Nm `   “b"“l uw mst mmm “»°"° had mr       I
  in;-{ tlN’ lZ|>[ I·¢‘\\' HliIl\1[(*S U]. [h(* ga[]]Q dn) 1’0>>1 U §€I\l((' "igh on to four y9arS'    
\1>m<·1i<·nl1y {iw.; it rm- UN. S,.uSUu_ The   . ,
C. A.   \\\I1¤»]• tl.|hl 1It·>1·I\•·> ]|1(~n[](;u_ Thgy        
_ . a
Where you will find everything a \P:H`\Ml hmkvl hun H1 hwildcutn     W Max _., ’ .
Should Have. Ice Crea Soda. i TIN, _umm,u.\.    
umm Arm wA•.Nu1· smears. " O [   F {
\|i»»·-> Nl··<`h•·su·-v ew um] Tuul F < L I 9 t h 1 n Takes [255 Sh0I’I2IIiI'I
‘ S
  N|i#» Hlnghvs (‘| _ —-· Made by— ‘
H()’[ LUNCH AT ALL H0URS_ »\li~>··» \\1»m1 umn m-u.-.· (; L€Xlllgt0ll Roller Mills C0., \
cauettsburgl Incorporated |
G• M•   Mi>·M·> l"li\l1lll‘l`}` und (2, Pratt F     Pr0p,r 1
559 S. Lime Opp. Agr’l Bldg. MM 1>•·> .Ill>ll('l* amd S. I'!‘ult il I         ‘
Kinkgad Coal (0 ANNUAL .ED,é,_;E;, gg  ‘ l BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT ‘°"°"*"*'"·°**°"·**-·······- "*····"*·*•··*·· 1
• u
* l O
"* yl N y "' \/ `   Tu! V" R
. °°A'—·’, {     THE M@IDE¥L I ¢¤¢¤¤¤‘¤¤¤'—¤' ~
- ‘ • H ‘ `
L€X1Ilg't()ll, 1\€lltLl(.ky °"°' Bf6*°W°d b>’ S¤'“°'¤·   1 Hctlunchos atnll hours. Clgnrslhbacco
  Al n lu•·•·Ilm,i m` mp >:··|.im· (‘1u>>   `  
.\|’ ¤» ¤¤\~¤>» ¤1l·»;il· · '
. - Q     ""U ‘_"] _¥"f'“_"| FI N E '1`AII,U R ING- szsr som »=ou~m~ W THE
  S     i-I I » _ . pon Il xullnu CITY. FINE CANDIES. __,,
. *,4*% · • · ·
ug §OUT.H UPPER sv. _ _ _   Ladnas Work a Sp•cnaIty Club Rates--5 Suns Sl.50 D E
Fresh Lzmdncs Madc Dunly. _ T  "   Y.   dward G0l’d0II
Laxmcrou, - - Kzrwucmv nual pictures made. Cm, N“·|_ Bulk Bmw • •
` 1

 O ‘ g
T H E ID E A 3
1 V
I H    ) I I   Money Loaned on all goods of Value. I can save you from 30 to 50 per cent on I
Dnamcnds. Watches, Jewelry, Etc.
' • •
LICENSED PAWNBROKER. ll0 South Limestone St. Watch and Jewelry Repairing. Phoenix Block
A g ···· r···~—·-··-—-———————-~——--·————-·———-————————'——'_
g3Q¢gQ¢¢i¢¢$0Q¢i¢€€€¢¢¢¢¢$¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢&¢¢¢ 'h;|' I |¤\‘|¤r hud fh"' }4||(·I| }| I)[\‘)I‘[° \\}|S {41 ‘ I I ·   'Y I t  
"_ ~L[|I·l \ ; _*¤ •_ i '
• • lwlnt: |NIl}ll$Il|‘(| hy tht- slntlvnt hotly YH T T U tm" lmwn
<· · ·t` · I V · » I 'L · ;
    U'. our Mum MMM uml YM I Imnw n {I •\'m· ·A na d• yI· Iopt rl wht tin tp it
I‘ .l I , _· ¤ `· E I :
i< \'oInm•· •i, No, I5. I nm this day _. _ mlm mil Hd THHUMT In in I '_
· _ Ilullllnu ntootl uhon It comes tn tht- gr r
>•‘Il¤llIIL< n t·|1<·¢·k to the l>ll:' mul" Um" lo tl'l*‘ “""k· r·r,r· t pr, .|,.|rp|,q..r| in p·rt-.· the oppor- Umm" MH IW umm in (HTM., mp ml W"'  
?***"""* Thu (.()"l‘\}'l',     [](‘\\' SU! (lr (*0]]- {UNH" U'. k·'li' L   (ll     \`hl lll|•·H4|» gl] ‘.\r.'~}· Hluvnnus und Ul" s'H_   ‘  
. ~·»w ·»st· o·i I · —,»
our going; 3°rig_ dltlons, uns ndv~·rtIs•·d in tI1•- l•·n; ;im;t>iyi\t·t\ l|•·;i4| T. /i
. ' · i lt I•' ` I|"SI\IlS VH I l ' ' •‘I .
In |_~·_hr‘u".y' HH" ul HN. u""""\ (H". \{r»"]"(·ky |mI".r·H_ Alrnrlt |f,•; Hun". `Hh U Ish] 'li It I \ INN H HU nl ll .Il>·r»lltl|tlIl•·•· tin It-;;l—F•‘ I< to brmu ours<·Iy•·s toactlncr I»•·-    
. ~ - l ‘ `2 ri ' S ‘ _ _
i Swarthmore College, that the New thc manuscripts snlnnlttctl words and nnomnl to I_'mn_n__m_ _"_m_(_h_ in WNW lIl"'l il *l""III¥*‘ Ilmlélillll lI***l'.      
song, such a Yale‘s "Mother of Men." lt recommended that the- anthem nm] more thm nw lm_`;)n` lm my -—..--——·.---
1 §’rInceton's "Old Nassau," or Har- submitted by Mr. (‘arl G. A. Schmidt, who hrwp M_(_r mvmluurml from or been MEETINGS OF THE        
vard's "Falr Harvard? Dr. Blessing a Plilladelphia composer, be awarded 1 _m“nmt in nn www or unmr in EXECUTIVE COMMVTTEE P
O l O further suggested that the air be the prize. The words which Mr. ·····‘
and yet I ani teniptcd Io at-t them to- _ _ _ _ _
' adapted from "My Old Kentucky Schmidt submitted were revisetl to _ . , 'lll*‘ *‘\*‘*‘Il¥l\‘•‘ *.">l|llllIU*’*‘ ol thc '
I gotliol and lorm n ( lub, t·le<·ting ouch , _ ,
}·lome." This Idea was enthusiasti- their present torm by the t-ommittt·t» mumber to WNW m.n(_'_ ‘h(_N_i“__ Mllllllll =\*>*<><‘I¤l¤<>¤¤ h¤\=~ hull il ¤luIhl>*‘F
cally adopted by the club, and the and friends ofthe University. It was nr nn"` Mn umn)lnm(n\. In r Ill llllltilmllli ll¤*‘*‘ll¤I¤H· l·Il#l¤I<*¤>=
president was empowered to appoint realized that only those who had at lm_l“n(_rm by u m_(_“ m_m\_ of nw ml l‘>°kI'l¤ ¤··r~~T=¤r<"l¤¤ the UF
a committee to take charge of the love for the Vniyerslty could write ` ` , _ _ Imlllzilllllll mul lllilklllef ll il l>l¤¤*’¥‘ will
dents that nttentlod tho llll\'('I`$ll}' , . _   V . V _. _
work. words adequately expwssiin; their lurk in uw Inn up WN (mmmlmd lwttcr torco lol st-tying tht- I nliotsity l
The Club authorized a subscription loyalty for their Alma Mater. .,_, __ _ *"*'l ll"` ("llll'*l<*Il“`*‘=*lllI- llilr *****l
unt ol tho (adet (orps lll M und t•t• _ _ _ _
for the purpose of furthering this This anthem, with thc co-tnwratlon r , _ r il! YlI*‘ >*‘\*‘I`=Il lllwillltie h*‘l¢l lll ihc
and IMM. Ile married Miss Antoint·ttt~ . , 4 ,
movement. Mr. Frank Daugherty `0l, ol` Mr. Frank Ilattalle `ox, has now }_,n“_Pn nmnh of l0ui“_nn_ mw hn <`*’"l"lI'l*‘*‘· llmls l¤¤l*‘ l>*‘*‘ll lilld to
l the newly elected president, appointed been published, and it is hoped that It gan me m_m_tn_€ of mw nl I O; Angenw ."*"`T*" UIQ "°"“lll‘lll"'l uml l>>'·l¤“’S
Dr. Blessing, Mr. R. W. Ellis ’03, now will foster a college spirit worthy of Cunfomm where he hw been mO;é`l" '“**l“` llI‘° ·‘\’*’**’€l*‘*ll"" l’ma'l*"` ln
` president of the New York Alumni old Kentucky State. . qu(_(_€_Hful` QD much no [nm his mine *""l"’ and l“°l'*’ U**€*`“l lll lis I’uI”l’°**`*·
Club, and the writer, on this commit- In speaking of college spirit, one of i , ,_ Ml`- ·l- l""l“" l·Yl*’· (lf New York (`TUU
has been suggested to Iresdent \\il- ,_ . . _ .
I I tee. the memories which the writer will gon for an ammimmem to th? Omoo lI*‘Sl¤ and in
e _ a ‘ 5- _ , _ , _
Club, held March, 1912, the committee Princeton Alumni and students, stand- {rm of Canfomia “"€“da“€"r` at me ‘““°“* “l9€`““g* Of
reported that it had collected the ma- lng with heads uncovered, singing Yours very truly the dTfT9"°"l Alllmlll (`0mml't€"S·
jority of the funds subscribed but that their Alma Mater, "Old Nassau" In the ’ J I LU F 0**9 of the l’°l“” dl*l°“***"d Bild W
still more money was needed for the fact of a most heartbreaking defeat· i l T be l’“’S"“**"T to The A*S<>¤l¤tl0¤ for Make our selection md mu
l project. A second subscription list by Yale. l approval, is the manner in which or- ickmy is alwa S M3" We
was made up and the necessary funds if the Kl S. ln ..Mma Mmm,. can James IC. Mustin 'll, who was for- ticers of the Association are to be puaragtu ° yr f t_`
Secured. inspire Bunn u Spirit than the New n.erly employed by the State l·1xperi— st·lett·t·d. The object is to give every Q money ;f;:dtdaC mn or
It was further reported that the York (‘lub will feel many times repaid "wm Station TMS T°°"“'ly T‘”"°TT"d l“*‘“*l**** at the ·’·¤S¤<‘l¤¤l<>·¤ all "l’l’°T‘\ y i
I committee had already Started a com for its efforts to Secure the anthem fm, an appointment from the I·`etIt—rnI tunity to take a part ill thc election;
test in Order to Securea Suitable Song the Vnversny. (loyernrnent ns colaboruting food of ot`Iit-ers and the activities of the
U I and notice had been published in lead- lf this song meets with the enthns- (VTIOHHSI m th') hmm (Tl Ml“l“"ll’T’l· ·\*""`T“T“m·
lull Kentucky papers offering a prize iastis approval of the studtints unt] ·l‘“‘“"*' T"¥"*'[Y*`*l Ul l*‘¤I\`·‘ hle .\h<>l|l¤·l‘ vvri important matter to. ’
` nf $100. Alumni unkn it wm nn u num {nn nalin- State uln-rv he has so lllt\ll)’rllt· I»rou;;ht I»t·l‘or·· tht- .~\ssot·iation Isl
A mnnber ot` manuscripts have been want and In tho future, at any t-on;;re~— m°`“`l”‘ but T"` "°"°'l"‘l°"T °" mk" “I*l*I*·’ "*‘T’T"* "T ‘T""” T"""‘ ""*` ‘T"lT*"` "‘  
w(_(_n,€d_ The mujmny were wI,nu_“\gmnm of Knmmky Simp mm Ur his work In th•~ land of sunshinc tlliulltxati tlollurs por unnum_ in ortle-r In
to the tune of "5Iy Old Kentucky women, there will be one son; familiar m°\"`T°l‘ \l‘*"" *"T*"l“*“" "““‘T` TU """"Y "“ TT"' TNCORPORATED
{ lIon1e." 'I`he committee recommended to all present, which sontimontully --~-»- —-». -» V7--—~--   \“‘“`k ‘“ 'l"` ·"\“""T*‘l""‘ ““‘T lllmlrlll
‘ that the conditions ot the contest be binds them to each other and their NEW ALUMNI CLUBS. ‘·t¤·"l¤ ¤¤¤<·h¤l·~·¤‘ tl¤·¤‘<·<>t an publwutiorn Mconegc Fe‘l0“v~S Sh0p"
changed, and the contestants be al— Alma Mater. *"“‘* [TW "“""""l “"`·" vt uw T“T’l  
‘ lowed to submit original music and A. T. LEWIS 'Il•$. 'l`ht· Secretary ot the Alumni .ot...l*··it~¤·>· ml" [ll" A“"°“““’“ M “4€H·
words, as it was felt that "My Old Philadelphia, l’enn. ciation has just been notitied that thcin ls lmmniml that this lmbmlumm -—- 
4 Kentucky Home" was not a suitable .--———————-—— Alumni or Pittslnirg, l‘enn,_ lun-t— ""`“` "* " “‘*"T‘““‘ ‘l""’“i*l‘ “4l""l‘ [TW
U   O air for a college anthem. This fact 'I`he liditor of 'I`he II>l·1.~\, Kentucky forined u club, and a desirous to kinnylM"'"l" ""I "*l’T"” [lwl" `l"““ on  
} was demonstrated by the unsuitabillty State University, Lexington, l{y.` what hills the Alumni are bat-kin; in Twill UW I HHWSHT uml lh" Mumm
: ot the manuscripts received. Dear Sir: I copy herewith an ex- tht- I.t·;: