College of Engineering

 Correction in the Minutes

      In the minutes of February 17, 1951, the date of the leave of
 absence for Earl T. Nobel, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engin-
 eering, was given as January 1, 1951.  The effective date should
 read January 31, 1951,

                       College of Education


     Jerry B. Kelley, Visiting Instructor, effective February 1
through May, 1951,   Mr. Kelley is teaching one of Mrs. May K. Duncan's
classes during her illness.

     Mrs. Esther N. Adams, Visiting Instructor, effective February 1
through May, 1951,   Mrs. Adams is teaching one of Mrs. May K. Dun-
can's classes during the latter's illness.

Leaves of Absence

     Maurice Jackson, resignation of December 1, 1950, as Coach,
University School, changed to leave of absence from December 1 to
June 30, 1951,

     Mrs. Cassie P. Bobbitt, Secretary, Division of Educational Ad-
ministration, granted a leave of absence for March and April, 1951,
due to illness in her family.

     Mrs. Ruthe Maxedon Henderson, granted maternity leave of 24
days plus 5 days of vacation, plus leave to July 1, 1951,   The ef-
fective beginning date is January 4, 1951,   This is in accordance
with the ruling adopted by the Executive Committee at its meeting
February 17, 1951,

Salary Adjustment

     Robert L. Hopper, Associate Professor, Division of Administration,
made also cnairman of the Division and Director of the Bureau of
School Service, with adjustment in salary, effective April 1, 1951,

                       College of Commerce


     Nell Whitaker, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Business Research,
effective March 1, 1951,