Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University
of Kentucky, Tuesday, August 16, 1988.

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met at 4 p.m.
(Eastern Daylight Time) on Tuesday, August 16, 1988 in the Auditorium of
Holmes High School, Covington, Kentucky.

      A.   Meeting Opened

      Mr. Robert T. McCowan, Chairman, called the meeting to order at
4 p.m., and the invocation was pronounced by Mr. Ted Bates.

       B.   Roll Call

       The following members of the Board of Trustees answered the call
of the roll: Mr. Robert T. McCowan (Chairman), Mr. Ted B. Bates,
Professor Raymond F. Betts, Mr. Albert G. Clay, Professor Mary Sue
Coleman, Professor David R. Driscoll, Jr., Mr. Tracy Farmer, Mr.
Lawrence E. Forgy, Jr., Mrs. Edythe Jones Hayes, Mr. Henry E. Hershey,
Senator Walter D. Huddleston, Dr. Nicholas J. Pisacano, Mr. James A.
Rose, Mr. James L. Rose, Judge Robert F. Stephens, Mr. Jerome A.
Stricker, Mr. Billy B. Wilcoxson, Judge Henry R. Wilhoit, Jr.  Absent
from the meeting were Governor Albert B. Chandler and Judge Julia K.
Tackett.  The University administration was represented by President
David P. Roselle; Mr. Edward A. Carter, Vice President for
Administration; Chancellors Peter P. Bosomworth, Art Gallaher and
Charles T. Wethington; Dr. Wimberly C. Royster, Vice President for
Research and Graduate Studies; Mr. Eugene R. Williams, Vice President
for Information Systems; and Mr. John C. Darsie, Legal Counsel.

       Members of the news media were also in attendance.  Mrs. Hayes
reported a quorum present, and Mr. McCowan declared the meeting
officially ooen for the conduct of business at 4:05 p.m.

       C.   Oath of Office Administered

       At the request of Mr. MicCowan, Mr. John C. Darsie administered
the oath of office to Mr. James A. Rose, who will serve as student
trustee for the 1988-89 academic year.

       D.   Minutes Approved

       On motion made by Judge Stephens, seconded by Mr. Hershey and
passed, the Minutes of the June 21, 1988 meeting of the Board of
Trustees were approved as written.

       E.   Nominating Committee Appointed

             Mr. McCowan appointed Senator Huddleston, Professor
Coleman, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. James L. Rose, Mr. Wilcoxson, and Judge Wilhoit
to serve as the Nominating Committee to recommend officers of the Board
and members of the Executive Committee of the Board for 1988-89.
Senator Huddleston will chair the committee, and its report will be
presented to the Board of Trustees at the meeting on September 20, 1988.