Meet the Coaches
ADOLPH RUPP of Kentucky
Adolph Frederick Rupp is in his 19th year as coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team. One of the best known cage pilots in the country, he has turned out topnotch quintets year after year.
Only last season, the Wildcats won the Southeastern crown, the NCAA championship and with the Phillips Oilers represented the U. S. Olympic team which won the world title.
Under Rupp, the Wildcats have taken practically every title available. Besides the successes mentioned above, they've won a National Invitation tournament title and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.
A native of Halstead, Kansas, Rupp captained his high school team before playing at Kansas U.
After graduation from Kansas in 1923, he coached for one year at Marshalltown, la., High School, then for four years at Freeport, III. His teams at Freeport won 72 games, lost nine.
Known to sports writers throughout the nation as "The man in the Brown Suit," or "The Baron," he is as colorful as are the teams he produces.
This is the second season of Howard Hobson as head coach of basketball at Yale. He is one of the foremost cage mentors in the nation and has won considerable recognition. For eleven years, prior to the 1947-48 season, he was head coach at the University of Oregon and in 1939 his team won the NCAA championship, the first held.
He is retiring president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches and is present chairman of the board of directors of this group. He served on the Olympic basketball committee for the XlVth Olympiad. He is the author of two of the best selling books on basketball, including "Basketball Illustrated" and "Basketball Analyzed," the latter book to be published this fall.
He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and received both his masters and doctorate degrees from Columbia University.
Although Yale is the birthplace of collegiate basketball (the first intercollege game was played in New Haven between Yale and Wesleyan on Dec. 10, 1896 and Yale also played the first basketball game with five men on a side against Pennsylvania on March 20, 1897) this past season marked the first appearance of an Eli basketball team in Madison Square Garden and the first appearance on the West Coast.
Year	Games	Goals	Points	Average
1945-46	15	124	320	21.3
1946-47	25	152	419	16.8
1947-48	27	196	554	20.5
1948-49	28	217	636	22.7
Totals	95	689	1,929	20.3
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