xt7k0p0wr94w https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7k0p0wr94w/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19801010 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, October 10, 1980, no. 340 text The Green Bean, October 10, 1980, no. 340 1980 2014 true xt7k0p0wr94w section xt7k0p0wr94w Ciofvy Q1
October I0 Gallery series "New Light on Lexington Architects Between
A the Civil War and World War I," by Walter Langsam,
Noon, Gallery, King Library North. '
October 10-12 Video Production Workshop, Carter Caves States Park (Story
in Green Bean 8/29/80)
October ll-l2, 18-19, King Library Press Workshop. (Story in Green Bean, ‘
25-26 9/19/80) V.
October 12 Hillbrook Exhibit "Ballots and Bandwagons" Opens at 3:00 pm
(Story in Green Bean 9/19/80) t
October 14 Lecture "Skin Conditions of the Older Person," by Ullin W.
Leavell, 4:00 pm, Whitehall Classroom Building, Rm 110.
October 15-17 Kentucky Library Association Fall Conference, Hyatt
Regency Hotel, Louisville. Registration fee $17.00.
Contact KLA, 450 Griffith Avenue, Owensboro, KY 42301.
October 17 Gallery series "Jazz Archives," Patrick Madden and Tim
4 Artabasy, Noon, Gallery, King Library North.
October 18 John Sherman Cooper Dedication of Papers Program - Fine
Arts Building (Display King Library North ) 10:00 am.
October 24 Gallery series "The Baroque Sonatas of Jean-Marie Leclair:"
Lecture/Recital. John Lindsay, Violin; Cathy McG1assen, I
Harpischord. Noon, Gallery, King Library North.
Administrative Council Meeting, 8:30 am. Gallery King Library
October 29-30 Robert Penn Warren 75th Birthday Program. I
October 31 Library Faculty Meeting, 8:30 am, Gallery, King Library
King Library North, UK "A Lot of Good and No Harm: 75 Years of Photography in
Leslie County."
"Sixty Years, League of Women Voters."
Contributors: Pam Fields, Faith Harders, Pat Lloyd, Paul Willis, Nancy Baker (editor).

 -2- — ‘ `
Arr Review: T. Birdwhistelb, C. Frank, N.J. Gibson, M.A. Moore, D. Rapp, Acts. Y
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Gallery Series: J. Birchfie1d,* B. Galik, E. Howard, J. Wiza, A. Bryant, Acts.
Greenbean Editor: N. Baker
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Occasional Papers: B. Galik, B. Cooper, V. Hal1,* W. Wiegand (College of ’
Library Science), J. Porter, Acts.
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Planning: R. Brown, D. Farrell, L. Greenwood, V. Hall, G. Kennedy, M. Lach,*
B. Lucas, J. Pivarnik, M. Welch, J. Fugate, Acts.
Policy, Guidelines g_Rules: H. Gilbert, R. Harleston, V. MacQuown, C. McCann,
J. Sackett,* J. White.
Preservation: J. Birchfield, P. Dare, D. Farrell, C. Jones, F. Jones, G. Munoff,* (
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Salary Review: N. Baker, B. Grissom, E. Smith*.
Staff Development: E. Evans, K. Holden, J. Pivarnik,* E. Pray, A. Ricker,
R. Herald, Acts. * : Chair
The Board of Directors of The Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
announced on September 18, 1980, that the Ford Foundation has awarded CRL a
grant of $1 million to augment its building program fund.
The grant will be added to a growing fund to be used by CRL to expand
its current facilities located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago -
adjacent to the University of Chicago campus. The Center has.been situated
there since 1950. In recent years, CRL programs for new acquisitions of
research materials and storage of infrequently used materials donated by its
” members have been limited due to crowded facilities. The expanded building
program is designed to remove such limitations. ·
Dr. Beverly P. Lynch, Chairman of the CRL Board of Directors and University
Librarian at the University of I1linois—Chicago Circle in announcing the award
at the Board's September 18 meeting in Chicago, stated that the Center's
membership had voted in April to establish a building program of at least ‘
$3 million to be funded from a variety of sources. This $3 million building
program will enable the Center for Research Libraries nearly to double its
present storage facilities. Financing of the project will be completed by
the end of 1980, and construction is slated to begin in early 1981.
Donald B. Simpson, Director of CRL, commented that the receipt of the
Ford Foundation grant is a significant part of a building program to expand
( CRL facilities. "This will greatly add to our ability to serve our members
as a national resource," he added.
Fire alarms will be checked in King North and South between 7:30 and
8:30am on November 3, 1980 and December 1, 1980. Please mark these dates `
on your calendar. You do not need to leave the building during these checks.

. At its May meeting, the University Board of Trustees authorized an
Institutional Self—Study for the University System of the University of
Kentucky. This kind of study, normally conducted every ten years, is a _
· requirement for continued accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges
and Schools. It is also an opportunity for the University to assess its
A current status, to ascertain the direction in which it is moving, to establish
needs and priorities, and to plan for the future.
The following persons have been asked to serve on the Committee on the
Library, one of fifteen special subcommittees involved in this self—study:
Dr. Lois Chan — Chair
Dr. Joseph Jones
Ms. Gail Kennedy .
Dr. Paul Willis
Dr. William J. Chambliss
Mr. Thomas Coward
Mr. Alexander Gilchrist
Mr. Harry Gilbert
Mr. Omer Hamlin, Jr.
Dr. William James
Dr. Marcus T. McEllistrem
Dr. Thomas Waldhart
Dr. Howard Beers, through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP),
has offered to assist students with basic writing skills problems. He is
available in the Instructional Services Room, first floor, King Library South,
on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. This assistance is especially
valuable this semester since the writing skills tutoring, funded last year
through Arts and Sciences, is no longer available in Instructional Services.
Kentuckians can now dial a toll~free number to find out about postsecondary
education opportunities throughout the state. The new service, called the
Kentucky Educational/Career Information Hotline, provides information about
career and employment opportunities in Kentucky.
According to Susan Griffin of Kentuckiana Metroversity in Louisville,
who coordinates the service, the hotline number, l—800-292-2253, can be dialed
toll free from anywhere in the state.
Callers can get information about programs and courses offered by all
two- and four—year colleges and universities, vocational—technical schools,
proprietary schools, and professional schools in Kentucky. Information about ‘
financial aid, transferring, tutoring services, career opportunities, and
sources of employment information is also available.
"But we're not an employment or job referral service," said Ms. Griffin.
"We have general information about opportunities here in the state in different
occupational fields and where people can learn about job opportunities in their
local areas."
The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and an
educational counselor takes calls from lOam to 8pm (eastern time) from Monday
through Friday. The service is funded by the state Council on Higher Education.

 -41 v`*” `Jl
Head, Lockwood Memorial Library, State University of New York, Buffalo.
Salary $24,000.
Reference Librarian, Chemical Sciences, University of California, Santa
Barbara. Salary $l6,392—$2l,024 and $20,088-$28,908.
Reference Librarian, Sociology or Anthropology, Temple University.
Salary $12,500. Application deadline, November 15, 1980.
Reference Librarian, Sciences, Temple University. Salary $12,500. Application
deadline, November 15, 1980,
Rare Book Bibliographer, Temple University, $12,500. Application
deadline, November 15, 1980.
Dean, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island, Salary in the
$40,000's. Application deadline, January 15, 1981.
Science Reference Librarian, University of Missouri—Co1umbia. Salary $19,000.
Application deadline, December 1, 1980.
Head Catalog Librarian, The College of Charleston. Salary $17,000. Application
deadline, January 5, 1980. `
Head, Acquisitions Librarian, Rice University. Application deadline, December
15, 1980.
Head, Library Systems Office, University of California, Berkley. Application
deadline, October 17, 1980.
Audioevisual/Reference Librarian, Law Library, University of Florida.
Application deadline, October 15, 1980,
Director, Division of Central Libraries, University of Louisville. Salary $26,000+ ,
Head, Special Collections, University of Washington. Salary $22,000-$26,000,
Application deadline, November 15, 1980
Acquisitions Librarian, University of Texas at San Antonio (Search reopened)
Salary $14,000.
Clerical Assistant 016, Microfilm Center. If interested, see Faith Harders.
A special thanks goes to Terry Warth
for serving as the Green Bean editor this
past year and for all of her advice and
assistance on this, the new editor's, A
first issue —
N. L. B.