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"<5 LESBIAN f, ”7-,.
iii-f SERVICE "Epilf
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization _
Volume 19 Number 11
Calendar Debut November 17
. ’ _ On Sunday, Nov. 7, AVOL is holding its
Historys most famous women all share 4th annual Art For Life art auction at the
one common trait: apenchant for pushing Sheraton Suites, 2601 Richmond Rd in
their luck. From Eve and Salome to Amelia Lexington. Art and gift baskets have been
Earhart and Mary Kay,.from Cleopatra and donated by local and national artists and
Elizabeth I to Josephine Baker and Eva businesses. Admission is $8 at the door
Peron, their stories provrde ample fodder and includes a free drink ticket.
for the hi—jinks of Kentucky’s most talented Doors open at 3 pm. Come participate
drag queens in Women on the Edge 2005' in the silent auction, view the art, join us for
The latest offering m the hugely popu- hors d’oeuvres and enjoy the musical
Iar series Of calendars DUbI'Shed by the entertainment. The live auction will begin at
Imperial Court of Kentucky will be unveiled 5 pm. Items to be auctioned include art
at a launch reception and show at The Bar from Louis Zoellar, Bickert ll, Fran Rabe,
Complex 224 East Main Street m David Hance, Laura Ray, Bybee Pottery,
Lexrngton on Wednesday, November 17' and more. Proceeds will benifit AIDS
The Court has teamed up W'th artist Volunteers, Inc. For more information
Angela Baldrldge and Royal Partner CJ contact Cathy at 859 225_3000 or
Advertising to produce their fourth calen- AVOLCathy@aol.com.
dar to benefit Moveable Feast Lexington.
Calendar regulars Cammie Dietrich (Joan
of Arc), Chelsea Pearl (Marie Antoinette), vat: NOV. 2
Natalie Gaye (Mary Kay), Nicole Diamond . .
(Catherine the Great), Tracy Taylor (Mata VOtmg gmde page 18
Hari), Jenna Jive (Eve), J.D. Vaughn (Amelia Wha'l’ we Have Won
Earhart), Chanda Leer (Elizabeth l), Lady see page 15
Marmalade (Ella Fitzgerald), and Eden
Towers (Eva Peron) join newcomers Ashley
Kruiz (Salome), Sasha Grant (Cleopatra), Sponsor Ofthe Month
and Stephanie Velour (Josephine Baker) in Laura Wigglesworth
the wildest send-up yet.
Dozens of extras including members 859 264 ' 9926
and friends of the Court round out the cast 1-866.582-2436, ext 421 2
to create a new historical perspective full . _
of humor, glamour and a spin only the GE Flnanmal
'mper'a' 00”” can prov'de' Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
-.continued on next page

 Imperial Court Calendar Debutc
'T". b.3159. . GAYand continued fron page 1
{if 833?? Previous calendars, Femme Fatale 2002,
ORGANIZATION Working Girls 2003 and Faerie Tales 2004, have
‘73? Magma, Kentucky raised thousands of dollars in much needed funds
for Moveable Feast. The annual launch
reception/show has become the “don’t miss” kickoff
to the holiday season.
@555 0 NEWS Women on the Edge will go on sale at the recep-
Volume 19 Issue 11 tion beginning at 8 PM in the Bar Complex’s Living
Room Lounge. The show begins at 9:30 in the
published monthly by Gilded Cage Showroom. Admission to the show is a
The Lexington Gay 5$ donation (free with calendar purchase). Calendars are
L b . S . $12 each, 10 for $100 (they make great Christmas gifts)!
es “In ervzce Beginning November 18 calendars may also be
Organization purchased at The Bar Complex, Moveable Feast
389 Waller Ave. Lexington, Voce Salon, Club 141 and other loca-
_ tions. They may also be purchased online at
Ed’tors www.impcourt.org/kentucky.
Mary Crone Advance orders may be placed by calling
Jackie Cobern Michael Thompson at 859.258.2997 or emailing
Board Members michae|.thompson1@insightbb.com
Thomas Collins, President Actors Guild Play;
Sarah Martin, Vice-Pres. .
Ben Salyers, Sec. Stop KISS
Mary Crone, Editor Stop Kiss, is a poignant and funny play about an
£22353?” unexpected love that blossoms between Callie and
. Tom Collins Sara. It is a wonderful play, superbly acted, and not
John Cornett to be missed. It will continue its run at Actor's Guild
Terry Mullins in downtown Lexington until Nov. 7 with shows
Thursday through Sunday. This is a directing debut
Bi" Chandler, for AGL's Artistic Director Richard St. Peter.
Office Manager The production features Sara Heifetz as Callie
GLSO Annual Dues & and Laurie Genet, a Lexington favorite, as Sara.
Newsletter. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that trans-
forms their lives in a way they never anticipated.
Individual - $15 The play is not mainly about violence, however. It is
Couple — $20 a love story the shows the confusion and joy of two
Opinions expressed in the GLSO women discovering who they are and how much
News are those of the authors and love is worth to them_
don’t necessarily represent those of
the GLSO Board. Submissions are
ments as well as the right to reject Voting Informati _ page '8
submissions or advertisements.
Spiritual Resources — paces IQ — 21
GLSO Page 2

 fiamrunners/fianmalkers MACT KY
Frontrunners/Frontwalkers has discon- Men Of A" COIOFS Together Kentucky is
tinued their Wednesday evening get a chapter of the National Association of
togethers until spring. We will continue to Black and White Men Together. We have a
meet every Saturday at 9 am at the the UK number 0f vnts planned.
Arboretum for running/walking and social- On Saturday, November 6 we WI” have
izing. Join us nearthe Water Tower. If you dinner at Mike and Joe’s in Simpsonville,
have any questions, please call Hal Kutter We Wi” be providing pork tenderloin, fried
or Ken Waibel at 859—294-7944 or email chicken and Cole slaW- Side dishes.
Haj at haroldkutter@ao|.com. desserts and/or vegetable/fruit trays would
be greatly appreciated. E-mail
SOUIIZDI’CB LeXiIIQtOIl mact.ky@aol.com to requestdirections, to
, , let us know how many are coming and if
SoulForce Lexmgton continues to meet . .
you plan to bring a dish.
on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each .
_ , On Saturday the 20th we Will go to
month. We follow the prinCIples of non- .
. _ _ Underground Railroad Freedom Center,
Violence practiced and taught by Ghandi . . . . .
, , , Cincmnati. Meet In Cincy at the museum
and Martin Luter King Jr. to confront spir- . .
. . . at 1 pm. We Will go to dinner aftenNard at
itual Violence against GLBT people.
, , a local restaurant, followed by refresh—
Members come from a variety of reli- .
. , _ . ments at Simon Says Motel. Some of us
gious backgrounds and are united in their . . .
j b |' f th t GLBT l d Il' Will be staying overnight.
he le t ad‘ fl peofp e tarth ourllal '88 On Saturday, Dec. 11, we will have our
ave , O , irec y CO.” ron e re igious Christmas Party at Ralph’s in Richmond. It
organizations and indIVIduals that are . . .

, th B'bl t h _ t Will be our traditional make your own
usmg 'e I 8,0 preac agains US' , Christmas Pizza, with better crust than
For information about meeting location, . . .

_ last year. Jom us for refreshments, Singing,
call Jamie at 859 230-5625. and see web .
t S If L , t and Christmas Cheer.
page a WWW' ou orce exmg on.org, For more information, to Host a meet-
PI‘GVGI‘IHOI'I Bingo ing or to propose a trip, contact us at:
mact.ky@aol.com. you can also check us

On Tuesday NOV- 30, at 9 pm at CIUb out on the web at: www.mactky.com.

141 there wil be Bingo with a Flare. Free

Admission with food and prizes. Come join .
. Bookworm Sale

us for a fun evening.

The K—POL Annual Holiday Soiree will The sale of bookworm inventory last
be held on Wednesday, December 8, at 9 month was limited to T-shirts and art
pm at Club 141. The evening will include prints. Ann Detjen had to postpone the
food, door prizes, a show, dancing and a major part of the sale due to a family
speaker. Admission is free, donations of emergency. We will offer books and the
new toys will be welcome as holiday pres- rest of the inventory for sale in the future.
ents for children and teens in families deal- Thanks to all of you that turned out,
ing with HIV. GLSO made 25% on all sales.

GLSO page 3

The Rainbow League is sponsoring
social bowling every Wednesday at Collins 866 pages 19 21
Lanes on Southland Dr. starting at 9 pm. L M ,
There is no obligation to come every Wed. ex. 811. S Chorus
night. Participants will pay the open bowl- Buy Music & Chance to win CD player
ing rate - roughly $10 for three games. ' .
Payment of ABC sanction fees is optional. L'Ste” to The Lexmgton Men S Chorus
Shawn Fritz will maintain statistics for the whole year round! FA'CETS: LMC’S
those who want to be sanctioned and par- F'rSt CD mm 12 songs '5 JUSt $7 for the
ticipate in the tournaments sponsored by CD! $_5 Cassette. FMC LIVE,!_ LMC’S 2nd
the International Gay Bowling Org. For info CD W'th 16 songs '5 $7- Specual: buy bOth
call Shawn Fritz at 859- 271-8919 CD’s for $10 and get a FREE chance for a
portable CD player (Value of $50).
. .. . S/Bf Knth,tThB
Diver’sflcu In Genoier’ Alliance 96 W ror2n en 3 . a 8 ar
http'//groupsyahoo com/group/lexDGA Complex (2 4 E' Main, 255-1551)
' ' Drawing held Friday, November 12th. You
The Lexington Diversity in Gender do not need to be present to win!
Alliance meets the first Saturday evening
of each month at a private location. UK support Group
Contact Kelli at kellindel@hotmall.com for A new GLBTQ support Group is meet-
info. We welcome all people who tran- ing at UK. on Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:45. Not a
scend gender norms or-who are question- therapy group or social club, just a safe
mg the" gender Identity. We welcome place to get support. We talk about issues
transsexuals, Intersexuals, effeminate that can sometimes be difficult to discuss
men, masculine women, drag Kings, drag including: coming out, flirting, sexuality,
Queens, gender gueers and more. Family spirituality, family, employment, relation-
and supportive allies who would like to dlS- ships, homophobia.
cuss trans Issues are welcome. This Is not This group is free and for UK/LCC stu-
a therapy QFOUP- dents only. Facilitators: Colby Cohen—
Lyons Levi /Leather Club Archer, PH.D amd Sherry Rostosky, PH.D.
Call 257-8701 or crcohe2@uky.edu
The Lexington Lyons meet every other
month at the Pride Center. The next meet-
ing will be on Monday, Dec.13 at 8 pm. We Tm Fade a“ caller“
also meet for brunch at Ma s on the last actively seeking artists
Sunday of each month at 1 pm. You are
welcome to join us. The Pride Center
If you are the victim of a Hate Crime 389 Waller Ave.
we urge you to call and report it to Thomas 859 225-0094
The Human Rights Commission Pride Center 253-3233
GLSO page 4

 («,u- ”1.11!- - ,‘,- ‘1; 15;:;';:».i"-~rv»*'r{' j
mamgifiy “-‘mawmfiw
igrsirafiinwwm W”
te- warm 1's: Jw’g“ v
.fg§2§;.aél £552; #3:. $39535 «11“ 3251 . .
Jur‘“¢){""r':‘:f7,:r > ‘;’(:3":' 1H; '
a?! ‘ tr" :,:‘.~>‘r" 5:331: :- fiat”??- ‘- 1‘ * ,‘I
Hi": ‘
r ‘.2; ' “4'35;
, r '. ’_. '3'31'}, , M’
r : '\
, 7 V r » r ’ s V ‘sreis‘;:;“%‘-‘E~Zs
. r 5 5 {52' . "31‘
V , 5 11711:. ’
, 3%.:
" Show 85 Donation
’ (free admission with calendar purchase)
‘ ' ..l _
“fig? Calendars $12 Donation (10 for $100;
'5:- .
4i??? 1"?” f?“ '
5,: Advance orders: 859.258.2997
. .
égnun On-lme orders: www.Impcourt.org/kentucky
X‘\ ,
GLSO Page 5

 Baby Boomers Investigate age 18 to 64, according to the independent
Long Term Care Insurance advocacy group Americans for Long-Term
By Laura D. Wigglesworth, Long Term Care Care Security.
Insurance Specialist, GE Financial 80 What happens When pe°pie need
long term care due to an illness or acci-
If you are employed and become ill or dent? Health and medical insurance gener-
have an accident, your accumulated sick ally do not cover the COSt Of long term care.
leave may cover your living expenses, at And when income from a job eventually
least for the short term, but what about the stops, many are forced to live off their sav-
long term? How long could you live without ings or investments - while that lasts. The
a steady income if you were laid up for financial and emotional impact can be
months or even years? And how long greatest on domestic and same-sex part-
would it take before your savings and ners,spouses, and children.
investments were depleted? The financial impact should not be
These are questions that most people underestimated. According to the GE
in their 405, 505 and 605 probably don’t Financial 2003 Nursing Home COSt Survey,
spend a lot of time thinking about, much COhdUCted by the independent research
less planning for. And unlessafriend or family firm 0f Evans Research Associates and
member has required long term care, it’s a issued August 3, 2003, the average nation-
subject that most people know little about. Wide cost Of a year Of skilled care in a
Ignorance is not bliss. l have found that skilled nursing facility is $57,700, and can
people do not want to talk about the exceed $85,000 annually in the five most
prospects of needing long term care, espe- expensive areas 0f the country.
cially if they are young. The assumption is The solution is at hand. The solution is
that it's something that happens to older planning. And Pelt Of that planning ShOUid
people, However, in the blink ofan eye, the include looking into long term care insur-
need for day-to-day assistance can ance. Often, unless the ill orinjured person
become a majorissue. An automobile acci— has a long term care insurance policy, the
dent may lead to a recuperation period money for long term care comes right out of
lasting for months, or an unforeseen illness the household’s pocket. Cases do happen
might require years of convalescence. Of where a domestic or same-sex partner,
course, there is the worst-case scenario: spouse, Child, or other family member are
the need for care for life, forced to quit working to stay home and
There are any number of life—altering supply the necessary care.
changes that can unexpectedly affect Long term care insurance is, of course,
those between the ages of 40 and 64. about helping to protect assets. It’s also
Accidents. Stroke. Heart Attack. Breast or about helping preserve dignity, quality of life :
prostate cancer. Ale_ Parkinson’s and financial independence, both for the
Disease. Multiple Sclerosis. Lou Gehrig’s person WhO may become disabled and for
Disease (ALS)_ his or her domestic or same-sex partner,
In fact, accordingto an article published spouse, children, or other family members.
in the Orlando Sentinel on December 12, In short, while long term care insurance
2002, long term care needs are not con- is often thought of as protection for our
fined to seniors, Forty percent of the 13 more “seasoned" citizens, it can also be
million people receiving long term care are beneficial for younger people, tOO.

“ Th F t '11
d e u are w1
" l f ' lf
ta {6 care 0 ltse .
" o
3 But who W111
e ‘?
E take care of me .
h Some 60% of Americans who reach the age of 65 are expected
d . . .
,_ to need long term care servrces at some pornt, while 40% of those
a receiving LTC services now are ages 18 to 64, says the Office of
st Personnel Management.* You may need long term care or you
. may be the caregiver. Help protect yourself and your loved ones
IS . . -
,d wrth long term care Insurance from the company that provrdes
r- a couples discount to domestic partners f
,e ‘ when both are eligible to apply. m“
’n For answers to your questions about long ..
:2 term care insurance, contact General 'f'l‘i ‘
id Electric Capital Assurance Company Long 3
Term Care Insurance Representative:

50 Laura ll. WilllllBSlllfll‘lll
f: 059-254-9925 ”1-866-582-2436. ext 4212
or Iu.uiiuuIeswurin@insigninn.com
3r, '
s. ‘ * ”A Federal Case for LTC” by Employees Benefit News, 2/01/03
«3 “Long Term Care insurance products underwriten by GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL ASSURANCE COMPANY
J Complete details about the benefits, cost, limitations, and exclusions of this valuable long term care
ur insurance policy will be provided to you by calling Laura nglesworth at the above numbers.
39 Not all policies available in all states.

4577, 3/04
— GLSO Page 7

' . 389 Waller Ave. 859—253—3233 Mun—Sat we open at 10 am. _
Bluegrass Fajxness also has office space here. Volunteers help us keep the
oerrcerqjenafter3. Calltobesure someone isherebetween3 andS.
Join us Friday, November 12, at 8:00 The 40+ Club is a group for women over
pm. at the Pride Center for The Hours, 40 (and their younger friends) who are
the 2002 film based on Michael interested in attending a variety of activities
Cunningham's Pulitzer Prize-winning together. In November we will meet on
novel. The film draws on the life and work Sunday 14’ at 2 pm at the Pride Center to
of Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman, who make plans. We have gone to plays, sport-
won the Academy Award for her perform- ing events, museums, and enjoyed many
ance) to tell the story of three women: meals together. After the meeting plan to
Woolf, who is portrayed writing Mrs. go out to eat with us. With the 40+ Club
Dalloway and contemplating suicide; you don't have to 90 it alone.
Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), a wife and , _
mother in 1949 Los Angeles who is read- DISCUSSIOH Group
ing Mrs. Dalloway while she struggles with The discussion group meets every
the confines of her tidy life; and Clarissa Wednesday night at 7 pm at the Pride
Vaughn (Meryl Streep), a modern-day Center and is open to all. We strive to
lVlTS- Dalloway and lesbian, who is QlVan a make this a safe space where you can be
party for her closest friend, Richard (Ed yourself. If you enjoy lively discussions,
Harris), an award-winning vvriterdying OfAlDS- please join us. For more info contact Jane
Often, a film based on a Pulitzer Prize at ladyjaneky@yahoo.com
book does not live up to the complexity
and originality of the bolok. Thifs film, how- Pride Center Library Highlights:
ever, does a wonderfu job 0 conveying . -
the depth and complexity of people’s lives. Byfignlgtgcsi
It is Rated PG-13 for mature thematic ele-
ments, some disturbing images and brief I hope that on November 2nd you exer-
language. Every one is invited to join us, else your constitutional right to vote. This
please bring a snack to share. year the issues seem to be knocking at our
door. The proposed marriage amendment
~ .. seeks to limit civil rights in a way that
gig; Keep the |ove you find, makes a mockery of the Constitution, even
“eff ll Get the love you want the Kentucky Constitution. The presiden-
._ - . tial election could spell the difference
- Jessica Bollinge‘r’ LCSW between blunting the tide of anti-GLBT fer—
vor or giving it even more potency.
Certified Imago Relationship As I looked for books and videos to
‘ Therapist: highlight this month I realized that we as a
couples, family, individual community have been in the political "thick
imagoconnection.com 859-552 6533 :1); It for quite a while and no matter what
7 ppens on ...oontinued on page 14

 GLSO Rainbow Sponsor
Ilnpcrial Court of Kcntucky........252-3014
A Charity Organization
2009 Pride Manta Sponsors
ScoflAckerman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (voice) 294-2055
For all your real estate needs. . (mobile) 338-8483
GLSO News Sponsors 2004
Fairness: Bluegrass Chapter .......................85.9-806-4114
Promoting equality for all people .
EmestoScorsone. 254-5766
Attorney at law
Diverse music for all women
1757 Alexandria Dr., Gardenside
Seeking a Diverse Congregation
224 East Main Street
1513 Nicholasville Road
I’VindyKnollFann......................299-7410 '
Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding
LaumPlfigleswoflhGEFiananc-id ..................26'4-.9926
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist. 1-866-582-2426 ext. 4212
GLSO page 9

 GLSO Newsletter Calendar To schedule events at the Pride Center, call Bill at 253—3233 M4 7 ,
Visit us on the web at: wwwwebspawner.com/users/glsoqimet \, .. .
November 2004 ——__——_|
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ,
8p AAS’t‘epthudy Election Bill] 7p GLSO Discussion 7:30 p Gay/Lesbian 98
ll fort”. lace ”m3 ”“9, Group-PC AA [call for place] Frontrunners/walkers ° ' ' .
£5336 Ceitero) 7p GSA (edit for 8p edy/Lespidn AA Arboretum Weekly A‘hvmes’
pen .
til 5pm ,. place 266-5904] [call for place) 2°ng Center Open Mondays-
‘i-i‘ri I V ’2 ~31: - p .
.,1, TBinge Centerppen :gvfifimtigg ue 8p - Divesrry in 8pm - AA Step Study [CO/l for
i pm g g Gender Location]
Southland Lanes Tuesdays-
] VV . . . . . , , ,,,,,,_.,__s inn-m» _‘.A,fi,,__v.,....t ,,,, ,,_,,_A,,,: . I
. . 7pm - GSA (Gay Straight
gl>:C)]'§O&a]S]tOl\LAJ\L/Jcci:12ijrCh 8p AA Step Study 7p GSA (call for 7D GLSQDISCUSSIOB 7p Lesbian Movie 90 Alliance]
4p integrity @ St. Michael's Pride Center open 8p GOV/LeSbICin AA 7:30 p GOV/Lesbian Arboretum Wednesdays:
épirrrpsridCOUFi Mtg-“C til 5pm . _, Pride Centeropen [Odiilfei place] AA [call for place) Pride Center 7pm _ GLSO Discussion
7p Dignity [call for place) ~~ . Til 5pm - 9p ROIDbOW Open 105 p Group
7p LMC Bowling League 8pm — Gay/Lesbian AA (Ca/I
Southland Lanes for Location)
'— ,___,-,,__.__-_._-,miiifi___ -_____-m_,7,n_,_we-_.,_____7___*___.,__‘._..___n_._______________ 9pm - Rainbow Bowling
(173.3501 QTOALAJUCEEILJ‘C" “m 7p GSA [00“ for efoupg 7:30 p Gay/Lesbian 90. League Southland Lanes
Qp’Womj, 45 +1C|Ubs,:_. :gflgtg B d place 266-5904) 8p edy/LespidnAA {call AA [call for place] Frontrunners/walkers Thursdays:
4p integrity @ St. Michael's Meetin _ 3p 00" for P'Gcei » Arboretum
6p imperial Court Mtg-“ill 8p AA €1,953de (com Pride Center open ifigfigfggguihgfge Pride Center Fridays:
;: 3&1;ng [call for place) Pride Cemer open m til 5pm Bar Complex Open 10-5 p 8pm - Gay/Lesbian AA
SoulForce (call Jamie 230- 5pm 9p Rainbow Bowling [CO/l for Location]
5625] League Southland Lanes
fem“ "u—fi—"_%—"_TT*—fi— __w_._______..________ Hflw Saturdays:
9:15 & i to UU Chgrch 7p GSA [call for {can 730 p Fairness-PC 7p GLSO Discussion Thanksgiving 7:30 Ga yLesbjen 9a 9am - Frontrunners/Walkers @
i 0:30 d St. Mychals p p V
4p jmegmy @ St. Michael's for place 266-5904] GiOUp‘P"~' AA (call for place] Frontrunners/walkers UK Arboretum
. 8 AA Ste Stud rcdiii - 8p Gay/Lesbian AA “I“! Arboretum
6p sistersdund P i0 _ V Pride Center open 1. ,
7p Dignity (call for place] Pride Center Open ill til 5pm [call for place) M ‘ Pride Center Sundays:
gr) mgr , 5pm 9p Rainbow Open 10-5 p 9:15 & i iam — UU Church
p ‘ Bowling League .ng Worship Services.
Southland Lanes i0230 - Mass, St. Mychal The
~ Martyr.
|__ - - I
9:15 & 1 id uu Church - 4pm- Integrity @ Si. Michael 3
Pride Center 0 en .
i0130 O 3- Mitchel 7p GSA [00” for H 5 p More information about many of the events are in this newsletter. 6pm ' SisterSound Rehearsal
2" women 40+ C’Ub‘“ place 2665904) I pm Y t t all 11 th to f‘ th d t d @ Londsdowne Presbv
6p jmpen'QlCourf Mtg—1535:: ( c all for pl a c e) place 266-5904] tune, see the threctory on back page. ., ; Church: . . C ,
;: ng'mco" rorpiocer Pride Center Open 9p Reversion Prlde Lender may be abbreviated - PC _ i 7pm]; Dignity SerVIce i all for
SoulForce [can Jamie 230 til 5pm Bingo Club 1 4i Call for Place may be abbreVJated- Call ,L000 ’00]
_ i _
' 5625] |__ i (,‘igogxigigggjsgtfifi
Monthly Activities: '
Mondays: Tuesdays: Wednesdays: Thursdays: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays:
7pm - GLSO Board Mtg. [3rd Mon.) 7pm — Fairness [4th Tues] 7pm - Lesbian Movie Night 8pm- Diversity in Gender 2pm -Women 40+[2nd Sun.)
(2nd Fri.) (731‘. Sat.) 7pm - Dignity (2nd. Sun. ]
7pm -/\/IACT [3rd, Sun.)
GLSO Page i0 GLSO Page 13

 What are your hopes and dreams for the GLBT Community?
Read some of our visions on the reverse side, write some of
your own here and send them to us with a new or renewal of
your subscription. Act now before prices go up in January.
Or email us your ideas at lexingtonglso@yahoo.com.
My Hopes, Dreams for the GLBT Community:
I Subscriptiom/Membership prices will go up January 2005 I
I Give gift subscriptions to your friends. I
I GLSO needs your financial support to maintain the Pride Center I
and to support our other projects that include:
I Gay Straight Alliance for Youth Pride Month Activites I
I Discussion Group Pride Library Diversity in Gender I
I Alliance Speakers Bureau Social Events I
I Pink Pages Pride Gallery ActOut I
I Please Subscribe to this newsletter. We need your support. I
I Name___________ Phone_#____ I
I Address ____.__—____ I
I City, State, Zip I
I $15 Membership and Newsletter I
I $20 Couple membership and newsletter I
I I would like the newsletter at this reduced rate I
I Additional contribution I
Mail to GLSO News PO Box 1172 Lexington, KY 40588
GLSO Page 11

 GLSO has many projects and programs that your donations and subscriptions
to our newsletter support. Right now we are in need of money to pay our basic
expenses for the next two months. Here you will find a list of some of our basic
monthly expenses and our vision of what we could do with increased funding.
Basic PrideCenterRent................ $750
Basic Utilities&Phone..................$275
Basic Insurance & security system. . . .. $170
Visiow A larger Pride Center with offices for a variety of GLBT organizations,
perhaps even for some other progressive groups. Larger meeting rooms, larger

Pride Library space, relaxing space with big TV for movies. More events and
gatherings, future weddings and civil unions.
Basic Staff Office Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $340
Vision: To pay Bill more than his current take home pay of $222.84 a month.
To add staff positions, someone to edit the GLSO News, Pink Pages and do mar-
keting and someone to work with youth programming.
Basic Office Supplies, including in house printing . . . . . . . . . . $550
(paper, ink, postage for newsletter, pamphlets, letters, etc.)
Vision: More subscribers and a larger number of donors. As we increase the
size of our mailing list, we increase the number of people connected to the GLBT
{ community. You can help us right now by giving a subscription as a Christmas gift!
Basic Programming: Gay Straight Alliance for Youth, Discussion Group, Pride
Library, Diversity in Gender Alliance, 40+ Women, Speakers Bureau, Pride
Gallery, ActOut plays, Social Events, and Pride Month Activities. All of these
run on volunteer energy, most of them depend on having meeting space in the
Pride Center and advertising through the newsletter.
Vision: Money to advertise our groups and projects in local publications such
as Ace. Add additional projects as needed, such as a PFLAG chapter, groups for
young adults and parents. The Gay Straight Alliance for Youth (GSA) is an exam-
ple of one program that we would like to expand. We would like money to adver—
tise the GSA on teen radio stations More money for financial support for youth
wanting to attend GLBT or related events (we have a fund established). Money
for tutoring and a college scholarship fund. A paid staff person to run youth
Programming, who could visit high schools regularly and do training about work-
, ing with GLBT youth. A place for youth to get together on weekends.
Share “our Dreams amt vision with us on the reverse site.
GLSO page 12

 Pride Library moonfinued fiom page 3 Clarke & Eloise Vaughn (HQ 76.45.U5 C58)
November 2, the issues and the fight will Marching for Freedom: The 1993 March
go on. I hope you find some of these 0“ Washington, Video (VIDEO Marc)
works on GLBT politics and politicians Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and C
enlightening. Times of Harvey Milk, by Randy Shilts (F a:
After the Ball: How America Will Conquer 869-3353 M547) gur
Its Fear & Hatred of Gays, by Marshall Kirk On the Road to Same-Sex Marriage: A
(HQ 76-8-U5 K57) Supportive Guide to Psychological, Leg
Early Homosexual Rights Movement Political, and Legal ISSUGS, edited by org
(1864-1935), by John Lauritsen & David Robert P- Cabal & David W. Purcell (HQ lecl
Thorstad (HQ 76.8.L38 E13) 76-3-0523 8187) Ow
How to Make the World a Better Place for One: A True Story Of POIitiCS, Prayer, and org
Gays and Lesbians, by Una Fahy (HQ the Power of One, by Karla Drenner (F fun
76_3,U5 F328) 291.3.D74 O58) al 5
Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat: And Paragraph 1753 Nazi Persecution 0f Gays gro
14 Other Polarizing Issues, by Tony (VIDEO Para) - SUI
Campolo (AUD'O BOOK 'SJe) These and many other books and videos
Keep Singing: Two Mothers, Two Sons & can be checked out of the Pride Center, ha!
Their Fight Against Jesse Helms, by Patsy 2890 Waller Ave. Inc"
_ ev
, , ,jthis
_ . ~ ' . Real Estate Serme thh garr
' ~ EEtior
1 , RESULTS :gew
.. ”it?" iii
_ INTEGRITY _ 2.???
g .13.).
Scott Ackerman E NTHUSIASM 133%
Mobile: 859—338-8483 Ethi
Voice Mail: 859—294—2055 Serving :exington ica
Office: 859—269—7331 ‘ha
, All of Central Kentuck ’
E—Mall: SAcker4224@aol .com y 30f
. iss
Call me w1tl1 all your Real Estate Needs in
GLSO page 14 '-

 face, which is the most effective way to
What We have W011 change people;s minds.
by mary “one In addition, our state and local organi-
The Kentucky No on the Amendment zatlons have built more effective infrastruc-
Campaign and the many volunteers that ture, learned if] tremendous amount about
gave their time and money have ‘won a political organizing, and turned many indi-
number of important victories. Viduals into activists. There were .18 staff
According to the National Gay and members working on the campaign and
Lesbian Task Force, state and local GLBT over 2’300 volunteers.
organizations have been somewhat neg- _NO on The Amendment a“? the KFA
lected as a focus for GLBT political work. Action Fund have together raised three
Over the last 25 years, national GLBT times as much money as LGBT groups
organizations have been building their have ever raised In Kentucky. . They
funding base, improving their organization- received donations from 2100 indIVIdual
al structure, and honing their lobbying and donors as 0f 00? 22’ and more checks are
communication skills. Local and state being written daily.
groups have too often not received the And our message has reached beyond
support and encouragement they deserve. the Lexmgton, Lowswlle areas. On Oct.
During this same time, the radical right 19th Seventy people showed ”P at the ,N0
has been building a grass roots base that On The Amendment rally In Bowling
now has disproportionate influence at all Green. The Mayor Of Bowling Green was
levels of government. As a result of that planning to ask the councd to support the
influence, 11 states had ballot measures (so 9‘3”“) Marriage Amendment at a
this year seeking a state constitutional meeting on that evening,. NO on the
amendment seeking to forbid the recogni- Amendment asked _ those. 70 people to
tion of same-sex marriages. Most of them, march to the owned meeting. After they
have probably passed by the time you arrived, the mayor removed the amend-
read this. ment issue from the agenda. We do have
But whatever the vote at the ballot box political power when we organize.
:we have not lost; we have actually made Another pos'tlvé outcome has been the
progress. For the first time we have number of new VISitors to the Pride Center.
,lunched a state wide, duel purpose cam- Someiustdrop by to p'Ck up a 8'9” mt Oth-
'paign in Kentucky. We have gotten great ers stay to look around, check out a book,
media coverage, built strong coalitions, or give a few hours entering data.
and strengthened our support base i hope you have seen and heard the
throughout the state. radi