Chemistry Department faculty group includes Row1 (L to R): Drs. Merle D. Pattengill, Walter T. Smith, Jr., James E. O'Reilly, Joseph W. Wilson, Paul Corio, Henry H. Bauer; Row2 (L to R): Elwood Hammaker, Douglas G. Naae, Thomas G. Attig, Carolyn P. Brock, Laren Tolbert; Row3 (L to R): Paul Sears, William K. Plucknett, Allan Butterfield, Audrey Companion; Row4 (L to R): Rodney E. Black, William F. Wagner, Robert W. Kiser, Donald E. Sands, Steven Yates, John M. Patterson; Row5 (L to R): Kurt Niedenzu; Not Pictured: William D. Ehmann, Ellis V. Brown, Stanford L. Smith, Robert Guthrie


  • 1976-1977




  • English


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