News from       Roland            503
affectionate compliments to him, and say he has not
the least idea how very much I revere him. I should
like to see his face when he finds it was I who was
the delinquent. Constance can turn the tables on him
now. But if she ever forgives him, she'll deserve to
be as hen-pecked as Jenkins is; and tell her I say so.
  " I meant to have told you about a spree I have
had since I came to London, but there's no room, so
I'll conclude sentimentally, as a lady does,
               "Yours for ever and ever,
                                "ROLAND YORKE."

  You must not think that Arthur Channing read this
letter deliberately, as you have been able to read it.
He had only skimmed it-skimmed it with straining
eye and burning brow; taking in its general sense, its
various points; but of its words, none. In his over-
powering emotion-his perplexed confusion-he started
up with wild words: "Oh, father! he is innocent!
Constance, he is innocent ! Hamish, Hamish ! forgive
-forgive me! I have been wicked enough to believe
you guilty all this time !"
  To say that they stared at him-to say that they
did not understand him-would be weak words to ex-
press the surprise that fell upon them, and seemed to
strike them  dumb. Arthur kept on reiterating the
words, as if he could not sufficiently relieve his over-
burdened heart.
  " Hamish never did it ! Constance, we might have
known it. Constance, what could so have blinded our
reason He has been innocent all this time."
  Mr. Huntley was the first to find his tongue.
  Innocent of what" asked he. " What news have
you received there" pointing to the letter.
  "It is from  Roland Yorke.   He says "-Arthur
hesitated, and lowered his voice-" that bank-note lost
by Mr. Galloway    "
  " Well" they uttered, pressing round him.
  " It was Roland Yorke who took it !"
  Then arose a Babel of voices-questions to Arthur,
references to the letter, and explanations. Mr. Chan-
ning, amidst his deep thankfulness, gathered Arthur to
him with a fond gesture. " My boy, there has been