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F D ~ W
All staff members are invited to J A [ E "
view a film on safety presented by R E A H
the Safety Division on August 5 in ‘" i "
Room 504, MIK South. Times will
be A - M--2:00; N - Z--3:15.
pggpgggygmél SIAFE MEEIING NEWSLETTER 7/26/74
A professional staff meeting, like the one held at Shakertown last fal. `
has been tentatively scheduled for the Boone Tavern at Berea on August
2l. Details will be distributed soon. All professional staff members
Library Technician IV's, plus all departmental head librarians are in-
vited to attend. A meeting for the remainder of the staff will be
scheduled at a later time.
Reference librarian, Humboldt State University, Arcata, Ca1if» $818fY*
approximately $9,500. For further details see Dotty Green.
The University Personnel Division recently suggested that the new Li-
brary Technician classification series should constitute a promotion
ladder for those within the group and special provisions were decided
upon for movement from the Library Technician I category to Library
Technician II. I would like to explain the procedures to be followed:
Persons entering the Library system at the Library Technician I level
will, over a period of time, become more proficient in their assigned
duties. The specialized knowledge and training they receive will, in
most cases, make them eligible for promotion to the Library Technician
II grade. All Library Technician grade I's will be automatically re-
viewed for promotion to Library Technician Grade II after two suceess— I
ful years as a LT—I. Th€ annual performance evaluation reviews will
be used in this process.
Please note that this applies only for grade LT—I to LT-II and not for
the other grades. Also, a promotion to a LT-II will not necessarily
involve a salary adjustment since an individual in a LT-I position for
two years will usually have a salary above the normal starting rate
for a LT-II.
This does allow us to promote someone for doing a job well without
necessitating a change of positions or reclassification. I am pleased
that Personnel recommended this to us and that we are able to implemeni