xt7k6d5p9q8f https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7k6d5p9q8f/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19770128 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, January 28, 1977, no. 163 text The Green Bean, January 28, 1977, no. 163 1977 2014 true xt7k6d5p9q8f section xt7k6d5p9q8f UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LlBRARIES' NEWSLETTER
1/28/77 N0. 163
28 January — Administrative Council Meeting — 8:30 AM—9:3O AM
‘ Illustrated lecture on Japanese and Mexican Paper-
making — 11:00 AM, Room 118, Classroom Building -
Open to the public
Music in the Gallery series — Baroque violin recital
by John Lindsey (replacing Nathaniel Patch) —Noon,
Gallery — Open to the public
4 February — Library Faculty Meeting ~ 8:30 AM, Gallery
Music in the Gallery series — The Concord Trio,
(violin, cello, piano (rescheduled from ll February)
Noon, Gallery — Open to the public
SLA/Kentucky Chapter meeting (see note) V
8 February - Information Seminars for Graduate Students — 12-1,
2-3 PM, Gallery (see note)
9 February — Patterson Literary Society — 10 AM, Gallery —
Open to the public
Qurrent Exhibits: King South Lobby — "Storefront Studio"
(serigraphs—through 26 January) Art Library — Ink Drawings by
Mike Sleadd (through 12 February)
Contributors to this_number: Cynthia Amann, Cliff Black, Rhoda
Channing, David Farrell (Editor), Larry Greenwood, Faith Harders,
Patricia Renfro, Jeanne Stevens, Terry Warth

 -2- I
Internal Promotion and Transfer Policy:
I have been asked to clarify the library’s policies and pro-
cedures for internal promotions and transfers.
when a vacancy occurs, it is listed in the Green Bean; and
anyone who is interested in the position is encouraged to
see me. As explained in the Staff Manual, each grade level
has certain education/experience requirements — an LT I requires
a high school diploma; an LT II requires two years of college
or library experience; a III requires four years of c0llege/
work experience and a IV requires additional experience or
education beyond the LT III level.
If a person meets the requirements of the position, I send a
copy of their original job application to the person in charge
of the unit in which the vacancy exists. In most cases, we
will have several applicants for any one opening. On the LT
III level, the competition is extremely keen and we have had
as many as twelve people apply. Although each vacancy is also
listed at University Personnel, it is our general policy to
give preference to internal candidates, especially on the LT
III and LT IV level.
The unit head is asked to interview all candidates for the job;
and then, in consultation with other people where appropriate,
he/she notifies me of the final decision. After verifying our
selection with University Personnel, I notify all people who
applied for the job of the decision.
If, at any time, a person has questions concerning the hiring
procedure, I would be more than happy to discuss it with
hlin,/Il’;€];` .
Information Seminars for Graduate_Students (and librarians)
Dianne Hoffmann of the Institute for Scientific Information in
Philadelphia will lecture on the use of the Science Citation
Index (Noon to l PM) and the Social Sciences Citation Index
YE"€H 3 PM) on Tuesday, 8 February, in the Gallery. Librarians,
students, faculty and others interested in the technique of -
citation indexing are urged to attend.
The Science_Citation Index was begun in l963; the Social
Science Citation Index in 1969. Both are available in the
5F_Libraries system.

Staff Organization_elects officers:
New officers of the Library Staff Organization are as follows:
President — Trudi Bellardo
Vice President ~ Karen Boucias
Secretary ~ Mary Ransbottom
Treasurer — Mary Welch
Wgtes from past workshgp:
During the Public Relations Workshop sponsored by the Professional
Activities and Staff Development Committee, Mr. Fred J. Glazer
told of his experiences and projects as director of the West
Virginia Library Commission. Mr. Glazer argued that libraries
are competing for the attention of patrons and that we must
sell our services just as any other product is sold.
To remind legislators that libraries need a part of the state
budget, Mr. Glazer had pies baked and presented to each of the
legislators with a leaflet which proclaimed that in order to
make pie, libraries need "dough." Mr. Glazer also created a
"pet bookmark" with library information printed on it. He noted
that it is an ideal pet because it "stays where you put it and
faithfully keeps your place, and it doesn't always need to be
fed or watered»"
His other suggestions included scarves and ties with his library's
logo ("When you tie one on, think of your library"), and a
graffiti pcster proclaiming, among other slogans, "Libraries
are capital—~signed Karl“"
Groups were formed to discuss possible public relations cam-
paigns for the University of Kentucky libraries' various
departments and services, and suggestions that were offered
will be forwarded to the appropriate units.
A reception for Fred Glazer followed the workshop and thanks are
in order for Tag Frye and Kay Saillard for organizing and arrang-
ing the entertaining and informative session.
SL/l 4 KEllLU.Cl