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Vol. VI LEXINGTON, KY., NOVEMBER 27, 1913 N0, 1]
  O O   __ -`évt-;—_;_i
> _ W1/dcats and V alunteers Louzwzlle Cardmuls Maurn
' I F ` I S I T `
n mu trugg e   . 0 the Muszc of 20 to 0
B_••t Offering of Season to Cloee Wildcats 1913 Schedule, and ' The Felines Pur and Rage Down Eclipse Park, Unhindered by
3 . I••ue is Uncertain:. { " the Incarnadinea.
I The Lillhup. The whirlwind attack of the Wildcat and the yelling of both factions was
Kmmckw T,nn,““_ . backfleld was good for 20 points in deafening. Four hundred State stu-
Zerhm I47 ......... - ............... - .... - ........... LE. ................................................ Carroll I65 l¤¤l S¤t¤¤ ¤ s¤¤¤¤ with the Univer- dem, including the mma, made me
Cmtcher I63 ............... .. ................... - .... LT ....................................... Haley (c) I72 MW °‘ L°“i¤"m°· ln bl¤¤ki¤8 UW trip ln a special train, and at the game
•• Bailey I54 ....... , .......... , ...... -..._..., ..... LG ................................................... Ken- I86 ’   *"¤“¤ City ¤l*>l’¤¤. the Wlld<=¤t¤ w¤¤ occupied one section or the mma
Brown I68 ....................................... .. .... C ................................................ McLean I62 v_ I ¤¤d*¤P¤¤¤d uml tv Smw ¤h¤¤lDl<>¤¤· Stand.
` Woodgon I79 ,,,,,,.,,..,.. .... ....... ...,,..,......RG ................................... .. ........... BBYCY I88 WA '   mp' The Wildcats came on the Held to
Dqwning I56 _____________________________,____, ,__,___RT ................................................ Kelly 200 1" l·¤¤l¤v*¤·¤ f°°tb°n has had figured the tune of "My Old Kentucky Home,"
, Roth 1 36 ___:__ _ ______ _ ________________________________ RE .......................................... McClure I52 JAMES PARK. “*° B*“° md whim ° *¤'°'**° ¤l 3 °° and after e nerve racking delay me
  Park |6Q ____________________________,____ _ ______,_______,, QB ................................................... May I40 Kentucky knows Jlm quite well. 1• wd uw ‘°·"°"“°“ P°"Y°"m¤¤°° WN whistle blew, mack kicked to Scgtt
{ Tuul; I68 ,,________,,_,_, ,, ,_,,,,,,._..,,.....,..,.... LH .................................... Thomnucn U5 Tennessee will have a grand lntroduc- °°“’m°m· K°“t“°ky “ f°""‘”`d P““°“ who returned lt to the 35-yard ling,
  Hite I55 .........,.............. . ............................. RH ............................................. Rainey I5} tion to him this afternoon. He will mm end "“““ “'°"° b°Y°“d *·h° kw °’ In a few minutes Kentucky, using
. Scqu (c) I55 _____ __ ____________________,_,,__,,,,_,,., FB ................... e ........................ Lindeny U5 play quarterback with 168 pounds, all °h° C‘“`di”‘*l d°“’““°· and the i"“° straight football, rushed the ball to
f —-————   or wmcn ls head and genemismp. °' °¤° 8¤m° was M"' in d°“b*· *’°" L0uisvllle’s 4-yam une only to be held
0N|¤|lI;•· the yam,. Loc" football emhulmns Tennessee could well watch this boy. ;•;°;t{b;;;k:`*stt;>;* :;*:;*1:*:u ‘;b Hx: for downs. Black punted 45 yards
Referee——Pinne0. 0rthwe•te¤1· unto that Tmmulu is me {norm  UR THANKSGNINGS DAY · V V and Park returned 15. Turkey van-led
Umplre—Ve¤‘ Welbe. H¤¤‘V¤l‘d· at small Odds, but it u hm thu margin ' mg °t T“"l‘°Y P“"‘· *°$°*h°' "nh nw the attack aud two successive forward
3,.;; u¤“m‘...(;“Y.u' Ggqrgg Wn d H ·—··· ability of the whole oentucky eleven passes to Tuttle gave Sum A much
that will make the dcats e ver J _
wwm . ust to see our Wildcats nimble to gouow um bu] mm, me victory
· Q Y down. Tuttle kicked goal.
16 in h the old fight when the whistle blows. Break the mm of Tennenoy ponible _
Y, _»   `   or Periods- m utes ew · · The advance nh of bo, But. hu O, Kmmchw mn do _t uombh Th   In- . The rest of the hal! the play wu {
if `S ' ’ r' b••n··!:¢*h’•aa‘·•n` tu•'·ri•rve¤ not   .   · r Y . . . ° '... l“‘°."'“ m '?°'* hit \¤d.¢¤r•¤w.· Lc¤t¤•·8u.1c•t..pp·
V. -. Hiyfllffbf .- ·· ·*·· ·=•   . »·..
•t. · ·t·•O0•4»OO·|»O·bO'l¤Y» emmslve work and me bal] was most.
lust   on       the   of condition and would give + obhgnc Trio y' + but Otlgarwlse their Oueuée was     in S[8,[€`S t€[‘[`i[()[‘y_ In the last
$.‘3?.Z€2‘  .i’§“°.i’.2;.. 11.. `LLTZ.     me be the he *¤ ·······4·········       “’..I`If “".I°."§§ “““'     *""" hw     and
repu a on as a mp- c er an o
. f t, i k.  
from the University of Tennessee. in as aggmss V9 wor  ··-·-·;1-—-··· his errorts went wild. He should win lC<>l¤tl¤¤·¤¤ Page Eight.)
There is no available dope based on _,,·:¤   H   4; rr  
·1· or r·r—··——————————     ,:.   a place however on an al1·Kentucky  
· _-·.:.,   comparative scores. The following M ·:~ig;,·’;~    · £| ,,~ [ H I l_ d d f 1
. Me. ‘* ru; ` ._ ~. · ‘ l v ; _ '
•  .p i     _ M;  ,..8 me .€.,,.....l... Besson mrc. or ». .3  4 , _   lj ‘‘‘‘ "°“_f‘t "jf°fl ° ‘°l"“f_‘* ‘;f"‘l
  M      fm . me two teams '}i,{§.%       e seeme o e ie on y ar na
  ,..· -   ·’A*‘·??°9€j°g·: l ` *   ;"‘       who could break up Kentucky end . ,
r s l
. _ ` 5r°""°“°°' ‘ I runs, and his tackling was superbi V - ‘
{   ._ .   ;8W:’arS()nlNewnlill ''``''''''' " U ._ - S Vaptain Walker and Dunxvig, the big Q
.5——jrant lnivers ty ............. UI 7 _ louisville tackles _ 5 , ,
»·.~‘ — 4 ‘ , [DUI up kl gl€ki{ giillltl .
-:*1, ~,»>j.· \. . rr_ _ · i *4 · { ` ' . ._
·>‘ xg? ’ I 70 ilmyvme `''```'`'`````''`'`'   ‘€ _ and soon divorced Park from an idea   ik ·w
a ___ 7*-bc“‘me€ '`'``'`''“''``''````' lb   ‘ ;   of sending a buck over their stations. —+'
      ·“·’ e•-V-iiavluson .................... 0 r ~   ,
· E: -,’Q . 2l__[,mvm_Sny or Chattanooga 0 V __  M _ Saturday was another ··’1*urkey‘* pay. . __ ,;
    ..sv.........-.... ....' . .......... Z XIX . r *< ·     M ··**~··~* M ‘Y**<*·l¤~ **· S···>·*j** 4 U   ·' -
· Umiuabama F [_   ·__,_ style, and his passing was the main ` `  
~» he __ _ W ’ ` H"`·U" `HHU_ l factor in Kentucky`s victory. 'l`uttlc _@p§§_P 6
• I 271_0pp0nBms 29 _ and Hite played a whirlwind game, ` *  
. UU I · l ' l · l I ' · ` l ' U ` l d Scott`s blocking and his returning I-:1   `L  
. ~ S st z . an -— .
. zlhuuuer a Q 7 · ·.r fe.   ` of punts and klck·offs gave Louisville ·· ·,
  _,   . W `. 0_lum4iB ` ' l ` I l ` · U l S · ` U ` l · l ` ' l · .21 » °· " fans a demonstration of how a good *i’*`?··‘ "
. _ ‘ 21-0hiO   · l l ' l . ' l · · ` ` ` U 0 L fullback ought to work Urutcher suf-
—· ° 27_(·gm·;m,,m ' · · · · l · t · l ' l l U 7 J fvrvd u twisted leg in the early part or   ‘
z§ Ju, 28_"b:ur|huul · ····•· • ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '   the ga||)e’ but gullltély hlilldlid (`H»[}t.uiu V jg;  
_   Walker the time of his young life till u ' ‘
.l2——Wll 1 t ................. 0
re. zowboumvlmeun 0 State bucked over her lust touch-
I ` . ` l · l ` l l ` ` l l ` · I l -»_ down.'l‘om Zerfoss delivered a classy     *
M9 Opponents 45 Paul Hite, 'I4, alias "l’aullne," has article and his defensive work was `  
The record BIQQL.   llliélglléégae proven his ability as one of the tleetest especially good. ` ` "
"Glv" llowulnz ls left tackle. and l¤ hair backs who ever were me Blue and rele day was delightful for specta- lvinmm *1‘uo1t·, ls from so..l.·l·s.·l_
has a powerful scoring machine, and a
R l”’°duct OY the Swaeulwd ¥'**8l!¤6» _ White, and his heavy gains on end tors, but decidedly too warm for the known in University phrlahce as
great defensive team. 'lhelr defeat
¤¤d is 8 KPMG. ¤¤¤'¤DDl¤8 Wlldclil. runs have been a factor in making players. The stands at Eclipse l'urk "Suuirrely," is one ofthe most poser-
• every inch of him. Watch "Glp" work. (Continued on Page Eight.) Kentucky’s season a successful one. were packed with 5,000 enthusiasts ful bucks Kentucky has ever produced.

2 T H E ID E A \
FIR|1‘-CLAII IN IVIRY APPOINTMENT. J. H. ITAMPIR. Jr., 0wn•r and M•n•|•r. OPEN 10 A. M. TO 11 P. M.
  • •
    NBL |¤0|¤t¤ Duticnce, und b9l|d8l all
’ that he MUST be s consistent, per-
` I ° Q °b ( l b ’ sistont rulatlau deslntlens Hucnt B num
· · · dll CI Mmm
      u cunor. Pnctcinlly the uma virtues , ” " _ _
°f   sro necessary for the business mann- wmbelppmprmtefor celebratmg
ger, snd Mr. E. F. Danforth qualified   1 ’
  THA~K°°'v'N° "THE ·°UAw ”AN" ··!N for that job. Hore's w1¤h|n’ ’em luck! _ “
wsmcn nnonmv nom oun roo·rum-we M,_ H_ C_ M,,,.,,,0,,_ th, ,0,.,,,,,, pm, For Your "g·nrl" will not enjoy I
Ofan fri! {HBO! in all dtplff- "“'"_' —·——— ident, tendered his resignation which {ge gum? uglless sllgehhas Bowers Q
nam ““P‘ by go .,“|u·g•• An Unu•u•I Anlmal, Rich In Wond•r•. The Btrollera Pr•••n\ n Thrllllng T•|• was accepted wm, much regret, for wear m (moto t ° l
of Kentucky High Schtwll Wh¤ —— °' w““"” .°"‘•" L"**M'“ wo are sorry Indeed to lose him. How-   . l •
N,. Pntnnd to em". the Fruh. The most marvelous specimen of Porter th• Ihrrlng Lady. ever, “n°°d· must when the devil - I
msn Chi. h" "°“““Y b““ ”°“ in uw ¤°"h' "*'* drives/' and the club Hatton itself that Team' Ou: tstqck his Fha most Q
bornood of Lexington in the put two The lovers ot htstrtonioa among the the but possible successor was elected comp ° ° m t e qty- v
Enh county in th. Stn. g. dgyn. Two glimpses of the bout students were dollghtod with the when Mr. _y_ E_ Bolling wu ,l°cwd_ l
added to and FREE of gui. have been had and the soars have double-scene ploco ot srt given from The committee for choosing the play     C0. Q
thm m.u.gcu]·tg°n_ hbongoyy ulled it the mont intricsto conutruc- the chapel •t•|• on lut Monday after- to be given tm, year. wu than named. ·
.PP°ing·__ potent md divine :•¤i¤• over devised. The loading mm on the but board mmann Mtn chrimm, Hopkinm ML ‘s'U'R°"""'"*""‘ {
Tue cat had limbs so strong that he was Mr. Henry C. Morrtaon, soon to N_ M_ w|m,_m,, md Prot pu.q“hu._
Nggagry ggpgnjg gqdgynj, could IGI]! I IDGIGUYOWI OD! h\l¤d|`Bd be in {D8 U. 8. luplollluc l0l'VI¢8 in The program committee I- ulr°·dy F  P  and  
feet on an dying level. Ha could cron Porto Rico. In the "Lost Psndlso" gt work on me program for me next TABLETS and FINE
For hu inf°"¤·ti°n ns"]- s large stream the sin of Kentucky given at- Laxtngtou md Louisville meeting, duo Friday, December 6th_   %
in. ·Pp°i¤·•·__ cou"., qf may, River at a single lnadvortsnt bound playhounes lat, season Mr. Morrison The hour will be announced l,_t°,._ I 1
Bat og bo"], “c_, um], go and land on the intended victim within was an actor ot surpassing luster and       t
H_ g_ BARKER a. hair'; borsdth. Wb•n ho •cr••mod his handling of the squaw man': part WEDDING! ....* .   ·
P,“gd·m_ me farthest leaves in the forest would lat Monday is • ut subject for any B '   D c A
ljxjntgom   rustle in submissive dread. The most drsmgtlc critic to work upon. Nous       Us j
. harrowing, heart-spanking, bl00d·bunt- could refrain from admiring the un- $°¤"'|¤*•·E|"'• 309   M AIN  
ins, skimcovcred feline qusdrupod ever usual poise md unrumed demeanor ot ....   i
Y•|•Ph•'•• m slipped into the blinking vision ot one ··*r1;q Bqugw may emu in the burg; Mrs. Jessie Sayre had company in ¤
born ct God. Ye Holy, Olympian md hu|[]g gf Dugan hor agony lust, Tuesday aitoruoon. I · D.  
    C0. Deltles, what an cat!! It is nid that Mr. Leo J. Sandman, playing "Rsi1· Th°m¤¤ E¤*"°· !°¤¤°' ¤Wd°m Mm- (Immune)
the body ot the wonder was garthed road {kg} wg; g "(h|rt,y ugymy .uc.|wss married as the "brtdegr0¤m" of DOROTHY DODD SHOES
TOBACCOS, PIPES, ETC, not in hair, but rather a dull chow- cou, bmugq he 1; somehow mm; gm- Miss Elmore Scuthsutc, of Lexington. FOR WOMEN
Pi Rc ird Into-huod Becca of Wool, making him the part or else he has A divine spti- T°mmY Wed W PNY Ku“°d °¤ °‘“`   to  
D8 pn • gn added phantom of Du1t.c's infernal tude tor iming himself (or t.l1• part. f°°¥b¤U *6****- b“*· i¤ thi! int 8****** RALSTON HEALTH SHOES
Llx.N°·r°N. , , KgN1·Ug|(y summer home. Hit tooth were of In the opening scene w• felt the of M9 h° hu qu"- Bunch! °¤m'°IY FOR MEN
boundless dimensions, having the drggd mq ggbuay of . mydy. and has begun to play the position ot
  koouuoss of needles and the ltronith pistol-in-th•·pocket buroom in the tar @6*16- TN NW9 U UW °•·¤8h*·°' °‘ *4°00 to $5'00 • •
and curvature ot a. Tuscan trumphot. wqg, ML gym.;-4 Roth wu me ·•b“· the Rev. Edward uv\llh§I.[8 on East
unlvnmy LUNCH STAND Solon wm uu cum me u nam x ·· uu 1 u co all P e F¤¤r¢¤ ¤¤·¤¤*~ '1‘¤¤ br¤¤¤s¤>¤¤¤ WM FW the
6•\•r• •x¤Iu•Iv•Iy t• •tud•nt• K ' up' W • mm. ° nn ’ ° °
M rmney .e sm. u¤w•»•ny ·= · ¤··¤¤v ¤¤¤¤¤r ·¤¤ v¤¤· ¤=¤ ¤¤•¤· L¤i\>¤vi¤» Shown Gnnm mu Tom ¤>*¤·*¤¤¤* ¤* ¤*¤ ¤*··· *¤ uw S¤¤*°* c0"¢[B B0yS SIIIOKBI
dirt md loosened stones foggod be- Willigmg wm me cummu-._ nm},. year. captain of the football team and G0 to
A' B'   hind him like the lost garments ot a nan, gun man wd bnvq; of [hg nigh. president of the h0¤¤1‘ Syltém. b¤i¤8 The Lewin   C
co" ·‘ ualrroul AND coumx frightened south wind. His visage bm-hood umu [hg gmggm.u·,m pg,. one ct tho most popular men that ever on Nw Nagar °°
  was so horrible and grim that, when toled   Ike camo and ltood the attended hors. '
1 '° The happy little couple left soon
  he drank in a clear pool or rlvulct, he whole gm; again; (hg wg}l_
W. U,. wu ,"“|n·" wm for un had to close his eyes to keep from Chief www Bujglq gud my hugh. after the sud ceremony was said, to  
_,,__ being mmuec by me sign: or uu ¤w¤ mr, me squgw, cm, my lrgwgtgr so to Mmcon. Illinois. to live in the On your way to town E
muy Baueyfs Pressing   disgruntled countenance. Ho had nina and was gbqut go bum; 30_000 mm, strength of union. stop 833 •  
Ang pgy cLEAN|Nq wqggg lives and u tail for GVGPY lifé. b¤i¤8 ot land for two-i¤ches·i¤-a·qua.rt bottle ——-——— 1.hG New   ROOIII
1lI South LIm••ton• Phan! 621-y HIDE will. No 0¤8 c8¤ d6CiDh6!' U16 of Brewster, when the Squaw Man Creekmo•·•—Gn|d|ng•r. ]‘$ $0\|U'\ Lilllt
  use ot so many tails unless it is to intercepts,  
make people notice him and ailord th6 Miss Porter, as the squaw, was un- At the park Avenue Methodist ,
C• A• J  °m www “ “°W t°‘l° t° think “p°“‘ “·N”'°*°h°d 6**1*6* in m•·k°“P °*' in Church lust Tuesday afternoon Miss JOE BENCKART, Prop r
wma YW wm and ""_ytM" . S° if W6 wd um ***1** t° his *’·l"°'·dY U6? U¤¤¤Pi¤·¤ ¢0¤d¤¢¢ of UN Din- MY- Cora ureekmore was handed over in        
8 COMPLETE smug svgzndz ¤*¤° *1* wm ¤¤V° *°¤ W*¤*°h *¤ °¤°¤¢h B¤¤v¤¤¤· ¤¤ CMM White B¤¤¤1¤» ¤¤¤¤¤ mm-mge to M.-, c. B. endanger. Mr. E
MVN H"'- °• "“ '· to make him all N6. after ilrewater d ot fl w rk . 1
“*"‘ *“° ‘*’*“"‘“ ""“"· ————-———— 1 Thv my mz; uiu dl; Zotsccm- S: Zd,::.`;;.;°°$:,(;:°;:h1:0;h:c$:: ri: °1m;.;m;°'::;I°;5Q»::;;:¤"°m 1
` ' " STU` DENTSN 5***-V °°”"°”**- "U”'°**E’“’· ¤i¤¤ with ¤¤ ¤vr>r¤¤i¤¤v¤· <=¤¤¢¤r¤d nom mam ot very mu mmung. __ ·
• -1- and quiet BudiGHCB tl)   thG DBI" Mrs_ Gnadiuggr was also a student
HOT LUNCH AT ALL HOURS- Wiivsossxfsslgztggs :;?;y;;(;v who Y°"m*m°° i”°d¤<¤6 h°Wl¤ WN UW “¤· here, having ilnished in 1912 with her   ~ i  
u s - ·
G M   man __Ad¤m __ Sem Eve ucain Abel], canny curtain which would scrcnk on ow hu ba¤d_ The couple will so im 0 •••\¤h•• at all hours Clgnrsl Tobacco I
• • • P ’ ' its m<><>ri¤s¤. hun: in iw ¤w¤ in- medmteny to Chicago, where may will w_ w_ CADEN
  S• lm wp     tricacles of COHBLPUCUOD and than pro- make their home and be   every '
Birds in their little nest agree long me scene by roman: to come moment of l long and useful me Corner Upper and BOIIv3|’ ‘ ,
  To keep from "talling out," you seo. down ' I
At th ti t th Str ll att
Spears & F 0[ wood K°°" ‘° "‘° "“*‘* ““° ’°“ "°“" ‘°‘ me poriolitfnngg Om scm: 2::61;; w"'°"'°""’ " ‘"""'""°"‘ CALAGIS 8: CO` I
mn ’ Successor to BARRIB A C0.
several new miie; The whim ot marriage is nation- 107 w' Main St' {
SIIOB C0lllp3lIy ··*~= ¤A== ¤= T~= -¤~<-·· wm., Mr. Sayre was ...,1 from mx “" °°°* "°“'"*'" '" "E ¥
8TROLL.ln|. ‘ · ' CITY. FIN! CANDI!8.
in8t0¤' but sha had tl-lands her8_  
211 Non"'. U“'·T°Nl •T• Bill Johnson was a. poor man's Sun ` I · I
‘ E I hi h d h
WILL SAVE YOU MONEY wm ...1. me mm he ....1 ..0 Mm,. ·**···* =¤¤ **··¤¤ ¤·¤·v ¤<·¤¤·~ ·¤·¤··· d(f_fQ’m§fff°';“‘§j fm; in iff; f’_m° $6h3||20 8 CIM! K|f0||¤|\ _
ON       noon, the members ot the club rc- °'8 8 ‘ ug ggU·|·H Uppgg gg-_ P
' Says h°' lv° Just °°m° °°°° um The wedding will be 0, lasting memory • • ·
OPEN ·vENma· UNTIL · UCLOCK Tues mained for the first rod business Fl‘08h C8l\dl¢S Mddé Dllly.
• ' to the young c0uple's many Lexington • ‘
———-—-·—···· "" W°"· “‘“ °°‘°· ‘ "“°‘" °"°'“ Q`ZZ°°;Z$1·Z;¤Y§°.ZZ`°L.:;`Z"'QY:°Z$¤I’; ¤····»¤¤·- ¤‘·¤~ w¤·>¤· ·=¤~v· ··· ·>¤ whom 1¤x.£°}'Z»? °r{` Fj"tZ°:$}u¤KY j
• °h°°°°‘" are lu soma way connected with either  
Kmkcad Coal C0. H8 ¤¤¤¤ ¤···»·¤ ¤¤··»¤¤·- ¤¤·= ¤·¤>·—¤· ··~<> f§‘,‘f:v;"[,°0';;_ ';‘Qfct;*;,°';uQ“‘j:’d_ffQ“l,f_'; the W., or mm, wm. mgm 1 Dr E
Al\thl'I¢It¢ and   Thur',. be mused by post gud I sweet little voyage on lita‘s rough and • L    
  Hes where souls l·ri., we must inter. The umn mwucr for mh Yau charming creek  
Lexington - Kgntuck TM °°r°°°r °° mm S"` md °° 1 { d M -—————-——— -— CW N•*'*· B•¤¥ BW!-
’ y Another Sun. now gots u show. was 6 Bc 8 ’ r' LW J' Summa bows
  unanimously chosen for   u¤°D' A   YOUDB h\1Dt6I° DBIH9d Funk.  
iv { Q Q 9 ·§ Q 9 Q •|• Q •|» Q Q Q Q Q viable position. Here we seized the Caught an Ice striped cat while quite uggp )gAp;
W, S,   0 Don': nrgn 1’h• IDEA D;n¢• Q opportunity ot publicly declaring that drunk.     V ,
§ igmgrrqw gftgrnggn, 2:30 Qq Q Whéll WB BBIBCI. IDYODB to SCI. 8.8 IUK6 Now h6°B OU! OD 8 ITBHID, 1
TIIG Slnltlfy Grocer • Mw, lg A,-mo,-y_ rum"- gu. • manager we intend 11 as a compliment, Ha don't dura go to camp-- and PILLOWS Y
PHONE 7]) O ophom Trio. O for lvlllv mtwszur mult bt! |>0IIOII6d For the cut that ha caught was a Mh- M··u° s·iv°·,· • A
Cor. s. Lime and Virginia Ave. * * * * * "' * * * * "’ " * * * "’ * °‘ “ ‘°'°‘ "°“"· °‘°°’ "‘“*°”· “" "‘“°"· Phone 1261 '

 ° l
‘ T H E I D E A 3
A OON OF "Ol.D ILL" brother couldn’t take her to the game back to Sunny. he’s the only brother "llld you thlnk Sunny was u man DOLLAR SAFETY RAz0Rs·
·——- so I asked her,wlth the Chestertleldlan I have.’ like thnt?" salal Larry, as he calmly
,, ,_ , _ Ender, Keen Cutter,
Fellows, what do you suppose has alr that has made me famous, ll she Well back to the Gym I went as r•—llsht··¤l the tiger lw had been ah·
come over Sunny? l never see hlm would go out to see the warriors of fast as the old taxl coul go, and hur— sent mlmlotlly holdlng ln hls hand all and Ever Ready
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