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Vol. LXV No. 94
Tuesday, January 22, 1974

an independent student newspaper




seeks rights

for unborn


Kernel Staff Writer

PROPONENTS 0F an anti-abortion resolution asking
Congress to adopt a constitutional amendment “recognizing
the rights of the unborn" will be on hand today when the state

senate considers the matter.

Ronald Wheat, a member of the state Right—to-Life
organization, said the group will hold a meeting in the Senate
chambers at 2 pm, when the body votes on the resolution.

State senators Mike Moloney and Joe Graves, both of
Lexington, said Monday night they will vote against the
resolution. although it will probably pass easily.

THE MEETING IS not a demonstration as such, Wheat
said, but the presence of members of the group will “just

make the legislature aware of the concern


for the

He said a simultaneous demonstration will be held in
Washington, DC. in accordance with the first anniversary of
the US. Supreme Court’s decision that nullified state laws

prohibiting abortion.

Wheat explained that 31,000 roses, symbolic of life, have
been bought by the national organiztion and will be given to
each member of the Congress and the Kentucky state


MEMBERS 0? the major group opposing the resolution,

the state women‘s coalition, have sent telegrams and letters
and made numerom phone calls to legislators expressing

their feelings.

Coalition member Rebecca Westerfield said the group has
made no plans for demonstrations or picketing at Frankfort


University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY. 40506


MAXHEU. sir,


“The last thing we want to do is compete on the same level

with the Right-to-Life people," she said Monday. She
estimated that hundreds of contacts had been made by the


THE COALITION supports the woman‘s right to control

her own body, she said.

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; M’NW

New Day Care Cen

Higher educa

ter? No. just a prank at the expense of the

Administration Building. (Kernel staff photo by Ed Gerald.)

'3’ “$617"
' grammar

iii'n '


AAUP discusses


Kernel Staff Writer

News In Brlet

The Associated Press
and 1's: [and sun

IOWe goofed
OMaternity leave
OTuition reductions?
oCongress opens today

oEmbargo end in sight

oToday's weather...

THE PROVISIONS of a Proposed
Kentucky House Bill authorizing collective
bargaining for public employes but
prohibiting their striking were outlined by
John F. Stewart at Monday‘s meeting of
the American Association of University
Professors (AAUP).

“It gives public employes in this state
at all levels of public employment the right
to select a public employes organization
to be their official spokesman,“ said
Stewart, chairman of Public Employe 5
United for Legislative Action.

The employer and employe s
representatives would be charged with the
“absolute duty, imposed by law, to
bargain in good faith," he told about 35
who attended the meeting.

IF NO AGREEMENT could be reached,
a Public Employes Relations Board
(PERB), formed by the same act, would
be notified and would appoint a mediator.

0A headline in Monday‘s Kernel,
“Geologists discover oil reserves,“ was
incorrect. As the story explained, maps
have been made which indicate geological
structures which have a high potential for
yielding gas and oil.

0 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court
Monday struck down mandatory mater-
nity leave regulations that force public
school teachers to leave their jobs in the
early months of pregnancy.

The seven to two decision said
regulations that take no account of the
individual‘s ability to work violate the 14th
Amendment‘s guarantee of due process of

0 FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Council on
Public Higher Education can enter into
reciprocal agreements with other states to
reduce tuition for residents of one state
attendingcollege in the other, the attorney
general's office says.

The mediator would have to rely strictly
upon his persuasive abilities in solving the
dispute. “He would have no power, no
guns." Stewart explained.

Iftheimpasse still existed, a fact finding
committee would be impaneled by the
Board. charged with determining the
veracity of the opposing arguments.

IF IN IOdays after the panel presents its
findings. agreement has not been reached.
the conflict will be submitted to binding

This provision which requires binding
arbitration differentiates the Kentucky
proposal from most other states, Stewart

“As the result of differences in other
states, strikes have occured because the
bills stop there (before binding ar—
bitrationi,“ he stated.





0 WASHINGTON — The 93rd Congress
opened its second session today with the
two top House Democrats expressing
different opinions as to whether President
Nixon should resign.

”THE ARBITRATOR can only make his
determination upon the facts in the
record,“ Stewart said.

“If the determination is invalid the
decision can be appealed to the courts." he
added Besides contracts, individual
grievances and unfair labor practices can
be arbitrated.

“The individual may still, however,
process his own grievances with the public
employer if he so desires without going
through the public employe 5
organization." said Stewart.

TIIE INSTITUTION of tenure would be
preserved, Stewart said. If a seniority
system was built into the contract, the
administration would have to give a
legitimate reason for discharge or tran-
sfer. he added.

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0 WASHINGTON -— Senate Republican
Leader Hugh Scott said Monday the
largest cbstacle to an end of the Arab oil
embargo has been removed with the
signing of the Israeli-Egyptian
disengagement agreement.

After attending a 90-minute briefing by
Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger,
along with other Republican and
Democratic congressional leaders, Scott
said the agreement was a hopeful sign that
“constructive progress" has been made.

...ugly, but acceptable

Mild but ugly weather will continue
today with a high in the low 50s A chance
of rain can be expected in the late af-
ternoon and will continue through the
night. Rain will end and temperatures will
drop to the low 405 Wednesday.
Precipitation chances for today are 30 per
cent and 60 per cent tonight.





The Kentucky Kernel

Published by the Kernei rm: Inc.. 1172 Priscilla Lone. Lexington. Ky. Begun as
the Cadet in 1.94 and published continuously as he Kentucky Kernel “me 1915
The Kernel Press Inc. (minded 1971. First class post-u paid at Lexingtm. Ky
Advertising published herein is intended to help the render buy. Arw false a
misleading advertising should be reputed to the editirs.



A program we nee

Funds to maintain a scholarship program. established for
black students immediately following the death of Dr.
Martin Luther King in 1968. have been steadily decreasing

since the initial drive.

Dr. Michael Adelstein. a member of the College of Law
and the scholarship screening committee assumes. “the
success of the first year mav have been involved with
emtionalism." As in so many instances people af-
fected by tragedy resolve to do better but taper offsoon.

However. we find this a poor excuse for the demise of
such a worthwhile program. Statistics show that during the
first few years of the program. contributions of some $4.000
assisted as many as 20 students. Last year. 16 students

received $3.000 of extra aid.

Funds are collected in an annual December drive from
professors and other people who know of the fund. Little
hoopla accompanies the drive and. consequently. few
people willing to give ever hear of the program.

Although organizers have made no extra attempt to
hound University community members for money. we see
no reason to casually mention the affair. we urge those who

would like to help the progra.

on a satisfactory level.

. to donate so it may continue

An abortive moralist

State senator (,‘lyde Middleton i R—Middletown) has taken
it upon himself to dictate morals to citizens of the Com-

monwealt h.

Middleton. sponsor of an anti-abortion resolution due for a
Senate vote today. seeks "to change the thrust of the
Supreme t‘ourt ruling” which nullified existing anti-

abortion laws.

Middleton overlooks one facet of the Court ruling. The
(‘ourt did not mile that any woman had to undergo abortion.
but that she was free to choose without penalty of law.

Middleton. instead. would force his moral views on those
who might not necessarily agree. Who has established Sen.
Middleton as an authority on morals or abortion? He
doesn't have the slightest idea what it feels like to be


Nicholas Von Hoffman 4

Solzhenitsyn book increases

authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald
and Ernest Hemingway continue
to be much admired and
discussedeven peoplewhodo not
know his first name was Franz
make free use of the adjective
Kafkaesque. The most frequently
alluded to book title of our era is
either “1984" or “(latch-22“.
Whether or not it is the best. the
literature that means the most to
us in the latter half of the 20th
(‘entury has for its primary
theme the destruction of human
beings by their own govern-

Books about arrest. in-
terrogation. torture, prisons, and
concentration camps constitute a
sub—category of this literature of
human debasement. With the
publication of Aleksandr
Solzhenitsyn‘s “The Gulag Ar-
chipelago. 1928-1956." yet another
book is added to the library of
slavery and incarceration.

Regarded in the same way by
the lords of Moscow as Nixon.
Agnew and Wallace look upon our
best authors here. Solzhenitsyn
might be said to have built his
career in letters by writing about

Russians trapped inside their
various institutions; that is.
armies. jails. slave-labor camps.
and hospitals. L'nlike American
writers who can defy the Lords of
Washington. publish and still
make a good living. Solzhenitsyn
has only had one of his books
printed in his native land. The
best known and most praised
Russian writer lives in fear of
arrest or worse among his
countrymen who will never have
the chance to read what it is he
says that causes such hatred at
home and such applause abroad.

Solzhenitsyn is an artist and
man of ineffable courage. though
not all of the attention his new
book is getting derives from its
merits, tlnly a few in English
have yet been published and it
seems unlikely that very many
of the columnists and broadcast
commentators who are putting
him on the same shelf with
Dostoevski can read Russian.

()ur sensitivity to the horrors of
Russian political oppression is in
part governed by considerations
other than those of justice. We
are mad at them just now for the

editorials represent the opinions of the editors. not the university












Letters to the Kernel

There is no hape in Gov. Ford

There is no hope in Governor
Ford. If we rely on the Governor.
we will have a dam in Red River
Gorge. i recently received an
answer to a letter I wrote some
weeks ago urging the Governor to
use his influence to stop the
construction of this dam,

In Governor Ford's reply. he
states. “I did not have the op-
portunity to influence the plan-
ning for the project." insisting
that the dams construction had
been planned and approved
before he ever took office. He
further noted that funds to
initiate the dams construction
hart been appropriated by
(‘ongress as early as 1972. What
this means is simply that
Governor Ford feels that the
project is past the changing
point. And so long as he believes
this we can write him letters until

part they‘ve been playing in the
Middle East. so it is not sur-
prising that many who praise
Solzhenitsyn are silent about

Yet Bao Ruo-wang in his new
but not so celebrateo book
(“Prisoner of Mao." Ciward-
McCann & Geoghegan. New
York. 88.95) tells us that more
than ‘20 million people are living
out their lives in that country‘s
forced labor camps Bao ought to
know whereof he writes because
he spent six years in them. only
obtaining his release because
one of his parents was a French

Altogether Bao served time in
nine Red (,‘hinese jails. one of
which is the model prison that
gullible. visiting American
journalists are shown. The other
eight are pure hell. although most
of them have nice names like
Clear Stream. Precious Village,
Virtuous Village. The Grove of
Virtuous Deeds. and the Lake of
Emergent Enthusiasm.

According to Ban. (‘hinese
jailors aren't brutal like Russian

we're blue in the face. and it will
do no good. The dam will be built.

The only hope lies in force.

ime and time again 1 have
heard people say that they simply
won‘t let the dam be built. If the
Governor doesn‘t stop the dam.
they say. then they'll go down to
the Gorge and fight those stinking
Army Corps of Engineers and
push their damn bulldozers over
cliffs. Alone. one cannot push a
bulldozer off a cliff. But suppose.
just suppose. that everyone who
wanted to save the Gorge were to
push that bulldozer. Bye-bye

Hope lies in the organization of
the manpower needed to push a
bulldozer over a cliff,

Ray Dickinson

jailors.1n all his time of suffering
he was only hit once, and that
was a kick in the fanny by a
warder who apologized when Bao
protested this infraction of the
rules. ()n the other hand. this is a
story of disease and starvation.

In one camp the prisoners.
always addressed as
“schoolmates." died in such

large numbers that they buried
them in false-bottomed. reusable
coffins to save wood. At times the
starvation was so bad that you
become hungry reading about it.
Food was so scarce the prisoners
were fed. as an experiment.
marsh water plankton and
ground corncobs. At one point.
Bao and his comrades were
reduced to picking out undigested
kernels of corn from horse
manure. washing them and
eating them.

At the weekly liced inspection
“every one of us stark naked in
the cell. teamed off two by two.
picking over each other‘s bodies
like so many curious monkeys.“
Yet by the time he was ready to
leave. the system had so coerced
him into believing in the fairness

Lack of talent

In going over the Jan. 17 issue
ol the Kernel. l was taken back
by a letter of Steve Rooso s
questioning thc abilities ot one of
your stalt members It Ms.
llardinson showed a lack of talent
in writing her review as Mr
Rooso contends. he has shown
and cvcn greater lack of it in his
reply Granted that there may be
some base to his criticism of the
article. but w here the hell does he
get off calling her “sexually
lrustrated" and referring to her
as an it‘.’

Mr. Rooso may have a line
critical sense. but it it; an
lorttinate that it is impaired by
his apparent inability to remain

impersonal. ' ' .
Inn 0 NH“

llistory -junior

popular list

of his treatment that he was
voluntarily running around
barefoot to save the government
the expense of shoe leather.

“China.“ he tells us. “surely
must be the only country in the
world whose prisons trun a
profit.” All sentences are for life
because the camps “are far too
important to the national
economy to be run with transient

In a way that you can't un-
derstand unless you read this
book. Bao respects his captors
while taking the first train to
freedom. But slavery is a word
that needs no adjectives. There‘s
precious little we can do about
abolishing it in Russia and China.
which makes us the more
culpable for the camps and
dungeons of (‘hile. lran. Greece.
and the other countries where we
do have influence on rulers who
have turned their native lands
into jails.

..Nicholas von Hoffman is

a columnist for Kings

Feature Syndicate.






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“‘1 4. K
A ‘Ll-

4* “‘1.

s ‘4.













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l the
n a
‘ life
7 too

L un-

in to

re we
5 who

in is








Associated Press Writer
LONDON — The floating of the

French franc is virtually certain
to set back plans for a united
Europe, for reform of the world
monetary system and for
resolving the energy crisis.

()ne of the first casualties
might be the meeting President
Nixon has called for Washington
on Feb. 11 to discuss how oil
consuming nations can cooperate
against the Arab price squeeze.

With the British, the Italians,
the Japanese and now the French
all floating their currencies
separately, there seems little
chance of an agreed line on how
to handle higher oil prices.

In Europe, the French action is
sure to set back Common Market
plans for an economic union by
1980, a key step toward possible
political union. In the meantime.
there is danger the community‘s
joint agricultural policy could fall

For the world at large.
however. the most severe con—
sequence could well be the set-
back it implies for reform of the
monetary system that finances
international trade.

The choice is stark. Either
nations cooperate in working out
a way for stable currencies and
steady prices in world trade. or
they go it alone. perhaps with the
kind of competitive devaluations
and trade restrictions that helped
touch off the depression years of
the 19305.

(‘ountries tend to choose the
safeguarding of their own in-
terests over the desirability of
international cooperation when
the two clash in times of
economic crisis.

The United States, for exam-

Your health

TB tests


On Monday. Jan. 28, all in-
ternational students at UK are
asked to come to the Student
Health Service between 8 am.
and 4 pm. for TB skin testing.
This testing is an important part
of the health program that has
been established for international
students by the Health Service.
with the cooperation of the In-
ternational Student Office.

Early detection of exposure to
tuberculosis is very important
and so the Health Service directs
its efforts toward those students
who are considered to be “high
risk". These are the international
students, the health professional
students (medical. dental.
nursing, pharmacy, allied
health) and the student teachers.
This does not mean that these
groups are in serious danger
from the disease, but statistics
have indicated that they are
more likely to have had exposure
to the disease than other

skin tests are “positive" receive

Opin io n fro m in S ide a nd OUtSld 8 th e u "I ve rs“ y CO m munlty v I e p 0 I n t [IIMHMHIIMIIIIHIlllllllllllIIIllIIIllIIlllllluilllllfllflllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIII

._ _,_- __.___._.__._..

of French franc

, ;

danger to Eur0pean unity t,
‘ t


ple. twice devalued the dollar in
recent years. despite the shock
waves this sent through the in-
ternational monetary system.

The French were among the
most critical when the British
and the Italians decided to drop
out of the system and float their
currencies outside fixed ex-
change rates. Now the French.
too. have joined the “go-it-alone"
approach of the floaters.

A key danger of the French
move is the precedent it sets for
nations troubled by the four-fold
increase of Arab oil prices.

set for Jan. 28

chest x‘rays which in most cases
are normal or indicate old healed
disease. The important thing is to
identify any student who could
harbor the disease and then take
precautionary steps to keep the
disease from flaring up and
becoming active TB.

International students do not
need to fear that a positive TB
test will in any way affect their
status at the University or their
visa status. This is a preventive
medicine precaution and it
should be stressed that
preventive care is the best
medical care.

The Student Health Service has
a strong commitment to the
health program for international
students. We are continually
made aware of the problems that
illness presents for international
students. especially those who
have recently entered this
country. Many of them come
from countries where medical
care is provided by the govern-
ment at little or no cost to the
patient. and they are caught off
guard by the high cost of medical



THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Tuesday. Janunry 22. "14—3"



3-6 P.M.

except Sunday
2012 Regency Rd.







This is acircle.

It can represent a closed area of space or an endless path, a
neverending chain. What do you see? It depends on how you

look at it. Get the point?

a circle of friends...
an infinity of hope and involvement
Rush Registratign ngax
- Cafeterias: lunch 8. dinner
0 Student Center: 10:00-3:00

° Classroom Bldg.: 10:00-3:00

Need information? Call 257-2651
U.K. P ANHELLENIC Association #l

The French faced a likely
foreign trade deficit this year of
$3.6 billion because of the oil
price rises. ()n a world basis oil
importing nations will pay out L
some $75 billion this year.
Others are sure to be tempted.

So far. international
organizations have only given lip
service to the need for more
cooperation. For example. the
International Monetary Fund
finance ministers were agreed
there should be no competitive
devaluations. But there was no
agreement on how to avoid them.



care here and the fact that the
patient must pay for his health
care or arrange to have it paid by
means of insurance.

program and the Blue Cross and
Blue Shield student insurance
plan. the University of Kentucky
makes it possible for students to
obtain good medical care at a
very reasonable cost. No student
has to be afraid to seek care
because of the cost if he pays the
$7 semester health fee and has a
good insurance plan,

It is important for all students
to protect themselves by paying
the health fee and having in-
surance. but we feel that it is
essential for international
students because they are so far
away home and are likely to be
hurt the most by a costly illness



or accident, The health fee can be
paid at the Billings and (‘ollecv
tions Office in the Service
Building until Feb, 15.
Margie Newton, RN. is a
Nurse Practitioner at the
Student Health Service.






 l—Tlll‘l KENTUCKY KERNEL. Tuesday. January 22. I974


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PrOposed bill OK's
collective bargaining

(‘ontinued from page I
preserved with

"Tenure is
seniority giving
security." he said,

Tobe recognized as the official
bargaining agent, an
organization must have the
approval of the majority of its
representative population.

IF THE public employer does
not believe the organization has
50 per cent approval. or if a
competitor has more than 10 per
cent approval. the PERB can be
asked to hold an election upon the

'request of 30 per cent of the


The bill's status is good,
Stewart said. "By all indications
the bill will be passed," he said.

Hearings on the bill in the
House Labor and Industry
Committee. should come up some
time next week. he said.

have some type of collective
bargaining for public employees.
Kentucky included. said Stewart.
in Kentucky. collective
bargaining is allowed for
firemen in counties with a first-
class city. (Louisville is Ken-
tucky's only firstrlass city.)

A national collective
bargaining law, which would
allow strikes. has been sponsored
by [7.8. Representative Carl D.
Perkins. D-Ky.. said Stewart.


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Among the organizations
supporting the Kentucky bill are
the AFL—CII), the Kentucky
Educational Association, the
Kentucky Nurses Association,
Teamsters and police and
firemen representatives.

include the Kentucky School
Boards Association, the Ken-
tucky Chamber of Commerce,
Kentucky Farm Bureau
Federation, Associated ln—
dustries of Kentucky, Kentucky
Association of School Ad-
ministrators, Kentucky
Association of School Superin-
tendents and the Kentucky
Hospital Association.

bus tickets

Tickets entitling students to
ride Lextran buses at a reduced
rate are now on sale at the
Student (‘enter information desk.

Each ticket package costs $2
and entitles the holder to 10 rides.
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are taken upon the luth ride.

Tickets may be purchased
between 8 am. and 4 pm.
Monday through Friday and may
only be used on those days.


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y no



LTI receives proposal plans
for a new $6 million home

Although specific plans are incomplete. a new 140,000
square foot building for the Lexington Technical Institute
lli'I‘I t has been proposed. The proposal was submitted to the
(‘ouneil on Public Higher Education, who in turn, forwarded
it to the state legislature‘s finance committee.

The ultimate fate of the new structure lies in the hands of
the legislature now in session in Frankfort.

PLANSt‘AlJJora $6 million appropriation from the state.
Dr. Stanley Wall, vice president for community colleges. said
the space for all of L'I‘I's programs was considered when
figuring the structure‘s cost. The total amount of space was
multiplied by current construction costs, a little over $40 per
square foot, he said.

Wall said the calculations were made by his office, since
LTI is part of the community college system.

Exact plans for the building will not be made until the
legislature acts on the recommendation, Wall said. An ar-
chitect will be employed at that time.

THE STRUCTURE will house most of LTI’s programs,
Wall said, with the exception of those using outside technical
facilities. These involve mostly medical programs, which
must meet in the Medical Center, he noted.

Other classes currently meet “wherever we can find
space" Wall said, explaining that almost every campus
building houses some LTI classes. Many of the classes are
scheduled at night due to the lack of space.

LTI Director M. L. Archer said some programs may be cut
if the entire amount is not approved. He said final building
plans will be incomplete until the legislature acts on the

N0 LOCATION for the building has been selected as of yet,
Archer said, adding it will be decided upon after the money is

UK enrollment increases

UK enrolled 461 more students There were 986 new students to
this 1974 spring semester than the enroll this semester compared to
1973session.The semester's final last Springs 921 students.
enrollment should reach 18,000, Returning students total 16,599.
said Jackie Bondurant, a news slightly more than the 16.203
editor of the University In- returning students last spring.

formation Service. Undergraduate students now
After the firm day Of late totall3,460.Atthis time last year
registration, enrollment reached only 13,358 were enrolled.
17'585‘ The figure ’5 slightly Graduate students increased

smaller than the 1973 fall since last semester from 2,209 to
semester total, Bondurant said. 2 278.


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‘ I

m - ‘fi—— -4

it’s a crying shame


But does it have to be" Not if
yOu do something about it. So
the next time you see pollution
point it Out to someone who
can do something about