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g . ~. Women s
t team made
‘, Monet! matters quick WOI‘k Of
. . 1 Business Slovakia
. . mishaps p ayers I 5
L ‘ ‘ Coors Brewing --_________ _ IH __
Emma?" 9‘" "5 9°93“ November 9. l998 bttp:l/www.kykernel.com
Turn It Loose," into
Spanish, where it was
read as “Suffer from
Diarrhea." AIR RAUL
7 A
I y When Pepsi started
. ' marketing its products in
’ , t China a few years back,
f it translated its slogan,
" . "Pepsi Brings You Back
; - to Life" pretty literally.
The slogan in Chinese
really meant, “Pepsi
) 8 Brings Your Ancestors
Back from the Grave." ' ' ° ' - -
men when my... Wildcats overcome nine-paint, third-quarter deficit for 37-35
r~:.-—-« . E'h‘yii'itia'ifff‘iié’ Win over MlSSlSSlppl State, eligible for first bowl Since 93
,- y { product something that
1 i . when pronounced By Matt May When all was said and done. the Cats
” _. * a 50""‘39‘1 "*9 Coca- my. held on and erased the bitter disappoint-
I, ’ ' _ ‘, Cola. The °"'V problem ment of the botch (1 yield goal attempt on
. was that the characters | The smiles said it all. the final play of its loss to Georgia two
! ”59d to mean “Bite The ' UK had just clinched its first Winning “13ng ago_ hlore importantlyI UK had
Wax Tadpole." They later season since 19915 by beating Mississippi made itself bowl eligible.
changed to a set of State in a 37-35 heart-stopper. giving the ”it's lovely." senior defensive lineman
characters that mean Cats the requisite six wins to achieve their Marvin Major said quietly. --1 don‘t know
. . "Happiness In The b0W1 game goal. how to take it all in. It's just a blur."
y. Mouth. Every player who entered the For a group of seniors who struggled
. postgame pressroom for interviews could their first two seasons. nothing could be
. A hair products n't help but crack a little grin. They had sweeter for the Cats. UK was a combined 8—
I ~ company, Clairol, . ‘ done what many people had thought UK 14 in their first two seasons and now stands
I . introduced the "Mist ~ W mflk '. r ‘ teams couldn‘t: win when they had to. one win from a New Year's Day bowl.
. .5th acurling iron, “Mu-y we . But in true Wildcat style. it wasn't Yeast. who caught the acrobatic game-
_ '5‘“ Germany °."'Y.t° A” ' ' easy. Nothing ever has been easy for these clinching touchdown. said the win is great.
' find 0”! that ""St '5 HOBIEHILERI mm STAFF (‘ats and the football progi am as a whole. but UK must Still fOCUS on the F€St 0f the
slang for manure. N°t For the fourth time this season and the 89350“-
t°° "WW 9909'9 had “59 , Junior linebacker Jeff Snedegar inade mince meat of the Mississippi State offense Saturday as third-straight game winning and losing
' f°r the manure 5"“ l the Cats sealed their first winning season In nearly five years. came down to the final gun. See BOWL on 5 >>>
When Gerber first ‘3 ,fiw _
started selling baby food 5
in Africa. they used the I
same packaging as We JiAIJQhL i JQLLLNIEERS.
; in the USA - with the y i
i cute baby on the label. . i
. Nun feels '
that in Africa, companies g
routinely put pictures on i .
the label of what ;
ymy. mm m y gullt over
container since most l
people cannot read. ‘ o
Jolly Green Giant r1 ghts
translated into Arabic
means "lntimidating . .
. V10 a Ions
In Chinese. the
5 Kentucky Fried Chicken - -
' slogan“Finger-lickin' Some from Lexmgton wrll
ood” came out as ”Eat -
i 3.... fingers my travel to Georgia to protest
i An American T-shirt l SChOOI Of the Americas
i, maker in Miami printed E
5 shirts for the Spanish ; By James Ritchie
2 market which promoted 1: cmpus [Won "
' the Pope’s visit. instead
of the desired "I Saw Sister Marge Eilerman. a Roman
the Pope" in Spanish, (‘atholic nun imprisoned as a result of
the shirts proclaimed “I political activism. feels a pang of guilt
Saw the Potato." for some of Latin America‘s worst hu-
1 . man rights violations. She says all
i Hunt-Wesson Americans should.
’ introduced its Big John “ During El Salvador‘s civil war. ac-
products in French cording U) a 1993 report by the United
Canada as Grog J05 Nations Truth Commission. the US.
before finding out that Government‘s School of the Americas in
the phrase, in s|aan Fort Benning. GIL. trained: ,
means "big breasts." In 0 Two of the three officers responsr ‘.
this C859. howeverI the ble for the 1980 assaSSination Of Salvado- i
name problem did not ran Archbishop Oscar Romero. He was i
have a noticeable effect gunned down while saying Mass. 3
' on sales. at Three of five officers who raped i
, and murdered four US. churchwomen i
To boost orange juice . in El Salvador a few months later.I i
sales in predominantly ; a Ten of 12 officers involved in the l
continental breakfast E 1981 El Mozote massacre. where hun- =
eating England, a l dreds were murdered and mutilated by [
campaign was devised to t Salvadoran military forces. . . i
extol the drink's eye~ i O Nineteen of 26 officers cited in the l
opening, pick-me-up l 1989 murder of Six .lesu1t priests. along
qualities. Hence the with the1r housekeeper and her teenage
' .- slogan, "Orange juice. it i daughter. . _ .
gets your pecker up." It Several Lexmgtonians are planning
y l a trip to Fort Benning to protest the __.__.__
l - Source: ‘1 school on Nov. 21. l ”WWW i “m“ 5”“
htt ; es. rodi .com 1 Graduates of the school. which is y ' . .
p/lquafk/adgzchhh i funded with taxpayer dollars. include A Slight ma'keovgr
, former Panamanian president Manuel Accounting inaiors Brian Wigglnton, a senior, and Caryn Giulia, a junior, put siding on a Habitat House on Jane Street Saturday morning.
-30" Norton l Noriega. who is now serving a 40~year
l sentence in IS. prison for drug traffick-
i ing. The school teaches subjects such as
{ combat skills. military intelligence and
i commando tactics.
But in 1996. the Pentagon revealed
that the School of the Americas had
i ' r 'y .‘ ‘ . . . .
Tomorrow's ; iiisltltiihiritrifiitilqsyiegftiiiiitglsolhixrls] 12911151; . . _ t f b. h The project quickly became important
mm... W ymymmnd mm. mm... com. I Accounting students use a little elbow grease 0 re ur is .0 my... mommy. my... mm a may... of
! informants. They were taught to “neutral . .' ' ' ' ”.115 magnitude could not be taken on by a
e 1‘ ize.“or kill. insurgents. the Pentagon said. house for low Income farle as part Of Habltat prOJECt single person. , I .
~ ‘ After hearing about these. and other WI can ‘ imagine domg ”“5 311 your
i crimm against the poor and those who 3V Richard Cool recorder t“ the mummy selt.TIsIaidIi\arIi (IyooIdpaster. a senitor. t 160
65 54 ‘ chose to stand up fl." ‘h‘Tm m Lat!" WWW-“v“ The previous owner was unable to 0 Tom” pans to. put .8 0U . v
i America the Roman (.atholic nun dectd- . . . . , , , ,1 manhouis of work on this project. They
Hi Lo I I. . .. . -. . ,I ,, . . . I I . . , , . meet her loanIpyiyint-nts and abandon“ arrive at 8 am. at the job site and put in
. 1 ed to b(‘(()mf' a HHU’ for the voiceless. (ioodI things happt n wht n l k stu- the house. which Habitat “mun.“ Imp]. I .. I . I I k i
_ Blame it on the rain . "We are all really responsible for dents get involved. the organization's “mum“; “mm-- was about four hours 0f.“.mk each wee Ient.
' for Tuesday; dark and i what's happening at the School of the New houses are built. old (mes refur- [mm But when .losh ”mm” ”M, W... lil‘t‘S- Hatch SiiIldI 1‘ “35 an unrealistic goal
' . cloudy on Wednesday. ! Americas." Eilt‘rmtm said in an inter bished. lpxingtonians Wlih WWW incomes Mom of activities for the honor society. I”. thl'nk ti?” (lijuiqdmmpliftodheberth?
.. ~ . %"_“:_Wfi‘“ i “Cw 1“. the “WW“ roomIIat the federal get homes. called Habitat. the Betas wwre put on the i:l::?gT:‘2S 5):”: ELEM) 3,3: 93%;“ u e
’5 If" '” _ . Kentucky l ”“39““ m Lexington. Ky. [truffles t0Id Beta Alpha Psi. l'K‘s honor society for refurbishing project The floors everything was. gross --
" : ' J“ ' Kernel 1' hiiiiltiiiliiixyniiiiii; 2‘5“" I don t want this accounting juniors and seniors. has been "Where sornmne has failed. we‘re makr (‘ook said " ‘ ' “
, " " f V .' i - . - swinging hammers and paint I‘Uilt’rS for int; it new for someone else." said [MW] 1 “ ’ I~ r; " ‘ t
. c . '°_L_','.'.‘.’1-,-, 5595.953 1 . Eggtimixtfh" has ““.’.'.“.‘.“.€‘ ,2"; 1.: the weekends mm mm m mm mm ”my... ”my... .. mmmyy éfinggjygggt $5133; aegégmng
1 . .' . ESTABLISHED M 1892 ho‘vvxtisertirrritlzi til )ln4-lrli‘1miihmsente‘nce”on {orbilumgmity rfifufl.)lfihu":Tnofinfxl‘fgamd . 0"" the 135‘ H Y“f’“‘~ WWW" his how much we've improved it since we've
' INDEPENDENT SINCE T9“ 3.‘ :.. y y 1 , i'iilsm (.hargyys I d "at ”use? 3”“ h I‘ ‘1” limit 130 houses (intiItmit hid in repossess been here."
. -,_._-s-__-__.. A,“ l m ‘9 ““mb ”" ‘3'" ‘ tome owner sometime next .Vt‘ar- about four. Hatch said. The “my.” yy (hymg everything from
News tipfl? I “This is our maior activity for the “That's better than voni banks." ht‘ ”
, See HUH on 2 >>> semester." said Kathy Cook. the said. See HABITAT on 2 )>>
Call: 257-1915 or write:
' kernel®pop.uky.edu __-__..”_. _ I .
The Student Newspaper at the University of Kentucky. Lexi .
. ‘ V , -
l f
«’1 “““““““““ *“"“.WQJ’V‘ “"‘:O‘5awwyw./&_“"W ‘“'“"*wmrssygmawg,‘.\hva4k "‘ " ~a’ ~ a
n. - ~ , t ’ a t . ‘ ~ ' . . ‘, . , t . ‘ ' ' '
,’ I II’_.,.- 'NIv -“_I c u'. ‘ ‘. y. a . If .I I , I I


I 5 :"gj‘ILa: ‘ ‘n

.. get.






I I “name.” I momma



The Low-down

Clinton holds off attack on Iraq

WASHINGTON — President Clinton decided
yesterday to hold off using force to reopen Iraq‘s
weapons sites to UN. inspectors and directed se-
nior security advisers to pursue a diplomatic
way out of the latest impasse. Clinton also asked
them to give more thought to how the United
States could use force to make Baghdad comply
with UN. Security Council demands and at the
same time to the consequences of bombing Iraq.
On Oct. 31. President Saddam Hussein declared
an end to Iraq’s cooperation with the UN. special
commission that conducts searches for chemical
and biological weapons.

Gingrich vows to be active citizen

MECHANICSBURG. Pa. — House Speaker
Newt Gingrich said he‘s not thinking of running
for the presidency but wants to stay “an active
citizen in public life."

Two days after announcing he will quit the
House, Gingrich appeared relaxed as he visited
his mother yesterday at the Country Meadows
Assisted Living Center. He had no comment on
the fight to succeed him as speaker and said he
will discuss his political future tomorrow night
at a meeting of GOPAC. the Republican fund-
raising group he once headed.

Speaker hopefuls seeking support

WASHINGTON — The candidates to replace
departing House Speaker Newt Gingrich sought
support yesterday on talk shows from colleagues
who want the GOP to show a friendlier and more
effective face.

Rep. Bob Livingston. R-La.. spoke of working
with Democrats to produce legislation on which
a broad majority can agree. His only opponent
thus far. Rep. Christopher Cox, R~Calif., proposed
a cooperative agreement with the Republican
Senate - something seldom seen under Gingrich
-— and promised to keep social policy issues out
of basic spending bills.

Kosovo rebels claim peace violation

PRISTINA. Yugoslavia — The killings of five
ethnic Albanian rebels by Serb police is a viola—
tion of the cease-fire established last month un-
der an accord to end violence in Kosovo. said Se-
bajdin Cena. who described himself as the Koso-
vo Liberation Army doctor.

The five died Friday on a road in central

Police said the KLA guerrillas fired first. For
eign observers reported a similar account. but
Cena said police ambushed them and that the
KLA victims never fired a shot.


ZElt: llewt Sle-
erkh. l hr
after announc-
leg he was
floral-e low-
from his Speak-
er of the lease
position, said he
will not run
from president
in 2000, but
wants to play
an active role
for the better-
ment of society.


Will Smith will
try and lie that
when goes in
front of the
camera to per-
tray boxing
Muhammed Ali.

Hondurans receive emergency aid

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Aid shipments
poured into Central America yesterday as work-
ers struggled to get food, water and medicine to
flood victims before more die in regions battered
by Hurricane Mitch.

Assisting a beleaguered Honduran Red
Cross, the American Red Cross yesterday was de-
livering enough food to feed 1,000 families for a
month in the southern city of Choluteca. which
was cut off from the rest of Honduras until yes-

Forty tons of water purification chemicals
and antibiotics to stem the spread of disease were
also on the way.

Israel wants factions outlawed

JERUSALEM — Israel demanded yesterday
that Palestinian authorities outlaw the military
wings of the Islamic Jihad and the larger mili-
tant group Hamas. A Palestinian security official
said Israeli and Palestinian officials met last
night to discuss security in the wake of a suicide
bombing that wounded 21 Israelis Friday in

The idea of outlawing Hamas and Islamic J i-
had was brought up in the meeting. But another
official said the Palestinian Authority outlawed
the groups‘ military wings in 1996.

Smith to sting like All

LOS ANGELES — Will Smith has been
moving into more challenging roles, such as
the upcoming Enemy of the State with Gene
Hackman. An even tougher part looms next
year when he portrays Muhammad Ali. Smith
will play Ali as a young man up through his
bloated later years.

"I want to do the Raging Bull thing and gain
30 pounds.“ Smith told the Los Angeles Times.
“With every film you take on, people need to be
saying. ‘He can’t do that.’ You need to take that
kind of leap. People need to think it was a bad

Smith says he’d like to be a combination of
Robin Williams. Eddie Murphy and Arnold

Case at hand: Lake vs. lice

NEW YORK — There are certain hazards to
being a tabloid talkshow host. such as getting lice
from your guests. The New York Post says a
Florida woman booked for a Ricki Lake segment
titled, “Diary of a Cheater.“ was so infested with
head lice that the little bugs were seen jumping
out of her hair.

A spokeswoman for the show said the audi-
ence was never in danger because the lice were
spotted backstage. The woman was sent home
and never got to tell her story about having an af-
fair with her first cousin.

Compiled from wire reports.





Continued from pagel

cleaning and repainting. to
knocking down walls to
putting up new siding. The
teamwork and desire to help
out the community made the
work go quickly.

“This is something good."
senior Leslie May said.

In just two weekends. the
group had torn off the old sid-
ing. replaced the windows and
put a fresh coat of paint on the
walls. With a third weekend
left to work. the group said it's
confident it can have the
house well on its way to gain-

muaocoox | KERNELSIAFF
A llahltat worker cut a piece of piping at the Jane Street house.

ing a new owner.

“Habitat has built 130
houses in 11 years and this is
only the third or fourth we‘ve
had to repossess." Hatch said.

Habitat for Humanity
builds low-income houses and
gives the new resident a noin-
terest loan of $35,000.

The new owner, who
would not otherwise be able to
own a new home. pays the 20-
year mortgage in addition to
putting in a minimum of 300
hours help in building the

“I think its important as a
person who has means to
help.“ said junior Dana Runk-
le. “to help those who don't
have the means."


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Eilerman and four others
were convicted in March by a
Georgia jury on felony
charges for stenciling the
words “SOA W Home of the
School of the Americas
School of Shame“ on the wel-
come sign at the main gate at
Fort Benning.

Eilerman's zealousness

for her cause is infectious,
some say.

“Once you get to know
Sister Marge you can’t help
but be involved (with the
movement)." said Sister Clara
Fehringer, director of peace
and justice for the Lexington
Catholic Diocese.

For more information on
the Nov. 21 protest. call
Fehringer at 253-1993. You
need not risk arrest in order
to protest.




mm INTEll'fiENGE Hawaii

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" “' f'tf""-?""‘ ’ “ I! ‘;T?;§kammmm., 1-"
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'a ...p«- ,1 e. ‘

- a
e ~ .

 n' ' - -

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Lebanese desert and TV clips of would ignore the real moral 3121333 $31322? 3222 Faeri‘42‘li’2‘29'3'z'l53'm' “a" commence Room‘ for
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glfibb‘gd meet Anthony HUb wa k. though, has strad~ Danni Washington stars along with Annette Benin and Bruce Willis in
Hub lDenzel Washington) is dled the line for a synthesis of The SW- 7'” MW" hits home °" “'9 “P“: M terrorism. WEDN ES DAY I 1 / 1 I
an intense FBI agent with an the two that's perfect in tone - . - - . .
equally-intense partner Frank and m execution. crisply paced difference between right and against martial law. The mill» mfl
Haddad (Tony Shalhoub) a and harrowing. Its biggest Wrong. that 5 hard 15 Choosmg tary is a broad sword, he says. internship aInd Shadowing Orientation. l—3pm. Rm lll Student Center
Lebanese- American Trying to strength is its approach to vio- the wrong that s more right. not a scalpel. But after the War Mom. Donnle 5mm 7me Woman, meme Free
solve an inexplicable bus bomb- lence: Some is explicit, but most Shalhoub steals the show. Powers Act is invoked and his sMAEnfllnogs A II III c III II 6 I5 2035 c
I . . . k . . v , . . . . . . _ n oor C v es omm ee mee ng. : pm. tud. tr.
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soak its victims in blue paint 1y _ only m “5 aftermath. actor around ((Iattata, Men in lyn. he becomes the cliche pow- 5A3 Visual Arts Committee meeting. llam. Rm. 203 Stud. Ctr. a]
. . i Washington is wonderful black and the TV Sitcom er-hungry general Wlth. ad, SAB Multicultural Committee meeting. 5pm, 203 Stud. Ctr. Q ‘-
he meets up w1th Ehse Kraft ' u - .. . . . , . . Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. 9:000m. C_SF Building (corner of
. (Annette Bening) an American as usua1.as New York crumbles Wings ). and here he does it mittedli. a few Interesting WoodlandBtColumbia Ave.)
S with her own’a enda around him. Only once _ at the one better, Through h1s Frank thSts. Cats For Christ meeting, 7:00pm. Rm 230 Student Center
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I . Til/[e 1pm? was but a gvam- preachy. Bening’s multifaceted dream gone SOUI‘. a country and destruction and in HS quiet :AewlIIshIStudent Organization Hillel Foundation Weekly Dlnner. 6pm. Commons
ing. u Hp e terrorist omb- Elise is a case study in moral where hOW you 100k 9V9“ If intense moments of contempla- ‘3' e .
l m S ensue each worse than the . . , I . . , . . . Catholic Mass. Newman Center, 12.10pm
lasgt . relatiVISm, a symbol of the na- you re an FBI agenIt or an FBI tion and mourning. [he Siege 15 am giggIVgites Rehearsal. 6130—9 pm.0id Stud.Ctr. Theatre
- tion she serves. She has done agents 50“ can P face You un- a graphic and cerebral look at —E§———°—
. . . . . . ' UK Alkido Club meetin 6130—8 m. Alumni G rn LoftJ i l t tCh i
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‘. Jittery. People hit the street democracy, but she also fer- As Devereaux. Willis starts or next week. Its message rings flax Basketbd“ vs Crow“ mm 1 m a m R AI
. when a bus backfires. Discus- vently believes in her country. strong but tapers off. His best clear: Once a country turns to UK Women‘sVolleyball@Louisville. 75;" ‘ ° " ”D” ena
: Sions about Arab-Americans From her comes the best line of scenes are early, when he is a harsh measures to control EPLCJAIILJNI ht St a K I o 8
‘ _ ' . u i ‘ . . . , . ' - , , . areo e g . Ll en en er ameroom. pm
turn ugly. Madison Square Gar the mov1e. It 5 easy to tell the reluctant warrior who warns Chaos. it 5 hard to turn back guest Sneanker: Kenemémen “gm,“ We prewem ,n Bum“; Bank,” at Bank
ne. 6pm. 00m 24 &E
"King Cale Faculty Night at Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center. 7pm. Rm. l24
- - Student Center
Nanci KincaidI— A Fiction Reading From Her Novel. Bails. sponsored by the UK
. . . . ‘ . , EIrIieglish Dept. 5 Visiting Writers Committee: 4pm. Peal Gallery 0! King Library.
Free Math Tutoring for Math 109 & l23. Room 20l Frazee Hall. call 257—8703 for
- times
Campus Crusade For Christ weekly meeting. 7:30pm. Worsham Theatre
SAB Contemporary Aflalrs Committee meeting. 4pm. King Cultural Ctr.
. . - .. I . ,, . - SAB Next Stage Committee meeting. 3:30pm. 203 Stud. Ctr.
LIVE (1'5 '3 S the talent that 0|d'SCh00' funk Rolling Stones. Salt-N-Pcpa. Ice Vi orrell became exposed in dif— Amnestylmemaflona, meeting. 7.00me Room “35mm"
p Y Cube and The Talking Heads. ferent harmonies. competing on fianter 7 4%”
. . - - . - . . . , x ., . . Lambda meeting for Lesbigavtrans people. :30pm. ,, 3
master Bernle Worrell '5 known and loved for This contributes to the varieu street corners with other Ilotal Room 231 Studemunm ‘% .
0f muswal influences on his al~ musxcians for w ho could hit the Wesley Foundation Dinner and Prayer. 60m. Wesley Foundation
bums All aspects of these most perfect harmony EhursdaIy NIlght Live sponsored by Christian Student Fellowship. 7pm. 502
. . I ‘ . _ ‘I . olumb 6 ve.
By Brenna Ohlson some sounds indicative of p. fiftlStS styles can be heard on After finishing his classical EathItI‘iilgIMgIss. gfzmapACsenter. 12:IlI0pm6 30 R 316 r kh Bid
. . 413g . . ‘ , ' ' ‘ ‘ . am y u es u en soc. mee ng. : pm. 00m . un ouser .
ASSlSTANT SCENE EDITOR Funk' Worrell soars on thls llve training. ht. Jomed L 1mm“ ‘1’.“1 National Student Speech Language and Hearing Assoc. meeting. 5:15pm. Rgom
CD. Born in Longbranch. NJ, P-Funk. writing SOHgS {Hid mlx- llSHSLC
I " . .. 7 tfl.‘_ '1' "S‘V "‘ " mm§
i ‘i b Not: 'manbh'igusmija‘ns car: The follow-up to hlS Cl‘ltl- Worrell was exposed to (Aldbsl mg’hl? C111: blCdl lldlldlklth ,(' 1m UK Cross Country @ NCAA Regionals.Greenvllle SC
l ! ”(1)3.“ egg; 1 pro lgtlis a cally acclaimed successes, Funk cal piano by hIS mother at an ton 5d un eats an new age BELCLALLYENIS 5
‘ l eir cra . ome are us orn - - l . ' . soun s. evotlon ‘n‘ Lunch. lz:l pm. BSU
l with the intuition to 11a and to onges, Blacktronlc Sczence and early age. She wouldn t allow "Workin I with (‘eor m was (0"eeh°““’ 5‘ 5‘”°°"“e"‘e'°"mer°°m‘ 8"°°'"
i p y . Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey. her son t0 play 0Ut51d9. and m. b L , ’ l» , y "Proud Valley, Part oithe Paul Robeson Film Festival. 7:30pm. ux Student
.I‘ understand the way ofmuSic. Live is a quality music experi- stead insisted on him practic- a total break Worrell said in Center Theatre
Bernie Worrell, formerly of ence ing his music. a news release. “i on know
' F kadelic. is one ' . . . . . . what they sav. ‘Wild and crazy FRI DAY 1 1/1 3
Estrtllgrggfiedupgople Like a mix between new He trained in classical pl~ guvs‘ We were always having
H b - h' I - age and R&B, Live explodes into ano at prestigious universities. f ‘ 15 ’ ’ ' ‘ ‘ LJQLQUS
l e {11935 tls Englugngug; life within the first five minutes such as the New England Con- un‘Fm eight tracks of funk mm?" “a” Newman “me" ”MW"
ca expe ise o y . . ' . . '. . $525 5 .
.. . of musm. servatory. As he advanced in , , , ,~ ux Women‘s Basketball vs. Mississippi AAU. 7pm. Memorial &
NOVI. 1i, and t0 the malnStream Th . “Y S n h his musical excellence ht‘ be Jazz and “Hafigrab, Bern“? Vlt)!“ Coliseum. Free with Student lD
audience on his latest CD, ere 5 ' pye. W en , . —' . rel] and the lino iiarrlor s Lire Igor;
Bernie Worrell and the W00 Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards came aquamted Wlth (’C’OWC (‘1) Slide Presentation on Gambia. 5-6230pm. French Residence. Blandlng l. base-
. I . . . ' . , ’ ' . ti F
Warriors Live. adds his muSical expertise, and Clinton and members Of what It 5 a guaranteed go from :1 "‘9" "’9
Worrell’s album boasts all P-Funk's hit. “Red H01 Mama." would 500“ be P-Punk. man who possesses the longevl- SATURDAY 1 1/] 4
his smorgasbord of musical tal- Since his career began Hanging out at the barber ty of a true musician. ‘
ent has to offer. With syncopat- around 1968. Worrell has shop where Clinton and vari- M
ed beats, jazzy numbers and worked with the likes of The ous P-Funk members worked. Rating: A figm'“ Md’S-Newmd" ‘9"'9"°°"‘ ‘.
UK Football vs. Vanderbilt. 1:3ODm. Commonwealth Stadium &
4* UK Voileygall vs. Florida. 7pm. Memorial Coliseum. Free with ‘ »
Student I
Ml IS” RE YIE w Swing Dance!. Bpm. Catholic Newman Center. Free Lessons. Free Admission
o o 1
_. -
.1 Local band Slde steps I‘OCk chches W...
{ University Praise Service. Christian Student Fellowship, 1 lam. 502 Columbia Ave. v
‘ Sunday Catholic Mass. Newman Center. 9am. 11:30am. 5pm. 8:30pm
i some of life 5 uglier. more nt-u- maker and keyboardist Scott ux Buddhist madam" meeting 49".. Room 124 Kama it,"
Lebhead Shatters StereOtypes and rOCk rotic sides. Townsend have created a forml- Phi SloanId Pl meetino. 8200mm Rm. 230 Student Center
' ’ ' ' The title track for example dable nuanced sound not (11» [mm “Him (M, met,"
. I . . . - . I . g l-3pm. Alumni Gym Lott. for more into contact Chris
'I‘ C'lCheS to hung a new sound to LeXInqton steps into the mind ofan arson- rectlyderlved from anything. Sweat at 245-5887
ist. “Nervous Wreck :19" deals It displays its influences 32°: fg‘ffqajjt'ffgfigfis'ffs ”MSW“ “m" w“ “m" (“‘5‘4‘45'7pm‘
, , ‘ . ‘ ‘ ‘ ’ C s .
i 3' J.” Ritchie delic rock and Middle-Eastern with well. lm not sure. but subtly; only the sounds of thc sinus .
“I‘M [WM melodies. Lebhead sounds un- “.5 not about being m good Middle East assert themsclws ghuygnmfg sBaskethail vs. Austin Peay. me. Memorial Coliseum. Free with
. . . like any other band in the area mood. . m an ObViOUS manner. SELLALCXENJS >“S’
If originality were what A. or pretty much anywhere. lsebhcad never claimed to be in a d av when blindncss Soaohettl Dinner. Newman (enter.6pm. $2 ...-
packed the CIUbS. Lexington's What the band's 501185 130k a lighthearted bIand. d h rules the airwaves and many
"1°“. popular that?“ would be ”1 catchy hooks, they make up 1] Butt”: 501d: a2 Ifilmrzigo bands in Lexington seem to be
_ p aygig tofeg‘p yl 0:159? for lnIemOtlon and texture. a 0)“ lk 0 {on 9;; hi ieijam looking to decades past for in .
: th t ne (I)dt te'l(lmdy oca group; . Singer Karim Chatila uses gpdpurgt irch D PD . spiration, it is refreshing to Donnie gram 4 i
‘ a lgoube sLlebh radw a elbowd his mice as another instrument nNcat 0 . ~ In) Seattle hear a group genuinely intcr» Wednesday November ii -
W0“ ea . a an as a means to express lyrics. 0 even “ ‘ ‘ . ested in innovation. Jonm Depo stars as the rteal-life ‘
i 1 h \i
you ve probably never heard of. filling tracks with walls and grunge bands broodel t is . . F