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L L J5 ’ Summer 1967 L
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  A F ufure-Minded People  
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I il?   it. is. .
"_? As Kentucky celebrates her l75th birthday in the family of our nation’s  ? .\I1r1u1.1> Ori ml estonia
. _ . l7f'Y*z.‘·K— ··t ' . ’ ‘
A Alum"' MMS Edltm. ¤’> ( US, Ittrigielw   0 gr. Holman Hamilton, History
—  _ Am D. Rizrnonn s mvtrsity epartment
g  ASSOCIATION OFFICERS The Student Code 8 I\orma \V. Eckdahl A
· ‘ Envix   NL"I’I'Ell Sullivan Awards 10 The 1967 \Vinners ‘
A A   f · .» . -
I Q Prcsldcn Lk Is Economic 11 Dean Charles F. Haywood,
I  . CHARLES   L,·\N'DllU}[ CYO\\vtl] Ccllter College of Business Bild   V
° ‘ Vice President Economics
  MRs.]o1: F. Bioiuus Questions, and 14 Quentin D. Allen, former
,  T reasurer Some Answers Alumnus Editor
A Miss Hisugx C. Kixca Football: and a Bit 27 Russell Bice
` s Director of of Basketball
7 V Al ' A ° . . . , _ .
. Umm flaw Alumni Going l  \ V ·’ _ ” A .r~"
 1 Q     i. ..  
— . _' Yi Q\
        , l.- Edited by the l?•·pnrtim·nt of Public lh-lntinns_nn  "land of tomorrow." In the time of man. 175 years is were awarded at our 50th commencement. Our 75th
 abriet span and in this short period here we are anniversary came in 1942. and for that year 836
nnonneed.  today. the 100th year that this Institution. this I`ni- diplomas were distributed. about 1.500 less than this
PY(‘$1(l*`1Y  versity at Kentucky. has assembled tor graduation present year. yet only 25 years agO.
ge to the exercises. \\`hen this commencement today is completed the
let the occasion has not palled in excitement nor University of Kentucky will have awarded -15.723
11150 “`·"  _ 1mP0Ft¢U1t·<* over the years. degrees and one halt these degrees have been granted
id friends. Today. as in the past, all of us join in a sense of since 1954. only 13 years ago. That is. in the 87 years
pride. ot gladness and congratulation that once again since our first commencement we granted about 22,000  
. inernliers agroup of young men and women have completed a degrees and in the last 13 years we have granted
~cia11y>‘<>¤ °0¤fS<· of study sneet·g${nl1y_ we are about to pro. over 23.000. These figzaes are amazing 2*0 me and
clann them as "Collcge Craduates"; they are to re- emphasize not only the growth ot our university but
ll ii1`€`l1l`1°" Cell? ll1€11` Stniglit-after (lil)l()|]];)_$_ ood for tln:m_ as also are p1'Ol11ll)l)' 11 typical €XllIDpl&‘ ot tl`l€‘ gI`O\Vtl1
r tli¢‘ ml for US. the event is new and joyful and fol] ot hope. of higher education in our Country.

§   is light in our time. We are in the tnitlst of ¢lt·i·tt[i,]/,__
E K ·· —   u·/rat the socio/otgist ral/s "horiziontal /t·//oii·.s·lii,,_"
l   I ` I l ‘l°‘ \VL‘ lll`0 (ll‘\'(‘l()l)lll§ lll lllllllilll l`(‘lilll()llS lllt‘ ll()l`l/||i‘·
I J ‘    x l&‘ll()\\'Slll[) illll()llQ,` l`il(`(‘$, lllll()l|Q,' lll(`lI 1lll(l- \\‘()lm~];
F _`   / P · t)Lll`lllt‘l`S illl(l (`0-l‘({ll1ll$L \\'(‘ ill`l‘ (ll'\'(`l()])lllf{ 1n_it—`. .
_ @‘ ir     { lllI(‘l`(l(‘[)(‘ll(ll‘ll(`ll‘S illll()ll}.'Q Il1lll()llS lll ()lll` \\'t)|‘l(l_ _\- » {
  _ ll _  l[llll(‘ of llllL‘X&l|llllll‘(l l(‘l`l'()l' llllil \\’tllll()ll (‘l'l|i·][i_
I O Z p 'bz } p1ll'lS (lf ()Ul' \\'0l`l(l \\'l‘ (`Llll ll()\\'. \\'llll ()lll` l.{l`(*,[[ y_, '
| , l(‘(`llllOl()Q_`lt‘S. (`0llllll1lll(l lll(‘ lll(‘illlS lllltl lll(`llll)(ls ·.
_ widespread hninan welfare, il we will lint do it ri.
| I   decisions now will tleterinine whether the lit.-·
; first eentnry will he a new (lark age or an ag.  
l . ealenlalily better than now, lt hardly need llrt · O
E ° lllill lll l(‘ll to l\\'t‘lll}' }'(‘1ll`S }`()ll ill`t‘ lll(‘ ])<‘l'Sl>ll\ \\hii - H
I   i going to he in charge. .-
  _ “'(‘ /t(Il`(’ ll`(Iltll’(/ lit ]tI'(‘]t(lI`(‘ i/Ult {UF l/lt‘\t' Quin A I!)
    resptmsi/Ji/ities, not liy te//ing you ir/tut tu ilu [ii,
i , l 3 (lore/oping your ski//.»·, your tu/ents. your ralut s_ ·_ »
` I ])Itt'])(t.S‘(’ (Itl(/ t/(tilt' I't’S(lll`(‘. lrtttl (lI'(' ltl(/(’('t/ UNT ttrfy 1
the future of 11// of us. Most of you tri/I lire mtr ~
218/ (`t’tl/lII'l/ (I lll’l`ll(/l' (tl` /lt`O UI' lttUt`t’. T/ttt\r‘ lng .
too, will lie lI'Ollll/('.S'(tl7lt’ uml tri/l ret/uirt* eiwii its · A
An alumnus, lVilliam. Bolling Arthur, ’37, left, recipient of an Hum hmfllwilil QUWIU/[[· l
/lO11UI'¢1I‘y (lOCfOI' of l(1wS degree (If f/IC Ullitiefslfy COHlIIlell(`(’-
ment, with his presentor-escort, Dr. Glenwood L. Creech. [`K I
1:iee president for University Relations. Mr. Art/zur is editor · ·
of Look mdgtllltle. H()\\'(‘\'l‘l`. lll ()llI' llIllL‘ lltll t>]ll}` IS lllt‘l‘t‘ lllllltlh ‘
horizontal lellowsliip lint l wonhl eall ioiiz ·
SOl`l`1€ of YOU Ill£1}` fllld COfI]l:()l`t ll] IllCSC gfO\\`lllQ lIt‘lltl()ll lt) lll(‘ llll[)l)l‘l;lll[ (lt‘\'t‘ll)])lllt‘lll5 lll l'k'llll]r"Z
numbers. Iknow I do. You may feel these are troubled fellowship. l lielieve we will find that one ol the · ~
'[llTl€S, I`€ql1ll`ll`lg tl`l€ l)€St that is lll US, Cl€‘\'ClOP€‘(l to US llll`lll(*llllill llll(lt‘l'ltll(lll§S (ll llllS (‘l';l \\`lll ll<‘ l\l1i¤\.‘.j This
highest potential. Indeed these are troubled times. time to have been the eoiix·ei·sations aiiiiiie; · bm
But I 3.1]] DOI I)€I`Sl.l€ldC(l tllHt OtllGl` tllll€S \\`(‘I`(’ llOl (`llUl`(.`ll(’S illl(l l`(‘llQ_`lOllS l<)l' lllll\`1'l`s;ll llvlltils Wealth.
also tI'OUl)l€SOI`fl€, Ol' llOlI d€1Tl&l.I'lCll1lg Hl2Ul,S l)L‘St. PCT- C0llllllOll ('OllL‘t‘l'll. Yllll llllly lllll ;lQl`<‘t‘ \\‘lll1 llit . OHV H
haps life itself is a struggle for betterment. dealing in this speeulation hut surely the time has eniiii i.¤. I asmt, “
CI'lSlS, SUI'lTlOLll'llflDg CEl.l2`tITlllL}`—I`10t £`1l\\'Pt}'S tll(’ SHINE lllilll lllllSt S(‘LlI`(‘ll (llll lll l>l'(llll(‘l`ll(l(l(l lllt’ lllill llllY‘H`~¤· by  
C3.t3.SlZl`Opll€ lDUt I'€QUlI`ll`lg ITOID GZ1Cll gI`El(lUt.`lIG il. ('Oll- Llll(l \`1llll(‘S \\'lll(‘ll Q`l\'<‘ l`(‘LlS<)ll li) lllt‘ Sll'llt[llt‘\ ttl lift \t'dlk(,Y I
frontation with the problems of his time, and a will— .·\nd so today. on this (lay ol (lays. this spet-itil [ had wm
ingness to apply his education toward their S()lll- in a progression ol speeial days. in this time ol in: ymh
tion .... unsolved prolilenis. the sneeessor ol. niany sneh tr ~ A of tht,  
I lL)Olll(l SO!] to I/Oll llOl ’LUO}'(l·S' of ]}CS.S'lI7ll·S'I7l, lllll I Stly lt) }'()ll lll it llllt’ l-l`()lll rl`ll()l‘t‘;lll_ "()IIl}` llI.ll   at ilk. I
ll207'(l.S' of C}lCOlll'(l§{(Z7IlC7"ll, of I'(,'(l·S`SllT(ltlCC, ll.`OI`(lS to (ltl\\`llS ll) \\`lll('ll \\'(‘ 1ll`<‘ ;l\\`;ll{t‘." Mm-S`-ill
C77ll70ld€TL yOU. C€I`lGlHly those of US LL`/IO ll`(’t'(’ lll(`/(U l lll'Q(' }`()ll l() l)(‘ ;l\\`;ll{t‘_ lt) Q'l`t‘;ll lllllvs .llt*»-Z HO`; Wt.
enough to come out of the anguish of twenty-fire years whieh you will iiioltl. wliieh you will iiiiliieiio   A thm im
ago have sought deeply and earnestly for limes that goverii. Eimupiif
lUOlll(l l)€ worth HIC cost CI[lCl(.f(l. Tfttll/I/('S (`(ltl ('/(ttl(/ (tilt] (’I'(l, tltttl }lI('tll.\` /T/(//` ‘· Of fumi]
Q Each person must seek these .s·u.s·taining values not ol;/iteratetl hy time. New tasks arise to test he from tht
fOi' ll/T7lS€l]c, bill (llllj(ly.S' llf.‘InS. Between 1784 and l790_ no fewer unanimous election to the Presidenffy.
h lvm} will  lthim Nine Constitutional conventions tool; place, And Among Kentucky exemplars during the tirst quarter-
Occimmlm  ;S¤¤i1¤»¤·e was no statehootl One question in the century of the COI]]lHOl]\\'£‘£lltll’S life. no reputation
 minds of Kentucky leaders involved the conditions should shine more brightly than that of Isaac Shelby.
  5 V  

    _      y
— 2 The man for whom Shelbyville and Shelby County after) emerged four widely-acclaimed figures gfp   Tll€
“   were named had been one of the triumphant com- first rank—Tennessee’s Andrew ]ackson, MHSSt1Cl)uS(.i   final th
  manders of the patriots in the Battle of King’s Daniel Webster, South Carolina’s ]ohn C. Callm- `y  conflltlt
  Mountain. A charismatic leader, he was not only and Kentuclrnih_rl,.j it  U E
    ` part of the material in a comprehensive analysis of and "long," you may agree that Clay came r—lr,,.,.   O T
»   , ¥ Kentucky’s role in the War of 1812. For Shelby was United States Senator when only 29, Speaker of g}.   All(l~
t   i the fifth man to serve as governor, in addition to House longer than any other .·\merican until S;  ‘ Cttltmll
Q Y Y being the Hrst. It was Shelby who, in his Sixties, again Bayburifs era, Secretary of State throughout tht-    A lll lt
· _   t provided civil and military leadership for the Coin- ministration of ]ohn Quincy Adams, Clay is thi.?   tllt? mc
. rnonwealth during America’s second and lZ1St Con- known today as a Senator from Kentuel0tll FOI't tributions. Three maior compromises—the one · # a¤r·
V     Dearborn (the site of Chicago) and Fort Madison 1820-21, 1833, and 1850-are all intimately l(l(‘lllii--E   Ti'?
  Qi were lost. Kentuckians, under non-Kcrltllcliifln Corn- with him. Xloreover, Clay sought the Presidency  t  tllltl fl"
E   `_ mand, needlessly went to their deaths in the l)lOOCl}' times, If things had gone just a little differently r.;·__i  1 ttm ffl
  lj , massacre ofthe River Raisin. Among the f€\V ll€€lrlI€n- least two of these five oceasions_ he would lmvtr    i mfllllg
j Q ing events in the Crltiré nation \V€r€ the heroic '_ that K(>]]tu(·l{y j()i]](~(l the C()]]f(‘(l(’l.i.   force (
T     Whitley among those losing their lives in combat. after Appomattox, The watershed seems to llll\`t‘ll¢‘»Y  I BGR]
  i   “R€m€mb€Y the Ralslllln was the Vl€tOT$’ l7¤ttl€€YY 85 the Emancipation Proclamation of President .·\lll'·llli'   Bfilmll
  f tll€ British and llldlalls ll€‘tl· Lincoln, a native of Kentucky. Colonel fnil   I if
*   \Volford’s dramatic Lexington speech perhaps <·lil€`·  ` fm) tl
·,   V   mixed the change.  Q me lm
‘   Much more might be said about the War of 1812,   llrrlcfic
I {   including Kentucky’s record in the Battle of ln any event, nearly all Kentucky governon   Z  lllllfth
I rl   New Orleans. But thc spotlight shifts to civil de- other important officeholders in the 1867-95 ]l¤‘li"i   flmh Sl
t   velopments, economic and social as well as political. either were veterans of the Confederate Army (17 ?  . °“"Rt’
t 1 Likc tht? T€$t of thc country, Kentucky benefited from least sympathized with the cause of the Stars lil  1 flolh ll
`     prosperous conditions from 1815 through 1818. In Bars. \¤Villiam O. Bradley huckcd the title. lllll?  ’ Comin?
y     1819-22, however, there developed a nationwide de- late as the day of VVilliam Goebel, who was ¢l$$ll"llj { Tlm
l 2   pression. The “Relief War” followed here, with the ated in 1900, pro-South and pro—North attiti11><‘
»     ; haps the touchiest area of educational concern “`arbitrary or capricious punisluncnt,” it does not   pezil$l"’*
_   » _ today, has been tackled by th