xt7k9882kz6d https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7k9882kz6d/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19860808 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, August 8, 1986, no. 484 text The Green Bean, August 8, 1986, no. 484 1986 2014 true xt7k9882kz6d section xt7k9882kz6d , I HE GREEN BEAN
  ‘ 4             i        
{Q   1 ;  iw 1) AR,
August 13 Imtuxngniouul Leéihamdexu f&y
Augugt 14 vjq;1;O;—y Day @37 `\/ , J, §)ay, J£;_’g;>»%i`I S1.£2”§`€’.i3’;Qi&s I"~-im?
to the Allies in 1945,
August 15 Ethal Barxymoro, 1879 ~ 1959, Amoygouw
actress of stage, Eoreuu am; i&1€V1$10$
August 17 Davy C1ocE&ti, 1?85 ——·< 15361 l»oi€ an
August 19 Nafjoual Avixtiom hay
August 19 Orville wright, 1371mi948. Amarjoum uviaiog,
U Auguot 22 Claude Debuzsy, IE5} ~ 1*1gR Eaumoh
_ ‘ composer, . ,
Augusi 22 Faou1ty Méoiing at Epimdiotop , °
Naxg Qgggg Qgig issuo: Fwiday, Augugi ?Q IRQ?
Deadline fox inoLum;cn: Mouiay, RU@Um° I6) *?»>
Production Staff: Editor, Keyxy Kx¤ss&; Tgyigt, C I·—‘· y,L ,—: 1;
Printer, CQQII Ma&izouI

Despite the fact that I have still received only 12 .
responses to my call for unit descriptions, and have granted 4 or
5 reprieves, we will begin the new series. I hope you find it
educational, if not entertaining.
Government Publications and the Agriculture Library are
closing temporarily, so make a note of the changed hours.
Happy reading, and stay cool.
Government Publication in King South announces that they
will be closed for shelf—reading and other fun library projects
during the following days:
August 11 — 12 (Monday — Tuesday)
August 21 — 22 (Thursday — Friday)
(Submitted by Sandra McAninch)
The Agriculture Library will be closed on August 13, 14, 15,
18 and 19 in order to do a combination inventory and barcoding
project to get ready for automated circulation. The entire staff
will be in the stacks so we would appreciate it if you could hold
any routine business and phone calls. We will be back to
business as usual on August 20. (Submitted by Toni Powell.)
Copies of the 1979 Faculty Procedures Document and the
proposed revised document are on one~day reserve under "Faculty
Document." Copies of the revised document have been sent to
Department Heads for departmental circulation. Comments are due
to the Committee members by August 18. Committee members are
Roxanna Jones, Sara Leech, Norma Jean Gibson and Toni Powell.
(Submitted by Toni Powell.)
Mr. Willis received the following letter:
Dear Paul:
As you may know during the 1985-1986 academic year I
was a visiting professor at the University cf Florida,
Gainesville. While I found the change stimulating, fha
library there was less than wonderful, at least for my
research purposes. So.I had several occasions when,
lacking the necessary materials in Gainesville (or
quick access to them), I telephoned the Architecture
Library at the University of Kentucky for assistance,
Harry Gilbert was his usual helpful self. And fc; a
- particularly important item, a copy Mies van cer Ycn;”e -··t `
New York Times obituary, Judy Sackett went abcv, ¤_r ,nd
beyond the call of duty. She was fast too! (Ccntinw.r)

 I ...2..
It was a great comfort to me to know that help was
available if and when I needed it. And now thai I‘ve _
returned to the University, it seems only fitting that
I should write this note to you extolling the virtues
E of your librarians and one of your branch libraries.
I Sincerely,
{ David Spaeth, Professor
The greater Cincinnati Library Consortium (GCLCI presenting
a workshop for non~reference staff who are occasionally needed to
, substitute at the reference desk, or who would like a brief
I introduction to life at the Reference Desk. The workshop covers
r such topics as basic reference sources, indexes, government
I documents, business sources, and career information. Registration
is $15.00, $10¤00 for GCLC members. The workshop will be held at
Xavier College in Cincinnati on August 26. Deadline for
registration is August l5. For more information, write to the
GCLC, 3333 Vine St. Suite 605, Cincinnati, OH 4522t.
U K LIQRARY _1~gyl§];}3’L"TER
The gibrarymgeys will begin publication again in Septemberr
If you have anything you wish to have included in forthcoming I
issues, please send your items to Laura Rein c/o Referenoe
Department. The deadline for the September issue is August EUG
We are particularly interested in new acquisitions (such as
indexes, gifts, new series or sets): bibliograpahic instruction;
new databases; document delivery systems; and other news of I
interest to the general faculty, (Submitted by Laura Rein,} I
This issue of the QQ introduces a new series to its reade;s.
In a library system as large as this, it is not at all unuaual
for staff members to be unsure as to what other units do, or why.
Unit heads and/or department heads were asked to briefly describe I
their own units in terms of staffing and work flow. I
MEET THE   (by Ruby Herald)
The Journalism Reading Room is located in Rcow IRE of the
Enoch Grehen Journalism Building, It serves undergraduate and _
graduate students, faculty and staff of the School of Iournalisn,
the College of Communications, and the University, as well as tb
general public. u
The Reading Room currently receives 53 peri ...: ci~al I
subscriptions and 34 daily/weekly newspapers. The moncgra,,l .... I
collection, numbering more than 700 I
I (continued; I
· » eese~~——————~~eee .s-.».. c linear .. .3 I

 volumes, consists primarily of materials representing ·ne fields
of communication and journalism.
An ITex computer terminal——which serves as an instructional
aid in journalism courses, and several typewriters——gratis to the
patrons——bring people from many disciplines into the Reading
The staff of the Reading Room consists of one librarian and
a number of student assistants, whose hours determine the Reading
Room‘s evening schedule.
In the fiscal year l985~86. the Reading Room served l4,2;3
people and circulated 5,869 items.
MEET THE ORI§l§ggNQgTALQQl§g_QEPARTMENT (by Emilie Smith. Evelyn
Evans and Jessie Adams)
This department is composed of three units: monagr phs,
serials and bindery.
The_§gnggraphsmQnit is responsible for the mater nj: .books,
microfiche, microfilm, microprint, cassettes, records or
multimedia for which there is no cataloging copy. For bsoks and
multimedia, the cataloger must determine descriptive cataloging,
classification and subject headings. For microforms, cassettes
and records, no classification is given, but a call numrar is
constructed. Descriptive cataloging and subject headings are
applied to all material.
Descriptive cataloging is the standardized description of
material. Continuations of old serial files are still classed in
Dewey. Library of Congress subject headings are assigned after
the subject content of the material has been determined.
We have only two original catalogers who both have other
responsibilities. statistics vary according to the difficulties
ofthe materials. The monthly output for the last six mwnths has
averaged 123 titles. (E. V. Smith)
Thewéerialsmynit consists of one professional and =mo
support staff.
Our mission is to keep the bibliographic records for Us
serials straight and accurate. We establish records for new
titles, and do a substantial amount of work with old titles which
have undergone various changes over long periods of time. we
adapt on-line cataloging information to local situations.
One of our support staff is editor of the Central Seriays
Record — that is, using cataloging information from the
catalogers, she prepares the physical CSR records, making eay
necessary changes, sets up appropriate check-in cards are
consolidates holdings.
All of us are consultants and resource persons to C Q
‘ departments and branches of the libraries concerning suf ala
questions and problems. (E. Evans)

The Bindery Unit provides services necessary to oarzy on a
continuing program of preservation of the libraries‘ materials,
including bindery preparation and repairs.
The Unit is responsible for providing preservation services
for King and branch libraries such as preparing material for the
commercial binders and doing in~house repair work. Our staff
consists of two full~time persons and three or four student
assistants when the budget allows them.
Work procedures are set up according to the following areas:
(a) Material processing ~ the various departments in King
Library and the branch libraries send items for in—house work and
for the commercial bindery. This is sorted and put on work
shelves. when bound material is received from the commercial
bindery, this is processed and returned.
V (b) Binding section » prepares material to send to the
commercial bindery. Certain procedures are followed in this work
procedure, such as checking the master file, preparing the
binding slips, etcr
(c) Repair section ~ in~house work is sorted and shelved for
various needs of routine conservation treatment. This could be
mending, cleaning, encapsulation or in—house pamphlet binding,
"Quik" binding or Therm~A binding.
Last fiscal year our unit processed the following: Routine
conservation (repair work}~~5,46G; volumes given contract
binding ··~~ ~ll,320; number given protective enclosure-m3lO.
Come by and let us tell you more about how we contribute to
the overall business of our large library system. (Jessie Adams)
  (bY Gwen €¤·1"¤i=¥)
The Map Collection is a unit of the Government Publication
Department. It is staffed with one full ——v· time technician and
three part—time graduate assistants, with back~up provided by the
GPD staff. Additionally, the GPD staff and graduate assistants
service the Collection at nights and on weekends. An added bonus
has been Mr. Hill Maury, a volunteer, who is working 3 l/2 hours
each week weeding the Defense Mapping Agency collection.
The Map Collection consists of maps, atlases, gazetteers,
air photos and guidebooks as well as books about cartograpny and
remote sensing. {Pre~l87O Kentuckiana maps are housed in the
Special Collections Department and geologic, hydrologic and
U.S.G.S. topograpahic maps are housed in the Geology Library,
with the Map Collection each year. Users vary from researchers
in history, architecture and urban planning to backpackers, wc ld
travelers and genealogists.
Gwen Curtis, head of the collection, is responsirza .ur
ordering materials for the Map Collection, however, many ·... »; Lt~

maps are received as gifts or through the Library's GPO
depository. She has also recently taken on the responsitility of
selecting geography books for the MIK stacks. She does orginal
and copy cataloging for maps on OCLC while the Cataloging
Department catalogs the hooks housed in Maps. All cataloged maps
and books are accessible through the public catalogs and/or
LSZOOO, however, only about 20% of the maps in the collection are
cataloged. Additionally, Gwen is responsible for providing
information/research assistance to the users of the collection.
As a member of the Government Publications Department she also
processes European Community materials, prepares GPD's materials
for binding and assists on the GPD reference desk.
The Map Collection opens at 10:00 each morning so that Gwen
has time to use the terminals in the Cataloging Department, work
the desk in GPD and do various other chores outside the Map
Collection. Anyone who needs to get in touch with Gwen between
8:00 and 10:00 can leave a message with GPD staff.
EEQE§§$IQEeL.EEADl§§ .,.,
Assasaarleeal Qellasrlen Deraleeaaaal and ,lr. Calleaaéan Deer me
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QE$gMMQ __..»V REF z6S9 .r6 1985.
Admialearatlear.rersaaasl.-sailQi¤qa lltrl and Equipment rereeeseeet clet
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Qgllmggg REF 2673 ,K6l 1985Q
Aayaaasellaraierarrlaaminierrarlen ..,_., anQwQraaairar;ee- Valama 5»
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Memoirs of a very busy lihrarian.
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Press, Inc., 1986, Call ____ ngL_ Z694 .R5 1986,

Librarian, Coordinator of Serials Cataloging (Re—Opened). The
University of Arizona. Salary: $23,000. Deadline: October 31,
Government Publications Librarian, University of California,
Irvine. Salary: $22,872. Deadline: September 1, 1986.
Reference Librarian. Medical Center Library. The University of
California, San Diego. Salary: Assistant Librarian, Halftime
rate: $12,006 —$15,360. Associate Librarian, Halftime rate:
$14,670 — $21,132. Deadline: September 1, 1986. p
Catalogers. University of Delaware. Salary: dependent upon Q
experience and qualifications. Deadline: September 1, 1986.
Coordinator Order Preparation and Input Unit. University of E
Delaware. Salary: dependent upon experience and qualifieatiens. Q
Deadline: August 15, 1986. f
Social Sciences Cataloger for Latin American Monographs. g
University of Florida. Salary: $18,300 minimum. Deadline: ¥
September 30, 1986. E
Head, Central Science Library (CSL). University ef Florida. S
Salary: $35,000 minimum for 12 months. Deadline: Octeier .··~ 1, E
1986. E
Social Sciences Monographic Cataloger. University ef Florida. §
Salary: $18,300 minimum. Deadline: September 30, 1986. E
Reference Archivist (Reopened). Emory University. Salary: n §
Librarian I, $17,500 - $21,000; Librarian II, $21,000 ~ $27,500. g
Deadline: September 15, 1986. {
-___r ..... nie- _, C P,

Cataloger. The Newberry Library. Chicago, IL.~ Salary: i
$18,500—$2l,000. Deadline: September 30, 1986. ,
Librarian for Technical and Automated Services. Rutgers i
University. Salary: minimum, in 50's. Deadline: August 15, g
1986 will receive first consideration. j
Ibero-American Coordinator, Collection Development. University §
of New Mexico. Salary: $24,000. Deadline: September 26, 1986. i
Catalog Maintenance Librarian. New York University. Salary:
$23,000 minimum. Deadline: August 31, 1986.
Reference. Syracuse University. Salary: commensurate with
qualifications and experience. Deadline: September l, 1986.
Documents Librarian. Winthrop College. Salary: $18,000
minimum. Available, October 1, 1986.
Serials Cataloger. University of Tennessee. Salary:
Instructor, $19,000 minimum; Assistant Professor: $23,000