xt7k9882nj09 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7k9882nj09/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky State University of Kentucky 19140409 Accession number: 2015ua025; other titles include Idea, The Idea; published weekly during the academic year newspapers  English Lexington, Ky.: Idea Syndicate of the State University of Kentucky, 1909-1915. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Idea Lexington (Ky.)--Newspapers. Fayette County (Ky.)--Newspapers. The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 6, No. 28, April 9, 1914 text The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 6, No. 28, April 9, 1914 1914 2015 true xt7k9882nj09 section xt7k9882nj09  
0   ‘ ;—> “— ——— " ‘ "";···— no  ——·—····— — ····—··~—·—··-·· -··- — ····T.>
et on
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l.lt• wlthout labor l• guilt. Tomorrow: nn, nmnnh
I "J°'"° n°°M”' . to do your duty.
1 i
World': D••p•rat• Problems to be The Glee Club gave a concert ln Mt. Hou Crane ls Heard in L•cturc Which w° B° **‘° (3****-** $P¤•*•*‘ it mu c°m· Wildcata Win From K. S. D. 13 to 3,
l soma Rh•\orlc|Ily.—Will uw- sterllnk, lrrltlay nlght, under the Prcvu to be Wortt aa well ao *”¤ °'¤•*¤•*'°¤ E¤•'¤'•••· and Lou Michigan Game
the "Cry of the Children" auspices of the lloys' Club of that LII! of tha C¤ur••. 0 ‘; 7 to 1-
1 It lt has been announced that the man
——-— c y. 1 ‘ ··———-—
{ HCQNCORD OF ~A.l.lON8,, l The concert was given ln kh? audi. (Bl. lllnnlnllc Clllln) who will dcliver the graduation ad- 50;,9 WEATHER KILI.8 PEP.
Q ___ I 0 00 Llllcolll had me mont glluuy mud dress at this University ls Hon. Henry .;
The time has come in the rotation Iormmdof the new High School build` lnnnn lnnlle lnnl Snlnldny lllglll when llrecklnrldge, who has been, since the Th" wnn°*"·n took the <>¤¤¤t¤s nm'
1 period wm] State lil to have [hi! KQn·       ROSS Crane pretended to raise the ven beginnlng Ol. llresldent ",us0n,S term, lnnnd contest Of the season from K€n_
0 lucky mumouegmte Contest in our red V r b 0 0 ond show the audience human nature the Asslstutn Secretary of War and tncky S°n"‘n n"' *n° Dumb by the
OWU chapel. The ABBOCllu0Il ls COHI- C0 0 6 e y num Gr. l l \v did C 1 . who bag been g guccggg in that (gg. score of 12 to 3» Frlduy afternoon. and
After the concert the Glee Club as { B' G sea the mug vu et)
nosed of llve schools and the round ‘ ‘ nl human lllmll.e_ There was no ll-lllll paclty. He is from the illustrious fam- or the f°n°“"n‘t·¥ dw tort *-1*9 $“·m°
ls made every flve years. membirzin M; the guests M uicfymmi (llnplnyed, no great lact Set Out, no ly] by that name and lll all Olnlol. lll with the University of Michigan 7 to 1.
• oratorical productions no other gen. n;:“’r::)*:·`;:l*;¤*i;la:::l time to ctltoh tho of his random remarks. The canvass time he has been a prominent Ken- The Opener with the Dumb School
ture connected with college activities ’ y K ‘ lllnnn nl wlml Heaven wlll be was [ucky D€m0cl·nl_ hnvhlg Ol-gnlllzed me club was a walkaway for the Blues.
Mn compare wml ms event For SI(` N UP FOR M0 nothing but a Florida sunset, Wilson clubs ln this state, whlch dld Coach Brummuses men hit the bull.
twenty·seven years the contest has I     Them wom such puns as mnklng n lllllcll to am {lll, Presldentjs cam, and ran wlld on the bases, but their
been *‘°’n “"““"""· °"n *°d°>’ ***9 -_.- d0g’s back sn shaped u to glve lt the l>¤l8¤ here- Ho lr ¤ Srauuoto of “0°"‘ “""S “ lime l°°“°· d“° ‘° °h°
splrlt of oratory is becoming brighter Reserve a Copy by a Dcpoult of 50 llllnnnns nl n llnmnn lace Good llllng prlncntnn and although hg was ngg GMI! Spring Season wld cold Weill-h¢¤'·
ln the locality that has produced so Cents Before April 15. ln amuse llrnd cnlldrnnl bnl lm. nnlll hom in Kentucky, hg hl of Kentucky iirubbsl 8. l&llkY F`l‘€8h¤1¤¤. 111860 8
many noble orators and statesmen of AH qmdpms QQQM a COW OHM lol. nnny men and women, was Snell birth and prides llimgglf upon in satisfactory debut on the mound. zet-
nnrllnr dnyn I 4   . ki I li l lh E a deparmré from the mem'? and ar- The Senlorn nnll lrlnnlln wlll nn ting a nice strike out record. Thomas.
The officers are always chosen from 91 °"m° °" Mm" d Bgn Ist ‘ llnllp numbers wlllcn have been seen glad to llelll- the wal- Secl-etal-y and another youngster, showed promise of
0009 0nsmuu°n at wmch me °p€°°h°°   0)0nn0T0000 MKHWZY H0;"00 no: at from time to time. The crayon com. <—>¢l>o<·t to loom many things or well '°““‘n“g *"‘° “ g°°d “‘°““n “`n“*·
the distinguished honor to be ohiet Ap"] M when a Student d°p°Mm dolls were Bomelhlngllke the solld ` L....•......._. were probably the features of a fea-
0 executive for this collegiate year and any cents in nan payment °" an A"` nnll nnnnlnln lnnnln nn gnvn The len   YEARLY twelcss SWIG-
• since he is to bear our standard, Lieut. nu"' h° r°°€“0°s a numbered mlrt lure was ll good lnlng lol, Some chll_       Box Scores. ‘
which reserves a copy for hlm. This .__
A w Gulllon will reside t th PAN·HELLENICS Kentucky AB R Ht P0 A E
‘ ‘_ _ D ° ° °°n' l b l ll l ll ll l b dren, but a fine opportunity to sleep
test, . ‘~’*"°“ 4 °°”°° ° ‘”° ° “"’ ° ° ll _ ——— wright, er, 2b ...... 5 2 2 0 1 0
rite admirers of l.h9`B[)0k6!l word Mu °" dm °' ¤“°"°¤u°" °' uw A"- "0°w" W"' lT°“""“ '°°"‘“'° °' °""‘“°‘ ‘“‘°""` tvatm ss 4 1 2 ti 1 2
· j_"°•‘°’—‘;‘ edb La eCro d. 0 0 '''````''
“,n‘l•·b€ rewarded to come to chapel nual. It is the only certain means to     l Y "9 W Crum, l,l_ ____ H ____ 4 2 2 l ll ll
promptly at eight 0’clock and all stm 'tw Mwst Sfev Bnceo gt; G t l M Ti- f h S of Kgntucky was heldin the ballroom Shraeder, 3b ........ 4 2 2 0 0 0
should come earlyas the doors will be muh °" the put 0 the prespect vg rn °_· Gunn nat ° t ° °"°" of the phoenix Hom] last Saturday Gumbert, lf ........ 3 0 0 0 0 0
securely closed at the beginning of purchaser and gives th; Annual stiff m ha"; Nut Tuuday nightn Balley, 2b ........... 4 0 0 1 2 0
t ' . ,
the first speech and only opened be- dma for the number 0 cop as 10 (E "mng · Lieut. Allen W. Gulllon presided as (·*'ubb¤· P ········· 2 0 0 0 3 1
tween SDBBCIIGB. 0rd€rw'   8. few extra cop as 0 Next Tuesday evening the Choral toastulastgr and the following rg. 'l`h0ma.s, p .... .. ...   0 0 0 3 1
' The program will be as follows- the Kemuckian wm be provided and · - — · d - Parks cc 2 1 2 2 0 0
· _ l ls take Chances Society will render the beautiful can- ’l“’n”*`” “""€ ma 8- ’ ''°'`‘'''''
hrll1BlC. D non hiliezs Otbfeie D tr Sl tuna. Mrlle El.l·S Kings Daughter)- The Ut-*l`l`PlI Hilft, "O[)[)0l`[\1I1lti8S.00 R0th· of ··‘····''·' 1 1 1 0 0 0
000°”0d°"`t0° AddmsS—L0eut0 Auenlnxi ;;for; ljxgitnl $3 0n§€u·|Tl;n)0nynu. lj: *‘0<‘*‘llY is Composed of seventy-flve J· W- Atkins. "(`ombl¤i¤S Energies-" Pun- J- V ··········· 1 0 0 0 ° 0
W· Gulllon I I 0 I 0’ 0 of llll, bent vnlnnn in lnn Unll,nl.Slly_ L. I,. Dantzler, "Cosmopolitism." "" ”‘"_ “’
Kentucky \V€+Slo>’¤·¤ U¤iV<*¤‘SltY—·|0w 000000 hm cham€0 having been developed from practical- ·l°n" F"'n· `0Efn"i°"°y 99-99 rrr Toms ‘`‘‘°``‘‘‘ 40 13 16 27 14 4
l-larolu M. llollantl, vlsgali, lun. ··*rhe ... -..•..o . W ly lnn. lnnlnllnl nl nn, nnglnnlng nl eentw K- S· it AB R H P0 A E
S00p€r0omy of the EM000000 Government BLUES TACKLE tho year. into finished artists, In nd. (ico- ll. K+>l1oy. "t`ou¤cl1 Activities? n”·"°u· SS ·········· 3 1 2 0 3 1
to that of the United States?     dlllon to me canlam there wlll be pl-Og ,x__ (·_ zelllhmdy ·-phayactey- Orndon, lf ......... 4 2 2 0 0 0
Music       several soloists of local celebrity on istins-00 Ha'gga`rd’ C `'‘'''`'' 4 0 1 8 1 1
University of Kentucky—John llln nl.ngl.nm_ Alnhn nrnnnnnge, "Obliga[i0¤S,·· Jasper. p ........... 4 0 2 0 0 1
HOWB.l'd PEYDB, Cold Spflllg, Ky. wlId¢aY| to MEX it With VOIUNWQVU The Cllornl Society was undertaken The meeting was clutracterlzed with X[€lllI1€*l`. 2b -······· 3 0 0 4 5 0
"The Concord of Nations." Frtdiy itld $lf¤l‘d¤Y ¤¤ nl llle bnglnnlng nl llln ynnl. nn lnnlnltlie most fraternal brotherhood and L9€· Ib ············· 4 0 0 10 0 0
• Music. SW" FNW- ol. lenn Ol nn nxnnlllnnnt to dnvnlnn was the important social function of S€u·ul€Y· 3b ······--· 4 0 0 1 0 0
Berea Collego——C. C. llatson, \Vater- GAMES  MUCH lllln lnlelll muslcnl talent ln the nun llll. we€k_ lcwing, cf .......... 4 0 0 1 1 0
loo, lowa. "lndustrlal Peace? vnl.nlly_ Hownvnln lllnll. nnndncllnll All the addresses were concise and NUU€‘¥`· rt ····-······ 4 0 0 0 0 1
Music- Friday and Saturday the Wildcats Tuesday night will prove conclusively ’*l‘*"`knng· The ortho "‘0°ning — — _ _   —_
Georgetown College -— Louis M. lnlln nn llnlvnlnlly nl Tnnnnnnnn lol. lllnl ll ln nn lnngnl. nn nxnnllmnnll but Snlncknd of intense mini kinship andl 'Fotals ..l.....·· 34 3 7 24 10 l
Brntolwr. Black Rock. Ky. "'I‘he Ury two gnlllell on Stoll Field_ an nl.l.l.,,.ll€llnlng nllnnnsn mutual interest in the collective af- Score by innings
°f the Cnndreny The game promises to be one of the 'l‘oo much praise cannot be given It-urs of tr¤t¤r¤¤¤t>‘ ann mankind- K*"nn*'kY ···-- U 0 2 1 1 0 2 7 x”13
Music- hardest of the season Last week \lr Harlowe F Dean for the great '°‘ 0* K- S- U- ·····-·· 00 0 0 O` 2 0 1 O" 3
C°""M UMv°"m0"S“"‘“°l Davis 'l`enllessee split even with Vanderbilt amount of time and painstaking labor :+ +A: tl`} 0.0 +t+d* 0;+ :0:;:: 'Fhrcc base hits·—Cl‘unl. Sllraedor.
U°gg*‘· KM“m“z°°· Minn- 00S°“u“’"‘ ina two-game series, and they can be that he has scaritlced ln making the + ht r tglsinstznills “\;ll0 meet + nu""°“- 0l"‘0°‘nn$*’ nnS"Sn"“·°d°r·
rt 1 8 QS ' , _ _ l . v
H°r°i“m· counted on to deliver a classy article Choral Society one of our greatest _ lnmlull nu°*`*`”‘“ right 2- “ nits 4·
M“M°‘ of ball. With better playing weather assets. lcv-ery student nhnnld Show l+ R` (0' Dabney in me Hall or me +|(`l`Ulll 2. Reed 2, Tuttle 5. Shraeder 3.
: Transylvania lhliversny __- Reuben this WBGK the Blue and   [GRID llitl Bl)pI`€(‘l8[l()l\ of lll? BlY()I'[$ Qf   +   Tri` zlllurron li Juniper 2· nleuluer   Struck
Mins Snn“· L°“l““· vn HO"' Peru has picked up a lot of ginger. and are Dean and the Choral Society by hav-I: ilu; dt -0 000 00 0 or Organ La. +IuuY*‘nY Grubbn 9- by 0l0n°n“” 2· by
v ·» 0 . l , _ _A
“ "'hiu' lO0klng titty DOY ('6|It. b€U.G!°· Several illg [lit! ('lll:\,[lt*l lllléd to ()\’t*l‘"()\\'ll)g ()ll 0 + + + + + + * • + + + * * +   I urk -3- by Jasper “4· Hana on   `
D*’°iM°n M0 Judgnn changes are expected in the line-up, Tuesday evening. I0. 0, 0W Gruhbr 2· un Jasper 5- Wild
Mu¤i€· (mln,.-hnly in the dnttlnld, Thg tenln   V .— ··——•·•···   pit··lles~--Juslicr 2. Pussod b&l|VH¤S·
I0"°*“’““m°“ M m°d“I· has been devoting much attention to ATTENT'ON• $EN|OR$· A' “0‘ HM’bM*°" u pr°0"iM""° wuug Ktllul- l‘it<‘llilll·t l'¢‘<'U¥`d$"‘GY'Ubb$· 5 l¤·
——_°`°°'0 `000` batting practlw, and will no doubt —··— _ _ ""'0*""`“'i°" "““’Mi"““· M M'“"0m"‘ uings, lll Ilil.[Slll0Il, 1 hit Tllolnas, 3
O OO OO O OO OOO OOO OOO nlmw up much bmw ln Ollnnslvn urtloro for rolttrm-¤¤<·•=¤¤lo¤¤t lnvlttr nntl tt graduate or stttte tuul u··u¤·s·~ lllllllnln ln lnnnlll_.ll_ ll l,lln_ l»nlll_ l
O BEWARE APRIL 15th O work tions must be ln not later than April wllnllllllllllll as w,.h_ ll-nn hl the (-hy mum; ll lmmllnnl ll nlm
• The Annual starr will not O 0 10. Phtoo your ortlcr with tho llnlvor- nntl on the rminlus lust *l`uesday. Snlnnlnyn Gam,
O honor any picture. either of O or-——M•*·* · Shy hook Store 0r~l•·r=¤ for runs and ·—h.·ntlnn but-lt·· to his buslut-ss tutor .l.ll__ n·nll._,l.lln,n llnlnlnlnll nn, “·llll_
O words or face. after the 15th of O There will be tt box party klven at liowttu tukoh ut tht- Swlw l>l¤¢‘•*- All n ti-lh to t‘ovhn.;ton. ile seeius to hlt\'t‘ __llln_ nnll llll nl l,l,l,nl.lnlll. llnn,n_ l.l,ll_
O April. °`R€lll9lllbBl` well and O the i·`ll‘t·lt Methodist Church, l•‘rlday •·¤¤‘l>‘ o¤‘d¢*¤’ htrour it bott¤*¤‘ tluulity of shine sort uf t-llent ut Georgetown. Ky. n__lllllll_lll. lln, lllllnn n.l,l._, ln.l.l.l. close
O bear ln mind, the cow's tall O evening, at 7:30 o‘clock. The stu·l ¤•*“‘u· S0 ttul busi'- lll may bo that hc lr tryiull to th uh u ll, \\i[l|]i|[gl Siglpr nnd his sui-censors
O always hangs belllnd.' O dents or State University are invited. +•» » l.·nntrnt·t there as his practice- is pri- ,________.....;_... _
O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Sayre will come in a body. I Sign up for that Annual NOW. uuirlly clvll. Wolllllluuu uu PNG Su)

 Q i
2 T H E I D E A i
. -;·——____—;___,_;.;——. -,_.......- ~ —-; ;_ ;_;._ ;_; ‘ ;__ I ._".-;.; ‘ "-...’ ..‘°.." .‘..._......"‘ " "“'I---·, V--""L **·;#·*——,..;tQ.——-—-——·L;l-.... W——-——; --ff.Z;Z.LL.`.'*i·.-. ..`._...;...."""`"'"" ‘.."`..."' __"‘   1; ‘ "‘_j_e‘-——-——-,#,;‘_j"""‘_‘,
Mm I HE ORPHEUM I HEA I RE """""“‘°" "’° R
Children 5c
J i
FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY APPOINTMENT. J. H. BTAMPER, Jr., Own•r and Manager. OPEN 10 A. M. T0 11 P. M.  
   TKTZ7 ?;?" ;......_`,-,,_ _ ,_ e_ _______ _ ____________ ·
i OPERA HOUSE- oruhle- stage (‘ur0€·l‘, the Vvtéfull JAIIIPH _ ____ _ Flllillk. '|`h•· ftu·uIty is preparing to
- · , <1'N4-ill has done no finer work than Just n little sum\I·pox+·4l f•·uth¢*l‘. ffmil tnkv tlmstiv notion in the nmttor, If
Keith Vaudevllle. V _
his nmrvelous delineation of the the- suiuil-pox patient s bed, ine-wl he
tm gm; U, th,. im,rg,.•r uy th,. hm.N.,etp I·‘uth•~r of Israel. In the earlier scenes Just it ||tt|4· feather vaught upon the i  -
• M mu Uwm Hmm, {md mm All ·1—he,,_ h•· is uh·~ not¤>riou¤·» patriarch rejoietnig breeze,   I   R S
wm Rpm} ‘.mmm.m(, wm N, m.(,mH.,,(I iu his sons, his fiocks, his herds and Just another (-use of small-pox audi
au   2 M HW www Home {ms “{,,,k (,my_ the urowim: upace of his progeny. In uuothe-r fellow alvtul,      
itt»htth•·ht·i|tg with thu '|`hursth;y mtgtir 'i\i“ mm] iU`i» SUM SU¥`¥`UWi|lI§ f0I` JO- Su \’u(‘(·hm(•· it [ww mort- if you .....— A
|ht~¤·p Montgomery and Stone, iu "'l`h¢· "`Vh **"‘l “\’“"t t" b" b°"`*`“v"d "[ hm V"`“""’- Save money by ordering
At the L€xiNgt()n I,;tt|) ti|‘ tho Sllppt·r_" upppur||;g ut tho ISH! i¤>|'|l. iN' hiHPS U) Iluggnlllcent irfjih IIS
O r Housi, HUH Mi Mmm. and Stuumm. and Sm lh··iuht> of t·he.stened emotion mul de Just th•· string, around the bandage uf i `— ·
pe a . · ' O
..,».n., ...inn..»e time mu p¤»v¤·i»·¤ r····!*¤·*·"*'*# *"*"· Am" "'“’ “‘“ *‘“""” ""` ”""*"°"°" "“"°“°“ “"“‘ i MICh|€f BI‘0Ih€I‘S
lm} MTR is Um, of the bpm that (mild t»uiiitie·i· triumphed iu his making ot A little think l know it, was at best.
. · . 417 EAST MAXWELL
This Week   hp Swumd and mnmms 8 number of .hu-obs tent. um little things you know are the
HMS and featllres that are sum to .h»»<—pIi and His Brethren comes to things that do the harm, V. A. BABBAGE
mmmp The picture to be projpctpd thu Hen Ali Theatre next Monday and You may find it in a city spurrow's\ K·S·“·“°¤’°'*•"*•"'•’—
li)- (hp Hp;] Allgcnpg ig 3, new and very *u"*‘*my and Wednxday and \Ved¤<»¤- nest-I  
I   interesting film. The Glockers, water ****5 ¤¤8U¤*‘¤- Sale of seats opens D E N T I S T  
jwzlerg, have an act never Seen herp Thursday morning. Just a little smulbpoxed kerchief from *
, heme. uwena Mouit Huut,ing,sim:- ·s;···•·•·*PRINGTI;AE · <>¤¢ the ¤mb¤¥¤¤¤¢s nn. J_ ‘['_ SLATUN
    ers and dancers, have a. bright little ‘ A little rug it was upon the sod, _ _
`kit pnutlod ··pe.tncung·· which gives "`;' i I Hut they found it in the pocket of lit-   (Jheapsldc
` ' |’l . ' d S ` , ,
these clever vomedians uu excellenti lP__mO“ ts gone an prmg S wm U6 WUUG B DUNS. Hours 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. PHONE 3M.X ·
\\1th poets, lovers, birds and notes! V i , l _ l
atur a eininee to introduce men songs and __ Ami Mme \i¤<*>= <··· hs My *0
_ _ \\ ith songs, with breezes, uud with God
tlmitvs, 1ne Rex Lomeyd Circus is ¤ flowers · DOLLAR SAFETY RAZORS. •
  » rr , ¤Jn J1- ' · ····•·•*·"···#
`iminoi it 0 Ming ug: 0 {my Hom Muvh time to nature one devotes. A hoy was questioning a little girl. Ender, KCC!} CUNZCI',
s · 8 Il 8
_ . lm ls 8 Sfngmg (Om? andmfj Yt g` li hater the songs of birds once again, AH at once he asked, "D1d you know Bhd Ever Ready
· r su··
    mlm mr 0 mm songs an gl ` * I read the crop of verse once o’er. gyou had ancest,ors?" JUST WHAT YOU NEED.
ings. Frank 1\iayne and Company pre-I _
_ Alias! Aly heart beats quick anew. I She immediately became very angry
wut il sketch entitled "'l`h<= Third l)<¤· __ _ W _ ' __   &  
_—   Howard and Hamm) (_m“pm“_ I in lme. you ask. Nix. Never- and stamping her foot, said: Igu9ss·
LH" S " more! I ought to know what I have; I have  
Telephonc 638 iuusiciaus, and coiiiedizms. and the __ •
Azam Brothers round out what _   :
·· • I _ _ I cure not now for poets junk, .-;•+-——-—· J
    C0- proimses to be the best vaudeville en- For Bm Shakespeare and an that Colorado College has again been Lexington     an T
mrminmem °f the B€°S°n‘ mob, favored and honored by a magnificent p y ’·
    ETC.   i` ` _ when out on new and digmgnd, gift. A certain friend of the College, Mlziszggcgzid of ,
Pipes Repaired l Steps Matty, Wood and old Ty who desires his name to be withheld,     ·_
• Owing to the consolidation ·0f the CUM)! has very generously donated the m`  
Lexmmou, - - KENTUCKY i,,tm,StS of the Open House and me come from $100.000 for the establish- tac w¤s·r num eraser •
Ben AH Th68_tmp_ the tounwing at. Away! Ye birds, ye begs, ye biokeysg ment of a Department of Business     d  
      U.a(,ti0nS’ `yhich were   for the Ye nowgrg, bonngtg, and the rest! AdTlliIliSiI`3uUIl Blld Banking.     {
C t I {V I I students Opera House will be Been at the Ben i love the crack of ball and but, - —•++——·— i   and  
aeraaxcuieyo • _ ·
and Faculty of State University Ali. These are the best shows to be I love still m0¥'€ Mi °ld ¤W°·@·f°¤‘· It has bmn chargedumat thenfmt STATIONERY
A B BARN ETT   *¤ *·“*¤¤m¤ me     ‘"""""‘   ""`“"“" ““"   “ Simplu-Filler Fuuntaln Pans
• • . _ ,, I lint tf 1. b d to ··bust·· Oberlin College, and men are still
C FAX tally the production of Joseph and ¤ 9** no 0 U 9 · V n
COR- S- UMESTONE AND OL His Bmthmnp. which every Student Nor even feel the soft am, fan, being initiated contrary to the faculty _ I
  \\'hile Wagner "busts" the hide apart,   • i
should see. | L
YES, ,...1 And Johnson "fans" 'em at the pan. "' ‘·' '.' '•' '•' '•' "' "’ "' '·' "' "' * °.' + + WM E STAGG Succnwr [
' ' I • 4
w. ne stm Pressing 4 sem for •1.2o BEN Au. * WANT COLUMN "‘ 309 WEST MAIN STREET 1.
-3*- -—-— _ Some praise the joy of sweet per- '|' '·' "’ "' "' "' '.' "' '·' '·' * + '·` * °·° * _T..j;_..._. _
Billy B¤i¤¢y’S Pressing Club   “`“‘° F"? °’ *"°. s"'°’fT"‘"   `]TL.—Jett`Ie,ing ;.:.@:Teis.;;.Hs:m1 P ’ *
AND DRY CLEANING WORKS H"’ IM Ot uw Sl“’p"‘ um big The songs of Spring throw some in _ _ _ I fn _ ts , ' • I  
tgg s°u(h Ljmgg(°ng Phone 621-) Nlontgomery & Stone attraction ut the ms lm "h**’g*“d mr M { *6 mt': 0 ve mn ( (
___......_....——- .   .. ·. ·- - _·t -. ». ‘ _ ¤· mv. '¤¤°*···>·***·*>
'f"‘ A_" """{" "““"· ”““"1"’ ‘*"‘l one ine the swish nin: Swat-1 en swat, pe i [)()R()THY ])()DD SHOES
C A   IMM ‘``` i ""`m`°"’ H"` ° "'h"l`”`“”`°" ‘¤‘¤··· "¤==·¤¤·»r ¤i»v" Tm- Ions bm mmm ANU u0Anu—uo¤u moms FOR WOMEN
• • ul the tilohee 'I`|n·¤tr¢· New York with
’ ' hits! with excellent table board. Mrs.
where you wm find cygyyghing n |'*** *"'*|’*>' **“**” ui L"'? *"""'°""‘*’·"‘“*“ J. J. 'l‘. i UDDi¤B\<>¤· 120 East M°·"“"’“· RA|_g”?6?\J0Hg(;\[?f%(;(|-?OE$
COMPLETE ?RUg· $TgRdE '\iUili};lIlll•*l‘)' & Stone need no intro-   _
MA?:°ufN:aV3/AE;U;caSTOREETS iductiou to Lexington theutregoers, for FOR MEN
`<·0lle<·tiv<·ly they have banished the D • I $4-00 to   I
• "`i)iU¢‘S·` i`()Y` IIHIIIY 21 "iil'Pd h\lSiI]€BS       {
Klnkead Coal C0- i·¤·¤¤·" i FOI' the
Anthracite and Bitumingugi \'i¤·to1· lierbert wrote the music for •
QQALS i""i1*°‘ Lad? of the Slil>l><*Y·" U¤€Nb¤`€¤0 Tuesday and Friday €V€l1iIlgS at     T. HBH, by college Boys Smoker
Lexington _ lientuckylvzn supplied by Anne (ktldwoll and G0 to i
’ *·=·“‘·‘*·¤·<··· M¤"==~¤>’· wd me *>’**<·S Miss Spurr and Wm. Warfield. Admission 50 cents. The Lewin Cigar Co. ,
'xx¢·rt· composed by James ()`I)eu. i Opp. Ntw Ph0•nIx i
W- S- GRIF F ING i ""··· ······· ¤ ·=~·· >’   ····   ¤···~ N ·*~··· =·n Special appointments ntenie for teen-ning the Tengo, *——·——·—_—"—‘
Th S _ G ihundrvd. In udditiou Lo the "sturs,"    
C umtary roccr u ~ wi nan it ·1 it n u·i· · st vii- . . .
, R . - H i 2 " uw ° ` °` B °` Maxixe, Hesitatnon and One Step. CREAM  
Piiulxiu 420 sou, luugeiie Revere, Robert Rogers, T k [ Sh _
Cor S Lime and Virginia Ave llluvitl Ahruhuius, Samuel Iiurbarlk. 8 %.c?:d, bywenlng `
'llurriltl Iiussvll, Violet Zvil, AHPII9 Lexington Roller   C0 i
    KitchBn'(‘rg_tt~r_ ltmte |;righ(_ ]\|ay·jm·it» };te“[|tey’   ~-..#_....—-—- lncomm.-md •’ 6
I·Iihi.i Hates, i·Iv•·l>u Uouxxuy, and Ed- `i l •
    eppe R         M WE SH & M RRAY NE BEN°"A*“· "*··¤ * • i
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bresh Laudnee Made Ueuly. Jmph and His Bmhrm      
Pop born lirltterx This is th•· opening sveue in the `
LE’('NGT0N· · _· *‘Ei`*TUC*‘V_ t-,,l,,.,,, W., my M,. t»urk,.,.·p m.,,,Bnd0up   N   O \07 80uth_L|m••t0n• SL. opp. Phunlx Hot•l _
+••••••••• •••• •••••••···•·•· .iee·-ni. nnti use Brethren epeet¤t·1·» I ‘ _ ° F"‘“·°*-*88 *°** °U***'*TF£°
Ci¤•¤i¤8. P|’¢••i¤8· Ah·"i¤8· ¤|r‘uiuu‘ '|`h•· hr•·thr<·n have gone- down INLURPUHATMI
Repairing i t E t I d I b Nw Phone I550·Y 152 S. LIm••ton•
u 0 SYD Or corn x ·ve een e,
_ _ i “* ‘·‘ P. U. l{01iARl)¤
r··<·<»u1¤m tl hy .Io>i·ph whom Phuruoh R lG I   N   S E R V I C E ·l·heUU||wc 'l`   ( SUITSHAUE
W, H,   hus inutlv lord ov¤·i· ull the lund. liv BW-. ‘ A   To ORDER
IW mli .1 W I ' ` I ` ' V f _   Cluning. Pr•••|ng and Ihpalrlng
, , ‘·‘· " ·*'"‘ ·‘"****" er ·****·**~° °' spam Amnuen cmnee i..tn••· nnennp
Lddléti WOTk (1 their return und hus dtwuuuded thu! i ` 7 \ ` I ` A||w°r|t(§“y;nt••4_ A|t".t|°M.gp•c|·"y
Spgciuhy ¥h¤·) bring him Iiviijutniu, horn \llli0\ i   I",   A   ·••
.|zu·. It   St) §ll4‘lll lllltf qyllp putt `   t
  llvllm lll llllxlngllm uml l_,ul_€lt9 coun. lllllllll lll slum lllll dlllllgl wllllre uml. 'l`ll•·l•· ure tarncls and railroads side ll•‘4l|' thc sil··n<·•·, the siI•·n·•· that V   . 5;
l {yl assembled ul lllll lllllwnlx llollpl lll.ll llwlllllll llllll wlllll llkllflrltllllltl they hy side. heltlng the oasis to the ('l\'lll* ~;»· :¤l<~. the sil•·n<·•· that sings.  lf ‘ rp' •
O Saturday ¤,rm..0m. il. rt-sponge to tt are xmlns that will rn mem for me ”"“""* ""‘"‘ *"‘“" *"""‘“°““"“ "'"' ' """" "’ *"" ""‘ l’*"""""* """*"" · <@  
pull from lll ll. Turllllrl M_l_l_l_tm_y 0l_Vl,l_lllllllllllllll_ llllllllllllltl llllll llllly llll donkies in the same streets, and ther rlunkics and tourists saarin that hot · lg.?  l
l _ _ _ pass savage Africans and relined l·1o- border ot' desert, wh•·r•· the stones  j'
::_;u§l;;;n: l:;\;m:lul:;l)c;ll;l;r]'el:;l (ulll.l:_l,;llingxtrgcgssllllltllll lll favor lll- ropeans swarming the snmeshlewallts. and sands persplre tlames. I sat " _  
lng Dr. Marlull E. Jolmlllmll pmsldlmll lwlllll, l,l_l_lllllll lol, lllll llllllllllllllll lmlll 'l`here is the mooezzin on the top ot za under the shadow of the Sphynx, that /  A
Dt; S_ B_ Mgrkg_ vlcg tyrggldgng Mgr- tllv tllllmlrllnlent of trustees from Old ml"*"`*`l Sllllilllli and IN`¥\Yl¥ll£ l ···· Hill l||lll!`*‘fl \\‘Htt·l1¢*r of the desert nm] the / (•`• l
t guerlte McLaughlin, secretary, and **UNl*’|\l$ who have lived within its Tumll lvl Mm"- “"‘l 'l"""’ M" tl"` ml: l';“*`l"· ll “'*‘“ """ "ll 'l"’*"' l"“*"" X p l
i Mary L_ Dldlltkg treasurer. walls and who krrrrw what ls needed "lllm*·‘** of a dlsttmt cathedral. dlnx, tlful Egyptian evenlngs_· l·`;tr ;tway_ Omqvp _
The meellng was called lo Ordpr by and llllw lmllly uml wlly ll lll llllll bebldang, rllngw, . ,   The-re page women where the gray desert rises towlartls
Ml._ Tumel. and Frank Bllmllle wml tar- arrangtnnttynts and cl,rlvt.rlll,llc€s lll lll th¢‘ latest Parisian gowns. and there the sky and the purple borders or the
Elected temporary clmlrmlml Th? llllrlllllllllllll and lllllllll, lllld more pass the mysterious ldgyptlan ladies, horizon curve down upon the sand, the
purpose ot the meetlng was to Organ. ample eqntpmem ln lrrborrrlorlgs are tlwlr l`a¢‘€¤ <‘0V<·P<*-‘¤ of ¤¤k¤<>-‘¤ form. and ;
l By unanlmous vote lt was declded to Those present were: Rl C TBn_8llll;l;;1llk0:n8d lsgtélirezllllhgéf a ¥\l\ll€. to the llivingllbrgathlrcg big ligypt. l`lHll·   l
l hold the next meeting of the club at D. M. Hart, J. S. Chambers, W. E. ` ling mm 18 GS"'
the Phoenix Hotel, Saturday, April Freeman, 1). V. Terrell, L. K. Frankel, HOW I loved tt) H9 upon the high LEON LEUMAN _ _
U ‘ 18, at 4 0’clock. for perfecting the or- 0. M, Shedd, \V. S, Welch, T. J. Barr, banks of the Mm upon the Wlvetl English ° cut Sultst
l tees on Blllumlllmellt lol, nllome c0lll_ llemlowsl El ll- webb, Mary C. Mol l·`r0m the other institutions Mr. S. B. every Monday night and during the cgatgl classy Neckwear,
~ lllgo week The Omcers were l,9_ Caulllll Nelly Reynolds, Grace llarllnl Dlshman, of Barbourville, a graduatellast few weeks has been turned into   etc.  
¤¤°¤¢¤d to draw up the constitution Rhoda tnassl Eltzuberlr Ha_rd€S[y’ H_ 0* l*'<>“'¤· and a Student for one rearla legislature and the members have l ° l
lol. collslderlltloll lll that lllwllllgl G- ljllwamllll lll lll Sllearsl George at Harvard, has now entered here as. been given practice ln legislative   Hats In Blugl
The meeting was very ellllllllllllllllln llolmrllll Sl lll Hurelll ll. ll. Allen, ll- has Mr. G. D. Dickinson, who has methods. I r Green and Pearl.
au who attended llgreelllg all lo lll? ll. .l~lll_llt_l_l Mary lllegulrel S. Ul studied law at the University of Wis- While the law school ot kentucky
necessity of Such all Organlzalloll lll Averelll Lucy Hulcllcrafll Annu “.lll_ cousin and Mr.   R. Mctfauley, who State Vniversity has been devoglopmg
l Lexington and the necessity of extend· lace-, Alayme Uldlake, Marguerite Mc- has Studied lu" m the lmwrsny Otldf a manelou? rar? Flhoie all entre"
lng lt out Over. the Stale, €lll.0llllll_l llll Lallglllllll Small Clloml Cleo Gllllsl Iowa. (entral and 'lransylvania hare been
,   old students of the University and en- [)_ Marlrrs Jolrmolrr r.;_ Srrrrpstml Sarah To make the B. C. L. at Kentuckyl ‘ll*"°ml“u*`d· ,
l listing tlwir (veneration in the mak- carter, sarah )lurgl;g_]l_ Luna nogmr State llnlwrsity it will be necessary »-•·
4 mg of [hg ·-r,,,g...t and tm-- en. Mary ·t..tl.s, A. i.. wmlt.   an- ‘" ***’“““"‘ “’ ""’ “"°"" ""‘“"°" ml °°‘ *’“" °"" "°" “° '°' ’°“' Ml Allll  
ygt·Slt_y_ tel., Jl Jl tvllrtlsl Alfred Peter. Tl Rl [ll? llll‘9€§ )‘€&!‘S` W0l`l{ l`0l` the Sllldélll y·tua|_
The opportunity tor the Alumni As- nr·yurrt_ nary rg t·|rrrk_ Frtulk iautmtitn te muke t“'€m>'·f0¤¥‘ addltltmal <'V€dli>l·_ ~~· *·er +•+ I INCORPORATED
Soctattorr to elect trrrstvalr t·l,r- the t·lllll.ll,S Slrlllm _r_ ll_ Kllllllls Ml.S_ fourteen of vvhlch are required by thel FRESHMEN REFUSE TO DEBATE. l
board from among whom €x9l.lllll.,_. Kllsllel B9all,ll_ll Tllrrl., _r_ S_ Hllrlllel schedule and ten of which are elective., -———-— ll _ t _ _` _,
mgmbgrg wlll be Sglgctgdl makes it \y_ S_ tyobbl [tell tyllllurl and p€r·r·yl OH account of tll€ &bS€ll(‘€ of Hlglll The splashing gf water and the tuucge bellow S   l
obligatory on the part, Of gvgry (7a_SSldy_ lS<‘ll00lS 0\'el‘ the State it has been sound ot' Sophomore voices seen to lll-  
l alumnus to inform himself on the l¤¢*<`€S¤a¥`>' lll the hast to receive Stwlstill in the hearts of the Freshmen al
' ;L....__.._ir_4___ dents for special work but now that thxmlly ante of fear and consternation.  _"_""_
LAW pEpAR1·MEN1· GNES yrllllkrey was udded to the lllclllll. and we have High Schools in nearly everyi l·]re the water had ceased to drip from
Q EXTENSIVE tNS·t-gUcTlONSll€l,lur€S lllel,6 gllltlll lll.l(,€ ll lwek bylcounty in the State lt is no longerl the garments ot` the l·`reshmen latter  
Judge Karr, Mr_ lliclturd t;uSlr_ Mr; _]_l¥\¢‘<‘<‘¤Sa¥`5' and this y€al‘ the H¤lllbv|`l the tug—o-vvaterl the hungry Sopho· _ _
l Four Year Course Established. lg Allen, Mrl \v_ E_ Nlt.lr0llS_ xlre of $l¤¢l¢’|1tS Plltvflllg tllé Law U<’l>&M‘t·_ mores were anxious to down them on  
l --1 George vllugllrh and last year- l\It•· will Niall! Wltlwut l'0¤\dlil0l1S is $0 DW`; the platform. but the Fresltmen have
l The anouncement that the Law lllllll Tlllvllslllld lllls lldlled lo llle l-llC_ cent above that of last year and therel tleeideti to stay on the dry side—e ever  
School of State University would otter lllll, fol. ltlclllllls lllmll llllllls ll wtlekl are very few specials. lfreq from pepper, salt and such.
a' fom-`y°a'r8 course next mu which on "Uomestlc Relation, Agencies and Since the establlslnnent or thel H*"“`*’ ll“` lollowlllgi  
would lead to the degree of B. (Y. L., is l,lll,llll_l.slllll_ Jullllll Kell, lllllllltld lllél Svlllml ll lm`, lllmlry llunlberlllll Jllllllll tnentlemen ol` the Sophomore Commit-lOll f , , _ I
I e