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a m mm W m .3 . , r
The Pride Center is opening and sharing Windy Knoll Farm is the place to be The Sixth Annual Volunteers Awards
space with the Metropolitrur Community Sundayhlunelerom noon until4P,.\ri.forwhat Braiquet is shaping up to be the best yet! First
Church at 387 Waller Ave. This is wonderful promises to be the biggest event of this year‘s of all. the entertainment will be spectacular
news for the lesbigaytrans community of Pride Month Celebration. The Pride Picnic For the first time the Lexington Men's Chorus
Lexington. There will he an Open House for boasts the largest queer potluck in Kentucky; so and Sister Sorrnd will perform in the same
celebration on Saturday, lune 21st from 2:00 we‘ll need your help to make ita success. Bring venue. It‘s fantastic! an event that by its very
until 4:00 'l‘hisisnoton the Pride Schedule so your lawn chair or blanketand your favorite nature is designed to bring the commrrnity
' commit it to memory. dish to share. We will have some paper product together to celebrate accomplishments will be
MCChas been at this location for aborrt a shut it will help rrs and the environment if you the first to host these two talented groups
year and has been allowing various bring utensils and plates. Cold drinks will be together.
community groups to use their space for sold This is an alcohol free event. Next. the speaker is the dynzunic Marta 1
meetings, religious services. and so forth. Entertainment begins at 12:30 with Miranda. Marta is a Social \Vork faculty
MCC is now outgrowing their space, and the Wishing Chair. the fabulous folk duo of Kiya member who also has a private clinical 4
MCC Board was considering if renting another Heartwood and Miriam Davidson who recently practice, She is a member of the state steering
office in the same building. thus dotrbling released their first compact disk, Singing will) committee of the K}. Fairness Alliance and the
their size and their rent, was within their the Red Wolves. Entertainment will continue co-cltair' elect (and one of the founders) of the
finzurcialability throughouttheafterntxrnwiththeSquash Beetle Foothills licho for Fairness Chapter. She has
The offer by the Pride Center Task Force Dancers, The Spirit Drummers and Karen Scalf, been a key speaker at both the Louisville Pride
to share the rent and open an office came at Vendors from gay owned turd gay friendly Rally and the Corrie 'I‘ogetlrer Kentucky
the right time. ’I‘heCenter‘snon-profitstatus businesses will sell a vatiety of pride items Conference, And these are just a Fl-‘.\\' of her
has not quite been completed brrt when that is including jewelry, t-shirts, calendars, and accomplishments!
in place. representatives from all community bumper“ stickers. Don‘t forget to purchase :1 Another" reason you won't wrutt to miss
groups will be invited to help organize a Board raffle ticket from GLSO (proceeds to cover nest this one is to see who wins this year‘s \t'asson
ofDirectors. lfarryone out there is longing for year's picnic]. Prizes include gift certificates Award As you probably know. the \X'asson
a leadership role in the community. this is a from imperial Flowers and Gifts. Great lit-ayest Award is Lexington's
perfect opportunity! Whoever serves on this Bread, Alfalfa, Comedy off Broadway. turd (”ill/”11W, Oil/'11.!”
board will be guiding our community at a Blockbuster: ’l‘hepicnic isfree btrt itcosts us over —-—--—--—--
crucial time. $600 to bring it all together so we really need SPONSOI‘ 0f the
The open house will be on the last your support in buying raffle tickets and cold
weekend of otrr Pride Month celebration, drinks [Xinations also accepted! Month
Come see the space and join the fun. We are So, join rrs for a day in the country: You
hoping that more community groups will use can find direction in the box on page 2. ’l‘her‘e's
. the facility, contribute some money, and help plerty of parking. lots of privacy. great food, un ita I'i a n
build stability and pernitutence. We are on outstanding entertainment :utd an indoor arena , .
our way! if it rains. Come on ()l'l‘ (if lillen can do it, so u n I ve rsa I I St
can you). Bring your fiiends and family: We'll Ch u I'Ch -
have a gay ol'time. —_———_————
__i.., imuiw /. 7., ‘ ‘.,.._. J‘

 Volunteer of the year Award. It is given to the songs. Those upbeat tunes had my feet tapping.
’ if“ >_ 3 N— person who has given the most of their time and But, it is the characters in this film--—-they were
j 3' . LESBIA talents for Lexington's LGBT community either REAL queers I could care about: a midwestem
:g ERVICE during the last year or through a lifetime of boy trying to find his place as a gay person; a
‘ accomplishments. The first winner (for whom professional man wanting mainstream America
ORG' the award is named) was Jeffery Wasson, who to see gays are just like them; and the drag
successfully challenged Kentucky’s sodomy law. queens who keep on living their lives despite
1“ ' Other past winners include Keith Elston, Linda being outcast by other queers and society
v West, and Mary Crone. Most of all, Stonewall gave me an
This year, there are more nominees than admiration for the drag queens, lesbians and
ever before. They include Bill Chandler, Steven gay men who, one June evening, decided they
1: h e 9'5 0 N E W S Foster (AKA Natalie Gaye), Mark-Johnsonfleff just were NOT going to take it any more. They
. jones, Diane Lawless, kerth Lovrn, and lerry began the fight for respect and equal rights that
Published-Monthly by the Mullins. Nominations are being taken until continues today.
Lexington Gay/ Lesbian June lst, so there maybe more. Later this month, the lesbizur love story
Services Organization The location of the banquet this year is at When Night is Falling will be released on video,
P.0. Box 11471 the Hilton at Lexington Green. Itwill be held on it will be available at Blockbuster Video on
, june 22nd, with cocktails starting at five Richmond Rd. During PRIDE month, the
Lexmgton, KY 40575 o'clock. Tickets are available at Crossings, from Richmond Rd. Blockbuster will carry several
Kenneth atThe liar, orby calling 255—5469. The lesbigay titles for sale including longtime
Edito r: cost is $25.00 per person or $22.50 a person for Companion, Desert Hearts, ’IbeAduentures of
Peter Taylor groups of eight or more. Don't miss this one! Be Hisa’lla, Queen of the Desert and fire flying
sure to get your tickets NOW, because only 100 Game.
Lay o ut Editor: tickets will be available. ’ So celebrate WHO you are this month by
. . checking what’s OUT on Video.
Charlie Perkins
By [Mama 0. Wariwr
glso Annual Dues and Potluck dish Utensils and Plates
"—Newsletter: $15 Celebrate PRIDE month by renting
Dues and Newsletter for HONEWAZL, a recent film set at the famous bar Chair or Blanket Used Books to donate
during the turning point in the gay rights
Couples: $20 movement. It tells the fictional story of a Money for drinks and raffel tickets _
midwestem gay man, Matty Dean, who comes
to New York. Shortly after his arrival, he N0 alcohol please.
“6‘“ 0r Opinions e"Presse‘i i" the GL5") becomes actively involved in gay rights and
News ale those Of the “mom find do“, finds himself tom between the professional DIRECTIONS To PICNIC
necessme represent those of the GLbO Board of . , , , . 1 .
Dimwm middle class queers who stage peaceful Windy Knoll h arm IS located
Submissions are welcome. All demonstrations and the drag queens of at 3263 Cleveland R d, North.
submissions become the property of GLSO and Stonewall Bar who insist on being themselves F rom Lexington, Take
must indicate full name and address of [he despite police harassment. Winchester Rd. Cleveland Rd
author: The staff reserves the right to edit When I first saw this movie last fall at the is the first left after the
submissions and ads to meet publishing Kentucky Theatre, I had an overwhelming second blinking light. This is
requirements, aswell €13th fight“) reject my feeling of pride about being a lesbian, also 5 1/2 miles from New
Smelsmns' something i have never experienced at any Circle Rd. You’ll find the
Placement 0f advemsmg 1” “.50 N?“ lesbigaytrans themed film, I could blame it on farm on your left a half mile
demtes neither a p ”son’s sexual onentatton th tstandin soundtrack of 1960's irl rou down th oad
norabusiness‘ customer preference. e 0“ g‘ g g p e r '
, GLSO page 2

PR‘DE PLANNING Check our Davina‘s review in Out On Video and there is plenty of spirit in the Lesbian.
WASSON AWARD on page 2. (Jay, Bisexual and TransgenderCommunity,
There is one remaining meeting of the We also plan to see Man of the Year, a so let‘s show it!
Pride Committee which will focus on the comedy filmed in documentary style about The parade begins at 2:00. Allwho are
selection of thewinner of the Wasson Award. a young gay man who is chosen Playgirl‘s interested in marching in the parade need
it will be held at the MCC building at 587 “Man of the Year". As well as being funny, to congregate at 1:00 on Midland Ave. You
Waller Ave, behind imperial Plaza from this film gives some serious attention to will find us by our LITC banner, pink
7:00 until 8:00 how passing can affect our lives. balloons and rainbow flags, in addition to
: .Any and all community groups are For the final film we are considering out beautiful spirit. We need VISIBILITY.
_ invited to send one additional When Night Is Falling or another lesbian Bring your friends, lovers. family, children
' representative to this meeting Which focused film. Come join us at the and COMP. ()if’l‘! ®
. means, if you already have a representative Fellowship House of the l‘nitarian Church.
working on the pride planning committee. For more information about WORKING CLASS KITCHEN
; you may send one more, Interweave or the I‘nitarian Church, please PRIDE EVENT
) There are many dedicated people call Davina at 3%5501. g
i nominated this year (see page one) and a Working Class Kitchen is planning a
7 good turn out at this meeting will help us BOARD ELECTIONS reading on Sunday, June 8th at Alfalfa's
If all learn about their accomplishments The (ILSI) Board has an election every Restaurantfrombto9pm. There will be a
1 before we vote. ® year inlune for halfthe board positions (S), St» cover that will include coffee, tea, and
’ This year we have several current Board dessert.
1 INTERWEAVE Members running for reelection They are: Some ofthe men and women who will
LESBIGAYTRANS FILM FESTIVAL Terry Mullins President. be reading their work are Linda Curd,
Please join us for our Pride Service on Peter ’I‘aylor Vice President. Iiileen Dare. \‘ira McCeorge, Kelly ()‘Iierrel,
lune 8th at 10:45 at the lit. Church. 3564 Beccie Lyon. Davina Warner, and Laverne
Clays Mill Itd. Then stay for our pot luck New people who will be running for at large Zabilski.
luncheon immediately following the service positions are as follows: There is still room for more readers.
(app. 12:30 pm). Well eat at the picnic John Moses There will be music provided by Karen (I.
tables outside. so please bring a dish to Kellyi)'i‘errell Scalf. For more information. please call
_ share. Ifyou forget to bring a dish, ioin us Stephen Foster Kelly at 277-6168.@
runway, there will be plenty of food.
Also in June, Interweave will be If you have not indicated an interest USED Boox SALE
hosting a Lesbigaytrans Film Festival. there is still time. Call Duane (271-1407) There will be a gay/lesbizm used book
Starting with The Celluloid Close! on lime or come to the next Board meeting at the sale at the picnic this year. (Io through your
1 3rd. we will be showing a variety of films MCC building on June 9th at 7pm.. The shelves and see what you can donate. You can
. every ’Itresday night in June at 7:00, in the election will be held at the picnic. all call Laura (266-6568) for pick up or bring
a Fellowship iiouse. members of (ILSO are eligible to vote. @ them with you to the picnic.
i The second Tuesday. June itith. we We will sell the books for $2 or so and
2 hope to watch Stonewall (ifit is available), 4TH OF JULY PARADE donate the money to next years Pride Month
s an excellent movie that fictionalizes the The annual 4th of July Parade in Fund (and we do need money to continue
v events leading up to the Stonewall Riots in downtown Lexington will be joined this year putting on a free picnic). Any left over books
8 June and July of 1969. This is a very by the Lexington Fairness Campaign and will go to the Pride Center. @
8 effective and moving account of that period all of you who want to COME OUT and join
in time when "we“ became willing to resist the fun.
the oppression that was so omnipresent. This year's theme is Sprit of America midterm/mtpage 7 [User]
GLSO News Page 3

 RElDISfi)I\S/1E—%E$' OUR Today, individuals born with physical Transsexual priestesses known as gal/are tutti
and genetic components of “both“ gendersuse were also recorded in great numbers in
TRAMQLNDRTD AS mum) the term intersexual in defining themselves. Anatolia, an area which is now part of 33::
Why don‘t we ask llalmark to make valentine 'Ihrkey. Some classical historical texts report
by MW St’j‘mmer CW“ cards with a little intersexual cupids carrying as many as five thousand in some cities (and
In the American culture we are tarrght our love messages to our love ones? these were small ”cities", folks). The git/[are
that there are two genders, male and female. In a nrrrnber of ancient cultures, the first served the Great Mother known to them as
This “fact" is presented as so obvious that to creator god or goddess is depicted as multi~ Gybele, whose worship is believed to date back
question itseems absurd. Additionally, ifyou gendered and for others, as a primordial to the Stone Age.
do not fit within the narrow definition of one goddess who gives birth to a first all gendered In an interview published in Gay Soul,
of the two choices, you can be operated on at human. being. The Roman historian, Will Roscoe also speaks about the gal/tie who, —
birth and forced to fit. stared at, harassed or Pl utarch suggested that the Great Mother was he says brought their religion to Rome in 200
even murdered. a deity in whom the sexes had not yet been BCI‘Z. Their rituals and beliefs were ,
In Hansgender Warriors, Leslie split. (Of course, this may be simply a male particularly popular among the slaves and the 300;:
Feinberg documents the predominance of not wanting the primordial Creator to be poor, that is, the oppressed, Roscoe states that
much looser gender categories in cultures conceived of as female.) In any case, a multi they were one of the last pagan beliefs systems
throughout the world. I run using the term gendered God/dess is appealing to me. ‘ to challenge the rise of Christianity in this
transgender to refer to all of us that exhibit Feinburg docurrrents and discusses the area.
any “cross" gendercharacteristics, behaviors, evidence of male to female transsexual Roscoe compares the gallae to the Sisters
or interests. That‘s a lot of us. priestesses who served the Goddess in of Perpetual Indulgence (a cross—dressing —
According to i‘eirrberg and other writers, Mediterrrmezm, Middle Eastern, and African group in San Fransico) because of the
many societies have recognized more than two societies. Goddeses such as Astarte, Artemis, similarity of their public performzurces, their acfi
genders, or perhaps saw gender as a Ashtoretlr, Ishtar, Hecate, I)iana,.and Cybelle ecstatic dancing, and their ability to needle the Chi
continuum with many possibilities of self were worshiped and cared forby tr‘rurs-sexuals. more fundamental Christians of their
definition and selfexpression.\‘ariouscustoms Priestesses who served these Goddesses respective time periods. The more things
allowed people to move from one definition of may have been all female at one time, or may change...
themselves to some other. as they matured or have always been those individuals within the Native Americans also have a rich history
finished with one aspect of their life. tribe that portrayed transgendered of transgender spirituality. Sometimes referred
The sacred stories and spiritual practices chzuacteristics, It is clear that for many to as Berdache, the term more commonly used
of various cultures have included communal societies trzursgender expression by modern native americans is 'IWo Spirited.
transgendered individuals and same gender was considered sacred. Historically, transgendered people of many —
love. Think about some of the myths and It is also well documented that some tribes were recognized for their ability to be
creation stories you have heard from other men who wished to follow the sacred path spiritual leaders. Because their very nature ,
cultures. Yes, a lot of them speak about first underwent castration They may have been was a combination of the two ends of the 3::
man and first woman, but mrury others speak encouraged toward this because of their gender continuum, they were thought to be
of gods, goddesses, or humans that have internal gender identification or because of able to understand and mediate the ”6"
gender characteristics and behaviors the honor of being a priestess, or for both contradictions and divisions within the as
associated with “both" genders. (Ilow about reasons. It is interesting to consider that being community.
if I stretch our conception by saying “all" female in a time of Goddess worship,was seen The point of this historical exploration is
genders) as closet to that which was sacred and, not that transgenderedpeople today are the
For Example, Athena, a Greek Goddess, therefore, desirable. same as those of our past, although there are =
is depicted both as female and male and Evidence of trrurssexual practices canbeseen some interesting parallels. It is, however,
usually as a warrior. Cupid, although later in status of the Greek erlrlexs Diana which were important to know we have a past, we are an
pictured as childlike, was originally a god/dess often represertel drapedwith necklaces made ofthe important part of the history of humanity. And
portrayed as having both male and female testiclesofherpriesttsses.'Iheyskippal overthatpart in some places and at some times we have
anatomy. This offspring of Hermes and when we studies mythology in fifth grade, didn't been honored for the ways in which we were
Aphrodite, gives us the term "hermaphrodite". they? and are different.

 t, 2 2 2:22:22 222 22:2 I221 2; 223 2 2 2222222 2222 21.12222 2?? 22222:”,22222 i222 ”2‘2 22 222 2222222 22;::::2222122222 223122 222: 2:212 22:1:-22222222 Cit l 2:222:22222222.22 2
10:45 am. 7:30 pm. 7:00 pm. 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am.
UU Church Pride Center Task Force Coming out Support Frontrunners (Woodland Men's Chorus Practice Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Arboretum)
11:30 am. 8:00 PM. Group (MCC Suite) Park) (Central Baptist Church) 11-9 pm
MCC AA Step Study 7:30 pm. 6:00 pm. A.V.O.L. Appreciation
6:00 pm. P-Flag (Chapel Hill HIV/AIDS Support Group “E SPECIAL
R.l.S.C. Coronation Presbyterian Church) 8:00 pm. PRIDE ’97 SCHEDULE
7:00 pm 8:30 pm. Gay/Lesbian AA PRIDE WEEK 0” REVERSE swat 5"
Ebony Male Rainbow Bowling League 8:00 pm. 22"»
7:00 pm. Dignity (MCC) Two Step and Swing JUNE 6'22 FOR FURTHER 1.
(Club 141) DETAILS
:22 2 = 21 2‘1 “it: 22 ”‘ ' *2
10:45 am. 7:15 pm. 7:00 pm. 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 6:00 pm. 9:00 am. p ~ fl .
Pride Service, UU Church GLSO Board Meeting Coming out Support Frontrunners (Woodland) Men’s Chorus Practice Dignity Potluck and Mass Frontrunners (Arboretum) .1 ;' 7 S . IA I In ‘1“ t" n {I
2 . . 2 7 , L
11:30 am. (MCC Surte) Group (MCC Sutte) 6:00 pm. (Central Baptist Church) 7:30 pm. 6:00 84 8:00 pm.
M.C.C. 7-9 pm. 7:30 pm. HIV/AIDS Support Group Gay/Lesbian AA Lexington Men‘s Chorus . - ° 5 ' 2'
12:30 pm. Lifemaps P-Flag (Chapel Hill 7-9 pm. Queer Awareness Pride Concert L" Alllgtflll. I“
Interweave Potluck 8:00 pm. Presbyterian Church) 8:00 pm. Gay/Lesbian AA Thoroughbred Invitational (Arts Place) 25:}-00 I |
(U.U. Church) AA Step Study 8:30 pm. 8:00 pm. Bowling (June 1315) '
68 pm. Rainbow Bowling League Ball Room (Club 141)
Working Class Kitchen 8:30 pm. Turn About ‘91] ‘ lll'i [lg ‘ h 0
3-3 “-2 “22" 32 l‘ ’11 .22‘ "E23 ‘52.:22 21"ill :2l 2‘ U ‘ ‘ C
22 2 2 It a, m 0 u 3 Al f a I f a
10:45 am. U.U, Church 7—9 pm. 7:00 pm. 6:00 pm 7:00 pm. 7-9 pm. 9:00 am. Y ,
11:30 am. MCC. Litemaps Coming Out Support Frontrunners (Woodland Men's Chorus Practice Solstice Celebration Frontrunners (Arboretum) “’ e e k e n d
noon-4 pm. 8:00 pm. Group (MCC Suite) Park) (Central Baptist Church) 7:30 pm. Gay/Lesbian AA 2—4 pm.
Pride Picnic AA Step Study 8:30 pm HIV/AIDS Support Group Open House at Pride 2 g
Wendy Knoll Farm Rainbow Bowling League 8:00 pm GLSO NEWS DEADL/NE Center (MCC Bldg) I; I. u n ‘0 h :
7:ng pg. (MCC s .2 ) 8%gy/Lesblo” AA ALSO SUBM/TADD/f/ONS, .
'gm L” e 3 pm. UPDATESAND ‘ g I r o 0 V
8:00 pm. Pride Prom Line 8( Partner Dancing CORRECT/0N5 FOR JULY 3‘. I ‘ I II g I. I I] 0 be I I 3
(0me ”WW” but-kwhoal pant-akI-s
273-5846 - t '2
eggs hen ml 11- 1. arm) I d.
. .
222 2 2 2 222 222 spanlsh 0m ole! 120s.
;2. 2 '2 2:22. 22 2222’ it: ,2222 22‘2“ ”22,;22 '
10:45 am. 8:00 pm. 7:00pm. 6:00 pm. 7:00pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am. gour [n01 desserts,
Unitarian Universalist AA Step Study Coming Out Support Frontrunners (W. Park) Men’s Chorus Practice Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Arboretum) l h
Church Group (MCC Suite) 6:00 pm. (Central Baptist Church) a n ‘ In u (a In 0 I. ‘n
11:30 am. 8:30 pm. HIV/AIDS Support Group 8:00 pm. ”300-4100 pm - ‘ o . .
Metropolitan Community Rainbow Bowling League 8:00 pm. Bluegrass Colts members Dance Party, R.l.S.C.
Church Pride Service Gay/Lesbian AA 9:00 pm. ‘ f l
5:00 pm. 8:00 pm. BC. non—members I] I' '00 ‘l ‘ an
Volunteer Awards Open Dancing (Club 141) A 0 (,II b "a s ‘
Emmi desserts are baked
(Ian I y In our k lichen.
10245 cm 800 pm .22.. 2 2. 222222 22
Unitarian Universalist Ch. AA Step Study 2122: 1 2222222222 1 ' ”titliltl; 2222i 2922 illif 1222 H "Elli“; .2 2
22:30am l 2‘ ‘2 2 l ’ FREE EVENING
Metropolitan Community 2222222211” '22lilezsstlzzt’iit‘i’ 222E212, i‘tis‘llttli 22111122222222- iilliif 2222222222i22‘2' 2222222225” 22212” 2, 22 " ' .
Church ‘22 221, 2:: 222 22‘ 222 52 2 2522 322 5.22222

 33; :25? 5‘ 5* '5" i5 “915* “i“?- “'3“ “5‘55 5‘ at? 5&5 *5- 5‘ ’5 ‘5‘“ "‘5“ ‘53???- 535%“ *5 3315.53.52.55 ' '~ 5% ‘5 “5*“ it" 55%? 5"“: “’53” at?“ as; :31.“ 5 t5 “5 5’ ”it if“ .3» w, 3 tr 3 53.- +3
Bluedl'ass Rainbow Round-U ) ) ‘ l 1 "I" Schedule "I 11“ ”ll"
E T ' : . . .
”5} Sunday, June lst. 11;:lzvegfesday In June at 7 00pm Saturday, June 14th W112: yet another spec1al it's sure to 1:1 3 315.111. 12 .53
R 1 S ‘ ' 1 . , . _ . - so on't miss out, come one, come . pm — am. “
.3 ngna 5::lailfl'1: 11:23:21 Court Of KY OUt On Video (hisblgaytrans Fllm Fest— “’31)- {41: lung onéiilfitrunners Come out and do the The Crawl but please don't drink and .-. '
j . S ' Join Interweave each Tues. in June as we view un un/ ' driVC- ' 3» ,
3%, $10.00 in advance. 6:00pm a recent Lesbigaytrans—themed film. No UK Arboretum, 9:00am. No charge. ’~‘
3 . char e. 071417071; will be aw led to cover (051‘ a Saturday, June 215‘ Li;
.2; Friday, June 6th. videogrem‘fl? e’fpoprorfl) 4) f Saturday, June 14th Q Empire presents Rise f5 ‘
A.V.O.L. _ _ Lexington Men's Chorus A dance party! 11pm — Sam at 177 N. Mill St. £2
"You must be putting me on" Fnend to Wednesday June 11th. Pride Concert at Art's Place. $5.00 cover No charge. :3
£3 Friend-Appreciation Night-reception etc. The Bar p rése nt 5 "TURN ABOUT .97" performances at: 6 & 8pm. 5
Thank you Club 141 & The Bar Complex Door 8:30pm _ Show 9:30pm Sunday, June 22nd ,3
9:00 _ 11:00' NO charge. $3.00 (Donation for Pride Center). Sunday, June 15th Lexington Metropolitan Community Church .:
i Bar employees who don't usually do drag (in Pride Plcmc. Noon ' 4pm Pride Servtce 11330331 33%
L Sunday, June §th 10:.45am public) turnab out and perform their favorite Windy Knoll Farm. 3263 Cleveland Rd. N. 387 Waller Ave. 3-5;
Unitarian Umyersahst. Church nu mbers...”1t' s a beautiful life." (See article 071 page 7.) Recognition and commemoration of those ‘l
3 Interweave Pnde Serv1ce. 3564 Clays figures in the Judeo—Christian past who proved g
i“ Mlll ,Rd. Interweave pot luck. to follow Wednesday, June 11th. Friday, June 20th. Lesbigaytrans people have always been apart of 3,5
serv1ce for members and V151t0r5- Queer Awareness _ Unitarian Adult Forum SOISthC Celebration this tradition in a service of holy communion. r:
3" 7—9pm. Join us for this panel discussion of Unitarian Church 7 ' 9pm. For more information call (606) 2714407 “5
“3. Sunday, June 8th 6:00-8z00pm the many ways we are queer. N 0 charge. Join us on the grounds of the Unitarian %
‘: Working Class Kitchen _ Church 3564 Clays Mill Rd. for a Solstice Sunday, June 22nd *
““ At 41521155856 COVef- LeSblgaytmns Friday, June 13th. 6:00pm. Ritual. Lexington Volunteer of the Year Awards ‘13
si‘ reading the“ 0W“ POEUY, essays, or short Dignity Lexington 533 Cane Run Road Banquet at the Hilton in Lexington Green 1%
” stories. For more info. please contact Pride Mass & Pot Luck Saturday, June 215: 5,300me (See article aflpage 7.) f
Kelly 0 Ferrell (606) 277—6168' An outdoor Mass of Pride and celebration fol— Emn§t931§flsCnglfit A ' G 'ld ?
a lowed b a ot luck barbecue. 0 en to all. t S a n e at raw ‘ , _ ctor s “1 33$?
Monday, June 9th & Mon. June 16th. Bring 2138;}: a friend Dignity “in supply Your favorite local bars Will be offering Anggzy in America, part 1 June 5-29 TIL, Fri, &
é Lifemaps 7-9pm $10’00 per person. meat dish. ’ specials throughout this night. Sat. evenings at 8:00 and Sunday matinees %
w; Lifemaps is a workshop in which we will The Crawl kicks off at Crossings from 8 to 9pm, at 2:00 Gune 15, 24, 29) 139 W. Short St. g
I draw and write road ma 3 of our li es and - “it Your WhiSfle once again ‘ _ i
“if use these to tell about oEr ex erien:es that Fn., Sat., & Sun. June 13,14, & 15th. at the Watering Hole from 9 L1 10’ Call for reservanons (606) 233 0663 L
5} h b h h P Cl Throughbred Invitational Bowling then from 10 to eleven o'clock let Club 141 make ’5?
5‘" ave roug t us to W e're we are to ay. Tournament, Inc. Southland Lanes. Your COthail and bOdY rock, The Kentucky Theatre 5%
3 Please 'contgact Kelly 0 Ferrell to Please call Steve Rosenberg for more info or now you've got just one more stop with draggin' at Please watch the theatre’s calendar for r
L preregister or the evening of your choice ' ' the bottom and dancin' on the top, scheduled movies of interest. ,5
i (606) 277_ 6168. Igtgyég:::g§glédozn716_3058 or The Bar Complex will end the Crawl, it“?
5: ' 421
‘C .99. “‘ .3.— 7.. at: ., ;-- 3 ‘r 4 ~ , - » 3.. . o. . .« 3.x. .3- .. . . .. . . 3 ' " f}
. ELL 25.5115“ 315‘ [$3. 1.35 555ng a”. ~fig’17534 with; .@ L?!- $5}: T2555]??? $5¥$§§5 $53.? 35% $5 mfi%% $3 @ @3391: at. g I? 6% @ fig? 5%??? W%fl%%\ iffi 35$ ‘gk’fiifii %&L:§,‘WI g? 515%: 33,3325 %_%%® 3% fix @agg‘tggg 43-,“

 ‘Conlmuedfmm page 3 ‘ ' " " ]
MADISON COUNTY This ends the mission phase of the local Favorite Quotation Of the Month
GAY PRIDE EVENTS congregation during which delegates could “My goal is take my magic wand and
The Foothills Echo for Fairness chapter speak but not vote, The District‘s action is a say to all gay people ‘You’re all
of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance will be recognition of the church‘s growth and Berdaches'." Will Roscoe in Gay Soul
sponsoring Gay Pride events during June 19— stability. "——‘_“—-‘>
21 in the Madison Co. area. These events will Reverend Rex Van Alstine, the Pastor of
include an interfaith service , an an salon, and LMCC said “Our church’s status has changed,
a LBGT Pride picnic. but its mission to do justice, love, kindness and Laura 3- Drew; MSW
ilf you want to get involved or if you to walk humbly with God remains the same. Licensed Clinical Social Worker I
want more information about the. Foothills We are here to comfort the afflicted and, when
Echo chapter contact John Cutright at 606— necessary, to afflict the comfortable." LMCC —> Adult Survivors 1
623-5765 or Marta Miranda at 606-986—2470. was founded April 1993. _> A. CD _ A. l
CHURCH ' ‘ ‘ e atlons 1p ssues l
A Writers Group of our own. If you are —> Chronic Illness 1
The Great Lakes District Of the Universal interested in writing weekly and reading your l
Fellowship Of Metropolitan Community stuff, please write Eileen at: ...With A Focus 0" l
Churchs commissioned Lexington’s MCC as a Wellness '
church with full voting privileges in the I WA??? yRITf7§WW) l
denominations governing conferences during FRANKFOhTfIEY. 40601 436 West Second St. l
the. District Conference in Perryburg, Ohio Lexington, KY 40507 1
The GLSO News needs new and renewing subscribers. We have to mail 200 copies of
the News to receive bulk mail rates, 150 of these have to be inside Lexington. We now
have about 140 subscribers in Lex., and 185 total. You can do the math, use the coupon
Name(s) ___________’__________________w________________________ ;
Address ____________________________________________________fi__ 1
City, State, ZIP____-__________________________________~___________
____$15 Membership and Newsletter .
. ___$20 Couple Membership and Newsletter 5
___I am (we are) including a donation of $3 or more. Please add the above ;
§ name(s) to the OUT AND PROUD sponsorship page in October, 1997.
I __I do not wish for my name to be added to the Community Mailing List used ‘
i exclusively by and for Kentucky Gay/Lesbian organizations.
GlSO News page 7

 the . ‘ , . I o ‘
LexmgtonFaIrnessCampaIgn {
cha terof
~ ' “1': Kentucky Fairness Alliance
invites you to
~ -  .   ' Come-Out & Jom Us ‘
‘F'd J l4 h '
W _ rI av,- u y t
f ' l lortheAnnual Parade ' ' l
_ _- * downtown Lexmgton V q
g y ' V V . ' Parade, begins at 2:00
. fl] ' ‘ " - meet at 1:00 .
- L " . ' on Midland Ave.
V Become a KFA member: $25 suggested annual dues
V Get on the Community Mailing List
. V Get involved in activities
Contact the Lexington Fairness Campaign
PO. Box 22032
Lexington, KY 40522-2032
world wide web: http://lexfair.home.ml.org ‘

omspr y’"‘“'-“" , :7, V , . 1- ,. 3 5. . , . .
—_ CROSSINGS, A MAN’S BAR, INCLUDING THE RACK .............233-7266 :
,omspn METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH................................271-1407
3091151 387 WALLER AVE, SUNDAY WORSHIP 1 1:30 AM
‘UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH ..................................223-1448
—_ .; 2564 CLAYS MILL RD
mm," IMPERIAL FLOWERS AND GIFTS .........................................233-7486
:‘ZSUE STRONG, PH.D., LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST ................277-3119
JAMES W. GARDNER, ATTORNEY AT LAw..........................253-1320 '
PEGASUS TRAVEL..............................................................253-1644 .
Baptist 3 m I: . . .3 3,, g gm -. , . . ,, . V
sCoH’sn 1 —‘