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Campus theories

Murphy on

These Murphy's laws are
directed to you all
about to graduate
into the work force
or those already

Don't be
irreplaceable. if you
can't be replaced,
you can't be

The more crap you

put up with, the more
crap you are going to


» You can go anywhere
you want if you look
serious and carry a

Eat one live toad the
first thing in the
morning and nothing
worse will happen to
you the rest of the

Never ask two
questions in a
business letter. The
reply will discuss the
one you are least

interested in, and say
nothing about the

When the bosses talk
about improving
productivity, they will
never be talking
about themselves.

If at first you don't
succeed, try again.
Fail again. Ouit. No
use being a fool
about it.

‘ There will always be
beer cans or burger
wrappers rolling on
the floor of your car
when the boss asks
for a ride home from
the office.

Keep your boss's boss
off your boss's back.

No one gets sick on

Everything can be
filed under

Never delay the
ending of a meeting
or the beginning of a
cocktail hour.

Anyone can do any
amount of work
provided it isn't the
work he is supposed
to be doing.

Important letters that
contain no errors will
develop errors in the

There is never enough
time to do it right the
first time, but there
is always enough
time to do it over.

If you are good, you
will be assigned all
the work. If you are
really good, you will
get out of it.

You will always doing
something marginal
when the boss drops
by your desk.

— Source: httpzllhubcap.




6.5 4.7

Isolated thunder-
storms are expected
throughout the week.


VOL. Nl04 ISSUE “140


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April 19. I999 *



Tom Petty rocks on with new album, ‘Echo' l Page 2


‘Life' story
team up again
in comedy
about Life I 2




Roland recounts WWII dramatics

UK history professor talks tragedy, heroism of
fellow soldiers as part of World War II exhibit

ByCIrolyn Green


History came alive Friday
night at the World War 11 exhibit
in Rasdall Gallery when Charles
Roland. UK professor of history,
shared his experiences and obser-
vations about his time in the war.

“As a historian, I believe the
good. bad and indifferent should
be taught." Roland said.

Roland served in the military
as a combat infantry captain dur-

ing World War II. He was award-
ed the Bronze Star for meritoriv
ous service. and the Purple Heart
medal for a wound received in ac

He told of the audience of a
battle at the Losheim Gap, locat-
ed at the eastern border of Ger
many. where his entire division
faced destruction, but held for
two days.

Roland‘s stories conveyed
both a sense of courage, as well as
tragedy. from his war experiences.

“One of our young lieu-
tenants danced a rubber-legged
jig as he twisted slowly, making
the blue bullet hole between his
eyes clearly visible.“ Roland

“One moment our battalion
chaplain and his assistant were
kneeling beside their disabled ve-
hicle. The next moment they
were headless. decapitated by an
exploding shell as if by the stroke
of a guillotine."

The entire 99th Infantry Divi-
sion was awarded the Belgian
Fourragere for “extraordinary
heroism" in the battle of Ar-
dennes. Roland said.

Roland described one of the

bravest acts of his knowledge
about an officer who ordered his
soldiers to follow him single file
through a minefield.

“He led them through the
minefield without a casualty,“
Roland said. “From this time for
ward. his troops would have
obeyed his orders to go any-

Roland said the experiences
of the war changed him forever.

“I returned clearly aware
that the tumultuous events of the
past four years had vastly and
permanently changed my life."
Roland said.

Helen Horlacher-Evans, a
1941 UK alumnus, was also in


She also served in World War
II as a caption in the Women's
Army Corp.

She was part of the first
group from Kentucky who attend
ed officer‘s school and said she
enlisted to do her part for the war

"Everyone was doing some-
thing, it was an all-out war." Hor-
lacher-Evans said.

The Visual Arts Committee of
the Student Activities Board spon-
sors the World War II exhibit.

The World War II exhibit at
the Rasdall Gallery is open Mon
day through Friday. 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

through April 30.






mammals? I mum










Couch taken No. I by Cleveland

Mum-millionaire: Former UK star signs a
seven-year, $48 million contract with Browns

By Matt my

Weeks of waiting. rumors,
workouts and “insider infor-
mation" ended Saturday when
former UK star Tim Couch
was made the first overall se-
lection in the 1999 National
Football League Draft.

Taken by the expansion
Cleveland Browns. Couch real-
ized his dream of becoming an
NFL quarterback. while also



‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ "hm-000"" ‘

seeing his desire to be a
Brown fulfilled.

early Saturday morning. after
his agent. Tom Condon. spent
most of the night in negotia-
tions with Cleveland. that he
would be the first player taken.

this morning (Saturday) and
he (Condon) gave me the great
news.“ Couch said.

NFL Commissioner

Couch said he found out
he dreamed).“
“I woke up at about nine
great feeling.“

Just three hours later.


The Student Newspaper a

. -...-.- 0,-.7-4


Tagliabue announced to the
world the Couch was Cleve-
land‘s man, sending the pride
of Hyden. Ky. hugging every—
one at his backstage table be-
fore making his way onto the
stage at New York City's Madi-
son Square Garden.

“It‘s every bit as good (as
Couch said.
“Being up there. hearing your
name called. taking the No. 1
jersey and shaking the com-
missioner's hand. It‘s truly a

The selection was made af-
ter a period of time where talk

See COUCH on 3 >>>

fleyniversity 0 Kentucky.




The expansion Cleveland Browns
made Couch the top overall pick In

Saturday's National Football


' 1 mm“. . a" ..

League Draft In new York City.





to date

Ethnic Albanian refugees
continue to flee war-torn area


launched its most active day of airstrikes
yesterday in its assault on Yugoslavia.
pummeling refineries. bridges and dozens
of other targets in what it claimed were
“highly successful" operations.

But the refugee crisis only deepened on
the 25th straight day of attacks aimed at
making Yugoslav President Slobodan Milo-
sevic halt his offensive in Kosovo and agree
to a political settlement for the Serbian

Ethnic Albanians continued to pour out
of Kosovo at the rate of a thousand an hour,
bringing Serb forces closer to emptying the
province of its ethnic Albanian majority.

An estimated 40.000 refugees either left
Kosovo for neighboring territory over the
weekend or were at its borders preparing
to leave. international officials said.

In the latest tragedy to befall refugees.
a car carrying a family across the border to
Albania early yesterday struck a land mine
planted at the edge of the narrow mountain
path by Serb forces. killing three children.
their mother and their grandmother.

NATO also raised evidence of what it
said were 43 mass grave sites in Kosovo 7—
some dug by groups of Kosovo Albanians
rounded up by Serb forces to bury their

The alliance's jets flew more than 500
missions in the 24-hour period ending yes-
terday afternoon ,, a total that a NATO
military spokesman said was the highest
daily total yet. NATO pilots struck sites
across Serbia and its Kosovo province.
where they reported seeing smoke rising
from burning villages.

NATO forces will soon be bolstered by
24 US. Apache anti—tank helicopter gun-
ships, intended to target the Yugoslav army
and special police forces accused of repress-
ing Kosovo Albanians. NATO said the first
Apaches were expected in Albania from
Italy by today. although an Albanian mili-
tary source said yesterday that several had
already arrived elsewhere in the country
over the previous two days.

Reflecting tensions over the stepped-up
military activity in Albania, Yugoslavia
severed diplomatic relations with its south-
ern neighbor yesterday. the Albanian For~
eign Ministry said.

Despite growing calls for NATO to send
in ground troops. NATO Secretary~General
Javier Solana insisted there were still no
such plans.

But Solana said in a television inter
view with the British Broadcasting Corp.
that “if the moment comes when (a
ground force) is necessary. I'm sure the
countries that belong to NATO will be
ready to do it."

British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook
said even if ground troops were authorized.
it would take two to three months to pre-





.. »- a.w1$&at:wm“


y .




~.... -....--...























o O ‘
SOlld (3110109 0
New film successfully reprises Boomerang t;
team of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence 2
. . . B
Tlln 5m. though, it 18 Eddie Murphy
Warren through and through. Ray and 3
Claude continue to antago- C
I’m sure therearemany 0f nize, and yell. and curse at v
you Gilt there, WhO like me. each other up to the very end. I h
were wondering about what Overall, Life tries to show
Eddie Murphy's new mov1e how friendship and hope can h
wouldbelike. After recent ef— overcome any situation, no
forts such as Holy Man and matter how hopeless. Unfortu- n
Doctor Dolittle, I must admit nately, ifthis is the goal, Life h
that I was beginning to ques- pretty much fails in this at» A
tion Murphy’s choices in tempt_ a
movies. Luckily, I think .he Don‘t get me wrong, this t]
made a pretty good deCiSion was a funny movie. It had 0
with Life. classic Eddie Murphy humor
Martin Lawrence and Ed- in it, which also means it had (1
die Murphy. who were last classic Eddie Murphy lan- 0
teamed up in 1992's guage. The exchanges between
Boomerang. 01106 3831“ Lawrence and Murphy are hi- “
demonstrate that they have a larious, especially when they U
wonderful chemistry together. are in their old man make-up. “
The actors play two we The supporting cast is ter-
matched men who happen to rinc as well, despite the fact 5
. cross paths and end up one that they serve mainly as v
bootlegging trip from MISSIS- springboards for Murphy‘s r
SiDDi t0 New YOI‘k. Circa 1930- and Lawrence’s jokes. But in I‘
Not surprisingly. something the end, the attempts to put a
goes wrong and they get sen- moral or overall meaning to E
tenced to life imprisonment in this relatively simple story- t‘
., . . a Mississippi work camp. line fall short. '
' o “Petty charm, 1t the many Petty hits ~ the At . 0. t it be ins to . . s
Sh“ a Heartbreaker after 23 years' Tom Petty and the most beautiful one heat song‘s music, even with- look liliglzognerdic vergion of go “WES: otfhif wangoélgecgfi; c
Heartbreakers maintain formula for success With Echo you V8 ever heard- . out the West Perso- Cool Hand Luke. You‘ve got all strong, The end of the movie P
The album also in- lates w1th somehow life- the necessar 1 _.. n
. . y e ements the was perhaps the weakest part
. . . . il- 1 , tum. 1~ ., t over q (-1 Udesfthf usual selec; affirming eriergfyth- 32' box," colorful inmates, an of the picture. It was trite and
3V,,L!'J‘P,5,,a'ad'" ginii’nitks or .i as i) mainland 551535 in the {tolrli do Ietty 5 unique 3 fe{ie;t§$p e o “Peetlt - overweight warden and failed seemed tacked onjust to give -
SCtNtEDilOR ”Milo his IMF ”bum banki‘l‘in alright." *1 fignemme S‘un- C3313”: ,. y escape attempts. Fortunately, the .movie a nice, tidy, little
l’on (Jill/.2 Aside Echo. l’t‘ttv shows that I’etiy‘s repertoire is down" evdkes images of Any question as the mov1e proceeds these ending. ' .
from mum “my is m. ”mm. and hm“ (”m neither stagnant d) . 1 ‘ 1‘ 1k' whether Tom Pett and Similarities begin to fade. There 18 one thing to re —
ilil'li‘l“:ii‘i‘i‘ ‘ ht‘ii’i'i‘t‘ii Umh'ind‘in h'ind L ( enough to call mundane :tpresset sou 5- su ing th H tb kersyb st The film follows Ray member when you are demd’
hands like ['3 and lllt‘ ho ‘l‘li'i 'ilhiiin kicks off not erratic enough to m alcoholic MISS-Th5 e: 8:511 “raised thgm (Murphy) and Claude ing What m0v1e t0 go 899- This '
’i"lllt‘ md 'lt‘l\ like my}. -'-i§,,},,,, t” llit'Top .. m“ pretentious 1 ike ”‘lfifldlllgdldgnem ‘51 act ywerles answgred earlier (Lawrence) as they become movte is bubble gum for the
,’. ' ., \ " ‘ ‘ ~ 7 , ‘ ' - t . ' ‘ . . - " ' . "”mpame .V a 5 ”W older and focuses on the mind.
mi ( ..; llti t-s. v .,€ _ , .zll .. , - - - . .
iii,,.—.;“:.it“ tutti in; m month When, ii: that they to hot tt .. havotht tntvttteh -
\iihkht-“r \ i ‘ shot}; ihét‘triitt l)("tut\: hoses And m a singer ac"‘."."*“‘“‘mem. that 15 group sold laumhe t de As far as showing this pro joyable. but that's about it. If .
. '\ll\\\"i‘l“ liurahilitx Qi‘ shimmy“. .md ‘11}.9(.t‘_ “-ikthk1.8.55.[han.ad0(]uate l’iiSiilVOly SOOthlhg- _ album w1th seven 501. " gression of time, director Ted you’re looking for a film that
A\'o> onw knows this no“ The son" is iiei- vocal talent. Pettvsome The album’s title out. shows at the 315‘ Demme does agood lqb. even Will make you think, or Chal-
rot-ipe for success hotter thorllzishy iiot‘hlyi‘it‘ully how finds a way to hit ”‘3th "hcho. ‘5 fash‘ tFEmC 'Féllmore in an ifit is somewhat contrived. lenge your percepttons of life, .
than ’l‘om l’ottx' and the iiiastorful it just all the right notes. ‘0an from much the rancis ‘ . h d The film begins to 100k go elsewhere. _
lltvirtliro'ikors‘ works In "Free Girl Now." same mold. In this case . With a "1310r .93 ‘ more and more like a buddy On the other hand, ifyou l
‘ «inn-rt tints in the The son” is vintage Petty prooures the ener- it is Petty‘s voice that line Omdoor amphlthe‘ movie as it progresses. Ray are looking for something. to _
rock titisiiii-sg without :1 l’t‘llY. as h: mils off gv of garage-jam ses- DmVideS the lamenting. ater/ arena IOU? sched. and Claude, who begin With make you laugh and to give 5
)l‘t‘it" inn-ht}; make up with his signature inse- sion. The song‘s beat as he wallows reheated “19d t0 begin in June. nothing in common, come to your mind a’break from think-
lor nick of musical tail (‘lll itV ‘r‘lgot a room at never amounts to much ly in the song's chorus don‘t be surprised t0 see like and depend on each other, ing (which is very important c
out. l’t‘tlt and his ll()\‘.\ the top of the world more than repeated of. “It‘s a sad. sad echo." Petty go on fOF another even ifthey do Spend some 12 this time Of the semester), you c
still knoix that there‘s tonight and l ain‘t com- abuse of a snare drum. “Swing“ has a nice 20 years. years not. speaking to each might want to check out Life. 5
no l‘('l)l£l(‘t‘lllt‘lll for hip down? I got some but somehow. through harmonica. accompani- other. This is no Good Will t . B t
straight rock without ()llt‘ who loves me what I dubiously call merit. reminiscent of so Rating: 8+ Hunting type of buddy mov1e Ra in. l
, fl, , ,._ f
I I I f
April 18-24 is Nationa rgan t
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an i it) ~,_..rg . -v* - t t .x ~~ .. w- ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ . . ~ ....«a.t-.a.vv..a.gs ~5A4s MM

,éflfflww_xr' «A.»

,_ . ., ' . r ~~ ‘fiflWfiflVIé-a «a: tame—retrain“; I








g, 44 .4




Matt May
SportsOally Editor
Phone: 257-1915l E-niailz mimay0®pop.uliy.edu





Continued from page 1

centered around the Browns'
selecting Oregon quarterback
Akili Smith because of his size
and tremendous arm strength.
But Cleveland President Car-
men Policy, formerly of San
Francisco 49er lore, said
Couch’s effort at his second pri-
vate workout last weekend put
him over the edge.

“We loved everything we
heard about him." Policy said.
“Off the field, he displayed so
much character and poise and
he is such a solid human being.
And when we saw how coach-
able he was, especially during
that workout in Lexington, all
of us got blown away.

“That's what really pushed
(Head Coach) Chris Palmer
over the line."

Even though the pressure
was on for Couch to make a bet-
ter impression in his second
workout. he said he felt relaxed.

“I was confident about the
second workout," Couch said. “I
was prepared for it and pretty
relaxed. I took it like a game and
I’m always relaxed for a game."

Couch, Condon and the
Browns reached a deal before
the draft that will have Couch
sign a seven-year, $48 million
contract. Policy said it was im-
portant that a deal get done im-

“We need our leader on the

field. We could not tolerate,
even for 20 seconds. any inter-
ruption of his focus and God-
forbid, even a day holdout," Pol-
icy said.

Couch said he just wants to
get to Cleveland. which he al-
ready was as of the second
round of the draft. and get to
work. so he can play.

“It‘s according to how quick
I can pick up the offense,” he
said. “I’m going to give my best
effort. I want to be in there, but
in the end, the decision will
come down to Coach Palmer.”

The Browns‘ choice of
Couch. left Philadelphia choos—
ing Syracuse quarterback
Donovan McNabb second and
the Cincinnati Bengals taking
Smith third. The curve ball of
the draft came when Indianapo-
lis, selecting fourth, took run-
ning back Edgerrin James of
Miami instead of Heisman Tro-
phy winner and college foot-
ball‘s all-time leading rusher
Ricky Williams.

Williams was then selected
fifth by New Orleans. who trad-
ed Washington all of its picks in
this year‘s draft to move up and
get Williams. New Orleans
Head Coach Mike Ditka could-
n’t have been happier.

“I believe things are sup-
posed to happen for a reason
and I believe he is supposed to
be here," Ditka. sporting a
Hawaiian shirt and foot-long
cigar. said. “I love everything
about the kid. he‘s what we
need. He‘ll Show everybody he




Cleveland Browns Head Coach Chris Palmer (left) and President Carmen
Policy (right) were the masterminds behind taking Couch first overall.

is the best player in the draft.“
Other UK players taken in

the draft included (‘ouc-h‘s fu-

vorite target. wide receiver



Football, not

hoops, get No. 1

ball Association, or any other profes-

By Matt May

The Cleveland Browns became the
centerpiece of a UK oxymoron Satur—
day when they selected former Cat
star Tim Couch first overall in the Na-

tional Football League Draft.

Couch is a football player. the only
UK football player to ever be selected
first overall by an NFL franchise and
only the 13th Wildcat selected in the
first round ever. He is also the first
since 1985 to be taken in the first round.

Why is that so oxymoronic? The
state of Kentucky lives and dies with
UK basketball. It is their passion,
their love, their reason for being in
some cases. But the basketball Cats
have never, in their long. tradition-
filled history, had a player selected
first overall by the National Basket-

sional league.

t‘I‘ulg Yeust.

Yezist won't have to go for.
as he u :is selected in the fourth
round by the Bengals.


So i" in”. 'I


9 i‘ett-M

10 daltimw

The closest UK‘s basketball pro u u.mes..:..I.-...«“or...

gram has come was in 1984. when the '2 WW
Portland Trail Blazers picked now-UK
radio network analyst Sam Bowie sec-
ond overall. The Cats have had 16 play-
ers picked in the first round. including
nine in the top 10 (Pat Riley, Rick
Robey. Bowie. Melvin Turpin. Kenny
Walker, Rex Chapman. Jamal Mash-
burn. Antoine Walker and Ron Mercer).

So now Couch can say he has done
something for himself and UK football
that no other player in UK history.
basketball or football. can say.

The other first round picks for UK
football include: Bob Gain, Babe Paril-
1i, Steve Meilinger, Irv Goode, Tom
Hutchinson. Sam Ball. Rick Norton.
Rodger Bird. Warren Bryant. Randy
Burke, Art Still and George Adams.

their Me» It --.i‘
llamas L l.
larroa Elev
N!‘WII1UM‘I"‘."’ . "- l" >-

New Viv'i "v 4'”



AI Iona

Seattle " i“‘ .‘l vi-

\a' " {’7 ‘ 1' M
yo,» In,

Jain-.0111 It'


New India":

thorn New l‘)'|| ,0"



383 3 seats-up:


First-round selections

Jill‘ "‘e 199’: N“. stall ml“ team player

\‘rqut Wgc'l’i'fl'ili

‘ ant _;-i'>u»'r
PLAYER ”$.50“.
'1 ., ~.\ ‘ .
my,» W‘u" j? y
all ”We" 1' .
Tr“ , ,ffl,» . M ,.
.. .. mun ., :,.,.
' MI, 40'? 2. N.~~» 1.» r. 73:.
'1"1‘B§1-". 1' ww‘
u f n. m:
‘iziz _I.ii.‘oiri;- .I
.'l’ S V ti Tel
iau’ue -_ trim no
Lane M ‘i In' I;.h I.‘ ,:
"mt-fwd“ 1' w! inlisa'ia'wr
left." ‘ii' 0! Room“ "tort:
Anthenv ll iaiiand m I III
eiot‘ Kean,» lti Humid
. llf‘ M Wood. . . gnu-rip
Maititrit'unrrh n! twin.)
in“? Pet lurii' 41' Nol'e I‘rvne

than New ': 4' ‘ 1‘ wic‘ wilt»

'i'orn Ear i'au. .sr tr: «.7 V r“



thenvre: Ell lbs“ rip Nmtr taro‘ “a


' . Shell (1? rare" MI MN"
.II'na: Iraq de San "aw Valley L‘u'e
A'tizne W‘i‘i't‘ii oh Dl‘uhla'e
Maggie Mildew r17 ‘Iruma
.. Ii -‘>"P’« Ii"
iwnandrit (ar‘ cl: Aubert;-
Aarnn 1" 3*. ii" I,' Wigmwgit
AN. Mt.‘r"‘l"eye' ‘I Who f‘a'»
("W .2 vie-mod 1!» "1’ tuna“ ’Jalv

ia'r . l Ki‘lllf‘y

Ili- i'QI'i II
A h‘ i: it:







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SATURDAY, APRIL 24 ((1t 10AM 8: 6 PM

The clinics will be held in the Seaton Center Gymnastics Room.
If there are any questions Call 257-9080 Ext. 347








lv- f’lii' ('I "awry
$ 8.00 per hour
chckc-ntis. tiltcruoous. and

cu‘nmgs oil?
'.i\\crug‘ ZS - 3!) hours it neck
°ShIit hcgins til 3' iii .IIII

'Joh rcquiteil uorkitig IIIpItII) for
long periods oi IIlIIL' \Nork
assignments include |'C]‘CIIII\C
lilting. (arming. wishing: and
pulling ol packages lI'nIn ii II'lilIL'i

or into step \tills

If You have a strong work ethic
VtIIh an excellent altcndcnce
record. please apply in Person at:
RPS Inc.

147 South Forbes Road
Lexington, Ky 4051]
(6060 253-0582

iiiunl tlpporiunit) \Illriii.ili\c' \tl'i‘ll l IIIg‘lmiz










Your time is valuable so
why drive all over town
just to make a deposit or
cash a check?

UK Federal Credit Union
offers savings, checking,
credit cards, and much
more at our branch office
In room 249 of the Student

Join today and take




The Campus Calendar is produced weekly by the Office of Student Activities.
Postings in the calendar are free to all registered student organizations and UK
-epartments. information can be submitted in Rm. 203 Student Center or by com
plating a request form on—llne at ‘ er. Postings
requests are due ONE WEEK PRIOR to the Monday information is to appear in the j
calendar. For more information call 257-8866 .



DEXHIBIT: "Made In Kentucky: Regional Artists. Part Ii: 1980-1998", UK Art Museum;
:ali 7-571 6 for info

IEXHIBiT: "Mark Priest: The Railroad Labor Series", UK Art Museum

'EXHIBIT: World War II. Rasdail Gallery. Thru 4/30

rEleBlT: Bluegrass Collectors Ii, UK Art Museum, Thru June 27

IA'ikido Classes/UK Alkido Club, B—l 0pm. Alumni Gym Loft, call Chris at 245-5887 for
n o


manic “S52
ICareer Testing. 3pm. Rm 109 Miller Hall Qé’” ;
.fiEEIlNQS ”if I

IMortar Board Senior Honor Society Meeting. 6-7pm. W.T. Young Library
IPizza Theologv. 4pm. Newman Center

Senior Recital: Lance Hoffman, 8pm. Student Center Theatre

:"Fipd the Answer: For Whom Did Christ Die?" Discussion. 7:300m. Rm 115 Student
ten er



I 1 I



hMath 109 & 123 Tutoring. 203 Frazer Hall. FREE. call 7-6959 for more info
Ilnformal ( rmitiw‘ Writing Workshop 8 9:30pm. Rm. 8108C W.T. Young Library.

IOrientatimi in: Internships and Shadowing.2—4pm. Rm I 11 Student Center


bAipha Phi Omega meeting. 7:30pm. 359 Student Ctr.

blntervarsity Christian Fellowship Quest Meeting, 7pm. Rm 230 Student Center
tGreek lntervarsity Meeting. 9pm. Delta Delta Delta House


hUK Mega Saxes. Miles Osland, director. 8pm. Singietary Recital Hall

DUK Chorale and Choristers Spring Concert. Jeff Johnson ans Lori Hetzel. directors.
3pm. Singietary Concert Hall

DUK Ultimate irishne Practice, 6 ~8pm. Band Field, call Nick at 281 ~1256tor info

Ileft‘rey Skinner. Poet and Teacher, Reading. 31lopm. Peal Gallery of MIK Library,
ree and open to the public

".93 ' “.95 ' aY ‘


Fellowship of (hi Istian Athletes meeting. 9pm. CSF Bldg. (corner of Woodland 8.

Student Meat and Discussion 5pm. Newman Center

Frenr h Conversation Table 4.30» 60in. Ovid's Cafe

Holy Eucharist at St. Augustine‘s [pisc opal Chapel. 12:05pm & 6pm

SAB Spotlight Jazz Committee Meeting. 705nm. Rm 203 Student Center, call
amps at 7 8867 for info

W. S. Webh Archaeological Society Merling. with speaker Grant L. Day (M. S.) on
istory and Arc haeoiooy oi the Ky River Hemp Mill in Frankfort. 7:30pm. Lafferty




Aikido Classes/UK Aikido Club. 6.30-~B:30pm. Alumni Gym loft, call Chris at
' 45—5887 for info


L.E.A.P. l-l 50pm, Rm 203 Frazee Hail

Orientation for internships and Shadowing.1-3pm. Rm 1 i 1 Student Center
Lambda Sigma Theta Meeting, 8—9pm, Rm 205 Student Center


Senior Violin Recital: Sarah Hill, 8pm, Memorial Hall
UK Saxophone Quartets. Lisa Osland. director, 8pm. Singletary Recital Hall

The Pirates of Penzance Presented by the UK Theatre Department. 8pm, Gulgnol
heatre. call 257—4929 for ticket info

Movie: Saving Private Ryan. 7pm, Worsham Theatre. 52


[._.._. ”.1

Department of English 18th Annual Awards Day Ceremony featuring keynote
peaker Prof. William Freehiing, 2pm. Center Theatre, call 7-2901 for info

ursay .

Earth Day”





(About la
Math 109 8. 123 Tutoring. 203 Frazee Hail, FREE, call 7—6959 for more it
informal Creative Writing Workshop 8—9z30pm. Rm. Bi 08C W.T. Young Library.


Campus Crusade For Christ weekly meeting. 7:30pm. Worsham Theatre

UK Lambda meeting for Lesbigaytrans people. 7:30pm. Room 231 Student Center
Thursday Night Live. 7pm. Christian Student Fellowship. call 2334—031 3 for info
NSSLHA Meeting. 5:15pm. Room 501 C

UK Ultimate Frisbee Practice. 6—8pm. Band Field. call Nick at 281 —1256 for info


Russian Film Series. 2—4pm and 7-9pm. Rm 340 Classroom Bidg.. English SubtitlesI
Senior Piano Recital: Joseph Prather, 7pm. Singletary Recital Hall

The Pirates of Penzance Presented by the UK Theatre Department. 8pm. Guignol
heatre. call 257-4929 for ticket info



Book Sale Sponsored by KFTC and Appalachian Student Council. 9am-3pm.
tudent Center Patio

Critical Mass Bike Ride. 3pm Speaker at Young Library Auditorium. 3:30 planned
oute around campus. call Emily at 277—91 20 for more Info

UK Campus Sustainability Forum , 7pm, Rm 230 Student Center. call Ben at

43-0629 for into
n u a y .
UK Wind Ensemble with Richard Clary. director. 8pm. Singletary Center

The Pirates of Penzance Presented by the. UK Theatre Department. 8pm. Gulgnol
heatre. call 257-4929 for ticket info



'Recreating the Past: Contemporary Moscow Architecture" by Prof. James Curtis.
pm, Did Student Center Theatre

Past Soviet Architecture by Jim Curtis. TBA

Robert C. May Photography Endowment Lecture Series Presents Evon Streetman.
pm, UK Art Museum


"Siapfest 99“ Slappybali Tournament sponsored by UK's Siappyball Club. Seaton
ield, call Brad at 225-9155 for into

international Student Council Elections. 4pm. Rm 207 Bradley Hall

WIDESPREAD PANIC Concert. 8pm. Memorial Coliseum. Tickets only $1 7. Call
'57—TICS or stop by UK Student Center Ticket Office

a uray . .

Catholic Mass 6pm. Newman Center


The Pirates of Penzance Presented by the UK Theatre Department.
pm. Guignol Theatre. call 257-4929 for ticket info

Graduate Saxophone Recital. Damani Phillips. 5pm. Memorial Hall


Swing Dance. 9pm-i am. Newman Center Main Hall. Frce'

"Slapfest 99" Slappvball Tournament sponsored by UK's Slappyball Club. Seaton
ield. call Brad at 225—91 55 for info


Catholic Mass 9am. 1130am.5pm. 8 100m. Newman (enter
Sunday Morning Worship. i lam. (hrisllan Student Fellowship
Holy Eucharist at St Augustinp s trust opal (hapol, I0 30am 8. (mm

Phi Sigma Pi meeting. 70m. 230 Student Center

Aikldo Classes '11 Alkinn (tub. l mm Alumni Gyml oft. call (pm. at 2‘54“”


UK Symphony Hand. George Boulnrn. director. Jon. Slngietary (oncert Hail

Snnior Euphonlum Recital: Brian Melxner. 4pm. Memorial Hall

The Pirates oi Pcnlance Presented by the UK Theatre Dep