Yarrow treed a coon on Frozen,
Clum the ash an' got his nose in
Thro' the crack where he wuz layin',
Growlin', whinin' like he's sayin'
" 'Taint no fair to come a-bruizin'
'Round a feller when he's snoozin'."

Dogs down on the ground wuz yelpin',
Thinkin' as their fuss wuz helpin'
Fer to git that coon a-shakin'
As they seen old Yarrow makin'
Up a blaze o' bark to drap in
Whar the coon had been a-nappin'.

In the crack old Yarrow helt it,
An' that coon he shorely smelt it,
An' he shuck hisself an' started-
Wuz he slow or chicken-hearted
Nary time: He jumped old Yarrow-
Froze his blood clean to the marrow.

Yarrow drapped his fire an' hollered,
Hit the ground an' there they wallered;
Dogs had tucked their tails an' hustled,
Still the coon an' Yarrow tusseled.
Never wuz a coon that clawed so.
Never wuz a man wuz awed so.

Yarrow fin'ly got his bearin',
Shuck that coon an' come a-tearin'
Through the brish, and seeh a-moanin',
Hit the cabin door a-groanin',
All the dogs went bustin' under,
Yelpin' like a streak of thunder.

An' his wife she set a-nussin'
His clawed legs, an' him a-cussin';
An' he see her kinder smilin',
An' that set his blood to bilin'.
"Nothin' here I see to smile at;
'Twant no coon; it wuz a wile-cat."