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Lot tors To Th Editor
Too Much U of L
Dear Sir:
I've enjoyed your magazine greatly over almost the entire time you've been publishing and I wish to renew for another year.
But I don't feel that you are really listening to many readers complaints about columnist Bob Watkins. I, too, feel he is much too pro-U of L in his columns, to the detriment of UK. And UK is what I subscribe fornot U of L. Bluntly speaking, I wish he were replaced by Jim Griesch, whom I did like.
I hate to write this kind of item but I do get kind of "rankled" by Mr. Watkins writings. Frankly, I could do without him.
Marvin R. White Lexington. Kentucky
Eddie's America's Best
Dear Sir:
As two "True Blue Fans" who just happen to live in the heart of ACC country, your publication is like a breath of fresh air when it arrives in our mailbox. After reading the letter in the 12-27-86 issue from Mr. Robert Dishman of Jeffersonville, Ind., titled "Put Up Or Shut Up" we felt compelled to respond.
Well, here it is 6 p.m. on 12-27-86 and in answer to Mr. Dishman, we now know once and for all that UK is the real Kentucky team. We think that today's game proved that
Eddie's No. 1
last year's win at home was not luck, as Mr. Dishman, suggested, but pure talent. After all, today's home court advantage didn't seem to help UL did it. Mr. Sutton certainly did shut up Mr. Crum and Mr. Dishman today. Mr. Crum maybe America's Coach, according to Mr. Dishman, however Eddie Sutton proved today he is America's Best Coach!
Our applause to Coach Sutton and the Wildcats for your impressive win today! We will be "True Blue Fans" forever!
Ray and Pam Hislope Raleigh, N.C.
Searching Tourney Trail For Prospects
Plenty Of Preps Familiar To TCP Readers
Since Thanksgiving I have scouted top high school players and teams in Chicago, Cincinnati. Louisville, Lexington, Ft. Wayne, South Bend, St. Louis and Pine Bluff. After seeing over 50 tournament games, here is my list of top prospects:
LaGrange (III.) Lyons Tournament (Nov. 26-29)
Marcus Liberty     6-8      Sr.    Chicago (III.) M.L. King Tony White 6-1      Jr.    So. Holland (III.) Thornwood
Eric Anderson      6-9      Jr.    Chi. (III.) St. Francis DeSales
Rick Bolus
Cats' Pause Columnist
Jamie Brandon Johnny Selvie
6-3 6-6
Fr. Fr.
Chicago (III.) M.L Chicago (III.) M.L
King King
Naperville (III.) Central Tournament (Nov. 24-29)
Curtis Stuckey	6-0	Sr.	Peoria (III.) Manual
Sam Mack	6-5	Sr.	Dolton (III.) Thornridge
David Booth	6-5	Jr.	Peoria (III.) Manual
Dave Mitidiero	6-7	Sr.	Lockport (III.) High
Maurice Hamilton	6-4	Sr.	Lockport (III.) High
Mike Clark	6-4	Sr.	Dolton (III.) Thornridge
Cincinnati "Blue Chip
Dennis Scott Chris Cochiani Deron Feldhaus Ruye Glass
6-6 6-0 6-7 6-3
Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr.
' Invitational (Dec. 6)
Oakton (Va.) Flint Hill Hialeah (Fla.) Miami Lakes Maysville (Ky.) Mason County Hialeah (Fla.) Miami Lakes
Chip Jones *Dwayne Brown
Sean Sutton
6-1 Jr. Cincinnati (Ohio) Woodward 6-3      Sr.    St. Louis (Mo.) Vashon
Pleasure Ridge Park (Ky.) Panther Classic (Dec. 13)
Paintsville (Ky.) High Louisville (Ky.) PRP Springfield (Ky.) Wash. Co. Owensboro (Ky.) Senior Louisville (Ky.) Doss Springfield (Ky.) Wash. Co.
Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha East St. Louis (III.) Lincoln Venice (111.) High Memphis (Tenn.) Central Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha St. Louis (Mo.) Vashon
Lexington Thoroughbred Classic (Dec. 20)
Eric Manuel        6-6     Sr.    Macon (Ga.) Southwest
John Pelphrey	6-7	Sr.
Desmond Porter	 6-3	Sr.
Kevin Ellery	6-5	Sr.
David Hogg	6-3	Sr.
Brandy Monks	6-6	Sr.
*Glen Statesman	6-3	Sr.
St.	Louis 7	-Up
Jerrod Mustaf	6-10	Jr.
Laphonso Ellis	6-9	Jr.
Jesse Hall	6-3	Sr
Roland Ware	6-6	Jr.
John Gwynn	6-0	Sr
"Dwayne Brown	6-3	Sr
Jay Edwards	6-5	Sr.	Marion (Ind.) High
Lyndon Jones	6-3	Sr.	Marion (Ind.) High
Deron Feldhaus	6-7	Sr.	Maysville (Ky.) Mason Co.
Sean Sutton	6-2	Sr.	Lexington (Ky.) Henry Clay
Daric Keys	6-6	Sr.	Marion (Ind.) High
"Prince Stewart	5-11	Sr.	Lexington (Ky.) Lafayette
Louisville King of the Bluegrass Tournament (Dec. 26-27)
John Pelphrey Allan Houston Desmond Porter Matt Eitutis Blake Miles
6-7	Sr.	Paintsville (Ky.) High
6-4	So.	Louisville (Ky.) Ballard
6-3	Sr.	Louisville (Ky.) PRP
6-8	Sr.	Radcliff (Ky.) North Hardin
6-7	Sr.	Tallahasse (Fla.) Maclay
LeRon Ellis
Kevin Ellery	6-5	Sr.	Springfield (Ky.) Wash. Co.
Stanley Shelby	6-3	Sr.	Radcliff (Ky.) North Hardin
Donald Tivis	5-10	Sr.	Paducah (Ky.) Tilghman
Craig Jordan	6-8	Sr.	Seattle (Wash.) Garfield
Jeff Quarles	6-2	Sr.	Hopkinsville (Ky.) High
Kenny Phelps	6-0	So.	Louisville (Ky.) Male
Hillside (III.) Proviso West			Tournament (Dec. 26-30)
Marcus Liberty	6-8	Sr.	Chicago (III.) M.L. King
Jamie Brandon	6-3	Fr.	Chicago (III.) M.L. King
Alonzo Verge	6-0	Jr.	Hillside (III.) Proviso West
Pat Tompkins	6-5	Sr.	Waukegan (III.) East
Antoine Davidson	6-9	Jr.	Chicago (III.) Collins
Emmett Lynch	6-2	Sr.	Chicago (III.) M.L. King
Karl Anderson	6-8	Sr.	Chicago (III.) M.L. King
Brian Molis	6-4	Sr.	Westchester (III.) St. Joseph
Clifford Scales	6-2	Sr.	Westchester (III.) St. Joseph
Sherman Holmes	6-4	Jr.	Chicago (III.) Phillips
Johnny Selvie	6-6	Fr.	Chicago (III.) M.L. King
Semifinals of Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Holiday Tournament (Dec. 26-27)			
Chris Lovelace	6-9	Jr.	Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Northrop
J.C. Harris	6-8	Jr.	Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Northrop
Tommy Smith	6-5	Jr.	Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Northside
*Doug Reincke	6-8	So.	Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Concordia
Finals of South Bend Holiday Tournament (Dec. 27)			
Alphonso Mack	5-9	Jr.	South Bend (Ind.) Adams
Tony Wilson	6-2	Sr.	South Bend (Ind.) Adams
Herman Smith	6-6	Sr.	South Bend (Ind.) LaSalle
*Len Kalber	6-8	Jr.	South Bend (Ind.) Adams
Pine Bluff (Ark.)	King	Cotton Tournament (Dec. 30-Jan. 3)	
Dennis Scott	6-7	Sr.	Oakton (Va.) Flint Hill
LeRon Ellis	6-11	Sr.	Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Richard Dumas	6-7	Sr.	Tulsa (Okla.) B.T. Washington
Chris Corchiani	6-0	Sr.	Hialeah (Fla.) Miami Lakes
John Crotty	6-2	Sr.	Lincroft (N.J.) Christian Bros.
Sean Sutton	6-2	Sr.	Lexington (Ky.) Henry Clay
Ernest Smith	6-5	Jr.	Memphis (Tenn.) Whitehaven
Ruye Glass	6-3	Sr.	Hialeah (Fla.) Miami Lakes
Aaron Bain	6-6	So.	Oakton (Va.) Flint Hill
Derrick Knowles	6-8	Sr.	Hialeah (Fla.) Miami Lakes
Rodney Peel	5-10	Sr.	Little Rock (Ark.) Hall
* Top sleeper prospect from each tournament