_Y»A  5 ;
1. Foreword Do not show number, but consider this sheet as page i, and the  
first page of the preface as page ii.  
2. Preface Include in the preface the plan of publishing county inventories. Q  
5. Table of Contents  
(a) Use a line of periods, every other space apart, from title to num- I  
(b) Include the "Chart of County Government" as a sub-heading under the  
essay on Governmental Organization and Records System.  
(c) Use a semi-colon between sub-headings.  
(d) Office sections should be in lower case,  
(e) Indent two spaces from the title of the office section for the be-  
ginning of we list of subjects and sub-headings,  
4. Page Headings  
(a) On left hand margin show name of office, followed by hyphen and last  
subject heading on page.  
(b) The words "First entry, p. " should be in right hand corner, in  
——— ;.e1“as- 
parentheses, on first page of the Historical Sketch and continued §;,;_ f·i
·/ nn?  T  .
on each page to that preceding first entry,  
(G) The words "Next entry , p. " (beginning with the county court  
clerk’s section) should appear in right hand corner on all pages,  
on which no entries are recorded, to the last entry preceding the  
(dl P&g;€ h€&diI1gS of the Index Section should carry references similar  
to those used in some of the dictionaries. For example: (Ab-Aw).  
This should appear in right hand corner,  
(e) Page headings are put on the next line after page numbers.  
HRS—25 yp