xt7kh12v6014_202 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/2008ms006.dao.xml Benham Coal Mines. (Benham, Ky.) 151.0 Cubic feet 302 Boxes The Benham Coal Company records (151 cubic feet, 302 Boxes; dated 1911-1973) focus primarily on the early years of Benham Coal through the 1940s, including office files, Employee Benefits Association records, files on accidents and safety, and photographs. archival material English University of Kentucky This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed.  Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.  Physical rights are retained by the owning repository.  Copyright is retained in accordance with U. S. copyright laws.  For information about permissions to reproduce or publish, contact the Special Collections Research Center. Benham Coal Company Records African American coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County Coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region--History. Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Benham--History Company towns--Kentucky--Benham Federal Explosives Act, December text Federal Explosives Act, December 2015 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/2008ms006/2008ms006_19/2008ms006_19_7/18492/18492.pdf 1941-1945 1945 1941-1945 section false xt7kh12v6014_202 xt7kh12v6014 Approved December 27, I941
HAROLD L. IVKE`5, Secrezuxry
BUREAU or mmas
Issued under Authority of Sec. I8 of Act cf December 26, I94I
(Pub., N0. 381, 77th Cong.)
 ee é *¥‘# ~`’‘   I
*‘¤i<   5%
tr N 4I;4,jt»L_,;,4`;»;CL/ ,/

 okla okla
s" it N AT10NAL C0AL Assoomrmn s it
ii 7 it 5
4 Sournnmm BUu.mNc 1w 49
un * :m1
WAsn|NcT0N, D. C.
Amendpints tp_Eh; Federal §£plosiv;s_g£§ulations
Dr. R.R.Saysrs, Director of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, has just issued the fol—
lowing order, dated February IY, omendiny certain of the regulations under the Feder-
ol Explosives Act with r~gard to th~ “Contrcl of Explosives and Their Ingredients in
Time of War or Nstional Emergency“:
Section }Ol.2, DEFINITIONS, pnrogrnph (hl, is on nded by chsnging the words:
"Nitrocsllulose exceeding lF,lS percent nitroaen" to read as follows:
“Nitrocollulose orcsedin; 12,2 percent nitrcgsn"; and by chonging the wordsi
"Witroalycerin (except in official U_S. Pharmscopoeia solution, or in form cf
pills, or aronules, containing not more than on¤—fiftiwth of a grain eachl"; to rend
as follows:
"Nitroglycerin (except in pharmacoposis solution, or in form of pills, or
granules, containing not more than one—fiftisth of a groin esch}“.
Section jOl.Y is amended by adding at the end thereof a new paragraph (fl, as
APPLICATIONS FOR LICENSES, FORMS. * * * (f) Applications of associstions, Egg;
porations, gig. Applications of corporations, corphnigsl or other associations cr
organizations operating through n boord of directors, trustees, or similar officers,
shall show thc name, address, end nationality of all officers, directors, trustees,
or persons exercising similwr functions. Such applications shall show also the name,
odiress, and the extent of interest in the votina stock or other beneficial voting
holdings of the controlling stockholders or members, beginning with the holder of the
largest voting interest ond continuing in the order of the amount of the respective
diminishing voting holdings, until not less than EO per cent of oll voting stock or
other bcntficisl voting holdings is shown: Provided, That in any cose st least the
top three such holdings must be shown, and not more than ten need be shown. The
nationality of each stockholder or member listed in the application must also be
shown, except thot in the case of npplicsnts whose stock or beneficial voting in-
terests nre wiCely distributed among n large number of holders, the nationality of
whom is not known or readily oscortainatle and which for that reason cannot be shown,
the application moy contain s statement based upon, ond stated to be based upon, bs~
lief and the best infornotion ovoilnble us to what the nationality of the controlling
stockholders or mrwbers nsy he, and should contain sny evidentiary focts thercof,such
os facts of residence. This statomont may he accepted in lieu of specific informa—
tion in reward thereto.

 If the controlling; stockholders or members of the applicant are one or mye cor-
porations or other organizations, the name, address, and nationality of the officers,
directors, trustees, or other similar officers, and of the controlling stockholders
or members thereof, must be shown in the same manner and to the same extent as is re-
quired of the applicant itself.
ln the case of organizations such as cooperatives, the individual voting inter-
ests in which are equal in amount, no list of stockholders or members need be in-
cluded in the application, but the application shall contain a statement of the
nationality of at least sixty per cent of the stockholders or members. lf the na-
tionality is not definitely known by reason of the number of stockowners or members,
the statement may be based upon information and belief, as in the case of other cor—
porations or associations in similar circumstances. .
Section 501.8 (a) Purchaser's, vendor's oi foreman’s applications is amended by
adding at the end thereof two sentences as follows:
Filing of applications — (a) Purchaser‘s, vendor’s, pp foreman's applications.***
Applications for purchaser‘s, vendor‘s, and foreman’s licenses shall not be ·
filed with the Director except for a special reason stated with the application. Any
of such applications filed with the Director unaccompanied by such a statement, or
accompanied by a statement deemed insufficient, will be returned to the applicant for
filing with a local Licensiny arent.
>1< >a< >•<
There is hereby added to said regulations immediately following Sec. }Ol.lO a
new section, jOl.lOa as follows: I
games 3°l·l°s»~   fer ._1i¤..~;¤.Ssssz¤s esters- Before any items, wsetzm
Original, duplicate, or certified copy, is issued by a Licensing Agent, he is enti-
tled to receive from the applicant, and the applicant shall pay to the licensing
Agent, the sum of twenty—five cents for each license issued. In the case of appli~
cations filed with Licensing Agents for the purpose of forwarding to the Director,
pursuant to Section 501.8 (b), the Licensing agent may collect the sum of twenty—
five cents for each application to be forwarded, on account of his costs and fees.
Licensine Agents will have and receive for their own account, as compensation for
their services all fees paid to them. No fees are required to accompany applications
filed with the Director, nor are any fees reouired for the issuance of a license by
the Director.
* >•< ¤4<
The order also includes amendments to special instructions for the manufacture
and sale of fireworks.

 5 r
O `  
. E

 i CON'l`EN'fS
§ Page
_ Section 1. Effect and operation of regula.t.iens ________________ _ ________ 1
“ Section 2. l)eiiuit.ions. ..  ,_,,__ W ____ WW ____ _ __________ _ ________ ]
S¤*<5Li<>¤ 3. A])])liCflti(1ll of act', and regulubitms. Exceptions ______________ 3
  (cz) Persons and estniilisliments excepLcdW W _ W W W W ____ W _____________ 3
'· (b) ()pei·ln.inns excepted ___, W ________,_,_______,_____________ ___W 3
(c) lflxplosives and ingredients excepted e,__________________ W _____ 3 `
Section 4. Licenses, kinrl and scope ______ WWWWWW _____ __ _____________ ____ 3
Section 5. Licenses, term and t1·:1nsfembilityWW, ___,_ __ _________________ 4;
(rz) Term of licenses ___. . ,,______A__,_ W  ____,_________________ 4
(Z2) 'Freuisfemliility of licenses ______________ W V_________________ ___ 4
· (C) DC21ll1, (li$Cl11`tI`;5(.‘, dissolution, etc., of licensee _________,________ 4
(tl) Bzinkruptcy and involuntary ’cr;;nsfei·s ________________________ 5
i Section ti. Qualifications ef nppliczints fer license __________ __ ___________ 5
ii (ri) Axe ..»........ . ......... .- .. - . ..._...................... 5
· (D) Rcliuliilitiy and expe1·ience_ __e_ _ W _______________________ ___ 5
Section 7. Appliczitions for licenses, Ferins ______________ W ___________ 5
(ri) Forxns for :ipplicatiensWW W W W ___________________________ _ _____ 5
_, (b) Filling out application forms __________________________ _ _____ 5 .
(c) lixecntion and eath _________________________ _ ______________ 5
(d) Pmof ef citizenship _____ WW _____________________ _ _____________ 5
(0) Applicaitioiis of p:11·tne1·sl1ips ________________________________ _ 6
, Section 8. Filing ef applications ___,, W W_W W WWW WWWWWWWWW_ __ _____________ 6
  (fl) PUl`Cllf1$C1`)S, \'CIl(li)1"S, 01* f01‘e111;1u’s ;1pplicn.ti¢W>ns__W_ _____________ 6
Z (b) I\I£UlUi'HCi\I1`O1',F, aiimlysfs, cnc., applicmions ._.,_,________ W ____ 0
‘ (c) Appeziiizincc by applicant ____ _ _ WWWWWWW_W____ W _____ W __________ (3
l Section   lssunnce cf origiiml licenses _____WWW__ __ ____________________ W (3
(ci) ssuing cilicers and offices _W_______WW_W W _____________________ (3
i (Z2) Time of issuance of licenses ________ _WW_ W _W________________W__ (3
(c) C0uut.ei·siguiug of licenses ___WWW___ WW ________ W_ ________________ 6
(ei) Refuslil te issue license _____ _ WWWWWWWWW_W_ _ W___ __W_____________ ga
, (er) Notice of refusal te issue license _____ WW A WW W__W_______________ 7
t Section lt). issuance of duplicates and ceytiliell eOpies__W WWW _W______ _____ 7
(ri) Licenses 10st, destmyctl, clcfaced, or stelenW   ________________ 7
(b) Certliiiezl copies ef licenses ____ W WW WW W WW _W__W______W__________ 7
(C) Photosiaitic copies ef licenses __,,_ _ __,_____W_ W ______________ 7
(ti) liIl1,1lltll<.)I`lZO(l Copies of lieenses_ WW WWWW______   _W _W___W_ W ____ S
Section 11. Licensing: Agents. lnstructions _________ W ______________W__ 3
V (ri) §guz1liiicatiIl on appeul by llegiennl ()llieerWW WWWWW__WW_W_W_________W Q)
 ’ (c) Appeals fmin l{t‘L;i()]l{[l Oilieeys WWWWW W WWW_W__W_W___W___ W _WWWW_ ]{)
`  (rl) :\l)]7CIllN ill`011l the l)ii·et-ter WW_WW . W WW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW W W_ W 10
(G) Heaariiigrr, briefs, C\'ltit‘ll('[‘} en appeal __W W, WW W W WWWWW W WWWWWWWWWW 10
Scvfien i3. lleeorils and ilii-¢¥I`111£li~iUll not public WWW.._ ..- -.. .... .,_-..- ee ll

 iv coxr-isxrs  
Page {
Section 14. Licensees. Duties and ohligations1 1 ___________ __ _________ `_ 11 K
(a) Protection and exhibition of licenses ,,,_e_ 1 ____1______________ 11 [
(b) Accidents, explosions, and reports t·hCI`O()1l1 ,,,,,_,_________,__ 11
(a) Inspections, investigations, and safety orders ___,_______,_,_ 1 11 11 ~
(d) Records of transactions ..,.,r,_,_,,,. 1 _,,,__.._._,,,4,_ 1 .,._ 12
(e) Compliance with other laws and regulations11 ,.e,. 11 1111 11 11 1 1 12 {
Section 15. Instructions for sales ,_,,,,. 1 _,,,,,. . .,,,, 1 _...,,,,_1. 111 12 §
(ia) Sale to purchaser in person111 1 11 ...,.,. 1 1..1 . ..,1...,.,_,2. 12  
(b) Sales by mail ,,_.,,_,_ 1111 11111 1 111 ,_.._..,... 1 ....,_,, 12
(c) Sales by traveling salesmen ,,,,. 1 1 1 1. 1 1 ..,.,........,....., 12
Section 16. Instructions for shipments __,.., 1 1 ,.,,. 1 ...,............ 12
(a) Evidence of license on shipping papers111 .....,.....,....,_.. 12
(b) Authority for hauling _._.,, 1 ..... 11.. .,...2V.2..,...,.,.A. .11 13
Section 17. Instructions for storage .._...._... 1 .......,.............. 13 1
(zz) Place of storage1111 .,,.,..........._...............2..A.2. 13
(b) Marking of premises 1__.   .............,......2..........,.. 13
(c) Inspection ..... 1 ..2_...,..21..,1....,4,.....,....,.,....._ 13
Section 18. Special instructions for vendors ..1..,2._._.,...,....._.... 13
(rz) Necessity for license 1... 1 ..., 1 ..,.........,_.._,......_.... 13
(b) Responsibility for proper sales ....._..1....,.e.,....._.,.,... 13 ·
Section 19. Special instructions for manufacturers .....,.....1..,,..___ 13
(tz) Licenses needed .__. 1 1 1. ....,, 1 _,... 1 ...,...e_.,,..,.....,__ 13
(b) Copies of licenses _,....... 1   1 ...,. 1 .... 11 11 1111111111111 14 _
(c) Responsibility in disposition of explosives 1111 111 . 111111_11111 14
Section 20. Special instructions for manufacture and sale of fireworks 1111 14
(cz) Varieties permitted to he manufactured .1.11111111 1 11111111111 14
(b) Authority to sell existing stock 11.11111.1.1111_1111_11__11_1_ 14
(c) Compliance with other laws 1.11.111111111.11111111_1_11__11_ 14
(rl) Purchase of fireworks in small quantities 111111_1111111__1_11__ 14
Section 21. Special instructions for industries using explosives 1___1,__1__ 14
(a) Licenses needed 1_11111 1 11111111 1 11111111111111_11___1_,____ 14
(b) License needed hy employees 1111111111   1 1 _ 11__111___1______ 15 5
(c) Care of explosives 1111 1 1111111111111111 1 11111_ 1 1111_1_1____1_ 15
(d) Records and inventory 11_11111111111__11 1 111__11_111________ 15
(c) Report of losses or unlawful removal 11111111111111111111_____ 15
(f) Posting regulations 111111 1 1111111111111111111__1__ 1 _1_____ 16
Section 22. Instructions for Explosives Investigators _1______1__________ 16
(tz) Purpose and nature of supervision 1_111__111__,_______________ 16
(b) Violations of the act. Discovery, etc ___________ _ _____________ 16
(0) Power to enter and inspect premises and operations 11_1___1____ 16
(cl) Cooperation with Government agencies 111111111111___________ 16
(ea) Reports 1__11______1________ __ __1_1_1_______________________ 16

¥ .
- Issued under Authority of Sec. 18 of Act of December 26, 1941
(Pub., No. 381, 77th Cong.)
Section 1. Effect and operation of Regulations
These Regulations have the force and etfect of law. Any person vio-
lating them is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine
of not more than $5,000, or by imprisonment for not more than 1 year.
, or by both such fine and imprisonment. They are in operation during
` the existence of a state of war declared by Congress or proclaimed by
the President or of a national emergency proclaimed by the President
A as requiring the application ofthe provisions of the Federal Explosives
f Act and remain in operation until the termination of the war or
revocation of any such proclamation.
These Regulations are issued under the authority of section 18 of
the act of ll)0t'(‘ll’ll)01' 26, 1941 (Pub., No. 381, 77th Cong.)?
i Section Z. Definitions
(tt) The terms “Act" or "Federal Explosives Act" mean that certain
act of October G, 1917 (40 Stat. 385), as amended by the act of Decem-
ber 26, 1941 (Pub., No. 381, 77th C‘ong.).
(6) The terms "explosive" and "explosives" mean any chemical com-
pound or mechanical mixture that contains any oxidizing and
combustible units, or other ingredients, in such proportions. quanti-
` ties, or packing that ignition by tire. by friction, by concussion. by
· percussion, or by detonation of the compound or mixture or any part
thereof may cause an explosion, including the following:
ff! Amnionium nitrate.
· _ Blasting powder.
 -, Blasting caps.
, (Taps, blasting, detouating, percussion——all classes.
i` Clilorate powders.
Detonating fuse, or cordeau tletonant.
· Dynamites.
-· Electric blasting machines.
"l?liety supersede the IOIS \\'artime Regulations for Explosives and Their Ingredients.
· publislietl in 32 C. lt`. R., part 30]. _ 1

Electric blasting caps. ii
Flashlight powders.
Fulminates. E
l·‘use of all varieties.
Gnncotton. l
Gunpowder Hlld gunpowder mixtures (except small arms or shotgun (
cartridges). s
Nitrocellulose exceeding 10.18 percent nitrogen.
Nitroglucose. _ i
Nitroglycerin (except in otiicial U. S. Pliarmacopoeia solution, or in
form of pills, or granules, containing not more than one—iiftieth of a
grain each). I
Nitroglycol. .
Nitromannite. l
Nitrostareh. l
Nitrosugar. *
Permissible explosives.
Ammonium picrate.
Picrates. E
Picric acid. [
Smokeless powder (except small arms or shotgun cartridges).
Trinitrotoluene (trlton). -
Trinitrocresol. E
Tetranitromethylaniline. E
This list may be altered if experience indicates that this is desirable.
(0) The term “111g'l'€Cl1€lllS” means phosphorus and active oxidizing
chemicals that Cilll be combined with one or more reducing materials
to produce an explosive, 1I`lClllClI1lg the following:
Chlorates : ,—
Barium. I
Sodium. `
Strontium. .
Nitrates: Ammonium. g
Oxygen (liquid).
Perelilorates: Perchloric acid and salts.
V Phosphorus: i
White, _
Yellow. *
This list may be altered if experience indicates that this is desirable.
(el) The term "person” shall include executive departments, inde-
pendent establishments, and other agencies of the United States,
the District of (columbia, Territories, and insular possessions of the »
United States, States, and municipalities and other political subdi- “ 
visions thereof; and individuals, partnerships, associations, societies, »_ 
and corporations. tg
(e) The term "Dn·ector" means the Director of the Bureau of  
Mines. _ .
  The term "LlCQ1lSlllg Agen.t" means a person authorized to ad-
innnster oaths who has been designated by the Director and author-  =
_ ized to issue certain licenses in accordance with the act and regulations. '
(g) The term ‘iEX1)l(lSl\'CS Invest1gator" means an employee of the `
Bureau ot hlines authorized by the Director to investigate compliance .
\\'1tll the act and the causes ot ex >losions and fires in all Jlaccs in -·
. . I ¤
which explosives are nianutaclnred. transported. stored, or used, or J
in which there is reason to believe exploslves were involved. ·

 CON’1‘RoL 01* iaXPLosi\‘r;s AND THEIR 1N(.iR1iDIEN'1TS 3
(/4) The term "Regional ()tlicer°’ means an official of the Bureau
of Mines designated by the Director uml stationed in the field to act in
u supervisoiky capacity uml to review on appeal rejected applications
for licenses. in aceordaiice with the act and Regulations.
(i) '1`he term “foreman" means any employee whose duties include
, the sale or issuance of explosives or ingredients for aml on behalf of
s his employer to other employees. agents, or independent contractors
1 of his employer.
Section 3. Application of act and regulations. Exceptions
The act aml Regulations require the licensing of all persons and es-
;. tablishments for operations relating to explosives or ingredients, with
the exceptions following:
(rz) [’(2/·.son.w and 68/if/A/[N/I7}I/’}(/N ¢:zw·t;)1fo vendor’s license, purehase1·’s license, foremanis license, analystt’s-edu-
cator’s-inventor’s-investigator’s license.

(ZJ) Scope of 7fccn.l'(¥1ll1llli`. section 2.)
(5) An.uZ_ys/’s - FfZZ!(*(Z((/7`l·Q - ’é7I'2.`87lf0l"S - ji?-?7(’8?L;[](li7i()l"S Ziccnsr.
This license authorizes the purchase, manu‘tiacture, possession, testing.
and disposal of explosives and ingredients tor scientific, educational,
and testing purposes only. It is required ot schools. laboratories. and
other institutions and persons who use explosives or ingredients in the
manner indicated by the title of the license. It. will not he required
of a manufacturer who customarily conducts such operations.
Section S. Licenses, term and transferability
(co) Term of 7icw»t.~e.s. All licenses are good tor a maximum term ol`
l year from date ot issuance, unless sooner revoked or terminated for
cause or hy reason of the termination of the war or national emer-
gency. Licenses are not renewable, but application may be made for
a new license when necessary or desired. "
(b) 7lm}t.wj`e1·0?»2°7»z'fy of t'{c(»»1:ses. Licenses cannot he assigned or in
any way transferred, nor can any person ope1·ate under. or have the
henetit ot, another person’s license. ·
(0) I/cnf/t, (Z’2'»‘¢C/l(l/'{/G, (Z’;SS(/Zlllijflll, ctc., of Z·icc¢2.vcc. In the event .»
of the death ot any licensee, the license becoines immediately void, and
the personal representative or heirs o‘l’ the decedent. (except in the
case of a deceased ·l’oreman) must apply for a license to cover remain-
ing explosives or ingredients or uncomplcted operations requiring a
license. It the decedent   a foreman, or it a licensed foreman resigns
or is discharged. his employer must at once take possession and charge
ot any explosives or ingredients tor which the ‘l’oreman was account-
able, and make certain that a suitable license is secured for them. In

the event ofthe dissolution or transfer of thc business of any licensee,
the successor in interest of the licensee shall innnediately apply for a
license to cover any explosives, ingredients, or operations relating to
(rl) Ba0t7c2·tzyJtc_y and inc0Zm2frn~y tv~an.¤fe-rs. In the event of the
V bankruptcy of a licensee, the trustee of his bankrupt estate shall im-
‘ mediately apply for a license to cover any remaining explosives, in-
‘ gredients. or operations relating thereto. The license does not pass
with any forced sale or other forced transfer of explosives, ingredients,
or operations covered by it, and the transferee must immediately apply
_ for a license to cover same.
Section 6. Qualifications of applicants for license
(rz) Age. All persons executing applications and all individual
licensees must be at least Q1 years old, except as follows: Individuals
who are engaged in mining. agriculture. or other work reqttiring the
use of explosives, who are personally qualified to use explosives, and
who accotnpany their .tpp11t.·.tt-ttm with satisfactory evidence of these
facts. may apply for a put·chaser’s license. althottgh less than 21
years old.
(F;) Rdiabifify and catpcrimtcc. All applicants must show afiirma-
tively, to the satisfaction of the Licensing Agent, that they are stifli-
ciently reliable and experienced to have the license applied for. In-
dividual applicants who are unknown to the Licensing Agent must
support their applications in this respect by the afiidavits of two
reputable citizens of the United States.
Secticn 7. Applications for licenses. Forms
ta) Forms for a;>]2Zfcafz'02z.s*. Applications for licenses must be made
on Bureatt of Mines forms which may be secured from Iiicensing
Agents or from the Bureau of Mines. The form applicable to the
particular license desired nutst be used. There are two forms of ap-
plication. as follows:
Application for Vcndor's, I’urchaser`s, or Forc1nan`s License.
Application for Manulacturer`s or Analysts. Etlncator`s. Inventors and
Invt~stig:ttor`s License.
(0) Fi//ing 0-ut appfimffon f()/'HIS. All blanks in the application
forms should he filled in or a line drawn through them. Incomplete
applications will not be accepted. If additional space is needed. addi-
tional sheets shall be used and securely attached.
‘ (0) Errcmttfimt and oaf/2. If the application is by an individual for
·’ a vendor’s or purchaser°s license for himself. the application and the
_ oath must be made by the individual. If the application is for a fore-
man’s license. the application and the oath mttst be made by the fore-
, man, and the application mttst bear the written endorsement of his
Q employer (see definition of "l’orcman." section   The-application of
a firm. corporation. or other organization should ordinarily be exe-
cuted by its 1't‘!Q‘lll2ll'l_\` appointed and authorized otiicer or officers. evi-
dence of whose ofiicial capacity and authority must accompany the
application; and if made hy any other person, the authority of that
person to represent the organization must he shown by a certificate
executed by its ofhcers.
(rf) Proof 0f ci/izcitw/tip. Applicants who are not native-horn citi-
zens. but who claim citizenship, must give satisfactory evidence ol'
·t:is·ts·t· -t2— 2

citizenship. This evidence should be the production of the applicantls
certificate of initnralization. or the certificates of his parents; but if
this cannot be done. the applicant niust produce satisfactory secondary
evidence of citizenship. showing the essential facts. In all cases. the
citizenship of the persons executing applications must be shown.
(c) Appficu/}02i.s‘ of /)(I]'f‘]lF]°$/ti/)N, Applications of partnerships
must disclose the nznne. address, and citizenship of every partner, ’
whether his interest   limited or otherwise.
Section 8. Filing of applications
(tz) Purc}i0.)»7frrrffons. Ordinarily, `
applications for purchaser`s. vendor’s. and foreinan’s licenses should *
be tiled with the Licensing Agent- inost convenient to the vicinity to
which the license is to apply.
(Z1) Mlm2z;“acz‘1o·e2*’s. mm/_ysf’.s. ctc., I1]l])H{?(/-?i;()·i2N. l\lanufacturer’s.
analysts, etc., applications may be tiled with any convenient Licensing
Agent. who will forward theni to the Director, or they may be sent
directly to the Director.
(0) Appeamiiee by appiicmzif. In all eases where licenses are issued
by Licensing Agents. the applicant or representative of applicant (in
the case of a firni, corporation. or other organization) to whom the
license is to be issued. should appear personally before the Licensing
Agent, either when the application is filed or when the license is issued.
It is preferable, but not required, that the oath on applications filed
with Licensing Agents should be made before the Licensing Agent;
but if the personal appearance above referred to is not niade atv the
time of filing the application and making the oath, it should be made
when the license is issued.
Section 9. Issuance of original licenses
(gi) Issizhig of/icwrs and offices. Licensing Agents are authorized to
issue only three kinds of licenses, to wit: Vendors purchaser°s and
foreman°s. Only the Director may issue niannfacturer’s, analyst°s,
etc., licenses, but the Director may receive applications for and issue all
forms of licenses.
(Z2) Time of isszzmice 0f Zicmiszzs. In the case of licenses issued by
Licensing Agents, if the applicant or the applicant’s representative
(in the case of firms, corporations. or othe1· organizations) appears in
person when the application is filed, and the application is fully
and correctly completed and executed. and the Licensing Agent is
satisfied with the qualifications of the applicant, and that a.ll of the
requirenients of the act and of these regulations have been fully coin» `
plied with, the license applied for will ordinarily he issued and deliv- .
ered to the applicant forthwith. However, the Licensing Agent. has
full discretion to defer the issuance of a license on any application i
to make such investigation as he deems necessary or proper. {
(0) Comafemt2'g0zii·22g of ['l.!'(*7lS6S. All licenses must be countersigned
by the licensees in whose names they are issued, on the form for
countersigning provided on the face of the license; and do not become
effective for any purpose until so count ersigned.
(ci) Refusal fo {mu-eZic4»1i.wc. The Director ora Licensing Agent may
refuse to issue a license when in his opinion, based on facts of which
he has knowledge or reliable information, the applicant is not suffi-
ciently reliable and experienced to be authorized to manufacture or

handle explosives and ingrediciitsz or is disloyal or hostile to the
United States, or, if the applicant is a lirni. association. society, Cor-
poration, o1· other organization, its oliicers. di1·ccto1Js. or controlling