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June 1, 1957
2. R. L111;0 G. `I. hiiwldsiic
F. C. C010 A. O. Ef!ivI1quE;atm
SY. D. I}‘k¤t·».1;227¤2eivy C. R, ·L1c;?2fi:1<··G·
  Ti. Wi @$0 ‘v;* JG}? J'. EV, Iicvsizt
.;I"t1l*»1I‘1;1].'"OT€3 C. C. B‘z1:? <·.·n1·<: not #.1;;; 1c>¤t·—ti:t.2<;
cr di: ;:%;1i;;;·~ 1}`l_j*1Z`T.1_QT1 1.2:+%: vac}:. *7: ;:¤   @::0 fi`;O··l0.?T2···*C.iZ`1C i:;_j:.z;*·ic·z
  bccmz rcj_·;>rinr¢ci ;ix.·i:r: of tlc: f0110‘ ` &’ i:;;i  
cc1s;e>>: ~z¤>2t·2 awa:} xixri e?;}_<:m1:·r:ezd:
* »·   w`   .».n.`. uv.   .1 ·¤ !·· F: wv ·· »
:£, 3},, ,03   -2.1 lu-..,;A, ~— —a¤_tm_, , 2.], J-—..’. , ,.1-.’Y',
"silc L'ji·;r;t@Fi<`€, cn:-al 10:;:10;* ·- ‘§cc·bicm 10, F;E-·fZ’F, ",I_.,'[',
In C]<'}`*Ol"1_?C-Q1f_;,`f ’Z7Y:<3 .¢·sw»ti_—Ecv={‘ tw `Z. C, `I0;? :1··; wz, Tir, iniddic
n7:=‘1.*E.;.gj ;·1¤v<;2:* ·vE;i1··¤ 102·di;1g; SLDTEEB
1:%;*:12 7v1<>0T;r: <`>·" 021.*:1 by ‘=·?2x<’2 ‘.¤‘ 5*1;%. :¤:<>t·` ;r:;* 1·.;:7,j@2 ?;v}.=.:=a=l: 0i` c·:>:11
;m1l¢ed fmiz <`;·<>~1 i;0*·.rw1r;? *V`t=— ’:;cc x;;<1 <2.·a·:,·i‘·w{; ‘2i:? ·;·i¢*·‘¤‘b ziiicilc
ji»_;Yl_`_f`,W _iY_f,2_;._,X:.E,k _._,,_r\.i;xit.YEA., 1,"LqQ:r. "{P     -iY~._,·{& +1,,5 ·;1·,i·;·qs.-xd fii'1 ;‘.·\·€·
1#c··‘¤:»r%, ·?·.?x·;v O!)'13\iLf‘jE"'r..`·.7*.E* in Fwi 4 ·11,z:·§._;xg·· ·L?;n ;_a?¤_1i`i ’r::v ··,a::<2 2;;: Giei
rm`, tizivx?-: Kit i"inieia;‘;· ~:r·s¤ ?;=.12*‘L Tut 1r;b<>:· 1*2*‘h¤2<1 if 120 11% on
the; _;’L;,;·»:#>¥;.
'1T·r— ·:¢:1in“cc1t·:>¤1_ hir: bww} while: :21;   and i`rai.laa¢7 to :·¤>j2¤::·*b it until
1Z1`I’€2<'¥1j1<)T'2 had twin 1:;. "'0 Ima} ;;·hr:x·iw2:1 at ~:iw:_zt; the
sszmce time amd zzrar; <::; Haas: craxixécd,
Iv; <:0:me2·2f,1r»:=: ith ·%>T;¢s> fab-*r,’<> 210—l0::t·—*;i21·¤;» ¤1;~;·‘>:’¤ Eur. 1412:0
uuid "f,}'LCE'}3 we Ezrzvc had T,Ll‘]Y1f}`,l"i].1:f #00:1 €_`>?[J_i·QYf‘1u. Hr. Im-:2 z·0<;u<>;‘s’c<2i:‘· ::101; in ;;·s2_·7:2x·d to g·=,z·L%iuj=· 1;}:0 J ;:·0pa>:*
f] L e2:;tr11·ity rata (esstirwtcd) 1512.Q lf3.am:sxi.t;:‘ for ?;ol is off wire.
Danger of pleeinrg lwrinds on tops oi` cars, esp::(:i&nl.l.j¢ ‘i.~rX·<:1i rereiling.

 I , ` -
J { `
Juno 7, 1937
G. H. Lukc P, T. Colc
T. E. Luka Marion McCarty
3, J. Mcccrty W. P. Hobinctt
A. D. Hwttincly O. E. Ruchuncn
Arthur Lynch · C. L. Irwin
F. E. Qvincc J. Q, Hcwct
Af*`oi;‘07;i;y ¤QIi‘·;rt {ill?} ·..oo¥»:.
Fr. ¤uimu roportod that t*oro hud hoow nu unusual amount
of alzrm ir   oofzl aF.:1Ti2;¤ f.?r<2 gv:-xsi #;ovcr:=l cle-3:;, Sir. Luke told
too Toromon to kooj>continually vftor tkc louder; to soo that ivoy
were loading clown cowl »nd that t ho? were not ueimé too much
powder which lozorod —»·. thc yorccntooc of block.
Lv. Nottiuxly reported riot the Jootiughouvs motors more
still qivinn coujioorublo trouble we tho rools had too much gowor.
No amid unless they were handled with oxtromo euro tho reel would
pull tho cable in "o or yull tho xiro ··»= coun. Tho uufoty inmpoctor
was requested to L_T.· this subject uy in the Qmfoty gootiux this
-.... .!.. ·|. .....»..,-........-..........
General Nino Foreman.

 Y·’I`fI2.?TiZ3 GF "`IGWT Yj‘€D`T EQISYE E”OHE£Yff2?’;3 iT`·Q}!]'I`I?"`-
Ixmc Ir, 1937.
. ··.»4 .· 1. A-
’I   }u`··¢» N —·   :.:1 . -
‘° '°’ ' " —7·¤ a d' 2i.a.GZ"tO:S.
Y- ik ~Y’-’}<'* »JI"°J;1‘.1Z` `il  ·r>z·:>
‘r= '}- ‘+??`·¥?$t?`·i?§~" U. Y. .].lu;·· 11z_72z1··1<·—:= l¤z:;t *-cm}:.   mid ‘;z-:0 no-·l0;:t-ti:·c
U¥.T.zz·1c;t wczrcz rc <>1·‘t<:<— #?1;1‘1;; ·· t? ~ wack. ?20x·t;: 0i` tls: ?0].10·;;~
lfigf ‘E;*::O l;.f'_ .4: <.¤;‘J..!J. `BG L,l(}.;_,{ ._;s1;‘{, ;1 E;3__(g(;g Of
·`•·   . ~. "- .. ,   _:· x, 1 ·~ ._ ,
.’z13”1;;*.u%*¤‘>. M   =;\».1=·.. ‘ ism C.l`1.Ll 1:1 0220 I;:;111@CB of
;·1r;’mer·;.:x.!. :,§:—ni1$ V @9*1; · 2#2§@;* ¤z’=.z·¤ 1:1 usixzgt t‘;a:·1 was; :,0*; O}>53€.?.'{‘VC&E..
. T?10 :Y®=2;P€1`?S€`f’Q" GT3-`·<7'i`iY>¤%:E they £1£‘ECiI€€`J£ZJ£r Us ;§€4..3."ii`}Il ljfzilda
fwd g‘»<>1.t1t.z.¤5 0:+ +T:-·*’; ;L::_§=m<2=iE i“mi.jL•.>d to notice hh; ;:¢·;:ll sieznae
·’ ¤· ~-'»».,··. ‘.   ,,;.;_ ; ;` _,— • » _ . ' _
Oi- *2O*l l;·'l¤·¤. W =· =’   ¤=·.~¥ 0.*   .~~.v »1’&.<:z1 *;:;rm·. lexvex. Tc :::21:3
Tim c0n;;~lax· wut his: ?1r.z;.d 01; the Anime- of czcml me Es: z¤ern}y;d fm?
M10 1<>v<:I·. Ef1·. Luka: mb? thc: {-lO1‘C’“lC*`!2 thzzt it · .v.— :.; :2]_z1·’·ir;: bud
3>1“*!€€i<¤¢> Z"O1‘ :1 ¤·:<>;·Z:w:.·.2; @0 mrch *‘:>r :0:1a·i;hinr ·.:i~t,?:0-.12 3.¤:nF:i21{·
1,% _ 7 , ~~. · * ~-lp ‘».»-.·.2,. ·— .. • __ ;_ _ .. Q, ,
...lOI`C’ .20 LL GGG HL.:   ..-M. 0 1,0].0 inc T`O:·*<:t.¤:!1 io c: ¤__;_2;;r>n ’$.1Q;1*
<¢0112¤l¤?=‘J *’=>r>¤.;t ::11:; ‘>27c~zzctic0 med to toll t?x<:;·z to T:.:·.>g¤ coal and
·' ···· ¤· -' ·— ~ ·.·¤q M .».- .~.-.* * ~  
0t.12ax‘ .;2.x*bc..r;;;].L·   1. Ju-; i..:.L"‘.Q;z €n1‘0··2 IOVCBITT.
_. rim? ?€’1l0*`?i3—?"€ ?Y?`Ci OT uy .··. :—i>li:‘1:i in_§:;s;·i e: 5.515 1;;
S { gf!   ”€>Y¤¤¥¤'_‘<‘ 111126% ,01* ¥iif'??iblj.!};’f injzuy 1.#;'?'?? ·`(y1:i'_L
P HJ-YC-·"&3f1O :J2_;$x1*‘.’ FI‘C(§lIC3}CZ}’ 1*.*1*bO .f>;__._,_; ]_g_[)
.()U’CI"1'CQ,’ 1‘·¢·~‘Lc; Qexstimzuizczci) ]_éLy._; Liv?
‘0~—l0;;t~t·i.;1a i2;j·n::·i·t>:;, Y`0. 1 E-fine; ug 9,1
-_ <>··}.0r‘t·- t‘1.···n 7.r._;‘11‘i0sr, :;,11 dc:g·:;r’c:·1fst-T;12"1G> ;m_§`z?1‘g/ §‘y·9·i,·_1e21my ;··r;1;g j_·j{j ljjgq
- ff. ·. . _. , . · ` · _ _ __ , . _
***9 *>€<·’I"3@ 13 O1I."CC:;: c;*1cz.<:0 ixrzd
\ ~» ·r,.* ·‘ -,,. .1. ,. ·_ . ` ,
rmoam c0.¤..1dc:·:m.Lc— 1; -:0»c...<:n1; (E1.lZ‘3.}1'f 1;::0 3:12;% Tc:. :. 00er:; but thvt
wc x A-.· 0*1161 rzrzvc bo cc>e::1i;¤2=.m vrithcut sm; ..·· l0a‘b-·t»i*w@ iu_}1xr;i<>;; f‘T01* ;e·\mp:;]_

 { * 3 *
weeks yet before the accident experience for this your would con—
pure fevortbly with tbet of lust your.
Kr. Luke exid jeetion Q Q—eeem still lacked about twenty
new type car etops hevinp enouwh yet. Ne said ell the old model
cer .Lops had been sent out of this section.
Hr. Luke rcgorted that mcteriul hed been ordered For the
derail sional liyhts end that the Mechcnicel department intended
to start workinw on then ee soon eg the materiel arrived.
Mr. Luke scid recently one of tie nirht shift foremen had
dropied the nmomomoter causing considerable damage to it. We Said
all such equipment Med to be handled with qreat c ··,· re or the accuracy _
of the C}-f§Lll_`·'l(}};t x¤:o·il42 be izipnircd. IBF; told thc `i`OI'GL.EG)'; uml Tire
bosses Lyet e ecicl care should be taken of emonouetcré, safety
lumps cud other eduinmemt. In this connection Mr. Luke told the
foremen tcet he would like to deve them replace their safety lwips
with others that were nt the mine office at regulcr intervals so
they would be sure of hnvini x depc¤d;Zle safety icio at ell times.
He s&id the ones they bzou¤ht out would be excxinmi vnd rut in
good condition.
The dayrer if cwttigf or Knockin; out timbers without first
setting otlcr biihprd 4*» hrouvgi to tLe zttegtien of the Foreman.
Mr. Luke told 1nen that two ner hed been killed here ard others
seriously injwred due ie this vrmcticc. ie asked the ioremen to
caution their neu wheat this yrautice at rc~ lar intervals. In
this connection Mr. itinebiry s¤~pexi~d that 1 rope could be used
to em €i(l"JL;I1lj%3_7’fFs im Z;i<·;E: coal to call rmt ti:‘1`o·2i‘s.   szeid he had
recertly turned in two erdcra for such e cope Hit hid been uwnble
to ¤et one yet. ir. Lnkr reguezied —,.. Hin to ture in enotncr order
for one.
Iir. Luke told the Iorcmen to caution their wen wheat the
danger of xplicimj trniliev cables without kuowicn nit; were 0T?
twe wire.
Nr. Luke t lked to tic ference about the de»·or ef ;l¤ci»q
hzmdg; o‘·1 togw;5 of cr.;-1;, e.=_;c<.éi¤;.ll_·i xzizczz reivziliri,-··.   amid .·»l orlmezi
ehould avoid plecipr their hands on tops of cvrn at wll time;. `K
requested the forcmen to caution their wen in the gafety meetings
about this practice.
Tr. Luke told the Wbremen that they were still Esvixy
trouble site the truiliny cable reels od the JestinyMou4c notorw
amid t`: t ilxis itexa menild ine Tire 1 Ext ugv iz: LEM: }’l;v;t €eik>ty· Conv-
mittee meetiny Vedrcndey ui~ht. We said unusual cure Ped to be
exercised wwile uiiwh these wotorn to Moog from tvcriuh the trol-
ley Aire down.
Ur, Luke told the Peromon thct en unusual mmount of Al to
had been found in the cevl durinr the lust few days. We requested
t¥c foremeu to cuutiou t cir men about lending clean coal wnd iet—
tim7 is mach block coal as ;ensible. He told then to gee t.ut the
loaders did not use too ,uc* powder in shooting ‘Aeir coal.

 _-, >e 3 4
Mr. him told the 7"0x·emc:·¤ tizat $30. 7 Fair c0mp;r·¤::s0x· had
beach daxrmrgeed raccmtlgr. Ska   Fx}?. Cole? Gnd 351*, Btsnasbuigr 1:0
make L1 complete iuvemtigqaation 0f? this and   10 bin th0i1•
1`im!inr;:=. llc: told iam i?01·crz<2z1 thai; he u·:;.mtcci sa close: check
kept, on all czqui;·2·1cnt uszead by their mem amd that hc would like
*00 have za, `bllOl"’F)l1§’fl'Z zvcjvcznt 01*1 any ccu1*1•:1a11.

 n O O
1.·2IYT?i'i.$ OF I.TI`T <1 1*'O}€YX·Z`x’T’1} `f‘LZETI`I ~
J`¤m<-e 14, 19257
*2. H. Lu?-:0 £’. X. élulc
  i. }.za?ie2 L. `L. 3c>11;;::u;;
· .-. Y`. fic >·· ;;:·%_.y ?>Z:.;;;*ir>:1 i.ic&3z11·tj¢
__ ~. D. Z£rxbti.rz;$l;;  Clyde: Gjlmcic »
.;»;·i.\;;:‘   J. -. E€i1;<2‘h*;
J. __;., Zi:;j; ;<>: G. TL. `;:~31~f1?l€`·]`;(A!.?Z
v;h2~u:;:_; [T:.  {J, 5,. Ixvjiu
ei. ... ·".!..,i.:·..   L. €“·2i·;·2·ir;
 » .·. i·:1].-;c;1‘
  E QQ  
LQ". . "Vw ¤i"¤;
Tin: r2m‘·::;·;.z*hr   1···‘.·fs;;~i,1>:i {hat ··?.`2¤;~1‘: ‘·r;aE vgct Zt¤<2·<:2; :4;;;* QLO;at·-time
02;* cE‘L:aiiE;lin_·j i;z_€v1;»?il·;r‘ 1.:1:2*, "<245:f:. Qc; tirid '{`C)`:l],“ ;L<>-ln;:‘{;-time in-
jui:·ij* iis; ·f‘c>_L]_g, s1m·j
¢T’m;x= e=.·;:,wi. ·.¤1*··¢» <1i:::rg>r -c>lz’h, <_:·t»¢‘*l l0a,:ir;·b;§_·J;; la, ;E,-{Lis, ?_,[i,,'§’,
01i·¤,¤;»;:;~ 1E:;·;·j_:a, ¤.·f·l]:.JLCI` ·· "0*b<2l, ~`-[Ll, `.L.T.
{LT. ?Z:2tti¤‘;~·1yr, in dc.;-;w‘i&>i. ;· Lim :=,cciiii_t‘;;i¢2’i iw iii i."?`i<3}T‘ z¤1z1z1i**·" out uf' his; glues: ieich  
‘t}x<>2w?·:L ‘ :2.2 wi:. ·j FG i’~`Ll 5.22. Tic   f`&%‘Ly i2‘a:;g<.<¤‘?;0;= wiz} .s?1~1·‘;vit;§.i;· iii  ,-5 ·?,`.¢:;*ee asraaé
v<2z·j· liigblsz  a.: ·.i»;7' :.1.;;; ;—·;; cullzaxws 0:; c;=;;c:E; 'Ei.(](2 0i` t-Lx; _‘;i.+e¤.:c2 ar? 1*007:
i;` ._ic7» iiazll.       f"€¤iii. —; ;:¢- ’t t»!·.i*z ~ <"0·r;; 2. _·z .;¤·“:.     0];% ¤:—·.1<2
:*0.LQL e;c:·*i;* ·?,T»·* ;=:·}.’> 1 .:1; ’=t.c>%?;<#·i*· _. <;>;;·*ii<..:x   iyl <`  tt; gf-·‘¤l.l. "<;·].].
i·}.·e:1¢i2·=;·· d·‘>vm Li.; jr;}.   Eijt wm} lu}, It .Ti.¤rvza,;j_; » · *;‘:§i_r; swqgjqieiqfg
Tr, Laine "ticl   Tzzd End f·`*(?"7€?Z"7?]. r;<>¤:.·i.t¤:1(= 'i’?CZi_{i*£Z‘]1'E,.Z   the j¤‘1.2t
·.·:1;il¤z um T‘.C>I‘C *.:::70{`. It   cz;=t.§—l: 1i1;<:G "s§ill`i`{) t` is *.::::2 once
_ 0.7 ti   r-msyt ·irs;4z’7¤>1¢:.m.:· TW_;`F`€]?¤I1ti?Y}?lL3 in 1.3:0 zraizm :..1;.2 ·=* ».1><,,l¤·;. Tec; ‘7¢C>:·n;·?;?1‘».‘<‘rr> x‘2:mr>rs‘b0d
/3 \y   to have ··l1 t.‘z<21r 20*; HTf`?CI‘S`€Q'!Ii'i flint   ‘?:i:1b@1· ’=   bc used
Q` ‘   / 1]  \ ;?:z;· tkszizr ;t~;·0·bc<:*;;7.»‘> 4 `éfzilcs t:.<`.·ii21:~ Ci0::*:·1 i¢·00;" nr ·ir‘:  iyzr ti.2··x?a¤>1·;s.
s é ‘- *` ' r ’  
€_i. {Q _’;;·, 3zg‘z)j;·;%;.i;i;; :.=:_;].::.i;md 1:*:2:*; ’c.`;<. <.·r»¢ P. had h azt1j:cul<’. nav:. vxmm. ki.; ··<>=· lcs ·-Avila
` ursirw the: yick ind   v.··¢¢e;t<2d zz _pwmc’c=.zz·ez mum} Of he and of his;
Tléilfli rinrji ?`il1;‘TF3I‘ while Glcrmizzgj :2 bucket at the Wctal.
'I"··sc2 f‘0ll0wi1;r · zacczicicerat st:`zti:>:tic:; were r-and and G i:;c:·:1s;:><>d:
l€?2‘%*7 191%
l.a>r;/c;  ::1; Gi;;r;E·.}.i`:;;=i izzjuyimz   li?
‘i`¤‘>:m·; ·c :;;i.·u·;1e<;E gse 1* {°i:1z¤?Jl:i’21_§· lIl_iEI,lI°f,»' lU¤L¢LL`: *LLZ??5e;
1,<>;·i,~‘C·%.·2*; `€.;i;'jiV?Z’f.'" ‘I.°I’Cj'1Li;12•.t;" gram: Y.-<1.¥·f 1%;*3
..3®i¤:21*i.’5;! vaitéz (<>.=.:+.i.:::z·2c<2.) 1/V€l.;.si··ttiit< ;¤ it·;_iwiv*;lc;1, T`c>. 1 Eine AJ? *39
T<¤-—i0w;=1‘i’;;‘ ei; ll?
Z"4.>··—.La>1;1.—·iglwi, ;ls;j1;1*;r i';r<;aguc1;:z;,r   lil lf?].
‘ji"m.» ._e::1‘·.;%;j=    tml :;ry·.·;·V;;q<:;;:i  i. <;-:>j1i—;»:1   ·b‘;<;. ykat-2
lfina I::3j_·.2¤¥¤>;;.*;; $1::: ailfiy 3.lrg_»my%7 i‘~;»1* Us zzomtf; of I.¢i—;=· Band  
.tu.al=rr: ‘va;:·i<1u:: (;cnial¢;:;t;5 Furl ;·<:.m}.’c<.:ci
ftimz JC}YiZ$ Jz;é:..¢;ti.c·c: edi `<;i;};.z:;~ .·;2;·ii tie? t   @5:.:;% 0~;i—¤;;¢j.<:ym¤ had ?><>c;:-
;·¢;;;;`·0n;~;iMlw; ="<>:* c·»u;* ·;;*zr1i<2n·’L ‘r¤;l:> _:;r<¤?·i.?;i*bi:2l·· al=:2jrc:2.0 €?l;vi·u; <2:i¤;·sa. he ez:·:,:}.:;5.;·a:;i; 2*:;*%. cer niwcayz   bp:: .i‘m.· thee wv; A»i· vistas]. asians carer.
iF;’·., E.:;tr:.·:L‘.:   i‘1¢.‘Z; the lem mx; ima? Haro;. r:*   on all
e::5.:‘;ti1x=i ¢l:?r‘;il li..~T·t.;: z.sm1ld tfxirz :.¤;rcE—: :0 zzimezl li Jai; could bc
 .— `ze.;.··e;r·.l aw" aim: 0:*.;*;; :·¤n.2xl1v·_ hnci; into ·s<>x·ki:.5=1 ylzxcc.; 1;;.:2
cEi.a<:u:·;.·_:cci qui www Z:`f`!3.‘G.3€£lE ‘..=c1·¤> r<>z·;indc>~;2 .;c:x·c
  be. 1;% :;].1 »i.:;»€ in iixr   y::‘“¤e4= uf tha: 2. 1.*10. ’TE1c r:'2.f0’c;r
l:;;i1g(a><:';c>;;· e;;;g..2. j?.‘Ei<%:>;1 time tc
tj_;l;e-e :.,·;;1·;: 2,0 rthxaclz El}? 0;; ".‘1i:; ¤lz;·E;‘l;¤‘=;* f1`(€1}1(i`;' 1.;,-
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