Benhom, Ky., Kev. 15, 1930
Ir. l.¥.C&lbro2th,
house To. 229, occupied by Sum Aobimebbo, ies reported on fire about 2;3O Aj.,
Saturday wortizg, Nov. ll, 1TZ9l
Fire had gotten quite a start before being Gisuovored by ienantz. They had to
first ret hhe‘r children out ord then come to teloohoue office to reoort this
o) I L 4.
fire. They coolf not ~et to the toloohooe ni Taonine shop or Guy 17 Rohec es
both were closed at the time. You at  UGiLNU shoy do mom work on Friday nlgou
or Saturday night.
hhem we arrived, fire had gotten too much siart for ue to do avythimo toward
;• · ·· ·¤ ·   rr--; 1 ru _ —_· ¤ mn
putrin~ it out. AE did, howevor,puouze: AJ; nie 451 {Io; ¤ol.y manage;.
There is only 2 two iroh Tire rurwirm from Km~·&ri mtrnoi tc tV~ sro evi ono—
half inch wlug moor house lo. 229, and only eighty younds pressure uh hose House
“o. W? on foKni*l* wtréet.
Cause Q? fire UD¥T@7Th
Wire ranting from pple into house ”o. THQ Gil not ohow any indioarior of Eoin;
Exeraized .
All sQuij~or% { l@U Foot o? l ly@" *ov¤ E Tron *o¢¤ ¥ouro Vc, 17 rms u:o°/ also
IEO feet of hose was used off fire truck.
Mouse No. 229 was completely destroyed. Estiwated cost to replace this building
is ;l50®.OO
Ho dwunje to hose or other equipmont.
Yours broly,
})/$ / J i;  U ‘ V
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.i » Tasterfiecheuio.
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