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Mr. .T. E. Puri-;e1`, Asst. Auditor.
Referring; to our telephone convenrsnti on of lest Friday, I wm giving
you herewith informticm that I naive secured from ELT;. i··¤·.:st reggztrding the
Burial n.;so¤:i..;tion Flon es to tie uenndr in aynich it is hsndied und the
benefits received by its members who ere employes of this Company here
in Begnlzcxm.
I em giving you below the payment o1?1Ji.c:<;rs of the e.¤soci:-:1‘-ion:
J. J". I‘}l1Q-l1;>s, Prc.si.;>o
4 “ I6 " " " 175.00
115 ern over 2150.00
Additions]. ;E]_O.()O for expense in digging graves.
These sziounts were origzinelly fi red according to the size of czxskets.
A chnrge Of $22.00 is rear e for new membership, end included in this
V nmount is #1.00 foe for the first month's du; s. Tliereertcr,. so long ns
4 the fund is under $1500420, the dues nre .51,00 per ionth until this fund
is built beck to $$2.1000.00 or LJV€:I‘. Then, there u. e no more dues collected
until this fund has signin drop, ed to $51500.00 or less. The dues of the
zzssoeiet ion ere oollected by payroll deductions, rind I   advised that
thedues zxvewaggo $2*.oo cm $8.00 por your pear momhor. 1-`rom a hot I cen lcyscn
the plen hes proven wry sut isfuctoi·y. This sssoeietion is operated by
their members, and   no connection with the Company other then payroll
Yours truly, ‘
RTISCUIUIH Es'}? ELI. <;0,·z.L HI?-Tfiii
By ____ ___ _ works Auditor.

2§'Z.Q.'2L“';"T ·`C0a1 Mines c1~ucAG0. u.n...
_ Bonham, Kentucky `
"°" ""“'·` ` J. C. Ballard, Auditor Febrmryt 12, 19UO
P E R S O N gmk
In connection with the letter _,2yo. wrote me 011
Je.n.u.·ar E' ext>lai,¤i:».¢ the Burial Associa.t5.»:>n Plan. at
1 V
Bonham, I would like to eek v.·beI*r. notice the Association
give: you whereby the emgloyes have a¤_=thc;·:i:zr:d the
compa/my to deduct clues amd hand them over to the
Burial Ass·:>ciaticr.•
_ Do we have any cther cards such as: you have for
the Doctor and the Dentist for ms;·:i2‘.g deductions from
employee ·.ve.ges'?.
Please lot me have an answer to the foregoing
but do no? consider demanrlimg any such authorization
unless 7:011 hear further from us.

 Mr. J. B, Purktr ’ Asst- Auditor. Feb. 19, 1940.
I zzcknowledge reccivt of your letter of February 12th with further ·—
reference to the Burial Association Plan at Benham eboit which ·I wrote you on
January 291111,
The association has a regular form for application for membership
which is kept by the Secretary of the association. Ag s notice from tm
association to us authorizing the company to deduct dues and hand them over
to the Burial Association, we are znrnished a notice of assessments and
collections on c rich is shown the name of the member, check number, eifcctive
date; that is the pr;_,rroll period for deduction, ond the amount to oe deducted. _
After deductions are made, the amount deducted is posted by their clerk under
the heading "collected" on the assessments and collections form. Ae previously
explained this is not a deduction to be made every month, but is wade if and
when the fund is ie ss than $1500.00. I am attaching hereto, a copy of applica-
tion for membership end copy of assessments and collections, which are form
used in connection nd tb, the Bxmial Association.
Us do not have any other cards similar to those used for the doctors
and dentist for making payroll deductions.
Regztrding the deductions me de for the Bonham Credit Union, we have
no authority to make these deductions other than e list of names and weekly
payments furrdshed us by tie Secretary of the Credit Union. However, the
Credit Union has an order to make deduction from a momber's wages, and in
addition they have a second order to deduct fines and other charges which
my be mode against a member of the Credit Union. These orders are handled
by the secretary of the Credit Union and are kept in his filcs over there.
Yee are attaching hereto a blank copy of this order.
V No doubt you are familiar with the procedure taken when making
deductions for ZEkuployes’ Benesit Association. lie are audi orizzed to nake
deduction by copy of the application for membership, which is furnished us
by the Employment Department. Upon receipt of this copy of application we
have e regular card system in xhich this card corresponds to that of the
application, and our payroll charges are made from these cords, which bear
the name, check nuhber, class, etc. Me ure attaching hereto a copy of
Application for Membership in Employee' Benefit Association,
On Februar? lst the hotel oper ation ans turned over to a group of
employes who have been living in the hotel for sometime, which is now operated
under the name of Benham Hotel Association. This group has orgctnized into an
association, ond have selected various committees tho have charge of operating
R the hotel. They have also appointed a treasurer to hindle their funds. Hora-
1 to fore the company has deducted from the wages of the employes living in he 1 v

 .T,B.P, 2-1940 -2,-· E
hotel, edd we ere continuing to make these deductions, end after the various
expenses for operating the hotel have been paid to the company, tm balance
is then turned over to the treesurer of the association. We have not as yet
received from any of these employes e written euthorl zetion to nuke these
payroll deductions aus it was a verbnl understending between Mr. Burns end
those in charge of operating the hotel,
Yours truly,
By_____________________________________ _
Enels. _ `

§§Z&'§;"K;"T _ Balham Mines cn-u¤AGo,u.L., February 23, 1940
Fon MR. J. C. B3.].].Z:"»I‘d, AUdj.I}Ol” `
Answering your letter of February IQ to ’¤·r¥ hich you
attached Credit Union and Burial Association Forms,
I will take these up to the Law Department imme-
diately and have them approved.
I note that the Benham Burial Association plan men-
tions the Wisconsin Steel Company, and I assume that
these forms are being changed to International Har-
vester Company.
In one paragraph of your letter you mention the
fact that you are not receiving any written author-
ization from the residents of the hotel to make pay-
roll deductions for hotel charges. Why don't we make
a regular charge to them and collect this in cash
rather than deduct it from the payroll?
As soon as I have these forms looked over by the Law
Department I will write you again.
(iw/%%f,g;A.¢;n dll!-»
I J. B. Parker

E§K?.2L“E"* ism CH.eAGO,.LL,_ February as, 1940
r=c·R MR. J. B. P8.l"kG1"
Relative to hr. Ballard's memo. to you of February lQth,
attached to which were certain forms, I offer the following sug-
l. The printed form headed, "Benham Burial Association",
is an application for membership in that Association and contains
a clause requesting and directing the wisconsin Steel Company to
collect contributions and assessments out of wages earned by the
applicant and pay the same to the Treasurer of the Plan.
It is my view that the application for membership
in said Association ought to be separate from the request to the
International Harvester Company to deduct the contributions or
assessments for the Association from the wages due the member be-
cause the International Harvester Company does not accept or pass
upon such applications for membership.
I suggest that this printed application form be changed
so as to eliminate the sentence reading: "I also request and direct
the Wisconsin Steel Company, Inc., to collect contributions and
assessments from any wages earned by me and to pay same to the
Treasurer of the Plan."
If it is desirable to have an authorization for the
International Harvester Company to make deductions from employees'
wages for the Association, it should be by the order and direction
of the employee addressed to the International Harvester Company.
This can be done by the following suggested form:
"International Harvester Company, Benham, Kentucky ·
Benham, Kentucky.
The undersigned, being a member of the Benham Burial
Association, hereby requests and authorizes you to deduct, from
any wages due or to become due from you to the undersigned, such
sum or sums as may be certified to you by the Treasurer of the
Benham Burial Association, from time to time, as the contribution
or assessment payable by me for the maintenance and support of
said Association and to pay the same to said Treasurer on my account.
This authorization shall continue in force until specifical-
ly released by the Treasurer of the Benham Burial Association by
written direction to you or until termination of my employment with
Dated at Benham, Kentucky, this day of 19 .
witnessed by: Signed: "

¤¤A~cH CHICAGO, u.»..,
WRMR J. B. Parker -2- February 28, 1940
By handling the matter as above, the application for
membership and the authorization for deduction from wages will be
independent of each other, as they should be, thus permitting the
Association to retain and pass upon applications for membership
and the International Harvester Company to retain the written author-
izations for deductions for such Association assessments. The
International Harvester Company should have these authorizations
in its own custody.
2. The mimeographed forms for deductions for the Benham
Credit Union ought also to be addressed to and filed with the In-
ternational Harvester Company. I note from Mr. Ballard’s memo.
that it has been the practice for the Company to make such deduc-
p tions on the basis of a list, showing the names and amounts, which
’ the Secretary of the Benham Credit Union files weekly with the
It is my view that the International Harvester Company
should have the custody of all orders and authorizations for de-
C ductions of wages to be made for employees.
As I understand it, Credit Union deductions are of two
classes, namely, one for shares or savings, the other for repayment
of loans. Thus, there should be two types of authorizations, one
for each class. The loan repayment authorization should remain
irrevocable until the loan or indebtedness is paid in full and
should not be subject to countermand by the borrower.
As a suggestion, the followinc forms are recommended: -
3 "To: International Harvester Company, ‘
Y Benham, Kentucky. Check No.__ _“
g Book No.
l Date__________________ é
_ The undersigned hereby requests and authorizes you to N
I deduct H per week half __ month __ from
his wages and to pay over said sum or sums to the Treasurer of the
I Benham Credit Union for credit to the undersigned's account.
. Witnessed by: Signed: "’
I T]"To: International Harvester Company, Q .
* Benham, Kentucky. Check No. ‘
, Book No.

 A » » M A _'
mnmm J. B. Parker -5- February 28, lQ4O
The undersigned hereby requests and irrevocably authorizes
you to deduct T per week half month
from his wages, and to pay over said sum or sums to the Treasurer
of the Benham Credit Union for credit on his loan from said Credit
Union, and to make such deductions until informed by the Treasurer
of said Credit Union that said loan has been paid in full. Upon
being so advised the deductions hereby authorized are to cease.
Witnessed by: Signed: "
i_....... ..,..,., . _- ___ __ _ Wm ___ _ >_ V
5. The E.B.A. form BA 5l Rev. is filed with the Interna-
tional Harvester Company and is regularly used for E.B.A. deductions.
No chanqes need to be made in that regard.
I return herewith the memo. and forms which you left
with me.
WED:EM W. E. Dever

. _4, t A
· April 25, 1940.
{ _ _ MT. J'. B. Parker, Asst. Auditor. »
With your letter of Merch lst you enclosed letter from Mr.
Dever of the Lew Department in which he made certein suggestions es
to changing the forms in use by the Burial Associetion Plen end Benhem
Credit Union Plsn.
As suggested by Er. Denver the Credit Union hss made the
. necessary change in coniection with their written authors!. zetion used
to make payroll deductions both ss credit to the empl0ye’s account
and payments for credit on his loam account, of which we are attach-
ing hereto sample copies. _
As to the forms suygrested by Lir. Dever in connection with
the Bgnhem Burisl Association, they have told me that this suggestion
would be carried out, but zes yet they have not furnished us with form
but have advised that the se forms will be printed and put into use in
accordance with our suggestion.
They, have secured euthori zetion from the majority of the members
of the Bgnhsm Credit Union and they nre to iurnish us ei th suthorizution
  for their entire membership. The sane eyplies to the Bgnhsm Burial
Association els soon ss these forms ere eveilhlole.
Yours very truly,
l encl. Worse Auditor. ~

 DEPARTMENT ‘ ____ ’/_·. -3 _` O
¤RANcH · P _ _, _..v .. q I. .. CHICAGO, ILL., -··JTu.;;'L 1, .ji‘LF
OR WORKS ...)LL;;l¢,·LlAL ·—~.L.xlC`» S
FOR MR. V “w *2, ·· _ ·_ ,. · -. ,.
— ` ·J . ·.». Dex}. l.§·,T'f;, ALLL L·._1;'
.c·1» , ,. e . · . . ... " J. ..   *1   . . Y-.. 1 *g-·. .._; 4-:.
¢»;. w pl" .i'¤, 3.; ;. ¤/ ...1 _ , ,;.5} M; MYR s' L 2*   ?2:'*.».·'f Vg Lf UL; "‘.;. ;..;
  ,1   . _ {_- .._ ,3 _. .     A- . . , . .2 »· .. 1 ,-_··».• ..,;
' ZQ...].;   JL!. Til:.} L;/L;C\.. L· CJ`_1_;· U; u. ;6F i-',.,£.q.;El J1.;  rf ;LL)iL
1'_L9.!l A, -J.;€;f‘¤..:»;;1l.· 1 .;;' T·-.=:;f LJ-..;;;-,4..;.
"` . _.` , .. ..., 4;- -.’ ` · ,. 7.;, ,,_ . - ,_ E' . _ ‘_,_ ‘__;> ;, U ·, v_
4.;; ;. .;r; 'Ui' uu »L;,_..: ;. r;¤`;),:..;.;}.;. 2-..-i]   .- .;»L; L-- dd; ‘.j {- L: ,.L*C CDR/;; ¤ •
.- . 1-‘   —— —-—.·¢ -—" .—» · ·.¥ · '?r*·   -·—
J- ·.'·  <.'.'.:   .‘3.L.;.{ -· Q J/J gi, . -...1. ··\7 JT}; U LC L ;LL ia 5 -;L.
‘ J.;.L<. ap: ..4 y·;>.¤. lm .;·   L. L; " ..    ·.&&¢l4Jz·¤>ei‘B.. {ELC;
;   ., .;..1-15 V ` .; I].   V   LQ C ]J-’lf..;-[.r:i’[L L;. Q;-i;;; 1 Il. J LLP
-*·»~.~ ~ .’ — ·· ., ’¤ · -   -:· L.   .-» ~ I * .-.*-4-  
1 x) . mi; ; .L  VJ . AJ L 4..53 Q J;.   . ~»*= V U.] s. LL; u LC L .
\·`_;` / **3 agi"
~_ (EW //(,z
Ei]. U . l· . I'EQ·[A°-'.l€’ I`

¤RA~cH <:H¤cAca0, u.L..
¤¤w¤m¤ Beuham, Kentucky
Fon MR. J. C. Ballard, Auditor April 12, IQUO
This ie tc acknowledge your letter of April 5
with which you attached samples of the new Credit Union
forms which were changed lu ecccrdence with Mr. Dever*s
s ggeetions He has approved these new forms as sent
in by you
When you receive copies of the Beuhem Burial Association
forms, please send ue copiese

 April 19, 1940.
Mr. J. B. Parker, A.¤e1;. Auditor. .
ife ecknowiedge receipt of your lettor of April 12.tix in which
you zi wise that samples of the new Credit Union forxvis which were changed
in accordance nzitb. hir. D6axve:r's suggestion have been approved by him.
we ure et*cach111g hereto copies of the new form that has been
issued in coxuxection with jijgroll deductions to be dede for the Benhum
Burial Association. This form ree drawn up in accordance with Lir. ’
· DSz:v<:r'e su.g;ree*:,ion. I um ndvgyzyd by the S,·;er4;·i;:=.;—y of ine Bu;—j_:;1
Association tint they will eecuiie authority from each member of the -
aeeocnimzioxi axuizhcrizaingg us to make deductions, and neim; this new form
when it hue been approved. ,
Yours very truly,
Encl. ~ K{¤r1·;s Auditor.
` · " .  —\ ¤ . ' ’

§§'§?,*g.,ME"T Coal Mines _ cr—ucAc-:0, u.1..,
°“ ‘”°”"S Beuham, Keutuclw April 25, 19U-O
"°" MR- ' J• G. Ballard; A\1é.l$O1'
This is to ecknowlodge receipt of your letter
of April 19 to which you attach copies of the new
form which will be used. for payroll deductions to be
made for the Bonham Burial Associatiom `
We have submitted this form to Mr• Dever and
he states that it meets with his approval and you will
tvherefozre use these 111 the future.
_ rl, X _j___ ,;,r,4_V =·..... "