xt7kh12v6014_695 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/2008ms006.dao.xml Benham Coal Mines. (Benham, Ky.) 151.0 Cubic feet 302 Boxes The Benham Coal Company records (151 cubic feet, 302 Boxes; dated 1911-1973) focus primarily on the early years of Benham Coal through the 1940s, including office files, Employee Benefits Association records, files on accidents and safety, and photographs. archival material English University of Kentucky This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed.  Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.  Physical rights are retained by the owning repository.  Copyright is retained in accordance with U. S. copyright laws.  For information about permissions to reproduce or publish, contact the Special Collections Research Center. Benham Coal Company Records African American coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County Coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region--History. Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Benham--History Company towns--Kentucky--Benham 1952-1956, undated text 1952-1956, undated 2015 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kh12v6014/data/2008ms006/2008ms006_155/2008ms006_155_7/58300/58300.pdf 1952-1956, undated 1956 1952-1956, undated section false xt7kh12v6014_695 xt7kh12v6014 "Suctlmu 54Q,5Q5 of the Kentucky Ncvlccé Etutufce lc C”O“WQ7 to rcci ae
“lm the event em employer clcctm tc secrete under this ckcptcr, ihcm every
enplcyc e? arch cmplcycr, us a part of his contract of ifrfn. cr wh; may be
employed et the time cf the acceptance ef the prvvisicms of LMEB chapter by
such cmplnycr, swell be deemed to Mmvc csccptec all the prcvial me cf this
chapter end shall tc bcxnd thcrcby tnlces he shell have S lei, prior tc the
injury, e written notice to the contrary with the cuplgyer, lntll auch notice
to thc ccntrery is ec llvcn (··c to the ctrlcycr, the mcecurc cf liability of such
employer shall be determined accsriinj to the ccnyezsatlwn prnvlsions cf tkls
chapter. lng such employe may, w?tZcut prejudice to any cxlstlhj rl ht or claim,
withdrew his clcctlcn to rcject this chapter by flllu; wlth the emplcycr e
written wetlcc of withdrawal, stet’mj the cate when the with§rcw¤l ls tc bcccnm
effective. “c1l0wlnq the Flline c? srch nctlcc, the status of thc party wlth·
drawlmj ccall bcccwe the same as lf tic former clcwtlnu tc rcjc t this chapter
had mnt been maéc, except that withdrawal shall not hc effcrtlve ce tc any
injury suetmlmei lcse than cme wcc; e?tcr tic notice ls ?l1cé,"
"icction l. That eectinn $42.020 cf tmc Kentucky Hcviscc Aiatutee is
amendee tc read us fcllcwst
”(l) In a£dZtiem tc all cthcr ccwpcnectinm provided in this chapter,
the emnlwycr shall furnish for thc curc enc relief frcm thc cftc ts cf an
~ injury, such weclcal, surgical ani »;epltel treatment, lnclccinj nursing,
medical and eurslcul supplies and awrliunces, as may reescnebly bc required
at the time c? the lnjury and thcrce??cr curiny cleeellity, bat not cxcecdlnq
a total cxpenec tc the employer cF more than twe»ty·Five hunureg dcllere.
If the emmloycr Pelle tc Furnieh auch treatment rccswnebly, he shell be
liable for thc rcescnablc expense, within thc limits cf this cc tion,
lncurrcd b‘ or cn rebel? of the ecnleyc ln prcvlelng such Lrectwcnta, In an
emergency, the emplcye may call in any available physician or ew? Gun _.`t» to
admlnistér EN? fiP$€ 81d PGGBOHHBIY H¤G®SS&Py at the expe¤se.cT the employer
within EEE ligitg 0T his S@°ti¤¤• The b0¤Pd, in its dlscretlwm, tay &p?0Pt—

 len payments tm we made under t`le eectlen between hospitals uni phyelciane
in cecms where their ag recete Secs and charges would exceed the maximum
for which the employer lm llumle.
"(Q} Yfcrc e cenpcnelble injury results in the ampuhmtieu cf an erm,
hand, lei mr ”ect, or the lose cF heering, cr the enucleatien cf en eye cr the
less nf natural teeth the emplever shell initially furnish in audition tc
other mefiral, sur ical ’··* and hospital treatment enumerated in eubecctlcn (1)
of this ecctlen, a xodern urtlflclel member, end where reqclre4, proper
braces but the emplcyer‘s llabllltt Fer such ertlflaicl member or braces shall
not, lnclw£lmj his liability for redlcel, surgical and hospital treatment
exceed twenty-Five hundred dollars.
"Bcctlmr 2, That sectlcm 542.070 of the Kentucky Hevlscc Statutes is
amenéed te reed me fellows:
"If dcetk should result wltblx tec years from an anc€Gemt For which
compensation is payable under this exapter, the enplcyer cr nie inscrer shall
pay to the person entitlcc te cn pcmeatieu, er, lf none, tacx to the personal
respective cf the deceased emeloyc, reascncble burial exrcncen cf a person
of the etemdere of llvlnw ef the deceased, not in excec; the een of lace.
and shall also pay to cr for the Fellcwlni persons ccmpeneetEen as fellows:
"{l) IF there are me depcnd~nts there shall be paid, in cieitlcn to the
burial cxrcneee and medical expenses, if an#, the further sum G? »200.
Payment tc Bc made tc the personal r presentetlve cf the Jeceaseé employe,
"(E) I ‘»“'‘ tccre are cme cr more wholly dccendent persons, G5 percent of the
averafe weekly eernlnrs QF the icceueed employe, but not to cxccee @26 nar
less than $7 per week ehell be payable, all such payments teiec made for the
period retween the iete of aeeth and éOO weeks after thc Qltc nf acqléent
tc the emwlcyc, mr until the lnaervcnlnr termination cf dependency, but in no
case te exceed the maximum sum ef [@,500.
"(E) ie) If there are partly cepemdent persons, the ¤agmcmts shell be
such part Q? what wcu1@ be payable for total dependency as the partial
dependency exietiny at the time of the accieemt tc the emplcyc is propcrticnate
to total dependency, and all such payments tc te made For the period between

 .he éete of death and 400 weeks after the Mote of the ecoloemm Lo the
deceoeod enoloye, or until the lnicrvonlng termination of dependency, but
in no case to exceed in the eg rojote o? oompeneotlon on ec~ouu@ o? such death
the maximum som of $9,500.
“{b) Partial oepeodemcy shell be determined by the proportion of the
eeruimre of the employe which here been contrlbuteo Lo oooh oortial dependent
during one yevr next preceding The date of injury; if the rolotiom of partial
dependency Ale not exist for one your next precoclnl the onto of injury, the
hoard smell consider all the *ecbo anu oircumexeocee emo ill ¤o~h proportion
as is Fair ami reesonable thereunder.
”(4) All reletlons oF dependency re*erroo to in this s>c€lom l., shall mean
depenoency exletlnq at the t?me of the accident Lo toe zgoloye.
"(E) IF death occurs as e reeplt of the injury e? or e poriod of total or
partial oieobility, the ¤erlo£ o? Qleeiillty shall oe eedootea from the
total period of compensublon on; Loo “omo?iie pain toerexnnor *rom the
maximom allowed For death oy ohio section.
"Se*€2on 3. That socilon 5.2.075 o? the Kentucky Nevieeo ztetutee is
amended to reed as follows:
"(1) Fhe Following persons eooll we presumed to oe wholly cepeodent
upon e oeeeesei employe:
"(a) A wife upon e huebemo when ehe neo not voluuterily uoeuooued at the
time of the acoldemL, or who Movin been abandoned by her husband hee not
engagee lo ouch conduct since his comooon ent as woolo et coxxon lew constitute
grounds jwshifglnj the e umoonmonb o? auch wife by her hweoemo:
”(o) Q hwyoend iucepecltuoeo Yrom woge·eorn1u;, upon e wife whom he has not
voluntarily abandoned at the time of the aooideot to the wife; end
"(e) A chile or children under the cge of slxieen years, or over sixteen
years i? incapacitated from wage-eormlnl, upon the porema wife Wh¤m Such
child or children are living or by whom actually supported ob ihe_tlme o? the
"(U) In all other cases the rcletlom of dependency in whole or in part
ehell bc dokermined in acoordnmco with the facto of oooh cose cxletinq at the
time of the m¤»1&o¤t.

 "£5) Ho person shell be oonoluorod a dependent in any doyvee unless he in
livin; ln the household of the employe at the time of the accident, or unless
such person Moors to the omployo tho relation of father, motnor, husband, or
wiTe, ?othov·1n~lew or mother—ln-low, yrenofather or granomozhor, child
or gran&oRil¥• or brother or sister of the wholo or hal? ilood.
"iontion 4, That section 349.095 of kentucky Revised Statutes le umended
to read ua followe:
"(I) nhon the injury causes total disability For work, tho employer during
such disability, except the first sovem days thereof, shall pay the employe
a weekly oomnensation equal to G5 porooni of his aware e wookly oerninge,
not to oxoeeo T2? nor less than .7 por week, such payments Loieo mode during
the period of total disability but not lon or that 10 yearn o?ior the data
of the injury, nor ln any case to exceed e maximum sum of Cll,500. If the
perioo of total disability oeoins after e period of partial Jisobility, the
period ot partial oisobility shell be do noted from the totnl period of 10
years during which compensation For total disability may no poyoxle, md
the payments wade en account o? exon partial dleebility shall no oeduoted
from the maximum oF $11,500. `
"(2) in case of the followln, injuries tho disability shall be con~
sidered total ond permanent:
"(e) Tho total permanent loss o? sight in oath eyos,
"(bl Tho loan of both Feet at or above the ankle.
"io) The loss of both hands at or a ove the wrist.
"(o) G similar loss of one hand and one foot.
"(e) i similor loss of ono homo ann one eye. ~
"(?} A similar loss of one foot and one eye.
"(Q) ln injury to the spine, roeultint in permanent ani wowplote
paralysis of Both arms or both logs, or oF one arm en; ono log,
"(R) An injury to tho skull voeultin, in incurable insanity or imbocility.
(3) Tho enumeration in subsection (2) is not exolueivo, but in all
other canoe tho burden oF proof shell he on tho claimant to proeo that his

 injuries have resulted in permanent totel disability.
"$ectlo¤ 5. Thee section 542.100 of the Kentucky Hewieci Statutes is
amendoé to weed as Tollowei
"In came o? an injury resultlu; in temporary partial cls Lllity, the
employe shell receive eerlu; such ile bility, except the First seven days
thereof, e weekly compensetlon eqecl to G5 per cent of the difference between
his averu e weekly earnings before the injury and the evere_c weekly earnings
that he earns, er is able to earn, in some sulLable employmemé after the
injury and Gavin; such dlsublllby, neu to<;xceed 450 weeks from the date of
injury, ner oxcceclng Lhe sum of JQQ per week mor the mexlmua sum of ¢9,500,
IF partial dleenillty Follows n period of total disability, the period of
total Qisebillty shell he ucductec {rom the maximum period cllvwed for
partial Jleehillty.
"Secticn G, inet section 542.105 of the Aentucky Revised gtatutes is
amended to reed as follcws:
"Wer injuries enumerntee ln tie followlne schedule hhe employe shall
receive, in emuitlem to acmporerv intel eisewility compeneetiem for the
perled of ec?uul hotel ciecvilitt, mor oxcecdln, 20 weeks, e weekly com-
pensation equal to G5 percent of his evera e weekly eernlu 2, iub ,_.: not less
than $7 per week nor exceeding `24 per week for the perloee eiaied thereénz
e "(l} ¥br the less ef e thumb, C5 percent of the uvere 0 weekly wages
during 50 weeke.
"KQ} for Lhe loss of a Five; Finger, commcnly called Zee index finger,
G5 per exe ef the uwerc e weekly we is ‘·e- during 4b weeks.
"(B} for Lhe lose of a eecome ?1u;er, 65 percent of the everc e weekly
wages durinr EO weeks.
"(Q} fer the lose of a third Fin er, ce percent of the evewe e weekly
wages durinw 20 weeks. A
"(S} 9br the loss of a Fourth ?ingev, commonly known es the little finger,
55 percent of lhe average weekly we ee dcrlnr lb weeks.
"(G} Yhe lose of the secomc, er distal phalanae, of the Lfumb ··¤< shall be

 comsijurad to hu equal to the loss of ¤¤a·half of the thumb; the lass of more
than 0n0•hal? of the thumb shall ba ccnaidarsd equal to the loss O? thc whole
t;1m;:2i;> ,
"{T) The loss of ima third, or distal phalamgc of any finder shall be
considered in he awual to tha loss of one-third of the fimgan,
"(G) The loss of tha midcla, or second phalungc, of any finger shall be
considered aqunl to the loss of Lw¤—bh1rds of the Finger.
"(Q) iha loss of more than the mldmla and distal phalun as of any finger
dhall be considcrcd equal to the loss of the whclc fin er, but in no casa
shsllwic uwomnt racclvcd For more than cna Finger exceed thc amount provided
in tbla sch@£ul¢ for the loss 0F a Muni.
"{IO) Thr The loss of a mctacurpal banc (bono of the palm) For the
0¤rrasp’n&ixr ihumb, Tim cr or fin ars aheva aud 1U weeks @0 thr number
of weeks as above.
"(ll) écr ankylmsis (total stiffness of) or cantracburcs (due to scars ar
injurlcsl which makes the Fin cvs rorc than uscl ss, the sumu number of weeks
amply in such ?la ar or ?injarz (noi Qhumb} as *1van above.
"CIB) for the losa of a hand, C5 percent of the avarm e weakly wages
during 1bO waaxa.
"(lé} kbr the loss of an &r<, Cb percent of the avcr2;@ weakly wages
during EUG wewks.
"(lé} War thc loss of one mf the toes, other than the "rart tos, G5
parcént of tD@ avaragc weekly wa 0¤ Jvrlny 10 weeks. l
"(ISP *0r the loss 0F the rrmab toe; C3 Pérccmt of a%¤;;v©r&;¤ weakly
wa as &urinV 50 wccks.
"(1G} Fha loss of more than tw0~tbirds OP any toe shall bc considered
@0 he equal to tHe loss ¤F the whwlc bca.
~ "(IV} Tha loss of lass than twm·th1rds of any tos shall be considered
to in cg al to tha loss of 0¤0~hal¥ tmc.
”{lL} Var thm loss of a Toni, Gb percent GT the &vcr¤_0 wwukly wages .Vj`
dur1n_ 125 wcuks.

 "(IG) Ver the less of a leg, Gb percent ef the uvcrm e weckly wu»ee
duriny 200 weeks.
\V(20) Ter the total and permanent lose ef the eight at an eye, 85 percent;
ef the evcre e weekly wages éurlnr 100 weeks, plus an e&dlt?c¤el 20 weeks in
cases where the eye bell ls enuclemtcd.
"(2l) Snr the total and per unext loss ot hearing in one ear, G5 percent
of the evere·e weekly we ee Jurin. 75 weeks.
"Eectieu 7. That section 542.llO Q? the Kentucky Hevlse& Statutes is
amended to rene as Fellows:
"ln all ether cases ef pcrzcucnt purtiel dlecblli y, Zncluilng any
dlsfigurement which will 2 pu)? thc Turther usefulness or eccuputicnal
opportunities ef the injured employe, compensation shell we cctermined accord-
ing to the percenteqe cf disability, takin; into accncnt, among other thinge,
any previous disability, the neiure of the physical injury cr élefircrement,
the occupation of the injured emclvyc and age at the time c? injury. In nu
event shell cempensetimn For en Enjgry to e member exceed txe emcent allowable
for the lose Q? euch—mexber. The cglneneatlgg paid therefore shell be 65
percent O? the everewe weekly ecrnin e c? tneczmplcye but not less than $7
ner more thwm *24, multiplied by the per enta_e of cieawility caused by the
injury, For such perlou as the beurn determines, not ezcecGin 450 weeks ner
a maximmm sum of €9,500.GO. Compensation payable under this ecctlcn
shall not me effectee by the emrnln e of the employe after the ecciéent,
whether they he the eemc, or gre ter, cr less then prior te the acriéent.
Whenever the weekly puymenie unéer this sectlcn werld te less than ts
per week, the perlee meg be shortened and the payments correspondingly in-
creased to that amount. Uhere compensation, except as provided in KRS
342.020 and 3&2.030, is paid under any other provision 0F this chapter,
the perlcw dprini which such other ccmrensetlen is paid shell bc deducted
from the maximum period which may he pale under this eectlcn.

 “$actl0m G. That suction 343.570 of kentucky meviscd Hhatutus is
harcby rcpnalcd.
"$act1¤m Q. That suctiqn 54!.é3O of the Lontucky M0vism& Ftatutus is
am0¤@®d in ?0w£ as fnllaws:
"(l} All taxa: avd ussaaswsmia lmwoacd by HHS 342.450 and 342.475 shall
be p&i£ imia Lbe State Treasury and shall hu cvuditui to u maintenance fund
for kho Wnxvd. fha maintenance €nu4 shall he used For opqlnary recurring
expenses n? wporatinu und shall ·c empcmdu. in each yaar E5 the marc umdar
the suporvfsinw n? the Knmmissimncr of Industrial Helatigns uné by allotments
mais by tha hr icfmry ¤”F5ncr w? ibm »¢purt:ent of inanec,
"(S) Tha #nrkm0m's Compemsutiww *0mri may publish For puwlic nistri?ut10n
the pr¤;aaGlnj of Lhc ’-V` ·myknsr’s Yombcnsaiivx ‘¤ard. The procae int including
“pinlo¤s, ‘"`. *r$@r2, and Awards mat We puiliahci gt such labor als as nu; be
dcb¤r~imai by the »oay¢ ani appyc sd by Lbs Qommlasizmar. A waxlmum of
1000 cnpiam np mack v0l¤mw n* sail pyccaodlng wu; no pu lishce and distributed
and the cxpansc ao inemrvwé pain Two; Lhc muinauuanca ?;¤Q,
"(Z) Any sum.ramuimLnj in the muictannnco *ln¤ he the cyauii of tha
W0rkm@m'¤ Compensation Vouvd at tha and of any fiscal y¢>r shall be aah
uv by the *spavtm9nt of Finance im Lk; spoilt of the Q¤rkm0n's Compensation
Board ?0r tha maxi ensuing fisaal yon?.
"iaetlnn IO. mhak sactimm $$2.265 of the Kentucky Qawiscd Statutes is
amcndcF tn ramé as Pollnwa:
"(L) I? the employe and employer ranch an a rccnaut ewnfurming to the
pymvlalwms of this c5&pt©r in rc ar& iw cmmpems Liam, a QGVOF&Hf¤m O? the
ayreslgzt ahxll hc Filed with the bcars, und, if uppvovmé my lt, $hall be
znfmrcaublw as is kuveiu prcnldcd “¤r imc 0mV0rcamant of awarga of the
board, .Vl» ?nLhim‘ herein shall pr@¤ont the valuntary payment n? smmpsuaation
in the ammmmim and for the pvrimés prascwibed in this ckaptwr ¤itu¤ut .·;·
formal m remnant, but n¤¤min» ahull operate as Q final satilammnk except a
mamaranduw of agruawcut *11md with and upprqsam by Lbs bexvw in uccmrdanco

 with this eectlen of the explretinn ef the time limit prescribed in LME
· 342.185.
V "%ectl»m ll. Tee cT?ec ive date nf tele ect shall he June $0, 1Qb2l“
"§eebinu IE. That section &42.&LO of the kentuwky devised hietutes ia
amemeea he reed as fellows:
"(li All Fees of phyeicilns and ull cuuvges of heepliale vnuer this
chapter shell he euejecx ke the ap~ruval of the Jourd.
"(Q) Zhe etternej of rexevi veereseutlnw u claiqent under this chapter
shall recei e us his Tee e sum equal to twenty-Tivo percent e° any award
to Mis eliemi, one-half of whichazamlléle paid out of the award, ané one-
half shall ve paid Ay the employe?. Lme entire acterney‘s Fee shell be
paid in a lump sum.d1rectly to the eiterney e? recepd, Ike 5eurJ may
deny er reduce an ab1orney'e Fee upon prec? of soliciteiou ef 0npleyme¤t."
"The introductory phrase an& earu.ra¤h (0) 0F embsectlzm (1} of section
342.075 of the ientucxy hevieed 3Le*micm is amended he reea ec fellows:
"(I) The ?0llew1n; pereens ebull be presumed be be whelly uepemdent upen
a deceaeea employe.
"ic) k chile er children uneer the aye ef sixteen yeers, or ever
aix?eew geese if imcapacitlnec from wa;e·ear¤iug, upon the parent with whom
such ebllé or children are livin , or Ny whom utuully sunpertoi, or from
whom epypevt is legally req iPB$ ey jeu ment of a court et Lie aime of the
"ehemever em employe receiwee u personal injury whicm le er may be
compensated under the Kerkme¤'e Sempenseaien Law and said employe is examined
er treated For such injury by a denier er physician under the previsisns

of KRS 542.020 the amplcycr shall cnusc to?J0 furnished Lo tbo employe, if
raqucst0& by him, au& to the bouvi, if req ircd b; lt, iunuilutcly following
said @x§wiuaL§¤m or treatment u copy of the rcpmrt of the doctcr or physician
shcwiny tha nature and condition and offact of t%c cmrl¤y0's injury.
Gpon any Pptvrs examination or cxavimutinua by u dnctnr or physician the
smilcyar shall cuus¢.t0 be Furnishc& to the employe, if rcqwcstsd by him,
and to tha board, if rmqmirem by ft, imuawiately follnwln auch uxamination
c0p1m$ of &h@ reports thereof con¢¤im1¤y the lnformatlwn mc2ti¤n0Q above.
"XV ihc wmplnya shuuld be cxm ined Q? Lrcaicc by any 'cctur n" his own
ch¤©sin* the ©1·l0y¤ sHn1l, 1m~0liub¤lr Yollowinl sale examination,
cau$0 m awp? QV the report th¤vuw? €¤Ti@ furnished to his cxvlmycr or
to the hnxyi, if required by ¤Lthqr,"

 the insurance will terminate 31 days following the end of the period for
which payments have been made. Upon return to work within one year,
the same amount of insurance will be reinstated immediately.
Total and Permanent Disability
If you become totally and permanently disabled prior to age 60 and while G R O U P T E R M L I F E
insured under this Group Term Life Insurance Plan, your life insurance -
under this plan will remain in force as long as you remain so disabled,
provided proofs of disability are furnished as required. The First proof    
should be filed with the insurance company within three months after total
disability has lasted 9 months. Subsequent proofs of disability must be
furnished each year thereafter.
Termination and Conversion
The life insurance will remain in force for 31 days following termination •
of employment. Within this 31-day period, by making application to the
Aetna Life Insurance Company, you may convert your group term life insur-
ance to an individual life insurance policy on any regular \Vhole Life or
Endowment Plan. This individual policy will be issued without medical
examination at the insurance company's regular rates at your then
atta`n d . -
` e age lnternatronal Harvester Company
Please file this pamphlet with your Health
Welfare Booklet for future reference.
Form HW—3. 5UM—*8-1-51. rnrnrznrn urursu snrzs or Aucrucri

ln order to join the plan and become entitled to its benefits, you must
T111$ GVOUD TUFIU Liftl lIlSLll‘t111t‘e lllan will maktg ;iy;ril;;l)](— [rr you yyith SUU1 111111 111(“ Wl.111 tile CO1lll)€UlY HU application authorizing (1€CiUCtiOI1S of the
additional life insurance coverage approximately equal to your annual "°(1mr°(l C(mml”uU(m5 fm your cammgii
earnings. It is offered to you in addition to the other (iroup l,ife lnsurance _
Plan under which your contributions are used entirely to purchase paid—up Effecmvc Dam
msuraucc my YOUY fl(`COum‘ Your insurance will become effective as follows:
Under this term insurance plan, your contributions will be used entirely 1- 1)*1 1110 €1¥111` (*1 YUUY *’11g11)1111Y· if YOU Sign 1111* aPP11Ca11O11 Card On Or
to help pay for the term insurance premium. This life insurance will remain l’°1"1`@ 11181 (1111** Of
in force only while you pay your required contributions and has no paid—up 2. Ou the dmc you Sign the applicatmn Cmd, if you d0 SO within 31 days
O1 Cash Value' after your eligibility date, or
Eligibility 3. On the date the insurance company approves your medical examina-
tion, if you sign the application card more than 31 days after your
You will be eligible to participate in this plan on its effective date, eligibility (]MC_
regardless of your length of service. New employes hired after the effective
date will become eligible upon acquiring 3 months of service with the Medical Examination
Cvmivanyr . . . . . . . . . .
No medical examination will be required if you make application within
Amount of Insumlnce and Its Cost 31 days after becoming eligible.
Your contributions will be at the rate of 11}j¢ per week per $1,000 of Increase or Decrease in Insurance
your term life insurance coverage, and the balance of the cost will be paid _ _ _ _
by Inteyngtigngl Hgyyrggtgy CO[T]pLu]y_ fxny UlCY€€lS@ OY d€CI'€ZlS€ lll lZl`1€ 3l'I`1OLlI`1t   yOL1I' 1flSl1I'3.I1C€ Wlll be d€t€[‘-
mined as of March 1 each year. If your earnings are increased sufiiciently to
The amount of term life insurance to which you will be entitled will ap- qualify you for a higher amount of insurance, the additional insurance will
proximate to one year's earnings in accordance with the following schedule: automatically become effective on March 1. If your earnings are decreased
sufficiently to qualify you for a lesser amount of insurance, your insurance
Schedule of Insurance and Employe Contributions will not be decreased unless you make a written request for such decrease.
‘*a;t;,;‘zt:¥y *rs‘;t;?.1::;t3:;y   or   Payment of xmas
cluding Overtime Overtime and Life Contributions
Class Mid Premium Pay) I’r<>mi¤¤¤ Pay) T¤s¤¤¤¤¤¤ Wwkly Monthly The life insurance is payable in event of your death from any cause at
T Lcss than $48;),3 Less thnn $20333   gg; SITE any time or place while you are insured. Payment will be made in a lump
3 $48.08 to $67.30 $208.33 to $291.66 3,000 .35 1.50 sum or in installments to the beneficiary designated by you. The beneficiary
4 $6731 10 $8653 $291-67 10 $374-99 $0110 *16 2110 designation may be changed whenever you wish.
5 $86.54 to $105.76 $375.00 to $458.33 5,000 .58 2.50
· An additional amount of $1,000 life insurance will be provided for each addi- L H d F 1 h
t1onal$19.23 regular weekly earnings or $83.33 regular monthly earnings up to a 8'yO S an ur Dug S
maximum of $20,000, with comparable weekly or monthly contributions. H you are granted E furlough Or are laid OH., you may Continue the
You cannot apply for an amount of insurance more than or less than the insurance during such absence for a period not exceeding one year by
amount to which you are entitled according to the above schedule. continuing to pay the required contributions. If contributions are not paid,

International Harvester Company
Please file this pamphlet with your Health
Welfare Booklet for future reference.
I?•irmII\\'-2. St)M—B-I-Sl, PMNTEBIN UNITED STATE, ,,,,,uR,C,

No medical examination will be required if you make appl1cat1on within
E1_ _b___t 31 days after I)€COI11il1g eligible.
1g1 111 y
- . . . . . . . . . Increase or Decrease in Benefits
`Xou will be eligible to part1c1pat;e 111 tI11S Plan 011 its effective date _ I
if you are then a 1ne1nber of the Employes’ Benefit Association or as soon If your mgulm. Cflmmgs (GXCIUSWC Of Overtime) are Increased Sumclcntly
thereafter as you become a member of the Association, provided your weekly tl) ¤¤¤1¤1>’ you fm- fl higher Class' you will fmmnfaucally bssem H member m
wages or monthly pay qualify you for the supple1ne11tal benefits. the higher Claws fmd Pay mmnbulwns acwfdmgly _ U
If your regular earnings (exclusive 0f overtime) are reduced sufhc1ently
Schedule of Benefits and Contributions to qualify you for a lower class and such reduced earnings continue for a
You \\_ill wminuc YOUY CUm.l_ibUtiOnS amd be Eligible [Or the belmms period of s1x consecutive weeks, you will automatically become a member in
provided by the Employes` Benefit Association. I11 addition, the following lhc IOWCY CIHS5 HS et the ml UI such 6·"‘°°I* pelimd and pay COEUMUUOHS
supplemental disability benefits will be provided L1l1(ICl“ a group insurance &CCOfdmgly‘
policy underwritten by the Aetna Life Insurance Company: Payment of Weekly Disability Benefits and Employe Contributions
Y I C Ml L_ The \\`eekly Disability Beneht a11d Employe Contributions specified
LIIII) OYC .011 I`] )Ll IOIIS _ N _ · _ _
—~*-—·%~— under tl11s Su u rilemental Disability Benefits Plan will be payable under the
I (JIII )(‘l'$ 1 (‘I11 W ‘X'S I IO . . . - . . ,
l\l I \I I Y t I I v i
pm,CC,,.,1 py 1»,.O,,.,iMI1?y same terms and conditions as specified 111 the Regulations of the Employes
C°‘“E;?;IlI°“ °»""‘1j;ff;"‘°" wget?]-y Benefit Association, subject to the limitation of the right to continue partici-
Class   Mlfigtiilly   0       DM1011 ifi 1110 Platl while you are absent from work for any reason other than
1 1 1 1 `“”"` 11 1 1 d' . b`l't1 f l rl .
Il ta) $62.50 10 $72.49 $270.841 to $2.11.10 $.00 $.16 $.01 $.30 sz 5.00 ISI I1 I Of uf Out]
ll (b) $/2.:10 and over $.11-1.11 and over .12 .51 .14 .60 10.00 Continuation Of Coverage During Absence froln Work
Joining the Plain The right to continue to participate i11 this Plan while you are absent
g _ _ _ _ Q_ i i _' A ` from work for a11y reason (except disability or authorized furlough or leave
In order to ]om tl11s Plan and become entitled to its benehts, you must _ _ , . ,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of absence) will be l11n1ted to 60 consecutive calendar days 1-YO111 tl1e first
sign and file with the Company an application authorizing deductions of the , . .
_ _ _ _ dav of such absence. If you wish to cont1nue your coverage during sucl1
required contributions from your earnings. ' _ _ _ _ _
absence, you will be required to pay your contributions in advance. If such
Effective Date contributions are not paid, your insurance will be terminated as of tl1e end
_ _ _ _ of the period for wl1ic}1 contributions were last paid. In any event, you will
Your insurance will become effective as follows: b . t { d , d. t I t 1 I .d d l t
. . . .. . . . . e 1'Cll1S`£`l ie nnme 1a‘e y upon re urn o wort, provi e you re urn ·o
1. On the date of your eligibility, if you sign the application card on or k .ll . 2
wor r wi 1111 vears.
before that date, or '
2. On the date you sign tl1e application card, if you do so within 31 clays Tcrmlnatlcn Of Insurance
after your eligibility date, or Your insurance L1l1(l€l' this Plan will be terminated under the same terms
3. On tl1e date the insurance company approves your medical examina- and conditions as specified in the Regulations of tl1e EIDDIOYCSI Beneht
tion, if you sign the application card more than 31 days after your Association. Your insurance under this Plan will also be terminated if you
eligibility date. voluntarily withdraw or the Plan is discontinued.

 G R O U P
Internati0naI Harvester Company
Please file this pamphlet with your Health
WeIfare Booklet for future reference.

August 14, 1952
To All Harvester Employee Eligible to Participate
in the Liberalized Hea1th—Welfare Plans:
In my letter of June 26, 1952, I told you about the liberalizations the
Company planned to make in its health—welfare plans. I also advised you that
these liberalizations could be made effective only upon approval of the Wage
Stabilization Board. I am now pleased to announce that this approval has been
received. We can now proceed to make the liberalizations effective for all
employes not represented by a labor union and those employes represented by
certain labor unions which have signed the agreement with the Company on the
liberalized health—welfare plans.
In order that you may better understand these plans, enclosed are four
pamphlets describing in detail the new benefits to which you will be entitled:
1. Group Hospital Plan
The new X—ray and laboratory benefit as described in the pamphlet entitled
"Group Hospital Plan — Diagnostic X—Ray and Laboratory Expense Benefits" will
be added to the Group Hospital Plan without additional cost to you and will
become effective on August 18, 1952.
2. Disability Benefits Plan
lf you are a member of the Employee' Benefit Association, or if not a
member and have been with the Company for at least three months and become a
member of the Employee' Benefit Association, you be eligible for the supple-
mental disability benefits as outlined in the pamphlet entitled "Supplemental
Disability Benefits Plan." You will be contacted during the week beginning
August 18, 1952, for the purpose of enrolling in this plan. It will become
effective on August 18, 1952, provided that at least 75% of the eligible
employes subscribe for membership. (Employes in the States of California,
New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island will receive an outline of the new
disability plan applying to their particular state.)
5. Group Term Life Insurance Plan
All non-managerial employes may secure additional life insurance as out-
lined in the pamphlet entitled "Group Term Life Insurance Plan." This new plan
is the same as the Group Term Life Insurance Plan which has been in effect for
managerial employes since March 1, 1950. You will be contacted during the week
beginning August 18, 1952, for the purpose of enrolling in this plan. It will
also become effective on August 18, 1952, provided that at least 75% of the
eligible employes subscribe for membership.

 r &-£@i&2eii2z2_2£_Li£2_&22xa222-&r_E@ir2Q_Eerl~2r22 ·
All members of the present Group Life Insurance Plan whose paid—up
insurance under such plan is less than $l,2OO and who qualify under the
conditions described in the pamphlet entitled "Group Life Insurance Plan —
Continuation of Life Insurance for Retired Employee" will be eligible for the
continuation of life insurance upon retirement beginning August l8, l952. This
liberalization is being provided without additional cost to th