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{ C G§p`E .‘·- Harlan, Kentucky, May 22nd, 1955.
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Last December the Court of Appeals in the case of Scott Tobacco
Company vs. Cooper held that an application for adjustment of com-
pensation must be filed before the board within one year from the
date of the accident or the date of the death.
Upon a petition for re-hearing, however, the Court of Apneals has
modified the former op nion and h;s rendered an opinion in vhich it
has held that not only must the claim for comeensation be filed with ~
the employer within one year of the date of the injury or the death
but that there must be also filed before the ¤oard an application
for adjustment of compensation within one year from the date that
the parties dis—agreed upon the payment of compensation or the
employer refused to pay compensation. _
This now becomes the law on this point and it may be worth vhile
for you to bear it in mind.
Yours very truly,
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