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DEPARTMENT fw ' :`;."   H Y _ Y) j`j;;
SUBJECT .4 ` `V. _ . V » •· ` ,I
on FILE Nu. ·-=—YL»——ir‘~i~—·¢- A »—   · ‘ · `jw
UVVVV V V_V_ · VVV V A Q ,     . _ I · I V. ~,  

 xr. J. J. 0’G0nn0r, Chiaf unfmty Inspector. February 15, 1927.
· I
Industrial Halgtiuns. “
Bafgrrlng ta ang Jgutrgl sgfnty Ruling uf December
zz, l926_with raierenca tc the yvcne Fresuuwc xetncd of E5eusci$mti»n,
_ I nay stgta that qu ugvn gbwut 130 men, including fownmau, tnpx have
V _ had first aiu training wzzn the U. S. Bureau Hina Rcscua Cnr.
it ia uur yrwzani glam to have tnis cn? visit Bennam once
each year Lo give first aix insiracticns tn a.¤mnbar wx men.
¢i¤0a this training 1£3ldQ63 yr¢n; gsessuva nabbed O1 res-
usc;&ativ¤ we dm not think it necessary tu give special training cm
this p£uSB cf first aid. P1aa$c advism &s ia whsthew or not this
. ui11.ma9t the ?c.@1ra;a;.; »f ixc y¤iLg; o· inn Qamtral Safotv Gwuuittee.
V vgvy trgly yours,
- _ IjQJuH}.§T4[.U~H[jH,
· 3. J. » * ._i¢.·ny;g11 ·· gupsr im1;e11&an'5•
l i$;.".....,1q...m..........m...,.
Safnty 11spa0t0r.  
gas.?/4,1 A 1 _
\ `

 mus wut me in s x e cuamu
Merouroohrome - 220 Soluble
H. W. & D.
Supplied in either scale or tablet form,
as described on last page—back cover
For use as a
And in the
  As reported by Hugh H. Young, M. D.,
  Edwin C. White. Ph. D., and Ernest O.
9 Swartz, M. D., of the James Buchanan
  Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hop-
. kins Hospital, Baltimore, in their "Pre-
i liminary Report of Experimental and
Q Clinical Studies," appearing in The
i Journal of the American Medical Asso-
  ciation, November 15th, 1919, page 1483
  EH`ectively used in
  Sce foot-note on page 4 regarding misprint in publi-
  cation 0f the paper by Drs. Young, Wlnitc and Swartz.
  HYNsoN, Wssrcorr & DUNNING
Ei Baltimore Maryland
`   IIEUID MARCH. 1917.

Description of Dyug_ _____ _ _____ _ ________________‘_______ _ ____,,.,__....,,. . .....,............ p8.gB 8 ~A l\'ElV  
As a General Antiseptic ............... ..- ................»-....·-...»-..-··---··-----·--—--- “ 3 DESCRIPTION
The Value of the Stain. ...........................................».......--- . .-.----------~ " 3
Use in GenitO_Urinm.y Tract ____________________________________________ _ _______ __pag€S 4, 5,5 Mercurochrome-220 Soluble is, the disodium salt of dibrom-oxy-
I the Anterior Ummm mpage 4 mercuri-iluorescein. 'It occurs as iridescent green scales or as gran-
H _ ` `'‘‘`‘''`'‘‘`‘'‘'`'‘‘``‘‘‘```''````'````'''```'`   H ules, readily soluble in water with the formation of a deep cherry-red
“ “ POSIQTIOY UI`€thI`a Bud Bladder ·----·-·-·-·--~··-····· · ········ 5 solution. The dye is very soluble and exhibits a tendency to form a
" " Kidney Pelvis ..........................................................   " 5 gummy mass with water, but, with moderate trituration, dissolves
F" V°“‘“"*" Ul°€“‘“°“* ·····················*······························‘‘‘‘ " ° "l°h'1“§§lLf?C“ii{§SlEOl.?p’§EZ§ Qi-.`£€}.El?L l3§°$’€l}iZSlLZ€.tS°§?t§?S JLyy“§lI`€
. . . u ¥V3.I`Tl " . ¢ . .. -.. . I' I`
A REVIEW of the Chmcal USES Of M€Tcur°ChTOm€`220 Soluble `‘‘` 6 dry basis, in organic combination with the dye molecule. In this form,
ADDITIONAL DATA ON THE USE OF MERCUROCHROME the mercury, while retaining most of its germicidal value, does not
In the Genito-Urinary Tract: show the chemical reactions of the_n1ercury salts, that is, it is not
Penetrating. and N0n_h.ritating. properties v___ _ _________ pages 7 & g precipitated by alkali or by ammonium sulphide, nor does it precip-
I P 1 . La_ I 8 e 8 itate protein, and because of this fact, relatively concentrated solu-
n E vlc Iage ‘‘’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘*‘‘‘‘’'‘`'`‘‘``'`‘‘‘`‘‘`'``'‘`‘````'`'`'``‘'‘ Q '`'```'`''``' p E tions of the drug may be used on the mucous membrane without ir-
Stronger Solutions in Early Gonorrheal Infections ........ 8 ,.itati0n_
In Gonorrhea and Its Complications ........................ pages 9 & 10 , , ,
In Gonococcal Urethritis ............................................ - ....... page I0 AS A GILAERAL ANTISILPTIC
In Sterilizing Seminal Vesieles _.,........................................ . " 10 Recently Dlercnrochrome has been extensively em-
In the Lower Gonito-Urinsry Tract of Women ................ " 10 ployed as a general antiseptic in place of tincture of
In Vulvovggiriitis ___________   ______________ _ ______,_____________________,,_,.,,, " 11 iodine. It possesses the advantageous properties of
In Gonorrheal Endoeervicltis .............»................-·..-.----------- - “ II iodine in that its stain jllTIllS]l€’S a relatirely iermanent
In Ophthalmology ................................................................-. pages 12 to 15 deposit of a bactericidal agent in the desiredjieltl and
In Otolaryngology ................................................. . ................·---..-.-v-- P8H€ 15 its visibility shows to ljust what extent the germicide
In Chronic Purulent Otitis Media ...................................................... “ I5 has been applied. It, zozvever, does not have the un-
In Obstetrical Practice ..................r....................................... pages 16 to 18 desirable features of iodine, as it does not burn, irri-
In Mastitis ............................................................................................ page IB tate or interfere with granulation. The demonstrable
In the Peritoneum ...........................................,.................................... " 18 penetrating powers of lllercurochrome are, of course,
In Treatment of Diptheria Carriers ............................,................... " 18 of added va ue in the general antiseptic _field. It has
Use in Infected Wounds .................,....,,,,,_..,............,.....................l.... " 19 been band articular] * satis actor · or sterilization o
. . - P 3 . 9 . . .
Operative Wounds _______,________________...,,__,,_,,__,............,.....,.r.................... “ 19 lIlf(;‘(‘l(}(l lt`OtU1tls, as (1 pT0pltYl(lCltC (tgttttlsl the III,/`CCIIOII
Ag 8 Preoperative Skin Disinfootant _____,__,......._,..........,_................ " 19 of wounds, as a preoperaitire antiseptic and jbr the
In Empygmg ____________________________________________________________________________ A _____________ “ 20 preparation oftheskin surface previous to hypodermatic
In Eozomatoid Ringworm ____,_____________________________,,___________,__,_....,........... " 21 injecti0;zs._ For all ggncral ezntiiiptgpurposei a 2 pe}
In Erygipglag ___________________________________________,__________________________________ _ _________ " 21 cent. so utwn is usua y emp oye . ata on t ie use o
Removal of Stains ________________,__________________________________________________________ _ ____ “ 21 , Mercurochrome in infected wounds will be found on
Bieach for stains ...........,._...._...........................................................r... ** 22 page 19-
?)Ii8·bII;I?Y oi SOIUIIUYIS ----------»--------------»·----—------·»--··-- ~ — —··—----——------·—--·-·— H 22 THE VALUE OF THE STAIN
1rec ions or:
Making Starch Paste ______________________________________________________ _ _________ ¤ 22 ” It is the stain of Mercurochroine-220. Soluble that- distinguishesiit
“ Lan lin Ointm nt ,, 23 from other gcrmicides and gives it special characteristms of deiinite
° _Q ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ j ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘`‘‘ clinical advantage. The stain provides for demonstrable and marked
(K   . . . . .
Tnble °f Saturated AIc0h°II'¢ SOIUUOIIS —----—------------—---------·-····---·---· ability to penetrate into body tissues, iixes this antiseptic in the Held
Incompatibilities ......_.....,....,,,....,,,......_,..,.......,................................   “ 23 whore used and prevents its being washed away by body Huids or
Ther-mostabiiity ____________________________________________________________________________________ *• 23 Being destrciyeld bybother aggenits. dltiliilso show? readilynto gyhat eitent
· · 4. _e germicu e as een app ict an us promo es an e ec ive app ica-
gilscrgmonf of glarkei Pagkagés ```'`'```'‘'`'`'‘````'‘``‘```'‘‘'```''``'`````'``````' ,,   tion to the field to be disinfected or to be made aseptic. The stain, in
nec mus °r reparmg bolutmns ·····································*····· · ··‘··‘ other words, facilitates the efhcient application of a relatively permn-
2 8

 . , . , , , oaiiv suliiisizem. »--- com frees the lilihlljf and i`il;·;·· ret. m;o;i of the solu-
uent depodlt °f 8 p9lY€1-ful and n°n'u`utatmg germlclde t° any body tiondor live iniriutoslor lougei. F·?·»iuai<»ns wi om- g-er cent. ina}: be used
9·I`€3 that IS tv be dlslnfected OY made a$€Dtlc· in this m;inn··r as <,·l`Li»n as ¢·*.ie:‘y ihrs·<· iw: Four mzurs for Q IVJW ¤iH}'¢*.
The liurning eoinpl:¤.ineil of ii]: soon ;»:;tE··:;L:= is usuallj: temporary
USE IN THE GENITO-URINARY TRACT and is no ww wler than that oei;:i.lYy Wfll`Y¤_#l*—‘lr`¥i*` “`¥¤i@f OF §l¤!`l*l*l Fill? $0l`¤?l‘“¤ V
sodium salt, by the stability of Such solutions, by its non-irritating l`Qll1<2'·u lilliatiili uml IJUS 3~lli'i iilr*Ni’·· il Cleiinl surizice. ·l)o not use potat-
qualitigsy by   quigk pgnggygtign Of fhg gpithgliuyn Of thg mucosa HRUUI [)(·Tllii\l*·L{ili'l3U:l Sililliltlll Ol` (=illt‘i‘ Otflfilllflfj :Qll}llil0Y\S. AOR?-llilf IC
and by its C0mp8I‘aiiiV€ly low toxicity. The possession of these qual-   ¤N!ilC4· oi 21 0liL‘ Ipvr (Wilt, Swltiiion of l`·i('Y`Cl`il`(iL'lil!`f>lElC-220 may be
ities     dyug Offers for   g   rgngg Of uggfulngsg as 8 lgcgl lZ]jUCii‘ii   il1L‘Cl'lF ot Ultl*(*!` Z1 [I `i§T.L‘Z`1lrl l1I‘€i:i'll‘2|l >5}.'i`iHK€ OT 3 C£l.thQt€I`.
germicide in surgery, especially where quick sterilization is desired A bulb syringe may be used toAl·.-ree the Huul through the urethra into
Its use, in one per cent. solution, is indicated in all urethral in- $i“`_['i“‘l‘l"*` ,"$" l"i‘~`Si‘§“`,· ill`? _li`?`?.m‘€nF‘ sh"l“‘i [fi`, "°P°‘?‘j*Ffd thr?°
feetions—-specific and non-specif`1c—excepting the extremely acute ful- RUNS 3 `ldy *“ Wi"; "‘ ‘i"l°m¢ Fl Stmg me °°n;,mi1°(‘ mf ?°"°’2l dau'
minating Neisser infections, where it should be used in weaker solu- ,1hQ US? "{.th" *`·°};“ ‘~""_’"?Y *,5 l°"°{€Y?l?l€‘ t’°l’l€’ m`l"mS. klle able
tions during the hypeluacute Stages. to retain ihe solution si·‘.a·.¤ui ¤lklUl'F·'\‘·li.i1TlUi, it inociucini; lI‘i1t3f10I‘l.
. . . . . in rare cases, L'l)Yl5`EL:[‘l`1li7ii‘ il`1'li1Li,1UI1 is produced. particularly in those
It IS of great Value m Infections Of the posterloyumthra and Of with residual urine, when one-half or one-quarter per cent. solutions
the bladder. Very satisfactory results have been obtained by the use Should be wud
of Mercurochrome-220 in chronic conditions of this kind. " ` . . . E .
. . . . . ln post-operative cases. begin with a one-halt per cent. solution,
Chrome Infections Of .th€ renal. pelvls air? bgmg Successfully used one or more times per day, and gradually increase the strength
healed by th? use Of Solutlons 9i thls agcni lmected mm the mm'] of the solution to one per cent. As the urine clears and infection
p°1V1S‘ A Sums Of Cases Oi cystms and pyelms Of l¤¤¤.St=·¤d¤¤s .3nd disappears, discontinue the use of the solution gradually. Depending
1‘¤f%‘¤¤t¤1‘y tO other m€th¤els of ¤‘€¤.¤¤¤¤t have bm rapidly Steelewd um the amount or reaetiim Cami bythe use oi the dwg, as pm-
PY Its use as a local gefmlcule and lt has prove? to be Very °lh°a°‘€’“S cedure may be carried out as often as three times a day. Some ex-
u;tth°btl§as;lIl€;lt of nomluetlc venereal ulcemtwns and as 3* dressmg traorclinarily rapid sterilizations in chronic infections have been
9* er u 0 7· experienced.
BIETHODS OF USE ln chronic prostcititis, excellent results have been reported by first
_ _ massaging the prostate and stripping the vesicles, irriguting with
_ (A)_IN THE ANTERIOR URETH}-{Ai Extremely acute fulml’ Sterile water, and thou injecting a one per cunt. liV'l`<.‘L1l`C*Cl`1l`C·Z7lC-220
natmg Spccmc mfeciwns Of the anmuor urcthra maly be treated with solution. which often p·;net1·atesrvery deeply into the prostatic glamls
M€1`cuYOchTOm€‘220 m the Very early acute Stagesv m O¤€'quaI`t€l` Per and vwiclrs. as shown hy the fact that, at sul»s<·i;ueni massagesl TVJO
cent- $OlutlOn$· or three da§.·;= later, deeply stained secretion and pus veils are ex-
Cases have been reported in which acute gonorrhea has been pressed. <`h:·oni¤e vesicles have been repo:·£erl sterilized by one per
quickly abated, the treatment having been begun during the first day cent. solution of Il·—rcm·ocliroin•· in many cases.
of diSCh31‘g€. (C)~—i’Ol{ Ubiii iN THE Kll>Nl·]Y l"Ei.\`lS; Tbrougli a urethral
Infections of ordinary severity may be treated as follows; A pre- · catheter, the li*·`€l¥\,l{i.il;llii~{‘;j¤l»fllL€kl»·*-iFl§l§l§. Tliie>cHsli<¤¤ld
tion of November 15th, 1919, page 1491, stating that twenty-five per O   qumglll ° Qamjd °l_ __l`_   fl b"{im»_ {mz., “n"" `q;“_ 51 _, *99:;
CGINS. S0luti0nS had been used, contains a misprint, Instead of "twen- nccmtm UFSUC {`§nl_‘l"’d‘%)}j`¤ lt m“Y be apPh°‘l to remarkable, long-standing infections often clearing up in a few treat-
ma ulcuatlons m mg {Ulm Gi Elmer a $tm"~`h_ Paste O" 8 l8m?lm 0mt“ ments. In some cases which fail to become sterile, constant reix1fec—
ment. The watery solutxon will be found to igive the most satisfactory non of the blmlllol. is found to Occur from kidneys Or prostate.
results; the starch paste is nearly as etlicacious. After the ulceration . ul M_ _ __h . ` . . . ,
has cleaned off, has started to heal and the epithelium is growing over . I ` ‘ Lrcmylft mmg *5.105** Uliltatmg and. pmduccf less reacticm
the surface of the sore, the use of Mercurochrome-220 may be discou— ug We m·;1_¤¤ YT than Sllvér mtime S°lu¤°nS• while possessmg
tinued and a simple protective ointment, such as boric acid, applied. ;JO1;';c§($zg€r[f];i2};c'(3s;:dllxggiggilnbgtsli;_°’£€b;’§’§;· both drugs Should
A RE\'IE\V OF THE CLINICAL USES OF j‘5. In some cases of pyelitis, the infection comes from the teeth,
tonsils, etc., and sterilization of the pelvis is impossible until the
MERCUROCHROME-220 SOLUBLE primary focus is cured.
"6. Continued use has proved it to be a. most satisfactory dress-
ch Under thg title "Further Clinical Studies on the Use of Mercuro- ing for venereal ulcerations and buboes.
rome as a eneral Germicide," in "The Joumal," A. M. A., July 9, M- · ·
1921, page 93, Drs. Hugh H. Young, Edwin C. White and Ernest O. vow -,2%lnggl§i:eB?;S;?l:g€ogonr?§gnzlgnndrigaggnglgg Mercumchmmc I-
Swartz, Baltimore, discuss at length the uses of Mercurochrome. They QS Th . .d 1 in . f h d . `
express themselves as well satisfied that after two years’ experience d; .' 3 gefmlcl S eb Clancy {jdt ° rt1%1m. other branches °f
with this drug, their early expectations of its value have been realized. im; 'clne tmf zmgirl as Ben .prO\° ’ Qspecm Y m the treatment ef
They do not claim that it is a panacea for all urinary infections any IHIQCLSES O bt 6 t roag lmsea Sml1S;€S’ Qgrs and eyes and reset It m
more than any other disinfecting agent, but do claim that it is an repo? ° om 9 most E ment m d1¤¤¤f€¤¤¤g the throats Of dlphtherk
exceedingly valuable addition to the comparatively few powerfully carnal-B'
germicidal substances which can be applied to sensitive surfaces, such Al)DITI0NI`lL ABSTRACTS ON THE USES OF
as the mucosa. A résumé of the articles that have appeared in medi- . Y A v 9
cal journals and also of the information received by them through MERLl’RO(·HR()D1E'2~0 SOLUBLE
correspondence is given, the correspondence coming chieily from ques- _
tionnaires sent out to some twenty physicians. The only point brought PENETRATING AND NONJRRITATING PROPERTIES
out in this correspondence which does not appear elsewhere is that ln an article "Lavage of the Renal Pelvis," "'l`he Journal" A.
Mercurochrome seems to be an 9XC€ll€Ht 21l'J0TtlV€ 2}£-{CUC in acute M, A,] October ]_ 19;}] pa;*e1ORS Dr, Vincent J. O’Conor of Chicago
urethritis, 1f·1rsed within thirty-stx hours. They also give statistics of gives 8 ronort of an oghnljstlvo nlmrmnoologlool Study oflno oonlnon;
their OWU Clinical QXPBYIQTICOS which Show that: ative ei1`ects on the renal pelvis and kidney of the various solutions
In 187 cases Of urethritis, the shortest time in which urethra,] dig- in Common USG for "pelvlc laVz1gG." Dr. O`Conor fOuIld that Mercul`0-
charge was rendered free of organisms was 4 days, the longest (21) '¥hl'0m€"22O S‘r’l¤bl€ WHS VOVY 1‘¤Pl¤llY and €0mPl¢‘t€lY ¤b$0Fb€’d UD the
by lnjoctlon_ 36 days lb) by n.l·lgotlon_ 84 days, and the gvern.g·e time tubules clear to the glomeruli and that it remained in the submucosa
required was 168 doyo Of those 137 moon 100 were ml,o]ot€d, 87 and muscularis for from tive to seven days, whereas it was not found
lacked details for tabulation, but satisfactory results were obtained. =¤ the tubuivs or parenchymal tissues after f<>rty—€ieht hours. Due
Of the 100 tabulated, 32 were followed until apparently cured and GS to UW {Mt fhilt if is lI·i‘¤1<’F¤1llY t;F3¤t€·"·¤
were cured, 1 improved and only 3 not improved. 'lhe number of
days under treatment varied from 1 to 60 and the average was 18.5. _"Mercurochroine-220 is the most penetrating and least irritating
Number of treatments from 1 to 23, average 7.6. 8l!;§1SgDt¤0d?GU¤0¤kf thi GGULIF Sfudgad. l'1`he reaction ofrffhe tlssueT to
In pyelitis, 17 cases were tabulated. 10 of which were cured ‘ t' IS Y}: I ws '“nI_'(?€_y mln t .€ El we Solutions- lem ls (my ‘
(sterilized), 4 improved and only 3 not improved. The average num- vgry sl1§h€1}(’_$$n§E__°?!ld?€ sflthcllunléfld Nagle ir€“?}?.td€6nétz great;
ber of pelvic lavazes in these cases was 9.2. The number of treatr S munh`C€ m fmoll m _€ Su°mu“°°°" .°um—* 1‘° ml fllar
ments needed to wm varied from 3 to l2' ound t at the epithelial lay ers of the pelvis and ureter were more
_ _ uniformly stzuned than the deeper structures. The sections examined
The f0U0Wl¤S €0¤0h1$l0¤B 8T€ drawn! in this series of experiments show a greater and more uniform pene-
H1. lyiorcurochromc has proved to be a very valuable drug ln tration of the rleaeper structxlres than was primarily claimed for the
acute gonorrhea, but the intense stain is a drawback to its use as an drug PY the Orlfgmzll ““Lh‘"S· _ _
injection by tho pati€nt· Further evidence of the penetrating power of Mercurochrome is
H _ _ _ _ 1 reported in a paper by Dr. YV. Ray Jones, of Seattle, entitled "Am-
2- I¤ ¢hr<>¤i<= mf€¤¤¤¤¤ ¤f the ¤r<>'¤hr¤· ¤r¤S*=¤*¤<> and v¤¤¤¢ ¤¤» bulatory Treatment of oimmim in the Female with the Anusepuc
the great Value Of M€Ycm`°ch1`OY}"9 has been {lmply p{`°V€d· It P°n°‘ Dyes," The Urologic and Cutaneous Review, November, 1923, as per
trates deeply and may be found m the prostatic secretion several days tho following oxtmct:
nite! p°Bt€"°I` ’“Sm1at*°“· "A series of experiments was made to find a drug for intra.-
° 1

 uterine a-laa.llaaa=aa which 1>enei‘ratl·s to tra <.»~—l»¢. ol aaall   is ‘N THE T““·°*“`““’“T OF GONORRHEA AND ITS
gerniicidul with the least cell injury. The :11lt?sc;>ti<: dyeh. l\ll\1·l·uro~ COMPLJCATIONS
chfmgs <§2°> lard jcjgiévi3·<;,y‘~‘$,,{<·g2··l, ljglilges ¤};=;—lgig3l _*s}>·j ¤y;~—;r; In 8Il£1l`l.lClC Uilvl€§i`t'UX`0Cll1'()l1lC—22O Soluble as a Valuable Adjuvant
    055;;   ;,§¤tI1i;»l1i Heidi iitebl   gilfgdl   tothe Silver (`olllpl·l1l1ds in the 'freatlnent of Gonorrhea and lts Com-
did wash out i rl.lll€*dCL(iI"GS `alsol could) lle tlii·.<·litl into tire tuht-is in the pllCHU?·H$’n Hlho ‘l°“"““lH A`   Ar D"“°'“b°r 8‘h* l923’ Pa-ge 19m'
iivé rabbit and pL,U,,U.%t'Q,.Om,.¤Ol) ,,,,,1 M_i,,.w,.UChTOnm In the treatment of
pressure was used in `lIi_l(:Cl·lOil. Aczla alcr1:.;ll·lne {not the later buthavutcaudchrunicU.Uu‘)1»l.hQa'
neutral) injured the tubes so as to prevent conception. Mcrcuro- ‘°
fhfvmé did 110@." For acute cases, the doctors divided their treatment into four pe-
IN ]>ELV_[(] LAV_A_GE xiods and outlined zi routine somewhat as follows:
The {,,110,,.,,];,. is Oxtmctcd from a pupgr by DL J_ D. Uighsmithl f · In the first period the patient is instructed to alternate anterior
Fayetteville, North Carolina, "Dizignosis and ’lT1·eat1nent of I‘yelitis," tnlecmms Of 3 lin? l"{li °`f`m· ,M?I°*}"’°hl"’l“Q am?   ll"? mir °;°nt‘,m`_'
in Scmthgrn {Medicine and SuTg.BI.y` NOvCn.lhQI,, 1923. $}1'Ol at rtl`lTt·c—i.s. rlr1]Lcti<»1’1S   made 0POf 4 lLi1UCs Z1 (IH}.
"In this series of cases we overlliiatell the ureters and irrigated, ”`1S(l.H pt)$t°H'{l' i"·"'°`"I§ "‘ tml mug. l’.tll°I than he my the patient
in some cases daily alternal1i11;.; with silver nitrate and Mercuro— ip uilslg 15 mmf? Ii’}'.ll;° ("`l'lm` at ml "lllC",U`?“tl-mint wm (my. Um'
ch1·on1e—220. It is thought that tile silver nitrate causes zi marked su- in? U`? *"°'·jn‘i‘ l"°l""" .8 U'? ll"'. °*H,l· $'_"`·lll‘°n ,0* T"f"‘f“`l*`°’l, is S.ub`
pelaficial reaction which déstmyg the muwsa and brings about 3 r€_ :;1’ti1l.l··i lr: too lllxlalll l·»l· ine ;`l1·g;.·ll&.x··1 nlllwlte. .:le lldllltll perlotl is a sont oi cleaning
uvarious (hugs have been recommemlgd fm. use in pelvic mVag_:,_ up `tZi1ll‘ ;·‘·`3lt'i] allvel nitrate sind Eiiililrlfllilll 1>t»1·n~;111<.{1l‘n;;ic id'i`lgl`HflODS
but we believe the treatment alternating with silver nitrate and Mer- {lu °`.m""`“l‘ $:im,`“m,l`(`m Ul LW pmsmm wgcmcr wkn Lighb maisagg
curochrome to be the best. We employ a 2 per cent. solution of Mer- tl mw glam`! “*‘·“` l"“°"·
curochrome. \Ve start with a 0.5 per cent. solution of silver nitrate FU,. thi, U.mlm,_m M- ,,},1.,,,,],, CMOS thc {01lm,`.l,.," ,5 Uuuwdz
and gradually work up to 2 per cent." `D ’
"'l`lle treatxllmit of patients with early chronic gonorrhea and its
"ACTION OF STRONGER SOLUTIONS OF MERCUROCHROME -on1pliczltions has llien varied to meet the $}'lll])tUIllFl. As il rule, such
IN EARLY GONORRIIEAL INFEC'I`IONS" yiticrlis l`l.L\`£‘ already had too r.1u1*h trt·ut1l1t11t with pi`OI3l‘_Q`(‘l, and,
_ El}Cl`L‘l`i‘l`t’, do not resuolld well to its use. It is proll;ll··le that here
In 8 PRPQT with th? abmifi UUE in “Tl1€ J0uY`Vl?l-lj, A· M; Ao Fcbj .-:;;:1Eil L1 ioielislllro is (`lt".`(‘lU[,l(‘~l on the §`=;1rt oi tho (‘i'QLlY\l£illS for the
rpary 24* 1923* page 53O• DL Emcst Rupcll Of Imllmmllollsl OlIQI`°(‘ saline- drug, il` coiltiiltsously used. i‘rot:1:·;ri11 ?[l`¤`l?l;.T (lil'l?tHl`_Qf ·.’l ii and
line suggestion that the use of. stronger solutions ot Iu(}l`CI1l'()CllI‘()Tli€? EIt·lcul·o¤i1ro111l· to tile 11l·l·thr;1, with local care of the Ul'CTlll`1Il allnexa.
mlght pmvlde my the pcnctmltmn. of the gcrmicldc m Sumcmnt COW RilIWL‘ill' to fullifl a I'€,‘!ll need in these cases. \\’l1tn used llli.‘l'I\llICl)'
centration into the deeper epithelial layers and glandular structures fa,. p,_,,.iL,(lS of Lhme d.,,.S_ the pmm,.;,.,n Slrygng SMS up 3 d,aSqu,m,mi._.,.
to pm.m?m .21 more rapid amd dcllnlte Cum m Cilscs ef muily www" ?;>l‘n1 of u1·..thl·itis, eli111i11:1tin;: Il\LlL'll of the su11ertici:1l layer ot` the
rhgll lniécgllms- The doctor ml‘·‘PU"l the f(’ll""`*`m?é` ¤~¤l¤¤i¤ lmsull m' zvlucosu, wllicll is already lllUL‘l`l lower in rcsistxince and allows the
the iP_I’pOSlt1O“i_ , _ .-ilL'l`UUl'O(jll1'Ul`1lG to peiletrzite into :1 much healthier and more re-
Lech mwnmg 8 Small (lu*mlll?Y of 5 Pt"` mul-- M°'l'*`U*")Ch""m“`ZEN slistant tissue, the o1·;;‘:i11i:—=1l1s of which seem to respond well to the ac-
Soluble was slowly injected with ai blunt: SYl'llli;`l_t. and was T`(*i&1ill<'?:'l aim, Ur Ml,,.,.um<.hmn,C_·- `
uml] thllcgw u>i$·IlHnut°S‘. VGN] Cinslllgrzlblc ljlullillpg WHS llrolllluelh For the ll`O2lll`ilL‘IllL of acute (·X2lt‘t‘l‘lJiltl0llS of old chronic gonorrhea,
Zglesci  0}),:% T·Oilm`ZC;w{Tl?»mTi?;,.((l.`i,Q,C`?')·th1i]Ni L,u.Iiii:1 ' essentially the SQIIIIC prot·¤·dure is ]'CCO!l`lIlli?!l(lO(l as for acute cases.
· (a¥’.§- "T Q:mn‘”"’ Mai gil?] [lib pn Km" In-MI N./Un Hi   flu" However, their }'£‘lllZ`lI'l{< as to the use of Mereurochroine in the fe-
mg, a as per cent. are; rol sr:lut1o11 was sullsltltuonll lor the B‘I·.‘lCUT(;· __ Nl __ __ _.t_     _ r , Il _1 _A, WU) uomw.
chrome. This was a daily routine, and was vz1ri<·d only i11 the hyper- "l" O, “l° (lm L Lilhw Hit “m` ` l` vin ` q “` _
Bctiva, ways O,. in those Dy,-,1,,n.£(,,{ and c(,,,m1g(a,,l,,a(1_#= I "ln the l,1`t‘Iil,.lI1t‘1ll. Ol §;`()Ill)l;l`lit‘Il. 111 women. we have had 111:111; ex-
It. was noted that where there was considrrrilila; active tll>lCllZl.l"};'6_`, eellent. results with the use otnl\lerl·i1roc`li!‘oi‘m‘, 3ltl‘1`¤¤l1¤Q' vrrili tht?
th? M@,~Cu]·(,Ch[·,,mQ ipjoytion produced rather severe burning;. which BllV(‘l` colnpoiimlls and iodine. lgolliie ol toe cases 11:1ve lleen suhzleute
mmiy lasted longer than tmlmy mmumS_ In H {UW (antway Ml·rc11ro— and chronic, with n1:11*l;t·d (Yl`·I".`it'll-IF, t»ro:=lo11: and ilerslstcnt lcukor-
chrome could not be used at first. Vhcili llll<`$° €‘mll)lWilll"llS here l"`Sl5l*"rl l—il" l-l’lml l"€“lm"llt$·
Of 46 cases treated with this t<*ChYll0, im fiiliilwnt (YU"? Wim Fmt UI)Lll`IIl§I the acute stneje, we begin hy swabhing the cervix and
duced in 32 in seven days, 2 in ten days, 3 in two weeks, and the bal- vault with timymyc of iodine, ur fi 2 per cent. solution of silver nitrate.
ance in from UIVCQ to llft@€’¤ W‘3€kS· ll? is $¤t‘T§!°¢*@<`$¤ ef   f€IY¤8l€· _ __ _ _
treatment as outlined has proved very satisfactory. It is not our pur- ulohnson (Boston M. & b. Jour. 192, doo, Feb. 19, 192o) claims
pose to advise Mercurochrome as a panacea for all infections of the to have obtained excellent results in gonorrhea of the female genital
genitalia; nevertheless, our experience warrants the conclusion that, tract by using vaginal suppositories containing two. per cent. Mer-
in the armamentarium of urina