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Richmond (Ky.) The Woman’s Club (Richmond, Kentucky) yearbook, 1917-1918 text volumes 18 cm. Call Number: HQ1903.R53 W65 The Woman’s Club (Richmond, Kentucky) yearbook, 1917-1918 1917 1917 1918 2021 true xt7kh12v7885 section xt7kh12v7885  




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Organized, 1904
Joined Kentucky State Federation 1905
Joined General Federation 1908



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“All service ranks the same with God—
With God whose puppets, best and worst
Are we; there is no last or first”
——Rabert Browning?



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Call to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Reports of Departments

Reports of Committees
Unfinished Business

New Business

Program for the Day






Presidenta—Mrs. Grant Everett Lilly
First Vice-president—Mrs. T. D. Chenault
Second Vice-president—Mrs. Wren Jones Grinstead
Secretary—Miss Maude Gibson
V Treasurer—Mrs. Geoffrey Morgan



Mrs. Frank Jennings, Jacksonville, Florida
Mrs. A. R. Burnam, Richmond

Mrs. T. J. Smith, Richmond
*Mrs. Ben L. Banks, Richmond

Mrs. Warfield C. Bennett, Richmond

Mrs. Eugene Walker, Richmond

Mrs. Grant Everett Lilly, Richmond

Mrs. Charles A. Keith, Richmond








Consisting of the Officers of the Club together with the Chairmen

of the different Departments, and the standing Committees


Mrs. Eugene Walker, Chairman
Mrs. B. L. Middelton Miss Lucia Field Burnam

Mrs. S. M. Saufley



Mrs. Jonah Wagers, Chairman

Mrs. John Arnold .Mrs. Thompson S. Burnam
Mrs. R. C. Boggs Mrs. W. A. Langford

Mrs. Grant E. Lilly, Chairman
Mrs. Thompson Burnam Mrs. James W. Smith
Mrs. Eugene W. Walker Mrs. Wm. A. Langford

Mrs. R. E. Turley



Literature _______________________ Mrs. Waller Bennett
Art Miss Maude Gibson
Music __________ Mrs. Robert Burnam, Mrs. Paul Burnam
Civics Mrs. E. B. Barnes

Education Mrs. C. S. Ho'lton



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October 8—Department of Music
October 22——Department of Civics
November 12—Department of Literature
November 26—Department of Education
December 10—Department of Art
January 7—Department of Literature
January 21—Department of Civics
January 28—Department of Literature
February 11—Department of Civics
February 25—Department of Literature
March 11—Department of Civics
March 25—Department of Literature
Election of Officers
April 8—Department of Education
April 22—Department of Music




fiepartment of Efiiterature, cflmueic am) (Art


The World’s War

In War events of importance are the result
of trivial causes —0aesar

November 22——
The Six Great European Belligerents and What They


Are Fighting For _________________ Mr. Robert R. Burnam
What the War Means to the Little Peoples
of Europe _______________________ Mrs. Wren J. Grinstead
January 7——
When America Went In and Why ________ Miss Mattie Tribble
The Psychology of the War ______________ Mrs. Tom Chenault
War’s New Weapons ______________________ Mrs. John Arnold
January 28—
The Poetry of the Great War __________________ Miss Burnam
War Crops in Fiction Mrs. Kellogg

Current Events

February 25——
The Leaders of Thought and The Heroes



in Battle Mrs. George Pickels
Inside the British Isles Mrs. Vokins
March 25—
Election of Officers
Woman’s Part in the War _______________ Mrs. Eugene Walker
The Church in the World’s Crisis _________________ Dr. Telford
October 8

Musical Program under direction of Mrs. Robert Burnam, Mrs.
Paul Burnam





April 22—
Musical Program under direction of Mrs. Robert Burnam, Mrs.
Paul Burnam

December 10-—

















Art Program under direction of __________ Miss Maude Gibson

The War in Europe A. B. Hart
Why War- Howe
Liberty Arnold Bennett
Italy, France and England at War ______________________ H. G. Wells
Inside the German Empire H B. Swope
Central Europe Frederick Nauman
With Serbia in Exile Foster Jones
American World Politics Walter Wehl
Why We Are At War Woodrow Wilson
Inside the British Isles Arthur Gleaser
My Second Year of the War __________________________ Fred Palmer
Battle Above the Clouds Romaine Rolland
Poems ____ Rupert Brooke
Mr. Britling Sees It Through H G. Wells
God the Invisible Ruler H G, Wells
Women and the War _________________________ Countess of Warwick
An Uncensored Diary from the Central Empires ______ Ernesta Bullett
Red Cross in the War Mary Billington
War, Peace and the Future Ellen Key
The Psychology of the Great War __________________________ Le Bon
Patriots in the Making J. F. Scott

Poems Allen Seeger




EBBpartment nf (flitting


“The people are the city” -—00rialanus
Mrs. E. B. Barnes, Chairman , Mrs. Harry Blanton
Mrs. T. D. Chenault Mrs. D. W. Bridges
Mrs. H. C .Jasper Miss Emma Watts
Mrs. J W. Smith Miss Kathleen Sullivan
Recreation _ City Health

Mrs. Harry Blanton Mrs. H. C. Jasper
Mrs. Robert C. Bo‘ggs Mrs. R. E. Turley
Mrs. L. B. Weisenburgh Mrs. T. S. Hagan
Mrs. B. H. Luxon Mrs. Charles H. Jett
Miss Mary Q. Covington Mrs. Mary Neale Thompson

Public Institutions Home Economics
Mrs. James W. Smith Miss Kathleen Sullivan
Mrs. M. C. Kellogg Mrs. J. B. Cassiday
Mrs. S. A. Deatherage Mrs. James Wagers
Mrs. William Langford _ Miss Lottie Farris
Miss Curraleen Smith . Mrs. Joe Boggs

Humane City Beautiful
Mrs. T. D. Chenault Mrs. D. W. Bridges
Mrs. J. G. Bosley Mrs. James W. Caperton
Mrs. M. C. Dunn Mrs. E. C. McDougle
Mrs. Jonah Wagers Mrs. Gilby Vokins
Mrs. G. D. Simmons Miss Helen Bennett

Miss Emma Watts

Mrs. A. R. Burnam
Mrs. E. T. Burnam
Mrs. James Burnam
Mrs. Eugene W. Walker

 October 22—~
m ,.- Recreation——
° “Campfire Girls” ________________ Miss Mary Q. Covington
“Boy Scouts”____Rev. F. M. Tinder, North Middletown, Ky.
“Y. M. C. A. in Richmond ____________ Judge Grant E. Lilly
January 21—— '
Public Institutions and Humane Work (20 minute talks)—
“Poo‘rhouse, Depot and Infirmary ______ Mrs. M. C. Kellogg
“Our Duty to the City School” ______ Miss Curraleen Smith
‘5 ,. “The Work of the Humane Society”____Rev. E. B. Barnes
“What Every Woman Should Know” ______ Dr. J. G. Bosley
February 11——
Home Economics——
“The Use of Three Neglected Foods” ______ Miss Chinn
University of Kentucky
March 11——
City Beautiful and Gardens——

“The Beautiful Attracts the Beautiful” Mrs. J. W. Caperton
“Our Streets” _______________________ Miss Helen Bennett

“A Visit to Mr. Kenneth Alexander’s Garden ______
Mrs. E. T. Burnam
“How Does Your Garden Grow ?”____Mr. Geoffrey Morgan

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"Education is the leading human souls to what is best”
Mrs. C. S. Holton, Chairman
November 26—
Industrial or Vocational Training in the School ________
Miss Jennie T. Breck

The School and the Start in Life __________ Mrs. J. B. Cassiday
April 8—— _
Change of Status of European Women as a Consequence
of the War Mrs. C. A. Keith


Women as Citizens ____________________ Mrs. Thomas J. Smith


 games at (Mull gliilemhers for the @2211: 1917-1918

Arbuckle, Mrs. M. B ______ 227W Caperton, Mrs. J. W _______ 678
Arbuckle, Mrs. Mary C____ Cassiday, Mrs. J. B _______ 396
Arnold, Mrs. Pauline ______ 147 Chandler, Mrs. M. T _______ 214
Arnold, Mrs. John W ______ 489 Chenault, Mrs. Thos. D____804
Arnold, Mrs. W. L _________ 30 Chenault, Mrs. C. F ________ 219
Baldwin, Miss Ollie _______ 817 Clay, Mrs. Mary B ________ 319
Baldwin, Mrs. T. E _________ 817 Coates, Mrs. T. J __________ 625
Brittain, Mrs. Carlo _______ 817 Cobb, Mrs. C. W ___________ 246X
Barnes, Mrs. E. B _________ 617 Covington, Mrs. M. C _______ 254
Bennett, Mrs. Warfield____630 Colyer, Mrs. R. W _________ 490
Bennett, Mrs. Waller ______ 310 Caldwell, Mrs. C. E ________ 61
Bennett, Mrs. James _______ 330 Covington, Miss Mary Q__254
Bennett, Miss Helen _______ 330 Deatherage, Mrs. S. A _____ 560
Bennett, Miss Belle ________ 825 Deatherage, Mrs. Elmer____152
Bennett, Mrs. Neale _______ 574 Deatherage, Miss Pattie___-690
Blanton, Mrs. W. E ________ 381 Deatherage, Miss Annie____690
Blanton, Mrs. Harry _______ 282 Deatherage, Mrs. N. B_-__198
Boggs, Mrs. Joe S _________ 186 DeJarnette, Miss Anne V__691
Boggs, Mrs. R. C_________'_'795 DeJarnette, Miss Emma____691
Boothe, Mrs. I. H _________ 740 Donelson, Mrs. John _______ 760
Bosley, Mrs. J. G __________ 189 Dunn, Mrs. Murison _______ 519
Bowyer, Miss Mary Belle___840 Dunn, Mrs. R. T __________ 64W
Breck Mrs. D. H ___________ 534 Evans, Mrs. L. P __________ 253
Bridges, Mrs. D. W ________ 338 Faris, Mrs. A. B ___________ 499
Broaddus, Mrs. W. S _______ 776 Farris, Mrs. Alice _________ 864
Bruner, Mrs. James D _____ 314 Farris, Miss Lottie ________ 864
Burnam, Mrs. James E____600 Gentry, Mrs. Frank C ______ 648
Burnam, Mrs. E. T ________ 840 Gibbs, Mrs. A. R ______ Berea C
Buranm, Mrs. A. R ________ 481 Gibson, Miss Maude _______ 648
Burnam, Miss Madge ______ 481 Greene, Mrs. O. O _________ 479
Burnam, Mrs. T. S ________ 158 Greenleaf, Mrs. J. J _______ 326
Burnam, Miss Lucia Field__310 Grinstead, Mrs. Wren J ones_396
Burnam, Mrs. Paul ________ 678 Goodloe, Mrs. George ______ 290
Burnam, Mrs. R. R ________ 106 Hagan, Mrs. T. S __________ 462








Hamilton, Mrs. J. W ______ 336

Hanawalt, Miss Ella _______ 238 Perry, Mrs. G. G ___________ 893
Hanger, Mrs. H. B____‘____147 Perry, Mrs. Henry L ______ 159
Hinckley, Miss Marguerite_648 Phelps, Mrs. D. Mc _________ 369J
Hisle, Mrs. O. W __________ 104 Pickels, Mrs. G. W ________ 6
Holton, Mrs. C. S __________ 359 Poyntz, Miss Kathleen _____ 553
Hume, Mrs. S. B __________ 240 Rice, Mrs. Samuel ________ 53
Hurst, Miss Jeanie Barron__538 Reid, Miss Mary Estelle____182
Howard, Mrs. Wm ________ 490 Roark, Mrs. R. N __________
Jasper, Mrs. H. C __________ 109 Saufley, Mrs. S. M ________ 388
Jett, Mrs. Charles H _______ 473 Smith, Miss Curraleen ____313
Jones, Miss Merritt ________ 543 Smith, Mrs. G. D __________ 190
Keith, Mrs. C. A ___________ 404 Simmons, Mrs. Geo. D____590
Kellogg, Mrs. M. C _________ 170 Smith, Mrs. James W _____ 264
Kennedy, Mrs. J. M ________ 840 Stouifer, Mrs. J. B ________ 274
Kennedy, Miss Willie ______ 840 Suit, Mrs. A. J ____________ 529
Lackey, Mrs. R. O ________ 229 Stockton, Mrs. R. C _______ 146
Langford, Mrs. W. A ______ 508 Sullivan, Miss Mary _______ 817
Leer Mrs. Vernon __________ 241 XSullivan, Mrs. Mary W____775
Lilly, Mrs. Grant E ________ 638 Sullivan, Miss Kathleen____775
Luxo‘n, Mrs. B. H _________ 374 Telford, Mrs. R. L ________ 298
Luxon, Mrs. W. E _________ 176 Thompson, Mrs. Mary N___285
Mason, Miss Sada _________ ,64M Thorpe, Mrs. Florence ______
Mays, Mrs. W. 0 __________ 64X Trayno‘r, Miss Willie ______
Middelton, Mrs. B. L ______ 123 Tribble, Miss Mattie ______ 546R
Millard, Mrs. William P__1_720 Turley, Mrs. G. B _________ 490
Miller, Mrs. Mary Bates____ 61 Turley, Mrs. R. E _________ 38
Minter, Mrs. Leonard _______ 848 JVokins, Mrs. Gilby ________
Morgan, Mrs. Geofi’rey _____ 854 Wagers, Mrs. Jonah _______ 520
McDougle, Mrs. E. C ______ 637 Wagers, Mrs. W. J _________ 670
McGaughey, Mrs. S. J ______ 746 Wagers, Mrs. James__Waco 27
McKee, Mrs. Sallie Yates__ Walker, Mrs. Eugene ______ 138
McCown, Mrs. A. K____-___204 Walker, Mrs. J. B ________
Neale, Mrs. ‘James J ______ 294 Watts, Miss Emma ________ 95
Neale, Mrs. Lewis ________ 512 Weisenburg‘h, Mrs. L. B-___107
Noland, Miss Miriam ______ 749 White, Mrs. N. V.- _________
Oldham, Mrs. Smith _______ 612 White, Mrs. S. R __________ 74
Park, Mrs. W. H __________ 321 Witt, Mrs. E ______________ 252
Parrish, Miss Margaret_-__537 Zaring, Mrs. Allen ________ 137

Patridge, Miss Lelia E____190




This organization shall be known as The Woman’s Club of Rich—
mond, Kentucky.
The object of this club shall be to create among women an organ—
ized center of thought and action, for the promotion of social, educa-
tional, literary and artistic growth of whatever relates to the best in-
terests of the community.


Sec. 1. The officers of this club shall be a President, First and
Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2.. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings
of the Club, to act as Chairman of the Executive Committee, to fill all
vacancies occurring in subordinate offices, and to call a meeting of the
Club whenever the Executive Committee thinks necessary.

Sec. 3. The duties of the First Vice-president shall be to fulfill
the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability of that
officer, and to act as a member of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 4. The duties of the Second Vice—president shall be to fulfill
the duties of President or the First Vice—president in case of the ab-
sence or disability of both of these officers.

Sec. 5. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a permanent
record of all the proceedings of the Club, to read at each business
meeting of the Club the minutes of the previous meeting, and to act as
a member of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IV—Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Club,
together with the Chairmen of the different departments, and the
standing committees.

ARTICLE V—Elections

Officers shall be elected by ballot at the last meeting in March and
take their offices at the next meeting.



Majority of members present shall be considered a quorum.


The appointment of committees shall be in the hands of the Pres-


1. There shall be an annual tax of. One Dollar for each member
and for each associate member.

2. Dues must be paid by the first meeting in April.

3. Papers shall be limited to ten minutes.

4. Each meeting shall be limited to two hours, opening promptly
at 2:30 and closing at 4:30.

5. In emergency the expenditure of funds of the Club shall be
left to the President, Treasurer, and two of the Executive Board.

6. The business year of the Club shall end with the election of
officers and the new year begin with the first meeting in April, when
the annual dues shall be paid.


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In the Order of Their Precedence

To fix the time to adjourn—(Debatable if no other question be—
fore the house; can be amended and reconsidered.)

To adjourn—(Not debatable; can be amended and reconsidered;
cannot be repeated without intervening business.)

Questions of privilege—(To be decided by chair, subject to ap-
peaL) *

For orders of the day—(Undebatable.)



(IBffitera of ifimtutkg rElieilzrafinn of Women’s (Illuhe


Mrs. Richard Tasker Lowndes, Jr.
Federation Secretary
Mrs. Lafon Riker___Harrodsburg
First Vice-President
Mrs. W. J. Hills ________ Paducah
Second Vice-President
Mrs. Herbert W. MengeL-.. _____
1910 S. Third St., Louisville
Corresponding Secretary
Miss Minnie Parker Durham____
Recording Secretary
Mrs. Geo‘. Longnecker__Maysville


Mrs. H. G. Reynolds____Paducah

Mrs. Jas. Sims____Bowling Green

Member of State Forestry Board
Appointed by Governor
Mrs. Mason Maury___eLouisville
Members of State Library Com-

'Mrs. T. J. Smith ______ Frankfort

Miss Fannie W. Rawson ________
General Federation Director for
Mrs. Jas. A. Leech____Louisville
The Cortlandt


@ffitcraa of (fimeral gfieheraiinn of Women’s Cflluha

President, Mrs. Josiah Evans Cowles
1101 W. Adams, St., Los Angeles, California

First Vice-President
Miss Georgia A. Bacon

39 Dean St., Worcester, Mass.

Second Vice-President
Mrs. Eugene Reilley

Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Francis D. Everett ______
Highland Park, Illinois
Mrs. William B. Young
P. O. Box 743, Jacksonville, Fla.

508 Park Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Auditor

Recording Secretary
Mrs. W. I. McFarland
Wagner, South Dakota

Mrs. William P. Harper
651 Kinnear Place,
Seattle, Washington

. Bureau of Information
Mrs. Mary I. Wood, Portsmouth, New Hampshire





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