xt7kkw57h631 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kkw57h631/data/mets.xml North Carolina Historical Records Survey of North Carolina 1942 Prepared by the North Carolina Historical Records Survey, Division of Community Service Programs, Work Projects Administration; Other contributors include: United States Work Projects Administration Division of Community Service Programs, North Carolina Historical Commission; v, 5 leaves, 28 cm; Typescript (photocopy); UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries; Call number FW 4.14:N 81c/ser.1/no.7 books English Raleigh, North Carolina: The Survey This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. North Carolina Works Progress Administration Publications Inventory of the State Archives of North Carolina, General Governmental Agencies, Series I, Number 7 State Planning Board text Inventory of the State Archives of North Carolina, General Governmental Agencies, Series I, Number 7 State Planning Board 1942 1942 2015 true xt7kkw57h631 section xt7kkw57h631 _ ll _ I Irl 1 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY  
i l]\I<-XI \—  y       L 3 DLIE5 LII¤I¤E¤1.'iB D I
y “" `I “ ‘·~s I I Inventory of the State
. A ._) ~{ Archives of North Carolina
:4 Series I
¤ General Governmental Agencies
in No. 7
ig State Planning Board
{   `
K V North Carolina Historical
Q i y Records Survey
i } y Division of Community
. ` I Service Programs
_ i I `W0rk Projects Administration
f     R&].€j.gh_,   Cn
I * 3 March 1942
. I
I ? ...
z I
  I   W qq » ~-
  ¤.i?¤I§¥/EHSITY OF §(EN`I`IJCK`*/
I msrmaezs
  l  Q
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  I  I
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.   I
§ Irl
` J i

 ' ‘
F ‘

· OF ·· I
No. 7
Prepared By
The North Carolina Historical Records Survey
Division of Community Service Programs
Work Projects Administration
* * *v* * i= * *
Raleigh, North Carolina
The North Carolina Historical Records Survey
March 1942

 Historical Records Survey t
Sargent B. Child, Director
M. A. Rushton, Jr., Acting State Supervisor <
Research and Records Program
- Harvey E. Becknell, Director
Milton W. Blanton, Regional Supervisor
Colbert F. Crutchfield, State Supervisor
J Division of Community Service Programs I
Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner
Blanche M. Ralston, Chief Regional Supervisor
May E. Campbell, State Director
Howard O. Hunter, Commissioner
Roy Schrober, Regional Director '
C. C. McGinnis, State Administrator
i Sponsored by the North Carolina Historical Commission ’
R. D. W} Connor, Chairman
C. C. Crittenden, Secretary C

 V F O R E W O R D
The Inventopy of the State Archives of North Carolina is one of a
number of guides te*historical materials prepared throughout the
United States by workers on the Historical Records Survey of the Work
Projects Administration. Each state department, institution, or other
agency will be represented by a separate section of the inventory; the
sections for functionally related agencies will bo grouped in series.
The Historical Records Survey program was undertaken in the winter
of 1955-56 for the purpose of providing useful employment to needy
unemployed historians, lawyers, teachers, and research and clerical
workers. In carrying out this objective, the project was organized to
compile inventories of historical materials, particularly the unpublish-
ed government documents and records which are basic in the administra-
tion of local government, and which provide invaluable data for stud-
ents of political, economic, and social history. Up to the present
time approximateky 1,800 Survey publications have been issued through-
out the country. The archival guide herewith presented is intended to
meet the requirements of day-to-day administration by the officials of
gg _ the State, and also the needs of lawyers, businessmen and other citi-
rd zens who require facts from the public records for the proper conduct
of their affairs. The volume is so designed that it can be used by
V the historian in his research in unprinted sources in the same way he
H uses the library card catalog for printed sourees.
The inventories produced by Historical Records Survey projects
. attempt to do more than merely give a list of records——they attempt to
sketch in the historical background and to describe precisely and in
detail the organization and functions of the agencies whose records
they list. The inventories for the entire country will, when completed,
constitute an encyclopedia of state and local government as well as a
bibliography of state and local archives. `
‘ The successful conclusion of the work of the Historical Records
Survey, even in a single agency, would not be possible without the
support of public officials, historical and legal specialists, and
many other groups in the community. Their co-operation is gratefully
The Survey program was organized by Luther H. Evans who served as
· Director until March l, 1940, when he was succeeded by Sargent B.
Child. The Survey operates as a Nation-wide series of locally sponsor-
ed projects in the Division of Community Service Programs, of which
Mrs. Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner, is in charge.
, Commissioner of Work Projects

“ The Historical Records Survey was created in the winter of 1935-36
· as a Nation~wide Works Progress Administration project for the "diseov-
ery, preservation and listing of basic materials for research in the
A history of the United States."l Under the direction of Dr. Luther H.
Evans, the Survey undertook an extensive program for the inventory of
state and local archives, early American imprints, church archives, and
collection of manuscripts. Pursuant to the provisions of the Emergency
Relief Act passed June 30, 1939, the existence of the Survey as a single
y Nation-wide project sponsored by WPA itself was terminated August 31,
1939; and the work of the Survey was continued within the individual
states by locally sponsored projects operating within the National WPA
Historical Records Survey which continued under the direction of Dr.
Evans until his resignation and the subsequent appointment of Sargent B.
Child as National Director on March 1, 1940.
The North Carolina Project of the Federal Historical Records Survey
was established February l, 1936, with Dr. C. C. Crittenden, Secretary
of the North Carolina Historical Commission, as director. Until November
1935 the Survey operated as an autonomous unit of the Federal Writers'
·i Project, directed in North Carolina by Edwin Bjcrkman. Dr. Crittenden
resigned as State Director June 30, 1937, and was succeeded by Dan Lacy,
who had previously served as Assistant State Director. The work of the
North Carolina unit of the Historical Records Survey was continued by the
North Carolina Historical Records Survey Project established September 1,
1939, and sponsored by the North Carolina Historical Commission. Mr.
Lacy resigned as State Supervisor on April 2, 1940, to accept an appoint-
ment as Assistant to the Director of Historical Records Survey Projects
in Washington, D. C., and was succeeded by Colbert F, Crutchfield, who
resigned on December 7, 1941 to accept a position as State Supervisor of
Research and Records Program in North Carolina. He was succeeded by
‘ M. A. Rushton, Jr., as Acting State Supervisor.
The Inventory_of the State Archives 2£`North Carolina is being
published in nine functional groups or series, namely: I, General Gov-
ernmental Agencies; II, A encies of Fiscal Control; III, Courts and Law
Enforcement Agencies; IV,gRegulatory Agencies; V, Public Works Agencies;
A VI, Agricultural and Conservatienal Agencies; VII, Educational Agencies
and Institutions; VIII, Social Service Agencies; and IX, Miscellaneous ·
Agencies. The order of offices within each group is based partly on
· age, partly on importance, but chiefly on functional relationships with
A other offices in the same group. The present section, the inventory of
A the records of the State Planning Board, No. 7, Series I, General Govern-
mental Agencies, gives the structural organization and evolution of the
office, its powers and duties, and the housing, care, and accessibility
of its records. The record series of the agency are described in entries
p l. Works Progress Administration, Operating Procedure N2. W:g, Revised
_ July 2, 1937.

 : 7} qa V •
i l-8, which show the title of the record, dates for which available,
Q quantity, labeling and variant titles, description of contents, manner
g of arrangement, indexing, nature of recording, size of volumes or con-
5 tainers, and location•
l The present inventory is based on a field survey made in January
~ 1940 when Dan Lacy was state supervisor of the Project and Colbert F•
i Crutchfield was assistant state supervisor. The inventory was prepared
t under the immediate supervision of Branson Marley, who was at that tire
p assistant project supervisor in charge of public archives. Field work
was done by Nelson T• Worley and James W1 Parker. The inventory was
] read for the sponsor by Dr. C. C. Crittenden of the North Carolina His-
». torical Com ission and was edited by the central office staff. The
Survey is indebted to T. S. Johnson and Stanley Stevens, of the State
Planning Board, for their generous co-operation in tho work.
· Acting State Supervisor
North Carolina Historical Records
Survey Project
T March 1942

  P;) ppl • • O •• I·• • • • •—• •·`• •~• • •.•»• |—•§ Page  
  S•;8S• •l·¢••••·•••••••••••••••S9CtiOn(S)
  IO |`••I•|•••••n••••••••••••IV-Grsus
  Vol!   O Ill •_• • • • • • • • • • • • • n • 9 • •    
f -— . . .~. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . current or to date
Q Exact titles of records are written in all capitals without brack-
I etts, as in entry 2.
i Exylanatory titles, written with initial capitals, and enclosed in
j brackets, have been added to exact titles which are misleading or which
Q are not sufficiently descriptive of record content, as in entry 3.
{ Pescriptive titles, written in all capitals and enclosed in brack-
t etts, have been assigned to records having no exact titles on volumes
x or c:ntainers, as in entry l.
i If units of a record have distinguising numbers, letters, or other
[ labeling, such·labeling is indicated in parentheses following the state-
‘ ment of quantity in the title line.
{ A title-line cross reference is used in the entry for a record if a
, part of the record is kept for a period of time in the same volume or
Q container with another record and consequently appears physically in
5 another entry. It brings inte the title line of the entry for a record
$ any separate parts and shows in what other entries these parts are con-
§ tained, as in entry l•
Q A body-of-entry cross reference, appearing in the entry containing
Q the part and referring to the entry describing the record, is used to
g complement each title-line cross reference.
3 Third-paragraph cross references are used to indicate relationship
g between records or to refer to records of similar nature described in
§ other entries.
°§ Dimensions of volumes or record containers are given in inches.
i Number of papers contained, as shown in title lines, is the approxi-
g mate total number covered by the entry.
Q Unless otherwise indicated the condition of the record is assumed
Q to be good or excellent.
é All records were housed, at thc time of the survey in March 1940,
g in the State Planning Board’s offices in the New State Office Building,
SQ Raleigh, N. C. ‘..· ·

SQL 1. Structural Organization and Evolution
if On January 26, 1955, the Governor of North Carolina, in response
ifi to the suggestion of the National Resources Board, an agency of the
g' United States Government, designated certain heads of departments and
Q certain citizens of the State as a State Planning Board. The Federal
f authorities requested that the board be given a statutory recognition,
Q whereupon the General Assembly approved the State Planning Board as an
i advisory agency of the State under the direction of the Governor, and
ué decreed that each member of the board should be a "Com issioner for
a special purpose" under the State constitution. The same members of this
Ԥ special board, originally appointed by the Governor, were made members
E of the board as created by legislative enactment, and served without
é pay at the pleasure of the Governor, who filled vacancies occurring
Q for any reason.l
ig In 1957 the State authorized the continuance of the work of the
Q State Planning Board and established it in its present form as an _
ig advisory agency of nine members under the supervision of the Governor.
`Q Five members must be chosen from State officials or heads of depart-
Q ments, one of whom shall be director of the Department of Conservation
E and Development; at least one representative from the University of
E North Carolina must be included; the remaining members may be chosen
;@ from other citizens of the State. The members are appointed by the
Q Governor and serve without pay, except for reasonable expenses incurred
is in the performance of duties and authorized by the board, which are to
{ be paid out of any funds available.2 The Governor appoints a chairmen
Q for the board and the board elects one of its members to serve as
§ secretary-treasurer. The board may appoint employees and fix their
§ componsation.5
é 2. Powers and Duties
Ii The State Planning Board was originally empowered to make investi-
_§ gations and to give information on all matters concerning Federal or
Q State agencies. It was the duty of the State Planning Board to collect
é` data concerning various projects in the State which in its opinion were
Y proper and useful for development within the scope of the various agen- _
Q cies of the State and Federal Government and for which funds were or
_Q might bo made available.4
f Under the revised Act of 1957, the State Planning Board is em-
; powered to make studies relating to the general development of the
Q State; to present from time to time the results of such studies in the
{ l. Public Laws of North Caro- 2. Ibid., 1957, c. 545, s. 2.
  lina, `l"9_-55, ET "4e""s, S". T, e. 'fEi'e., s. cs.
Q hereafter cites as Public 4. Ibid., s. 2.

 Qi · Z -
my  (Housing, Care, and Accessi- (1. 3)
jg) bility of Records) V
¥· form of reports, plans, maps, and recommendations relative to the con-
2, servation, wise use, and plain development of the human and natural
i§. resources of North Car0lina;5 to adopt, in co-operation with other
yi agencies, either Federal, State, regional, county, or municipal, such
g plans and recommendations as it may deem necessary to accomplish common
Q purposes;6 to furnish information to the Governor, to the General Assem-
§ bly, or to other State, county, or municipal officials on matters re-
g lating to State planning and to prepare and submit drafts of maps for
3 carrying out any plans that they may adopt;7 to accept and to disburse,
é with the approval of the Director of the Budget, all contributions by
Q any State or Federal agency cr by public or private endowment;8 to
ji adopt rules and regulations that it may deem proper and necessary; and
i_ ‘ to contract individuals or •crporatiens for any special services that
g it may require.9
Q The State Planning Board is required to keep a public record of
g all its proceedings.lO
Q 3. Housing, Care, and Accessibility of Records
Q The records of the State Planning Board relative to general pro-
Q blems of State, regional, and national planning were at the time of the
Q survey housed in the offices of Mr. T, S. Johnson, consultant to the
i State Planning Board, located in rooms 243 and 246 of the New State
E Office Building, which space is allotted to the Department of Conserva-
Q tion and Development. The building, constructed in 1938-39 of steel,
Q stone, brick, and concrete, is considered to be lOO percent fireproof.
§ All offices have terrazo floors and steel easement windows.
é Conditions of storage and facilities for use of records are un-
i usually good. The offices are large, light, and well-ventilated. There
Q, is ample space for additional filing equipment.
§ 1. [MINUTES], 1936--. In Correspondence, entry 2.
{ Minutes of meetings of the board showing roster of members present and
f` business transacted. `
{ 2. CORRESPONDENCE, 1936--. 9,000 letters in 3 file drawers
7% (dated and labeled by contained letters of alphabet).
Q General correspondence relative to business of State Planning Board.
E Also contains [Minutes], entry l. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
V? No index. Typed and handwritten. 12 x 14 x 27.
it 5- Public Laws, 1937, c. 345, 8. Ibid., s. 7.
R  ETE"""`“ 9. ""1bi"d., S. s.
  6.   Sl 5• lOl Tgidl, SI 7I
  7. Ti-H1'., 8. 2.

   - 5 -
Atl (5'S)
y}; ` 5. N[erth] C[aro1ina] STATE PLANNING BOARD, GENERAL, 1956--.
{if 55,000 papers in 11 file drawers (labeled by contained numbers).
lb] Subtitled by subject.
[fi Booklets, pamphlets, bulletins, briefs, plans, and reports relative to
 $° planning elements of State and National planning, and completed and
 § proposed work of the board. Arranged by subject and numbered. For
 $r index, seo entry 4. Typed on mimeographed forms; typed on printed
lp; forms; typed on printed heads. 12 x 14 x 27.
?§ 4. FILING INDEX, undated. 1 page.
§ Numerical subject index to North Carolina State Planning Board General,
.§l entry 5, showing general subject, specific subject thereunder, and
if subject number. Arranged nu crically by subject number. Typed.
  10 x is X e.
`Y 1956-57. 4,000 papers in 1 file drawer.
,$ Correspondence, questionnaires, and pamphlets sent by city officials
Q and individuals in.NOrth Carolina and other states from whom the
* board requested statistical data on natural and social conditions.
y Arranged in folders by subject. No index. Typed and handwritten on
g mimeographed forms. 12 x 15 x 24.
§ 6. [CITY AND COUNTY DATA], 1950-55. 4,000 papers in 8 bundles.
{ Financial and general data concerning cities, towns, and counties of
{ North Carolina used in compiling publications, copies of which are to
i be placed at the University of North Carolina, State College, Duke
t University, and the office of the State Planning Board. Includes
g statistics on population, present indebtedness, defaults, real and
f personal taxable property, industrial facilities, composition of
{ population by age, color, income classes, and education. Arranged
Q alphabetically by name of county or town. No index. Typed on mimeo-
Q graphed forms. 8% x ll x 5.
.E; l box.
It Reports on needed work projects in North Carolina to be sponsored by
[3 the board in co-operation with the Work Projects Administration, showe _
gé ing for each project priority, character, total estimated cost, amount
if included for purchase of land or supplies, and capacity for producing
it revenue. Arranged alphabetically by name of town or county. No index.
li. Typed on mimeographed forms. 10 x 15 x 15.
Ii For work papers, see entry 8.
Qt, 8. [WORK PAPERS], 1955-57. 500 shoots in 5 boxes.
AES Work papers used in compiling reports on work projects. No obvious
[Q arrangement. No index. Handwritten and typed. 10 x 15 x 15.
AT; For reports, see entry 7.

 3 , - 4 -
  1 is D   2: (Acc-Sta)
§ (Underlined numbers refer to pages; other numbers refer to entries.)
E Accessibility Housing
i records, 2 records, 2
Q Act of 1937; 1 Indebtedness
i Booklets, 3 - city and county, 6
Q Briefs, 3 Index
" Budget general, 4
Q Director, 2 Industrial facilities
= Bulletins, 5- city and county, 6
g Care 4 Inventories
‘ g records, 2 work project reports, 7,8
F Chairman, I— Investigations, l
‘ ` Cities - Johnson, T. S., 2
r- { data, 6 4 Maps, 2 · -
; defaults, 6 Meetings
o indebtedness, 6 minutes, 1-2
industrial facilities, 6 Members, l
A population, 6 Minutes, I-2
taxable property, 6 National Resources Board, l
` Conditions National planning I-
Y natural and social, 5 " general, 5
Y». Conservation National inventory of work pro-
I natural resources, 2 _ ject reports, 7-8
I Correspondence _` Natural conditions, 5
-* 1 general, 2 Natural resources
·, » ·miscellaneous, 5 conservation, 2
·· [ Counties New State Office`Building, 2
° 2 data, 6 Organization, l "
·, Q defaults, 6 Pamphlets, 5,.5
j 7 indebtedness, 6 Plans, Eb 5
- { industrial facilities, 6 Planning
.» 1 population, 6 . general, 5
p Z taxable property, 6 Population statistics, 6
i Data Powers and duties, l-2
L city, 6 Proceedings, 2 ·—·_
Q conditions Purpose of State Planning Board, 2
·‘ cr Hatural and social, 5 Publication data, 6 "
g financial, 6 Questionnaires, 5 ‘
g county, 6 Records, 1-8
Q Defaults housing, care, and accessi-
i city and county, 6 bility,_2
Y{ Department of Conservation Reports, 5
Q and Development, l-2 work projects, 7-8
  Development, 2 ___ Salaries, I
{ Director of the Budget, 2 Social conditions, 5
lg Duke University, 6 " State College, 6
j Duties, 1-2 State planning
  §_volutioYf,°-1 general, 5
g filing inde;, 4 Statistics
§ Financial data data, 5
i city and •ounty, 6 population, 6

   .. 5 -
  {   Index (Stu-Wor)
  Structural organization and University of North Carolina, 1,
  evolution, 1 6 ~
  Studios, 1-2 — Vacancies, 1
1“  Taxable property Work Projeets Administration, 7-8
'  city and county, 6 Work projects reports,7-8
; ;
¤  I

Q List of Publications
ii Vol. 1. Alamance through Columbus. (26 counties,
Q xi, 491 p. printed, March 1958)
E r
§ Vol. 2. Craven through Moore. (40 counties, xi,
§ 568 p. printed, August 1958)
é Vol. 5. Nash through Yancey. (57 counties, x,
I 760 p. printed, October 1959)
_1 Sories 2. Agencies of Fiscal Control:
j No. 4. Local Government Commission. (iv, 52 p.
E mimeo., March 1941)
1 é Series 4. Regulatory Agencies:
) { No. l. Utilities Commission. (vi, 72 p. mimeo.,
[ Q March 1942)
l 1 N0. 5. Insurance Department. (iv, 78 p. mimeo.,
=_; August 1940)
  Q I No. 4. State Board of Alcoholic Control. (iv, 12 p.
X é mimeo., November 1959)
Q § No. 5-27. licensing Boards. (vii, 125 p. mimeo.,
i Q June 1941)
f i Series 8. Social Service Agencies:
{ § No. 1. North Carolina Board of Health. (vi, 121 p. A
1 E ndnmo., December 1941)
Q No. 20. Stonewall Jackson Manual Training and Industrial
§· School. (iv, 12 p. mimeo., January 1941)
é Series 9. Miscellaneous Agencies:
Q No. 1. North Carolina Historical Commission. (iv, ~
3 15 p. mimeo., September 1940)
Q Nos. 2-4. State Library, Library Commission of North
wg Carolina, and State Board of Elections. (vii, 27 p.
ii mimeo., November 1941) _
\·. .No. 5. Board of Advisers of the Veterans Loan Fund.
3 (iv, 22 p. mimeo., April 1940)
i _ No. 10. North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority.
1; (iv, 9.p. mimeo., January 1940)
z  1,

 U YQ  mmwscnirr PUBLICATIONS:
JQ Guide to Depositories of Manuscript Collections in
§ North Carolina. (18 p. printed, 1940)
·E ,
g Guide to Manuscript Collections in the Duke University
E Library. (v, 165 p. mimeo., June 1959)
§ -
i Guide to the Manuscripts in the Southern Historical
g Collection of the University of North Carolina.
j (viii, 204 p. printed, 1941)
i Guide to the Manuscript Collections in the Archives of
W the North Carolina Historical Com ission. (v, 216 p.
I printed, 1942)
»L A Calendar of the Bartlett Yancey Papers in the Southern
@ Historical Collection of the University of North
Q Carolina. (iv, 48 p. ndnmo., February 1940)
A Southern Baptist Convention;
{ North Carolina Baptist State Convention:
{ Alleghany Association. (vi, 12 p. mimoo., March 1940)
1} Brunswick Association. (vi, 25 p. mimoo., January 1941)
' , Central Association. (vi, 40 p. mimso., February 1941)
1 Flat River Association. (vi, 39 p. mimoo., February 1941)
'{V Raleigh Association. (vi, 56 p. mimec., July 1940)
g Stanly Association. (vi, 33 pguhmeo., February 1941)
Q Yancey Association. (vii, 45 p. mtneo., February 1942)
V ii

ie ~
 1} `
H  .

1 sim? 
iii?.  Q·;!¥¥?E?Z  
2 H %;;;€; X§f§E§2§§§i?i%Y‘
s ,si.i§g§;i;i;iE‘%iE ,:  S' 2
w  Mi  
  &&t§t§E%¢i¥ti%¤§é%H *
‘ W; » ‘["a `{ (KY  
2·ks;;$i¥¥z¥E ;:» 2
2   {§%};;=%;§%§1 2_;gge€
{zi€{;;_2;g{;;¤{g¥§&e%;;;f=i` 'K; ¤‘;§:`·?;
  {WE 'M{¤*f·=% J
i MM WL  
rw =·; ¤».
  @ Mi [V Eiw ikaééa
;, g; ‘n;¥!l{‘¥i};,@¥;*i=
  il [{5%;:.%};iw
_ {·W§¤Q;¥Mi[i;· fl
. ;Lg~}H ML;} ·‘ ;?.
y{»r¥·{1l’[·:¤} I  
wm v,‘ ij;
  :*:§iEM;€ {E iw
‘  -{N-; l·[[[t·[;t—;j
i F   !‘&$kl[¥j-*1
  zt has lm.;
‘ m.¥,iis"¤* »`;y}r[3;&,]
L iii;-I-I Lséigikijfiez;
Q v;;!$»§z* ;~¢a§§’€;i$??t{·¥;iT
% *5*;  pg&;=;a%@&¢ l?
Q {$:31}. __;·;{:gi;?:;%
® ·¤f‘=; h’*=»=@??&;%-&;&» 4